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Comic Relief

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Anyone bother to watch Comic Relief tonight?

Watch the first hour or so and then the second part of the show when I got home. Sadly couldn't donate any money as I honestly haven't really got any that I can donate, which was a damn shame. Some great stuff on the show though. Lenny was great like usual as was Jonathon Ross. I've been hooked on Fame Academy over the last two weeks or so, been great stuff. Rooted for my favourite Ade to win but he lost tonight in the semi final. Performance wise you need to beleive he was the best, amazing. Singing wise I think the final was spot on, Edith and Kim both brilliant overall. Great to see Edith win it too.

Also just watched the drunken karioke (sp?) which was pretty funny once Ade got up there, swearing galore and he looked so pissed. Great stuff and awesome to see them raise so much money over the last two weeks and tonight and stuff. A lot of respect to McFly too. Hate them music wise but they did a good job with the song and drum set and so on.

Anyone make a donation or not?

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It's where Britain raise however much it was (last time i saw they were at £21m) and give it to those who need it, homeless children, elderly abused etc. etc.

They put a show using alleged "comedy" although most of it is debatable (Little Britain) and the sort. We had a non-uniform day at school (uniform is lame but whatever) and I had to give a £1 so that's my contribution.

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£37,809,564 was raised last night and of course there is still a lot more money to come in so they reckon it will be a record breaking year in the region of £61 million raised which is incredible.

I thought this years show was really great. The presenters they had were great ones to get as they are all very charasmatic people. Good way to end it as well with the images of Africa and the Peter Kay song with Chris Evans marching everyone out.

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I didn't give any money this year.

I also noticed that they've upped the number of videos and increased the volume of the sad music this year.

It's sad really cos Britain as a country are more than happy to give money to Africa to help peoples' AIDS treatments and feed them etc but politically we're keeping them down.

You wanna sort out Africa?! Well start by dropping the debt...They'll never pay it all back anyway.

THEN stop the major chemical companies keeping prices so high.

THEN work on fair trade so that the poorer African people can afford to get treatment.

THEN help to build the economies.

It's all handouts, afterthoughts...We love to feel magnaminous in giving, it makes me sick.

Still, the poverty in England is ludicrous. Cos we CAN do something about that and its in the governments interests to do something.

The sight of old people just lying there or being beaten or with nothing to do drives me crazy. I want to beat the hell outta the scum who go around to old womens houses pretending to be gas men before beating them up and nicking their pension.

Comedy-wise it was poor.

The Simon Pegg / Steve Coogan sketch about the Milky Bar Kid was amusing because it nearly lost its way so many times.

Little Britain annoys me at best.

Graham Norton doesn't deserve to be in such a position of hosting.

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I watched it - not bad. Not great.

Well great that they got the money but not so funny - Spider-Plant Man was kinda cool and Drunken Fame Academy was ok.

Well I'm skint as always so no donations from me - some of those videos really make you guilty for not having money :(

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