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Help me find a good 21st century punk band


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Yeah so I'm looking for bands in the mold of The Bronx, so I'm not talking about pop-punk, or the emo stuff that's labelled punk - I want catchy, yet angry punk music that doesn't have to be all that well rehearsed. Please feel free to sugest something amazingly new - like electro-punk or something. To give you more of an idea, the stuff I'm into is: The Bronx, Dead Kennedys, early Rancid, the Ramones, New York Dolls, Black Flagg, the Misfits etc.

I'm looking for a new band, someone who I could technically go see live tomorrow, nothing like that Drive-Thru records stuff please.

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Bah, I am never good at this an will probably fuck up horribly, but have you ever heard any Anti-Flag? Not that new I suppose since their first album was back in 1996, but if you havn't heard it's something to look into. They still release today I believe.

Havn't heard much of them, but Rise Against is pretty acclaimed.. and they started putting out in 2001.

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I don't think you are going to find much on the major record labels.

Voice Of A Generation are one of the few bands that are still around and anywhere near the mainstream. You can find them at www.burningheart.com . They kind of remind me of Stiff Little Fingers.

Roger Miret and the Disasters remind me of early Rancid. www.hell-cat.com . I'd just go up and pick up the "Give 'Em The Boot" compilations that Hell-Cat and Epitaph put out. Good stuff on them.

Rebels With A Cause are from the Toronto region and you'll probably not find anything on P2P.

Limp Wrist are cool a cool hardcore band, but I have yet to find anything on them on P2P.

Realistically, their aren't any bands that sound like the classic punk-rock like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag unless you are hear them playing in your friend's basement for thirty people.

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Well... it's not like the bands you mentioned have much to do with eachother...

but i would suggest:

Note... most of these bands started in the 90's but they are recent nonetheless and i supposed that's what you meant..

1208, 98 mute (you couldn't see them live tomorrow cause they've broken up, but still could listen to their records), Deviates, Pennywise ---> california style skatepunk -> if you want speedy guitar-lead catchy songs, i would definitely suggest these.

Good Riddance is also pretty catchy, so is strike anywhere, although these aren't similar to the ones you said, only to the description.

Swedish Bands, 59 times the pain, Randy (they have some ramone-esque songs)

Also Adhesive maybe, hmm...None More Black are a recent band.

I love propagandhi, try them too..

If you want something new try Against Me.

Anything Hellcat, since you'll find similarities with early rancid in a lot of those bands, except probably from the new school psychobilly bands like Nekromantix or Tiger Army, or the ska bands (although rancid has some ska-ish songs in it).

Some of these include Bombshell Rocks and Mouthwash, who are also pretty good live.

The bouncing souls have some street punk in it (about 5% but still :shifty: )

Brazilian band Blind Pigs... they have songs in English :P

I could suggest a lot of spanish bands, but you wouldn't understand much probably. I could also suggest some local bands but you wouldn't have the chance to get to know them, so i won't. :P

Note... most of these bands started in the 90's but they are recent nonetheless and unless stated otherwise, they're still going and i supposed that's what you meant..


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Los Crudos is a great band out of Mexico, their music is extremely pissed off and intense. Although you'd need to be fluent in Spanish to actually know what they are singing about.

Oi Polloi is a great Anarcho/DIY/Oi band from Scotland that still release albums. Great music, and very political.

The Anti Heros are a great modern punk band, they've done a good job of capturing the intense sound of punk rock.

The Exploding Hearts are another good group who did the pop-punk sound right. Keep in mind when I say "pop" I don't mean that they sound like Blink 182, Sum 41, or the rest of those cookie cutter bands. Think more along the lines of the Buzzcocks. Unfortunately they no longer release new music as three of the four members were killed in a car accident in 2003.

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If you aren't into Pennywise than you may also ignore the rest of bands i've put on the same line, since they're all pretty similar.

I don't understand why everyone's saying bad religion. He was asking for recent stuff, and while i admit i said a couple of bands with 10/15 years of existance, bad religion are 25 years old (the band, not the members). It beats the hell out of the ones i said :P

With that said, Bad religion is actually the band i own more albums from and i quite like them but i allways thought they were a band everyone knew, even in the mainstream. Well, not that mine are underground either. :shifty:

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1208's feedback is payback is pretty much on the same wave as most of california skate-punk bands... that's why i said them.

Only Crime are new yes. Forgot about them. They are formed by ex-good riddance and descendents members. I'm gonna see them in may :)

Strung out (which i just knew you were going to mention:P) are also in the same show ):P, oh.. and also Strike Anywhere (by the way... don't hijack my suggestions :angry: ... j/k :P )

About rise against, i just didn't feel like it matched the description in anyway.

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On the subject of Swedish bands, you might want to try out Refused, Raised Fist and The International Noise Conspiracy, all are EXCELLENT bands and just a few more reasons why living next to Sweden is a good thing.

Someone mentioned Propagandhi earlier, I second the motion fullheartedly (I think everyone should own a cope of Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes) and would like to add Sick Of It All in there as well.

Good Riddance, someone mentioned them as well, I'd recommend them as well. Really dig their stuff.

Also, I haven't heard but a couple of song off of them, but a band called The Business seems to be pretty right on the money, somewhere along the lines of Dropkick Murphys.

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