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Guest Faded Sanity

So we all know what Heyman promised for the last ever ECW show. Was it surprising? Not to me. Here's a recap.

411s ECW Guilty As Charged Report 1.07.01

Posted By Danny Birdwell on 01.07.01

Paul Heyman actually does surprise everyone with an event that turned his promotion upside down.

Show opens with highlights…imagine that. These highlights are set to Rage Against the Machine. And we’re live!

Joey and Joel open the show. Joel talks about playing with various body parts. Joel introduces Matthews and York.

Match 1- Matthews and York vs. Jerry Lynn & Cyrus

Baldies come out- attack Matthews and York. Gertner gets involved, gets a DDT by Angel. The Baldies work on Matthews and York, Cyrus and Jerry Lynn come out. Lynn cradle pile drives Matthews. Cyrus pins Matthews for three.

Winners-Jerry Lynn & Cyrus.

After the match, Cyrus pays Baldies for their work. Lynn & Cyrus get on the mic. Lynn says RVD is not the big surprise, after the fans chant “RVD”. He says he will not wrestle another match for ECW, unless it’s a main event.

Match 2- Hot Commodity (with Electra) vs Doring and Roadkill (ECW tag team title match.)

Hamrick comes out with Hot Commodity. Easy Money still has not found the rest of his tights. Dinero and Doring start. Dinero hits a t-bone suplex on Doring and tags in Money. Roadkill comes in from behind. Roadkill hits the springboard elbow on Money. Doring hits the Lancaster Lariat of Lust on Money. Roadkill misses a double splash. Dinero splashes Roadkill to the outside. Doring hits a G spot sweep on Money. Roadkill grabs Electra, Hamrick makes the save. Hamrick and Dinero hit a double bulldog on Doring for two. Money tags in. Money hits the EZ bomb on Doring for two. Doring blocks Money coming off the top rope with a boot. Dinero comes in and hits a neck breaker on Doring for two. Doring hits a DDT for two. Money comes in and Doring catches him with the bareback. Roadkill tags in. Roadkill hits a barnburner on Dinero. Roadkill powerbombs Money. Roadkill hits a double spingboard closeline on Money and Dinero. Electra distracts Roadkill- Hamrick takes out Money. Doring and Roadkill hit the buggy bash for three.

Winner and still champion- Doring and Roadkill.

After the match, Hot Commodity takes out Doring and Roadkill and Nova comes out .

Match 3 - Hamrick vs Nova (Impromptu match)

Nova puts Hamrick in the figure four, Electra makes the save. Hamrick hits a face crusher on Nova for two. Hamrick hits a top rope hurricanrana on Nova for two. Nova and Hamrick trade punches. Nova hits a enziguri on Hamrick. Nova superkicks Hamrick for two- Electra comes in and Nova throws her off and kicks her in the arm. Nova gets Hamrick in the crossface chickenwing. Nova shoulders are down, Chris Chetti comes in wearing a refs outfit and counts three on Nova. Lou E. Dangerously takes out the ref and Little Spike Dudley comes out. Spike Dudley hits the acid drop on Hamrick. Nova hits a senton bomb on Hamrick. Nova hits the kryptonite on Hamrick for three. Spike makes the count.

Winner- Nova

Steve Corino promo follows…

Match 4- C. W. Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer (I quit match.)

Dreamer is wearing a nice Logan’s Roadhouse shirt. Dreamer and Anderson go at it before the intros are finished. Dreamer and Anderson trade chops. Anderson sends Dreamer into the guard rail. Dreamer suplexes Anderson on the concrete. Dreamer hits a slingshot bodypress on Anderson. Dreamer puts Anderson in a dragon sleeper. Anderson sends Dreamer into the ring post. Anderson puts Dreamer into an arm bar. Dreamer takes Anderson outside and smashes his arm between a chair and ring post. Dreamer hits Anderson with a ring bell…Anderson throws Dreamer onto guard rail. Anderson hits a drop toe hold on the chair. Anderson goes to work on Dreamer’s leg. Anderson beats Dreamer with a chair. Dreamer gets razor wire out of a box. Towel boy attacks Anderson. Anderson hits a ferris wheel on Dreamer…then does a stalling suplex off the ropes on Towel boy. Anderson hits a spine buster on the razor wire. Then puts Dreamer in a arm bar. Anderson suplexes Dreamer on two chairs…crowd chants “holy shit.” Anderson runs Dreamer into the turnbuckle with Dreamer wearing a chair necklace. Anderson sets up a table. Dreamer hits a spicolli driver through the table off the second rope. Dreamer wraps part of the table around Anderson’s eyes and Anderson gives up.

Winner- Tommy Dreamer

After the match Dreamer & Anderson…shake hands?!?!

