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Brought 5 Dreamcast Games

Stevie B

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Game (UK High street Shop) have decided bringing back Retro Games has gone out of fashion so they have started to sell of all their mega drive games they have.

Went in Game yesterday, and amonst the rabble of Mega Drive games, i noticed a few Dreamcast games. Turns out there getting rid of their remaining Dreamcast games aswell. I wanted to bulk up my collection so i brought a copy of each game they had in the basket.

* WWF Attitude.

* Trick Style.

* Shadow Man,

* F1 World Grand Prix.

* Toy Racer.

Don't reckon there any good, but my Dreamcast game shelf looks better with additional games. Left in the basket are about 5 copies of Chu Chu Rocket and another copy of WWF Attitude. Damn i didn't see it sooner as they might of had more 97p games avaliable.

Would never of thought of seeing Dreamcast games going for soooo cheap....

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Slough has two Game stores. One which deals with regular new stuff (like most stores) and the other one which deals with Trade-In games. The Trade-In Game is the one which has been promoting old skool gaming over last few months, but guess they realised the old skool phrase had died out, so there just flogging it all off cheap. (either that or there shutting down the trade-in Game, as it's probaly expensive to run two Game stores in one town).

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The cheapest retroness my local Gamestation ever got was selling American SNES games for 99p which is great if you have a converter like me. They have a load of pc games at like £1/2/3. Interestingly enough I saw a copy of MDickies Federation Wrestling once for £1.99 which I already had a copy of anyway.

I got Royal Rumble from GS for the DC a couple of years ago for about £3 and Virtua Striker 2 for about £7 a few years prior to that. Those were the only DC games I had outside the ones it came bundled with. Probably not my wisest console purchase seen as I bought fuck all for it, spent more on the memory card then games.

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