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Rock Bands With Original Members


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So.... Half inspired by the GNR thread, and half by the Megadeth gig last night... How many Rock Bands that are more than say, fifteen years old (And still releasing records), still have all the original members?

Megadeth only has Dave Mustaine, GNR only has Axl, Diamondhead only have two I think, Motorhead is just Lemmy, Misfits I don't even know who's in the band anymore, Metallica are doing slightly better with three of four.

Anyone do better than 3/4?

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Gang of Four just brought back their original line-up (they've been going twenty-six years now), but they changed quite a bit throughout the eighties and early nineties and were dead from 1996-2004. However, three of their members were constant from 1979 and 'Entertainment!' through to Shrinkwrapped in 1995 (sixteen years).

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Isn't Judas Priest now back to original line up? Of course last year was the first time they've toured together in years, so it doesn't really count. Same with KISS, they pretty much have a revolving door for the original members.

Garbage is getting there, their new album this year will mark their ten year anniversary together as a band. Still releasing new material, still touring, never broke up one time. Green Day's getting close to 15 years as well. Man, these bands that are inching to 15 years makes me feel old.

Does Depeche Mode still have their original line up? If so, it's gotta be going on 25 years for them.

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And Kiss doesn't have the same members, rumors that Ace isn't the guy under the makeup anymore.

He comes and goes from what I understand. When I saw them on tour with Aerosmith in 2003, he was on the tour, but wasn't at the show I went to. Right now, I think the only original members are Paul and Gene, but that could change the next time they go on tour. As I said, revolving door.

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Keith, the Misfits are disgusting now, and I fucking hate that Jerry Only even calls them that.

It's Only, Dez from Black Flag, and Marky Ramone.

Essentially, the Misfits have NEVER really been an original line-up, as they had about 9 different drummers.

I must agree, I heard some stuff with Graves (Descending Angel or some such) and I couldn't bear it. It's like the Misfits tried to go from horrorcore/hardcore/punk to power metal. Ugh.

Although I don't know how the Only/Dez/Marky Ramone line-up sounds. I like Black Flag and I like The Ramones and I like Jerry Only, but like I said - I haven't heard any of it.

On topic, Black Sabbath reunited for Ozzfest last year and they're playing again this year, iirc...

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