Francine strokes a long salami sandwich as Steve Corino taunts her…Justin Credible exits the bathroom with Missy Hyatt wrapped only in a towel. Corino meets her in the hall and can’t believe it.

Match 5- Full Blooded Italians vs. Super Crazy and Kid Kash vs. Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri

Whipwreck, Kash, and and Mamaluke to start match. Mamaluke hits a hiptoss on Whipwreck. Kash scews up a spingboard move of unknown origin. Tajiri Guido and Supercrazy all tag in. Tajiri kicks Guido off the apron. Crazy takes Tajiri down w/ two arm drags. Tajiri ties up Guido across the ropes as Whipwreck hits the leg drop. Kid kash hits a flying attack on Guido. Then we have submissions galore. Super crazy hits a suicide dive on all. Kash hits a twisting springboard moonsault on the others. Kash hits a hurricanrana on Whipwreck. Big Sal splashed Kash. Mamaluke covers Kash for 3. Tajiri and Whipwreck double team Mamaluke in the ring. Guido gets caught on top rope and thrown to the mat by tajiri and Whipwreck. Tajiri puts Guido in tree of woe as Whipwreck does the same to Mamaluke. Tajiri dropkicks guido but Whipwreck misses. Sal catches Whipwreck and run him into the post. Guido hit the Sicilian slice on Whopwreck for two. Guido drop kcicks tajiri off the apron. FBI double top rope power bomb on Whipwreck and cover him for two. FBI double wishbone Whipwreck, but Tajiri breaks it up. Whipwrecker hits whippersnapper on Mamaluke. Tajiri and Guido tag in and Tajiri hits a a modified airplane spin on Guido. Tajiri face plants Mamaluke on a chair set up in the corner. Whipwreck tries for a double Whippersnapper which is blocked into an ambar. Tajiri makes the save and hits Mamaluke with the green mist courtesy of Muta. Tajiri and Whipwreck hit simultaneous crossarm suplexes with a bridge to win.

Winner: Tajiri and Whipwreck

Match 6- Simon and Swinger with Dawn Marie vs. Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy

Before the match, Swinger complains that he hasn’t been receiving full service from Dawn Marie so he brings out Blue Boy Mgmt. Co. Blue Boy and Jasmine come out.

Blue Boy attacks Balls. Balls chases after Blue Boy. Simon and Swinger hit the problem solver on Chilly Willy…Rhino comes out. Balls misses him with a chair. Rhino gores Balls and takes out Simon and Swinger and Dawn Marie. Chilly Willy and Rhino trade punches…Rhino gores Chilly Willy and Blue Boy. Rhino grabbes Jasmine and pile drives her from the second turn buckle and leaves.

Match ends in a no contest with an up close view of Jasmine’s crotch.

Match 7-Steve Corino with Jack Victory vs. Sandman vs. Justin Credible with Francine for ECW world heavyweight title

Sandman does his usual 30 minute entrance. Credible and Corino start on Sandman. Corino sets ladder up in corner with Sandman and dropkicks it. Credible pulls out another ladder from under the ring. Sandman and Credible trade punches. Sandman bulldogs Credible on ladder. Sandman goes for the belt but Corino knocks him off. Corino and Credible slam ladder into Little Sandman. Credible flips Sandman out onto a table. Corino hits a drop toe hold onto a chair on Credible. Sandman suplexes Corino onto a ladder. Sandman throws Credible through a table. Sandman goes for the belt again but falls. Credible and Corino knock Sandman through another table outside the ring. Corino slingshots Credible into a ladder. Credible hits that’s incredible on Corino. Francine hits a hurricanrana on Sandman. Sandman brings in a large ladder (12 foot.) Credible puts Corino through a table face first. Sandman climbs to the top of the ladder and gets the belt.

Winner and new champ- Sandman

After the match- Corino and Credible shake Sandman’s hand. Da Baldies come in and attack Corino and Credible. Rhino comes in and attacks Sandman. Rhino trips as he tries to gore Sandman. Rhino asks for a match with Sandman but Sandman won’t let him. They finally start to fight.

Match 8- Rhino vs. Sandman

Rhino piledrives Sandman through a table outside the ring. Rhino covers for two. Rhino piledrives Sandman on part of a table and covers for three.

Winner and new champ- Rhino

Before the match, Cyrus challenges anyone in the building to face Rhino. This brings out Rob Van Dam.

