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World Wrestling Federation '98


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And so we begin again. We are now set for another long ride..this time the race to the present! What will follow is a recap of everything up until the present, Wrestlemania ’98. Hopefully this can get anyone who hasn’t read this before on track with all of the events over the last '6 years' that have lead to the current state of the WWF. All of the;

But how is Ted Dibiase so powerful in the WWF?

How is Steve Corino a major player in the WWF?

Why is Joey Styles and Bobby Heenan doing the announcing?

Who are the Crimson Twins?

Why is there still a WWF President?

Questions can hopefully be answered. As I say, I’m always open to suggestions on who you would like to see emerge, pushed, etc…

What follows is

1) Highlights from Bret Hart rejoining forces with Jimmy Hart & The Hart Foundation.

2) Part II’s recap.

3) Overall Recap to the Present.


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November 1st, 1993 -Monday Night Raw

Channel: USA Network

Venue: Manhattan Centre, New York

Attendance: 6,010

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Steve Corino


Bill Rapter

This Raw was the most highly anticipated RAW, since the debut of RAW just a short while ago. Many, fans, and wrestling purists alike, new that SOMETHING was going to go down. With, JJ Dillon recently brought in as a writer, many new the very foundation of the WWF would be turned upside in just one night.....

-Jack Tunney Gets Jumped-

Raw opened up with President Jack Tunney giving an public address to let everyone know what was up. Here's what he said:

"Good evening......As many of you know, there has been a regime change here in the WWF.  People have been shifted, some have lost their jobs, some have gotten jobs. However, let me make one thing clear (Tunney seems worried), I am still the President of the World Wrestling Federation, so, with that, comes some decisions I am going to make.

---First off, I was approached earlier by, IRS, and he has forfeited his side of the Tag Team Titles! I expect the Million Dollar Man, to do the same.

---Secondly, I am stripping Shawn Michaels of the WWF Intercontinental Champion. His failure to defend the title within 30 days leaves me no choice....(He looks like someone is telling him what to say)

---Finally, tonight, on RAW, we will see the debut of that regime....The Name of the regime is.......it's.............

With that, the camera went wide. And it revealed what seem to be a new regime in the WWF, standing right behind Jack Tunney--WWF Champion Bret Hart, The Mountie, Rick Martel, Raymond Rougeau, and Jim Neidhart!

With that, Bret Hart through Jack Tunney out of the view of the camera, while, Jim Neidhart, Martel, and Rougeau put the boots to Tunney. Bret Hart simply stared into the Camera, as Jimmy Hart and the Mountie walked closer to the camera, as Jimmy Screamed. ": That's right baby!!! A new regime has been formed! I'm back with the man that I  brought back in the WWF years ago, WWF Champion, Bret Hart, great canadian wrestler and model, Rick Martel--our new Tag Team of Ray Rougeau and Jim Neidhart...and of course...the Law and Order of the WWF--The Mountie!! We are, the Canadian Foundation!!!

84% Jack Tunney gained overness

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The WWF Heavyweight, Global Wrestling Federation World, and WWF Undisputed Championshhip title belts

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The WWF Triple Crown Title

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Former WWF Champion, The Berzerker

While Ted Dibiase battled between the likes of Hulk Hogan, Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart and Ric Flair, a menace was slowly rising to the top of the World Wrestling Federation. Jim Cornette, coming in from Smokey Mountain Wrestling came in with the beast, The Berzerker. By this time it was no secret that the World Wrestling Federation joined forces with the Global Wrestling Federation & Smokey Mountain Wrestling. This caused an influx of a new generation of wrestlers and competition – but also allowed for two of the most diabolical minds in Pro-Wrestling to join forces. The GWF’s Bruce Pritchard & SMW’s James E. Cornette. The two quickly formed a group called, The Cartel, protecting The Berzerker, (Managers Jim Cornette, and Bruce Pritchard w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan, The Undertaker, The Dark Patriot, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Stan Hansen, & Johnny Ace) who would end up winning the WWF Championship from Ric Flair towards the end of ’95. The Berzerker would also have the protection of the deranged, Sid The BerzerkA, taken in by the Nordic culture. But the CARTEL was just getting started.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

1995 also saw The Mountie enjoy a 2nd World Heavyweight title reign – Bret Hart, a 3rd. But the rising power of Jim Cornett & Bruce Pritchard’s CARTEL wouldn’t end there with the Berzerker’s WWF Title loss. Jim Cornett has his eyes set on something else, now. The WWF Presidency. 1995 saw a struggle between Cornette and fan favourite President, Captain Lou Albano. Cornette had another man in mind for the WWF Presidency; Himself. And to help him get this, he brought in New Japan legend, Antonio Inoki. Coming to the aid was ‘The King’ Jerry Lawler, one of the most popular WWF Wrestlers of all time. With the Berzerker on a rampage, Dr. Death Steve Williams & The Dark Patriot rising in the tag team ranks of the WWF, and Cornette threatening the WWF Presidency, Jerry Lawler needed help.

Schmeltzer Fact: After a bitter dispute over creative control in 1994, WWF Officials, Vince McMahon, JJ Dillon, & Antonio Inoki were able to come to terms, a year later, with Hulk Hogan, leading to his return to battle the CARTEL, creating record breaking ratings and gate earnings records.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


While ‘The Future’ Steve Corino awed the fans with his classic encounters with WWF Intercontinental Champion Johnny Ace in the midcare scene – WWF fans were shocked at the return of Hulk Hogan, to help battle this massive villain group! With the arrival of Paulie Dangerously with his Arabian superstar, Sabu, to the ranks of the CARTEL, the WWF was in trouble. The most popular superstars of the WWF – Verterans, Jerry Lawler, ‘The Rock’ Don Muraco, and Randy Savage, would bring back Hulk Hogan to shake up THE CARTEL for the first time ever! While Wrestlemania ‘95 saw Bret Hart end the nearly year long WWF Title Reign of Ted Dibiase, and Jerry Lawler defeat Antonio Inoki, in a worldwide classic. But, The Berzerker achieved a milestone, by defeating 5 time WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, putting himself in number one contership for the WWF title. He would go on to win the WWF Championship in Dec ’95, defeating Bret Hart. Dr. Death Steve Williams & The Dark Patriot would win tag team gold (From the Insane Clown Posse w/ Juggalo Jim Neidhart) in Jan of the following year, beginning their year long reign as Tag Champions.

Schmeltzer Fact: Many insiders say the WWF felt that it owed success to Doug Gilbert aka The Dark Patriot, following the untimely death of brother, and former WWF Wrestler, Eddie Gilbert.

user posted imageuser posted image

1996 saw the rise of ‘The Future’ Steve Corino. After years’ worth of classic encounters with Intercontinental Champion Johnny Ace, Corino would shock the world by winning the 1996 Royal Rumble; The youngest Royal Rumble winner, in WWF history. With Ric Flair, after recently dethroning the Berzerker, as WWF Champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ found himself, poised at Wrestlemania to meet his protégé, Steve Corino. Things in the WWF Title scene were getting interesting, as for the first time, since perhaps the Hogan vs. Warrior Wrestlemania match – Two of the most popular WWF Wrestlers were to battle for the WWF Championship. However, Ric Flair & Steve Corino saw this as an opportunity to have a competitive match, for the most prestigious prize in North American Wrestling, and for the great WWF fans who deserve to see it! In the biggest upset in WWF history, April 28th, 1997 -- Steve Corino defeated Ric Flair for the WWF Heavyweight Title, in a grueling Iron-Man match! After the match, Steve Corino helped an injured Ric Flair to the back. Though Corino would quickly loose the title to Lee The Undertaker, he walked further into the hearts of all WWF Fans, saving Hulk Hogan from the brutal attack of Ted Dibiase & The Million Dollar Kid Brian Christopher, later that year.

user posted imageuser posted image

Shaken by The Berzerker’s loss of the WWF Title earlier in the year THE CARTEL struck back hard, with Brian Lee The Underaker, managed by Bruce Pritchard. Lee The Undertaker, by this time, was virtually unbeatable. No WWF Superstar could knock the dead man off of his feet. The Undertaker went on to defeat Steve Corino rather easily, at April’s Arsenal ’96, holding the WWF title for the better part of the year, showing how dominant he could be. Pritchard would be credited with most of the success of the Undertaker and only regular tag partners, Brian Christopher & The Dark Patriot. But, little did the WWF know that this was only the beginning of the Undertaker’s plan of dominance in the World Wrestling Federation.

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Bret Hart would eventually be the first to defeat The Undertaker for the WWF Championship. But he found his foe the following year to be a manipulative Doug Gilbert, or The Dark Patriot. The Dark Patriot, once part of the highly successful Tag Team with Steve Williams, had his sites set on singles gold, after winning the 1998 Royal Rumble. With Jim Cornette injured at the hands of Tony Halme (Ludvig Borga), and The Berzerker out of the WWF, Bruce Pritchard took over for the managerial duties of Lee The Undertaker & The remaining active member of THE CARTEL, The Dark Patriot. Hart, angered by all of the talk over the Dark Patriot, brought out the DARK, in the Dark Patriot, after mentioning his late brother, former WWF Wrestler Eddie Gilbert. (Eddie, is most known for his feud in mid 93 with President Jack Tunney.) This would lead to a trail of mind games, on the part of the Dark Patriot & THE PRITCHARD EXCHANGE. (The Dark Patriot, Lee The Undertaker, Alex Porteau, & Barry Horowitz; The Cartel Tag Team)

March 3rd, 1997

Monday Night Raw-

WWF Must really want to take ratings away from WCW. First they steal Jesse Ventura back from WCW. Then they steal Steve Zombie, the lead production man of WCW for the last 10 years...Now, we are introduced to Eric Bischoff the former host of WCW Saturday Night, who is backstage in front of The WWF Champion, Bret 'Hitman' Hart's locker room. Bret Hart walks out, and greets Mr. Bischoff.

Hart (Crowd cheers) " Hey...don't you work in Atlanta?"

Bischoff" I did! But now I'm with the #1 promotion in the world today, The World Wrestling Federation! Tonight Bret, you defend the WWF World Title against, 'Pretty' Paul Roma, will you be watching your back for the Dark Patriot? "

Bret Hart" Ya know, I've had just about enough of this Evil Dark Patriot thing going on right now. He wins the Royal Rumble, and all of a sudden he's the most talked about thing since sliced bread! Well, thats why I want a Hair vs. Mask Street fight! I want the world to see that underneath that mask is the Late Eddie Gilbert's little squirt brother--Doug Gilbert!!."

**Hart walks back in the locker room, and slams the door in Bischoff's face. Crowd cheers as Bischoff appears 'shocked' that Bret Hart revealed the identity of The Dark Patriot. Why would they do that? Doesn't that take the mystery away from the identity of The Dark Patriot? They must be going in a different direction.**

-The Dark Patriot plays mind games with Hart-

Bret Hart and Paul Roma are in the ring about to wrestle. At this point, The Dark Patriot and The Undertaker are shown 'Live Via Satellite' outside of the Beach Channel High School Gym, in Oghar Beach, New York, where Bruce Hart's backyard promotion, California City Wrestling (NCYW), is about to have an event. Patriot and The Undertaker are concealed by bushes and trees. From a distance, Bret's Brother, Bruce is seen walking into the gym. Patriot makes a comment about how he would hate for something to happen to Bruce, right in front of Bret. The Undertaker adjusts his gloves as The Dark Patriot laughs. Suddenly, the signal fades out, with Bret screaming to the Titan Tron; "Gilbert! Gilbert you sick bastard! Gilbert! Nice to see The Dark Patriot and Undertaker, in such a major role in the WWF. Bret Hart, decided to use his anger on Paul Roma. [video FOR TAG TEAM] 85%

-The WWF Arrival Of...Doug Gilbert?-

Bret Hart d. 'Pretty' Paul Roma - WWF World Title

Bret tore apart Roma, apparently 'disturbed' at what he just saw. The announcers were great in painting Dark Patriot as having a 'demented' mind...What happened next shocked all, including Joey Styles, who made the final call with Jesse 'The Body' Venura. Here's how the end of the match went....


Styles" And now, this could be it--YES!!! Paul Roma submits to the Sharpshooter! Bret Hart Wins!! Bret Hart Wins!!"

Ventura" Hey, who's that man running down the isle? He's in the ring. He's attacking Hart! He's attacking Hart, Styles! I don't believe it!"

Styles" This...This man, is now stomping out Bret...and now--what is he doing? "

Ventura" He's got something in his hand...what is he trying to---"

Styles" OH MY GAWD!!! Fireball to the face of Bret Hart!!"