Match 9- Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn comes in and attacks rvd. They fight to a stand off and rvd plays to the crowd. Jerry Lynn flips rvd over the guard rail. Rvd hits a moonsault off the guardrail. Rvd drops Lynn across the guardrail and hits him with a corkscrew guillotine leg drop. Rvd hits Lynn with multiple moonsaults inside the ring. Lynn hits rvd with a clothesline off the top rope. Lynn dropkicks rvd onto the floor. Cyrus hugs Lynn. Lynn slams rvd onto ring post and then onto the concrete. Rvd and Lynn trade two counts on multiple reversals. Rvd kicks Lynn in the face. He (rvd) hits a rolling senton bomb for two. Lynn powerbombs rvd onto a chair for two. Lynn hits a German suplex for two. Lynn DDTs rvd on a chair for two. Rvd misses the five star splash…Cyrus comes in but Gertner catches him and DDTs him. Rvd hits a vandaminator on Lynn. Gertner holds the chair in place while rvd hits the vanterminator for three.

Winner- Rob Van Dam

After the match, Gertner celebrates with Van Dam.

Credible & Corino cut a promo to end the show. Say hello to the New Impact Players

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Guest Faded Sanity

February 2nd 2001 4:50pm



As most of you know we here at ECW are in a bind. Funds have been low. Don't get us wrong, you the fans have kept us a float this long, that is why we have come up with another way for you to become part of the company. Strating today you can own a piece of ECW that's right. For $24.95 you become the proud owner of ECW Stock. Contact 1-800-EXTREME to get your stock today. Help ECW rise from the ashes once again.

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Guest Faded Sanity

Extreme Championship Wrestling Title Histories

Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title

user posted image

Current Holder: Rhyno

Previous Holder: The Sandman

Date obtained: January 7, 2001

Event: Guilty as Charged

Extreme Championship Wrestling World Television Title

user posted image

Current Holder: Rhyno

Previous Holder: Kid Kash

Date obtained: 9/9/00

Event: Hardcore TV (I beleive)

Extreme Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Titles

user posted image

Current Holder: Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill

Previous Holder: FBI

Date obtained: 8/26/00

Event: ECW August Show

Will update everytime title changes hands.


Board Of Directors- TBA at a later Date

Stock Holders

Insert the following graphic into your sig and you will be a Stock Holder. You must also link the graphic to this diary.

user posted image

Current number of Stocks Sold: 20



Canada's Blue Meanie


Clear The Bong








Quoth The Raven





The Future

The King


thank you for the support.

Edited by Faded Sanity
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Guest Faded Sanity



Sad news for ECW fans as ECW has pulled the plug on Hardcore TV due to Financial problems. The company has stated though that this is not the end of ECW. Heyman was unable for comment, but we were able to speak with his Financial Advisor, Mr. Darren Summers, who commented that "We decided that Hardcore TV was a waste valauble assests and intend to put more money in the Pay-Per-Views.".

In other news ECW has been hot on the stock market latley as it has gone up two dollars at the closing yesterday. ECW has promised that their still are alot of shares left and you should pick yours up as soon as possible.

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Guest Faded Sanity



Well, It's offcial. After many years of no commitment it has finally happend. Today Extreme Championship Wrestling has announced that it has signed a small number of its very strong and unique roster to written contracts. Although most of the details to the contracts are unknown we can tell you who signed and for how long.

Danny Doring------2 years

Roadkill-------------2 years

Jerry Lynn----------1 year

Rhyno---------------2 years

Rob Van Dam------1 year

Steve Corino-------1 year

Tommy Dreamer---1 year

We were able to reach Mr. Heyman for a comment and he stated "That these men would be the foundation for the new Extreme Championship Wrestling. Everything that you knew about ECW or thought you knew about ECW, was going to change. ECW will not lay down and die for anyone. Machmaon, Prepare for war."

Strong words from the man himself.

In other news Extreme Championship Wrestling has announced the card for Cyberslam will be released very soon.

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Guest Faded Sanity


Exit Sandman?

Rumors are running rampant that ECW's Sandman has been in contact with World Wrestling Federation and I for one am a little upset. It appears that The Sandman is interested in mainstream, but I think that the only reason the WWF wants him so that that will that is one less draw for ECW. As far as I'm concerned The Sandman can sign his little contract and get the fuck out of ECW and not come back. With that in mind ECW released it's card for Cyberslam earlier this morning.

Extreme Championship Wrestling Proudly Presents


Live from ECW Arena in Phillidelphia, Pennsilvania

Sunday Febuary 11th

At Guilty as Charged Paul Heyman promised a change. As we al know there wasn't much of a change in ECW other than the World Title changing hands twice. The Sandman walking away with it in a triple threat Tables, Ladder, and Canes Match. After he rasied the title for no more than a minute did that monster Rhyno came in and completey squashed him.  The match of the night had to be Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam as both men sacraficed their minds, bodies, and souls to win the match. So what does ECW have in store for us this week? Let's take a look shall we.

York and Matthews vs. Da Baldies

After that attack from behind At Guilty as Charged, York and Matthews are looking for payback and they get their chance at Cyberslam! as they face Da Baldies in a hardcore match. Will York and Matthews gain their revenge or will Da Baldies beat them into submission or even a possible early retirement?