Ventura" Bret Hart is down! He's clinching his face! He's got to be blinded! Who is that man?"

Styles" Wait...I've got a better look now...it's...it's...Oh my gawd...THATS DOUG GILBERT!!! But...if Doug Gilbert is here---?"

Ventura" Hart was wrong! Hart was wrong! The Dark Patriot is not Doug Gilbert!"

Styles" But...It's...it's got to be...See you next week on RAW everyone, WWF Worldwide is right around the corner!!"

***Raw goes off the air with a close up shot of Doug Gilbert, now joined by Bruce Pritchard in the ring, staring down Bret Hart, who was on the ground clinching his face in extreme pain....*****

Overall: 88

Crowd: 94

Match: 75

Eyebrows began to raise when Doug Gilbert, made his ‘WWF Debut’ later that month…”

-Doug Gilbert Challenges Carl Oulette to an impromptu Match-

The Cartel (Alex Porteau & Barry Horowitz) d. Carl Oulette & Ray Rougeau - WWF Tag Team Titles

They showed highlights of Doug Gilbert throwing a fireball in Bret Hart's eyes earlier on in the month, before The entire Pritchard Exchange accompanied the Cartel to the ring. The Dark Patriot was the only member missing, as Doug Gilbert made his second WWF appearance. The announcers kept speculating as to why The Dark Patriot wasn't around, and Doug Gilbert was.

Rougeau 'sprained' his ankle 2 minutes into the match, clearly a work, leaving Oulette to battle The Cartel by himself. After the match, Gilbert jumped in the ring, and started yelling at Carl Oulette, "I fooled your Canadian Hero! I tricked your almighty leader, Bret!! I made him cry! I made him scream! I blinded Bret!! Bret 'The Blindman' Hart! Hahahaha!!"

Carl Oulette kept yelling back at Gilbert, "I know you're the Dark Patriot! I know its you! I know it!"

Bruce Pritchard grabbed the mic, so that maybe EVERYONE could hear what was going on....

Overall: 68

Crowd: 72

Match: 61

Pritchard" WELL, WELL, WELL! The Pritchard Exhange stands tall in the WWF ring, and most importantly stands on top of a fallen Canadian Foundation Member! And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the newest member to the Pritchard Exchange...Doug Gilbert!"

Doug Gilbert

" First of all! The Dark Patriot is busy tonight! I'm good friends with that man--really good friends--I--uh, guess you can say he's like a part of me. Right..Right here. (He touches his heart. Crowd is booing his deliberate false pretense). And, Hart--when he told me that you were bringing me into this fight, then I had to make my presence felt! You made a comment about my brother, Bret. The late Eddie Gilbert. How Dare You! NOw, you little runt, you made this personal! I hope Bruce turns out alright...hahaha. And, if that's not enough, you try to say that I'M the person under the Dark Patriot mask! Well, to teach you a lesson, Bret, I had to do it they best why I could. And, when I do that--I never hold back! And now! Bret!! I make an example out of your right hand man, Carl Oulette! Hahahaha!! 96%

Doug Gilbert d. Carl Oulette

Good match here. Oulette tried, but he was already 'exhausted' from the previous match. Gilbert used basically the same wrestling repitoire as The Dark Patriot. Gilbert won with a specialised DDT, the Dark Patriot's secondary finisher right behind his 'scud missle' shoulder block off of the top rope.

Overall: 79

Crowd: 83

Match: 73

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Yay! You started posting it!~~~~ Now I just gotta bare with five or six years of recapping :( before we get the Greatest Spectacle of them All! Mania '98. Just think. Before you took the book WWF had Hogan vs Warrior as WrestleMania Main Event. Now theyve got Horrowitz, Sean Waltman and somebody else. I forgot. Thats one hell of a shift in focus.

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Looking good thus far, Can't wait for Wrestlemania where hopefully HLK takes the gold. Sorry for asking, But are you going to be posting your roster as well? I didn't see anything about the roster so I was just wondering.

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While 1997 saw the domination of WWF Champion Steve Corino, and later, the cleansing of the WWF by the Dark Carnival, many stars rose to popularity during this ground shaking year.

With President Paulie Dangerously as the WWF President, many fans saw this period as one of the most flourishing of WWF history. President Paulie did his best to make fair, balanced decisions – protecting the honour of the WWF ring. And one of those wrestlers who rose to the occasion during this period was ‘The Finnish Nightmare’ Tony Halme. Halme began his WWF career in the early 90’s under the moniker, Ludvig Borga. However, in 1996 after his tenure with THE CARTEL / PRIDE, went bad, The Finnish Hammer became his own man, standing up against those like, Jim Cornette, and dubious WWF Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett. Halme, who joined the first rendition of PRIDE in 1996 introduced a newer stiffer fighting style that WWF fans had not seen on a consistent basis. Halme is attributed to putting Jim Cornette on the shelf for over a year, after giving him the Halme-Driver (reverse DVD) in mid 1996. PRIDE would disband, until the return of Ted Dibiase, and his purchase of PRIDE.

Max Moon was often referred to The Ultimate Warrior of the 90’s, reaching his height of popularity in 1997. Max Moon is mostly noted for his feud against Lee The Undertaker, loosing to him at Wrestlemania ’97 in a Casket Match; the first of it’s kind in the WWF. However, months later, The Pritchard Exchange was in for a huge surprise…

-The First 'Moon Sighting'-

(April ‘97)

Lightning Kid d. Brian Christopher

Strong opening match. This match was built as a 'Light Heavyweight' bout. At 14:33, the lights started to flicker as a heavily distorted version of Max Moon's music started to play over the PA system. Brian Christpher started to freak out looking all over the place, while he had the upperhand on The Kid. Finally, after the light flickering and music stopped, Christopher turned around right into a spinning cartwheel kick for the quick victory for The Kid. Paul Dangerously started to make his way down the isle after this match, to a huge pop. It looks like he was about to talk about LLX....

Overall: 81

Crowd: 77

Match: 85

-Brian Christopher reports his 'Moon Sighting' To Bruce Pritchard-

As the Family Tree heads to the back, the Titan tron shows Brian Christopher walking around angrilly in the back, upset that he lost his earlier match to The Lightning Kid due to being frightened by Max Moon's music. The announcers hinted that he was headed to the locker room, of The Pritchard Exchange. And that he did. He knocked on the door once, inside was Bruce Pritchard, The Cartel, The Dark Patriot, & The Undertaker....

BC" Pritchard you won't believe this! Max Moon is here!!"

Pritchard (The Undertaker snaps around, staring at BC, as does Pritchard)" What! YOu mean! But!! No! My Undertaker put him in the casket!! He--"

BC" Well...I didn't see him...but..during my match...all of these spacey lights! His music was playing! I'm telling you Pritchard--Max Moon is not gone!"

Pritchard" I don't understand...this...can't be right...er--"

BC" Man, I don't to get involved in this thing between The Undertaker and Moon...it's a little to wierd for me...All I'm saying...is to watch your back...I sure am." 78%

**BC walked out of the Pritchard Exchanges office, as Bruce Pritchard stared uneasily at The Undertaker as they took us to advert break. Looked kinda silly for an established manager like Bruce Pritcard to being almost 'yelled at' by Christopher.

Bruce Pritchard lost overness from this segment. 

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The Ministry Of Darkness; The Dark Carnival, it was called. This very faction / regime not only changed the foundations of the World Wrestling Federation, but promised to do so, as well. In fact, it was at the King Of The Ring, when Manager Ted Dibiase’s Mike Barton, won the tournament, and when The Dark Carnival came to begin it’s reign of terror. The Insane Clown Posse, former WWF Tag team champions, who up until King Of The Ring, was without the guidance of their long time manager, Juggalo Jim Neidhart. Juggalo Jim Neidhart, lead ICP to a WWF Title run in 1996. In fact, ICP would be the team that The Dark Patriot & Dr. Death Steve Williams would defeat to begin their year long run as WWF Tag Team Champions. Returning months later, was Jim Neidhtart, now known as The Ringmaster Jim Neidhart. Neidhart took on a leadership role, and lead the ‘Psychopathic Clowns’ into an unholy alliance with Undertaker & Papa Shango. The alliance would come to forum, with a returning Paul Bearer on Raw in July. This return would also mark the first, of many of the Dark Carnival’s ‘victims’, on the road to Shangril-A, Survivor Series ’97, Finnish Hammer Tony Halme.

Schmeltzer Fact: The whole ‘Dark Carnival’ gimmick was an idea in part by Pat Patterson & Bruce Pritchard, as a way to slim the large & expensive, and ever expanding WWF roster during mid ’97. The WWF needed a ‘logical reason’ to explain why top faces Tony Halme, & Max Moon would be wiped out of storylines i.e. let go, within two months’ time. Not only did it work, but it worked like a charm.

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon placed Antonio Inoki, JJ Dillion, (retiring) Mike Rotunda, and Ole Anderson in direct working relationships with the writing team, head by Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara; And together, through well thought out, at sometimes seemingly stretched (thanks, Russo) angles – they built up the hype for the biggest Championship Match in WWF history. The merging of the three heavyweight titles in the WWF; The WWF World Championship, The Global Wrestling Federation Heavyweight (acquired after the WWF purchase of Bruce Pritchard’s GWF in 1996), and undisputed World Championship (The new title, merging the GWF [Champion was Hiroyoshi Tenzan], & WWF Championship [Champion was Bret Hart. And somehow, this was able to overcome the incredible attention of the big Shangril’a exodus, & hell’s pit match between Sting & The Undertaker.

- The Return Of.... -

Raw this week opened up with a hot crowd, pretty much forced into a 'Finnish Nightmare' chant, as Tony Halme stands around the ring, dumbfounded. He has a mic in his hand...

Halme" Ok...I got a note backstage...that I was wanted here, in this ring! So...whoever left that note in my locker room...I'm here!!! C'mon!!"

While the stalling continued, Joey Styles & James Cornette on commentary hyped up the rest of RAW, in addition to talking about the recent SummerSlam challenge between Brutus Beefcake & Jerry Lawler. It looks like the WWF isn't hyping up Sunday In Manchester, which will be a Europe Only PPV, whilst also being broadcast on American Television. Actually, it reminds me alot of an event that they ran, many years ago, Tuesday In Texas. Suddenly, the lights began to flickler, then dim, as 10 gongs started to play, followed by The Undertaker's music. The fans all looked to the curtain, and instantly broke into an uproar when they saw who emerged from the curtain. It was Paul Bearer, The Mortician, apparently 100% healed from his 8 month torn calf injury. The look on Tony Halme's face was priceless, as a man of his size was scared, as Paul Bearer walked down the isle. He walked very slowly, by himself--but had the urn in his hand, signifying his apparent ties with the Dark Carnival. Some of the fans booed. Some Cheered. They were very uncertain of what to expect. After staring at Halme for a short while as the crowd went nuts, Bearer was handed a microphone, and talked as he circled around Mr. Halme. He was doing his 100% heel mortician gimmick...This was a real treat for the live fans.

Paul Bearer

"Ohhhhhhh YEeessssssssssss!!! The Fat Scary Man is back!! (Crowd cheers at first, but quickly settles into booes once they realise Bearer was talking in his heel dialect) ...And I am the one behind The Dark Carnival!!! You see for years, I've always been the one pushed around! I've always been the one shoved, ignored...to the the point where I had to sit on a hospital bed for the last 8 months, and watch--as the very people who put me down parade all over the WWF! Well...NOW IT'S MY TURN!!! That's right--Through the powers of the Darkside...and the root of all that is Evil--Its I that's doing the picking and chosing!!! Whether you like it our not, I now control the fate of WWF Wrestlers! And...at Shangrila...The ULTIMATE SACRIFICE WILL BE MADE!!!! OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!!!" 82%


Suddenly, Paul Bearer stops and looks into the direction of Tony Halme. Halme gives a look as if he doesn't know what to expect. Paul Bearer holds up his Urn to the iselway. However, the look of the fans, reveal that wrestlers were coming from another direction--the stands. Hopping over the railing, then into the ring, were The Insane Clown Posse and Papa Shango, attacking Halme from behind. Halme stood no chance in this 3-1 battle. As this was going on, Ringmaster Jim Neidhart, with a body bag in hand - strolled down the isle laughing maniacally as always..Beside him, was The Undertaker, rolling a giant casket to the ring. This was quite the scene. Finally, once in the ring, Ringmaster Jim Neidhart zipped open the casket to a nice reaction--as everyone new what was coming up next..., with that, He, ICP, and Papa Shango all helped in placing Halme in the bodybag. Bearer then gave a sign to The Undertaker, as Undertaker tombstoned Halme, already in the body bag--then rolled him into the casket. Finally, Undertaker shut the casket, as Paul Bearer held the urn up, screaming; 'Ohhhhhhh Yesssssss!! Another one has been chosen!!! Welcome the Dark Carnival!! Enjoy your stay!! IT'S ETERNAL!!'. Styles cut to a commercial break as The (now complete) Dark Carnival posed in the ring, getting a nice heel reaction, as an ICP song 'House Of Mirrors', played as their music. How fitting. A song about death. 75%

Paul Bearer lost overness from this segment.