ECW Television Title Match: Rhyno © vs. Tommy Dreamer

Rhyno, in one of his two matches for this pay per view, takes on the Innovator of Extreme Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Television title. Rhyno better make this one short and sweet if he stands any chance of defending his World title successfully in the main event.

ECW Tag Team Championship: Dorring and Roadkill vs. Willy and Balls

Don't know how ecw came up with this match as Willy and Balls have done nothing to deserve a title shot and I can think of a few teams that should be getting it before them. This should be an easy win for Dorring and Roadkill barring any outside interference.

ECW World Championship Match:  Rob Van Dam vs. Rhyno© vs. Jerry Lynn

After that spectacular match last month, Paul Heyman has decided to give both Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam a shot at the title. With the odds against Rhyno can the man beast fend off two of the best ECW has to offer? Or will Lynn finally prove why he is called the Whole F'n Show? Or can Rob Van Dam once again call himself Mr. Pay-Per-View?

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truely an awesome card....winners in bold

York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies; Hardcore match has got to favour da baldies

Rhyno Vs. Tommy Dreamer; Lynn or Rvd interfere to throw rhyno off his game for the main event

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls; Doring and Kill are definatly a more solid team then Willy and Balls

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD; proving that his ealier defeat didnt throw him off Rhyno proves himself a champion worth rallying behind, or a sneaky little bastard stealing the win from Lynn or RVD


Edited by Phreak
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York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies

Rhyno Vs. Tommy Dreamer

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD

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York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies. I just dont think Da Baldies can handle York and Matthews

Rhyno Vs. Tommy DreamerRhyno. Cant hold both titles

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls. Willy & Balls just haven't done very much

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD. Lynn and RVDwill beat each other leaving Rhyno the easy pin.

Edited by rvdjrv2002
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Guest Faded Sanity

I attened to have a graphic by now but the person that I asked to make it has been busy. Also If you would all like to go back and edit your picks with reasons why you picked them you have the chance of winning bonus points.

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Guest Faded Sanity



Extreme Championship Wrestling reported today saying that The Sandman had indeed signed a 4 year deal with the World Wrestling Federation for a reported $3.6m over 2 years. That's roughly $150 grand a month which was twice as much as what ECW ECW was paying him per appearence. Cyberslam is just mere days away and I myself have bought the first ticket and hope to see you all there. Remeber to wear your ECW4life T-shirts.

Doctor Hardcore

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York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies

Just because I don't really care about this match all that much. And aren't ALL ECW matches hardcore?

Rhyno Vs. Tommy Dreamer

Don't see Dreamer picking up TV gold. I see a gimmick change, actually.

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls

Because Chilly Balls are a bunch of CHICKENS~!

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD

Lynn never beats RVD, but he can pin Rhyno!

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York and Matthews vs. Da Baldies- York and Matthews could easlily gain an early advantage, Thus they have the whole match advantage

ECW Television Title Match: Rhyno © vs. Tommy Dreamer- I just don't think Rhyno coul handle the pressure of defending TWO titles

ECW Tag Team Championship: Dorring and Roadkill vs. Willy and Balls- Because Wiily and Balls shouldn't have the title over Doring/Roadkill

ECW World Championship Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Rhyno© vs. Jerry Lynn- Lynn and Van Damn beat each other up and Rhyno attacks the weakest one for the easy victory!

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York and Matthews vs. Da Baldies- York and Matthews are a more talented team I believe and a win over Da Baldies could be the begining of a push

ECW Television Title Match: Rhyno © vs. Tommy Dreamer- If Dreamer wins any title it better be the World title

ECW Tag Team Championship: Dorring and Roadkill vs. Willy and Balls - I don't foresee Willy and Balls being tag champs

ECW World Championship Match:  Rob Van Dam vs. Rhyno© vs. Jerry Lynn - I would go with an ending that would lead to a Lynn RVD rematch, and watch the buyrates soar through the roof, as the two fight for the World Title for the first time

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York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies - Da Baldies with a slight advantage but York & Matthews to put up an awesome fight

Rhyno Vs. Tommy Dreamer - Lynn to run in to cost Rhyno TV Title to hype main event

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls - Doring and Roadkill need to keep the titles a bit longer

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD - Rhyno to get his revenge on Lynn for costing him the TV Title earlier on in the night

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York & Matthews Vs. Da Baldies; DOnt really know the guys in the match so i'll say Da Baldies

Rhyno Vs. Tommy Dreamer; Dreamer would make a cool champ

Doring & Roadkill Vs. Willy & Balls; since i dont know who Willy and Balls are

Rhyno Vs. Lynn Vs RVD; I dont see Rhyno loosing both titles the same night

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