Paul Bearer has returned, as leader of the

Dark Carnival, and has taken another victim, into

The Carnival...

Later that year, after countless victims fell prey to The Dark Carnival’s ruthless’ attacks, heroes such as Barry Horowitz, The Sandman, Owen Hart, Terry Taylor, & Kamala stood up to the Carnival, protecting the WWF. Former President Paulie Dangerously, saw the danger that the WWF was in, and dropped a bombshell of a challenger for Dark Carnival leader, Lee The Undertaker. Sting had entered the WWF! Sting became the talk of the WWF in the month of August.

- The Sarge Gets Fired For 'Crossing The Million Dollar Boss' -

Coming off of the break, Sgt. Slaughter's music hit to a pretty sizable pop. Since when do announcers get their own ring music? Anyway, Slaughter came out and started running down Dibiase as President and said that he should resign as leader of PRIDE so that he can be an 'honourable' President. At that point, PRIDE'S Japanese music played, as Ted Dibiase, Mike Rotunda, Antonio Inoki, & ECW Champion Jun Akiyama walked down the isle to a huge heel reaction. Dibiase yelled at Slaughter for questioning him. Slaughter, apparently not heeding Dibiase's word asked him if he and PRIDE were afraid of the WWF's newest addition, STING! Dibiase threw a tantrum, yelling;

Dibiase" STING!? STING?! The WWF President is standing right before you and all you can ask about is, STING? A former tag team specialist is here, in Mike Rotunda, and all you have to ask about is, STING!? Perhaps the greatest mind in all of Japanese Wrestling, and a high ranking WWF Official Antonio Inoki is standing right before you...and all you have to ask about is, STING!! Slaughter!! The current ECW Heavyweight Champion is standing right before you...JUN AKIYAMA!! Perhaps the most underated wrestler in American Wrestling Today!! He can suplex you in thousands of ways! He can make you submit in more ways than most! And he is the ECW Champion!! Yet, all you have to talk about is, Sting?!? That's it Slaughter!! It's come to my attention that you aren't doing a sufficient job as an announcer! You're not asking the questions the people want to hear. Slaughter! You will learn, that It doesn't pay to cross the Million Dollar Boss!!! YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

With that, Jun Akiyama handed his ECW title over to Inoki, and grabbed Slaughter, teasing the exploder. Inoki, Dibiase, and Rotunda urged Akiyama to go forward and nail Slaughter with the Exploder, which he did moments later, dropping Slaughter on his head. Akiyama then picked him up, threw him into the corner, and nailed him with a charging knee. Finally, PRIDE'S music played, as Inoki raised the hand of the ECW Champion, as Dibiase and Rotunda laughed in the background, leaving a beaten and battered Slaughter laying in the ring, motionless. 93%

Jun Akiyama gained overness from this segment.

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Styles" But this time, Bill Alfonso's officiating has gone tooooo far! This is the WWF Title on the line! And worst of all, this is the Hitman's home!"

Ventura" This is a sport!! The home team doesn't always win, Styles!!"

-Survivor Series '97: Shangrila PPV-

user posted image

The image of Bret Hart standing, staring at Inoki as he points to the back, is one that I'm sure that will be all over the Wrestling publications in the months to come.

-Dave Schmeltzer -

Survivor Series '97: Shangrila Report

user posted image

A bloodied Tenzan celebrated with Cornette and Inoki, holding up the new WWF Triple Crown Title Belt, on all four turnbuckles as Inoki's music played in the background. Cornette and Inoki shook hands, and hugged as Styles pointed this as being nearly a 3 year operation by Cornette and Inoki.

user posted image

Ric Flair's music started to play, as JJ Dillon shook Flairs hand, hugged, and posed with Flair, Corino, and Sting. WWF Survivor Series '97: Shangril-a went off the air with JJ Dillon clapping as, Ric Flair, Steve Corino, and Sting, raised their hands in unison bearing, the sign of the Horsemen.

9. Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeated Bret 'Hitman' Hart and Steve Corino in 27:01 of an Elimination match to win the WWF World Championship

Referee: Bill Alfonso

Very good main event here. It should be noted that the ring was completly surrounded by WWF Road Agents and staff. JJ Dillon, Vince Russo, Ed Ferrera, Vince McMahon, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, Mike Rotunda, in addition to Shane McMahon and a few other officials, all occupied the outer regions of the ring. Inoki was also at ringside, but he was guised as being in the corner of Tenzan, along with manager James E. Cornette. Styles acknowledged it on TV citing this as being a History Changing Match, since the GWF and WWF Titles were going to be unified to make the WWF World Title. Tenzan and Corino worked really hard against Bret, who didn't seem to be putting to much effort into his moves. The stuff between Bret and Tenzan was great, with each exchange ending in Bret getting the upper hand, putting over Bret's experience at being in big matches. Minutes later, Corino interupted Bret's dominance by suprising him with a low blow--a move that seems to be reserved for Corino. The three men had a innovative spot at 11:22; Tenzan had Hart in a position for a somoan drop, but Corino dropkicked Tenzan. Tenzan no-sold the dropkick and began screaming at Corino. Corino nailed him again with the dropkick, which allowed Bret to maneuver a DDT onto Tenzan, getting a huge pop, and a near fall. Corino and Bret started to go out it again, this exchange ended with Hart tossing Corino over the top rope onto Inoki and the rest of the WWF staff. Dillon and McMahon went down hard. Crowd was going nuts for Hitman at this point--but he turned around into a Tenzan cartwheel kick. Tenzan began nailing Bret with those hard mongolian chops. Corino then got back in the ring but was greeted with a Tenzan heabutt, which send him back through the ropes, and to the outside. Tenzan continued his onslaught on the Hitman until Hart reversed an irish whip into the ropes, taking Tenzan down with a clothesline. Both men sold being fatigued, as they were now into the 15th minute of the match. They did a spot where Tenzan "invited" Hitman to clothesline him. Tenzan followed suit. Both men no-sold the other getting the crowd riled up. Finally, Tenzan started to stagger from the Hitman's 5th clothesline. Hitman quickly followed up with a well placed savatte kick, sparking a huge "Hitman" chant and sending Tenzan down. Hitman, then started to go for his finishing routine. After the russian leg sweep he went to the second turnbuckle for his elbow..but Corino suprised him by running back into the ring, and catching him with an Ace Crusher off the top rope, for a near fall. Tenzan began to recover and, immediatley went after Corino nailing him with a lariat, then, again tossing him over the top rope. Once again, Corino was tossed into a group of officials--this time, Rotunda, Ferrera, and Ole Anderson. He then made the cuthroat sign as he nailed Bret with his Top Rope Headbutt, leaping from corner to corner. Tenzan then pinned Hart as Alfonso made the three count, despite Hart's left foot being on the ropes. Tenzan immediatley got up, gloating to the hostile crowd that he put Bret away with his headbutt. Bret, actually held onto Tenzan for a few seconds, while he was trying to get away, and looked to be especially upset, that he lost his WWF Title and his chance to unify the championship. At this point, for some reason there was a long stalemate. Styles kept going on about how Bret's foot was on the ropes, blaming it on the well known dubious officiating of Bill Alfonso. Hart stood up, and started to stare at Tenzan, who was still going on with the fans. He then looked over to JJ Dillon, who was standing side by side with Vince McMahon & Antonio Inoki, and mouthed "This is bullshit." Corino was still selling being thrown to the outside. At this point, Inoki entered the ring standing in front of Tenzan and Alfonso, and pointed to the curtain, signaling for Bret to leave and honour his elimination. Bret had a long staredown with Inoki, and soon began talking about his foot being on the rope. For some reason, Alfonso was also hiding behind Inoki as Bret continued to stare at Inoki and Alfonso...

Ventura" Styles, I don't care how many times Bret held that WWF Title! He don't want to mess with Antonio Inoki! That man is a legitimate martial arts expert! This man can bend your bones in more way then most! Hart had better heed Inoki's orders and leave the ring!"

Styles" But this time, Bill Alfonso's officiating has gone tooooo far! This is the WWF Title on the line! And worst of all, this is the Hitman's home!"

Ventura" This is a sport!! The home team doesn't always win, Styles!!"

At this point, the fans started to chant 'Bullshit', as Hart started to leave the ring. He looked over in the direction of Dillon, Russo and McMahon, and started to walk over to them, until being blocked off by Inoki once again, motioning for Bret to leave. Hitman seemed to have no choice, as Styles continued to push Alfonso over as the most scrupulous referee in WWF history.

Bret Hart stepped into the ring again, as Tenzan continued to look on. Corino was still layed out. Inoki, like a hawk, followed right behind Bret. The "Bullshit" chant was louder than ever. Hart actually spit in the direction of Dillon outside the ring, but the camera cut away to two fans who hopped the railing. One, from the left side of the ring, had an Agent Risktaker T-Shirt on. Security was right behind him as he jumped in the ring and charged Tenzan. Tenzan simply grabbed him until security got into the ring. Another fan used this opportunity to hop into the ring on the other side, he went up to Bret shook his hand, and in his excitement yelled "This is bullshit, Bret! It's Bullshit! You're the champion! You're--". Ole Anderson, Mike Rotunda, and Tony Garea quickly took out this fan later identified as Fieldy. JJ Dillon then, grabbed a microphone and yelled;

"Do not run out of the stands, are you will be arrested!"

Finally, Bret shook his head, leaving Inoki with a parting middle finger...another gesture that didn't make the cameras.

The match continued after a short delay, and it took a while for the crowd to get back into the match, after their hero was eliminated. The image of Bret Hart standing, staring at Inoki as he points to the back, is one that I'm sure that will be all over the Wrestling publications in the months to come. As of now, no one knows for sure what the problem was, if there was one..but it was clear by the amount of time that Bret stayed in the ring, that something wasn't right. Anyway, the match continued with Corino suddenly becoming the face against the man that eliminated Bret Hart. As Corino battled with Tenzan, Styles questioned as to whether Alfonso's officiating could cost Corino his chance at unifying the gold. About 5 minutes later, at 20:20, a masked man dressed in all black, with the words "Black Scorpion" accross his leg pants, made his way into the ring, and started wrestling, attacking Tenzan in particular. Ventura kept yelling;

Ventura" That's the Hitman!! That's the Hitman and I know it!! What a sore looser, Styles!"

However, Ventura's claim looked to be untrue when the 'Black Scorpion' threw Tenzan into the turnbuckle and followed through with an avalanche that closely resembled Sting's Stinger Splash. At this point, Vince Russo sent Mike Rotunda & Ole Anderson, along with McMahon sending in Patterson & Brisco to try to get this 'Black Scorpion' from attacking Tenzan. Styles emphasized that referee Bill Alfonso could not excercise a DQ due to the importance of this match. Finally, they got the Black Scorpion out of the ring, to a loud "Stinger" chant that we've heard so much of during the last match. As Scorpion remained on the outside besides Dillon, Corino nailed Tenzan with the Dusty Elbow, for a near fall. Corino had a great facial expression here of fustration. Minutes later, Corino busted Tenzan's face open with an Ace Crusher, and a near fall. After playing to the crowd, Corino then picked up Tenzan, and went against the ropes for a swinging neckbreaker, but Tenzan suprised Corino by countering with his somoan drop, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. With that Tenzan quickly went up to the top rope nailing Corino with a moonsault. Both men were down for a while, until Tenzan went up to the top rope for another moonsault--but no pin. Finally, at 26:33, Tenzan gave the cut throat sign and finished of Corino with his top rope headbutt winning and unifying the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

A bloodied Tenzan celebrated with Cornette and Inoki, holding up the new WWF World Title Belt, on all four turnbuckles as Inoki's music played in the background. Cornette and Inoki shook hands, and hugged as Styles pointed this as being nearly a 3 year operation by Cornette and Inoki. I was wondering why the show didn't end directly after Tenzan's win. That's when, Ric Flair emerged from the curtain, on crutches,  to a huge pop and alot of scattered "Woo's" from the crowd.  As Flair waddled to the ring on his crutches, The Black Scorpion, hit the ring again, attacking Inoki & Cornette from behind. He then greeted a charging Tenzan with a powerslam, and started to put the boots to him, as Flair made his way closer and closer to the ring. Styles mentioned that the Black Scorpion was actually sent back into the ring by Dillon, on the outside.

Final Call By Joey Styles and Jesse 'The Body' Ventura

Ventura" That's the Nature Boy on the way to the ring!"

Styles" Yea, but he's got that broken leg! And the Scorpion continues to put the attack on Tenzan!! What is going on here!? "

Ventura" It's the Hitman, I told you!! He's bitter!! He can't stand that he lost in his home country!! Hitman's selfish!! But what I don't understand, is why Dillon would send The Hitman back into the ring!"

**Flair enters he ring...The Black Scorpion backs up as Flair stands over Tenzan, the new Champion. Cornette and Inoki get some parting kicks on the other side of the ring. Then, Flair looks around, lets out a loud  "Wooooooooooooooooo!!!", and smashes one of his crutchers over Tenzan's back.**

Styles" Ohhhhhh MYYYYYY GAWWWWWWDDDDDDDDD!!! Flair just broke that crutch over the back of the WWF World Champion!!"

Ventura" I don't believe it, Styles!! Ric Flair is back!! His leg is heeled!! Miracles do happen, miracles do happen!!!"


At this point, Ric Flair let out a "Wooooo!!" and extended his hand, to the man who he brought into the Four Horsemen just 3 years ago, Steve Corino. Corino accepted the gesture, and embraced Flair, to a huge pop. Flair then yelled again, this time pointing to the Black Scorpion...Scorpion, then lifted off his mask, revealing himself to be, indeed Sting, getting another huge pop. Sting then did his modified "Wooooo!!", while Flair followed up with his "Wooooo!!". The two started going back and forth getting the crowd more and more into this, before finally embracing each other to a loud pop. At this point, Flair started dancing around and pointed to JJ Dillon, on the outside, who laughed and pointed back before entering the ring. Ric Flair's music started to play, as JJ Dillon shook Flairs hand, hugged, and posed with Flair, Corino, and Sting. WWF Survivor Series '97: Shangril-a went off the air with JJ Dillon clapping as, Ric Flair, Steve Corino, and Sting, raised their hands in unison bearing, the sign of the Horsemen. Flair kept laughing and "Wooooo"'ing, Corino nodded with his smirk, and Sting kept yelling, "Yeeeaaaaahhhh!" the way he usually does, as the PQ Molson Centre cheered the men on, almost forgetting about Bret Hart's loss. Good plan.

Overall: 84***

Crowd: 89

Match: 74

Bret Hart was sluggish and didn't put much effort in.

Commentary Aftermath

Styles"Is this what I think it is?!?"

Ventura" Styles, don't you get it? This is what Sting was talking about!! This is what Sting was rambling about over the last few weeks! This was his reality!! If The Undertaker won that Hell's pit match, then the Dark Carnival's reality would come through! The reality that they spoke of!! The reality of Darkness! And Evil!! But now!! Sting's won his match! Lee was the Ultimate Sacrifice! And now look at the result of it!! Sting's reunited with long time friend, Ric Flair! Two of the orginal Horsemen members!"

Styles"...And Dillon's another original Horsmen member! And they stand tall with Steve Corino, who started his career as a horsemen right here in the WWF!!"

Ventura" This is more than a mere stable! This is a brotherhood, Styles!"

Styles" An Unholy Brotherhood!! Tenzan may be the WWF Champion! But it looks like he's got a group of guys that are looking to change that!!"

Ventura" Change that, and the WWF, as we know it!!"

Styles" I'm Joey Styles, for Jesse 'The Body' Ventura, I'll see you tommorow night! For the Shangril-a Aftermath! It's Monday Night RAW, live from Charlotte, North Carolina at the Expo Dome!"

Ventura" Listen to this crowd, Styles!! The WWF will never be the same, again!"

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Hey you found my report. Awesome. I got a new computer, so dont have the report anymore..which sucks as i was gonna post it for the big repost last month. This is still the only diary i`ve followed from day 1, about a year and a half ago....quite the stretch, and I`ve yet to be bored ;)

Anyway....enjoyed the reposts but of course am hungry for new material. I`m sure it`ll be awesome.

Can`t wait for Wrestlemania...

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To save time I will simply be reposting the post shangril-a shows, since there's just the progress of 2-3 storylines, including the Triple Crown Championship scene. And most of us have read that part which is in this form. Also, with the above recaps with what is essentially the wrestlemania build up.

I can't do this short period justice with a recap.

Right into Wrestlemania....

Next new post will be Wrestlemania '98, and FINALLY, the continuation of this diary.

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user posted image

December 1rd, 1997

Monday Night Raw-

Channel: USA Network - Prime Time

Venue: The Pegee Centre - Char, North Caronlina

Attendance: 12,033

Announcing Team: Joey Styles & Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

In-Ring Announcer: Joe Pedicino

Referee Team: Bill Alfonso, Mike Chioda, Dave Hebner, Shane McMahon, Jimmy Korderas, Joey Marella, John Finnegan, Jim Mollineaux


Dave Schmeltzer

- Bill Alfonso Awards The WWF Triple Crown Title to Hiroyoshi Tenzan -

The first RAW of Decemember began with a recap of the Shangril-a Pay Per View, supplemented with fan's reactions to the event. Many fans described the event as the best Pay Per View--ever. The show opened up with Pedicino introducing referee Bill Alfonso, the man who officiated the Unification Match to present the new belt to the Champion. Actually, they're calling it the Triple Crown now, as Alfonso actaully carried the Old WWF World Title, and the GWF Heavyweight Title on his shoulders, along with the new WWF Heavyweight Belt around his neck. I'm guessing, that, this is not only influence from Inoki, but it's also representative of the titles actually being Unified. There was a loud "You screwed Bret" chant directed at Alfonso as he paced around the ring, screaming about how he "Always calls it down the middle". Alfonso, then introduced the new champion to the ring;

Alfonso" That's right, daddy!! I call it right down the middle! I ain't see no' foot on the ropes! I don't care what no one says! And now...the WWF Champion! The GWF Champion! And now...after defeating Steve Corino, and BRET HART (People boo Alfonso, now, louder than ever), The Undisputed Champion Of The World!! That's right, daddy! He's the WWF Triple Crown Champion-- with his manager James E. Cornette--HIROYOSHI TENZAN!!"

**Tenzan came down the isle, accompanied by James E. Cornette, Antonio Inoki, and now Tatsumi Fujinami. Alfonso handed over the three titles to Tenzan, whilst yelling, "The WWF Triple Crown Champion!! Hiroyoshi Tenzan" He then gave the microphone to Tenzan, who started to talk and yell, in Japanese. Inoki did some translating, announcing that Tenzan thanked the man who's been training him, Japan great, Tatsumi Fujinami. Cornette then saved us from listening to more Japanese, and began putting Tenzan over as the best wrestler in the world. He than began to verbally attack Ric Flair for attacking the new Champion last night, which got the crowd heated. A huge pop followed, when Cornette was interupted by Ric Flair's theme....75%

Hiroyoshi Tenzan lost overness from this segment.

- Horsemen to be Complete Next Week; Challenge Tonight -

The Horsemen, as they were called, came out, first Sting, then Corino, then Flair--and walked to the ring to a huge pop confronting Cornette, Tenzan, Inoki, and Tatsumi. Sting took the mic first, and started going on about how finally, he and Flair were re-united, and how he beat the Undertaker in his own match. Alfonso, who was still in the ring, chimed in and announced that The Undertaker was present--survived the Hell's Pit Match, and would be getting an Intercontinental Title match against Owen Hart, later tonight. Styles overeacted here, wondering how Undertaker survived that match. Heenan said something to the effect of it being due to the work of Dr. Tom Pritchard. Sting went on to put Corino over--as being able to go down as once of the greatest WWF athlethes in the history of the sport. Corino was next, and praised the Old School--putting over Sting and Flair at the same time. He said that he started as a Horseman, and planned to dominate the WWF into 1998 as a Horsemen. Flair was next, and lit up the Peegee Arena with his nearly two minutes of Dancing around Cornette, Inoki, Fujinami, and Tenzan...

Ric Flair

" Woooooooooooooooooo!!!! The man, is back!! The Stinger is in the WWF!! And Steve Corino is back home!! Wooooooooo!!! [*Crowd echoes him each time.*] It's a reunion party....Horsemen style!! Everone's invited!! You, Inoki! Woooooo!!! You, Fujifujifuji Tastumamamojo!! Woooo!!! You, Cornette!! Woooooo!!! And even, my non-english speaking Triple Crown Champion!! Woooooooo!! HiroooooooYOSHI TENZAN!!! YOU'RE ALL INVITED! Woooo!! [*Flair puts his arm around Tenzan, but Tenzan shruggs him off, and adjusts the new Title on his waist. The other two are on his shoulder. This turns the crowd's happy tone, into hostility directed at Tenzan*]

WWoooooooooooo!! And next week!! Once again!! The Horsemen will be at full force!! But lets talk about, Woo! [*Flair starts dancing again*] TONIGHT!! Cornette!! Last year, you took me out of commission. You took me outta business. You took me away from the sport that I love! That I live!! That I bleed!! But now, the tables have turned! Tenzan!! You may have that belt now. But you're looking at 3 of the greatest athlethes in this sport, that are very capable of taking that title away! And that'll happen! But tonight!! Tenzan!! Get your mentor, Tatsumi Fujinami out of that suit, and into wrestling gear tonight!! Cos' you two have a date with, Woo--THE NATURE BOY...and...[*He put his hand around Corino*]..THE KING OF OLD SCHOOL!!! Wooooo!!!!" 88%

With that, The 4 Horsmen left to a huge pop. Crowd as always, was really getting into Sting and Ric Flair both doing their 'Woooo's on the way back up the ramp....


- Brutus 'The Horseman' Beefcake? -

Coming out of the break, they show a limo pulling up to the back. Bischoff, who always makes it a habit to 'hang out' in the car park, waited, and discovered that it was Brutus Beefcake, returning to the WWF. Beefcake got a HUGE pop. He was wearing shades, and was dressed like The Heel 'Arrogant' Brutus Beefcake of the mid 80's when he was managed by Valient. Bischoff asked him what was he doing back so soon, as he thought Beefcake was injured. Beefcake took about 10 seconds fixing his bowtie, before he answered;

Beefcake" Ya know somethin', Bischoff!! Beefcake is back, dude! Just like the rest of the world, dude--I watched Shangril-a!! And I saw the re-union of probably the greatest group of wrestlers that this world knows brotha!! So I cleaned myself up! And I'm hear to join the Horsemen!!"

**With that the crowd popped huge, to Beefcake's outdated promo skills. JJ Dillon emerged from the back, almost laughing at Beefcake...

Dillon" You? A Horsemen? Hey, let me tell ya something, man. I'm glad to see you back and all--but the Horsemen--I'M SURE--are not taking applications from...BARBERS!"

**Dillon laughed whilst walking off. The camera panned in on Beefcake, who had a great look of resentment on his face... 72%

Brutus Beefcake lost overness from this segment.

Al Snow d. Damien Demento

Snow completley wiped the mat with Demento to a solid match long 'Let it Snow' chant. Despite loosing the Shangrila match to Barton, it's clear that Snow has taken a huge step as a top guy in the WWF. I'm hearing alot of rumours regarding programs for Snow. We'll see what they decide on doing. Snow won with a nice looking Snow Plow at 8:33.

Overall: 67

Crowd: 69

Match: 63


- The Ebony Experience Show Off Their Gold -

Coming out of the break, Joey Styles was in the ring, and introduced The New WWF Tag Team Champions, The Ebony Experience to the ring. D'lo Brown accompanied them, as he walked side by side with Lady Jacqueline, in addition to 12 more black female models all holding mirrors. Styles mentioned how D'lo Brown's low-down played a huge part in the team winning the Tag Team Gold Booker T and Stevie Ray had new fur coats, that they said they were able to buy after becoming WWF Tag Team Champions. Stevie Ray actually did most of the talking. They promised to defend the belts against all of the low class tag teams that the WWF had to offer. As they were talking and bragging, quick shots of several WWF's tag teams were shown looking on--including The Space Croppers, The Warriors Of Doom, that got the biggest pop, and The Crimson Twins. Already, I have an image of Booker T & Stevie Ray doing impressions of The Crimson Twins--or even worse--the Warriors Of Doom. Stevie Ray ended the interview with saying;

Ray" Now...at this time, I would like tell all da ladies in the crowd...that your Ebony Experience for tonight...as come to an end! "

It was kinda hard understand some of the things Ray was saying. But he did a good job getting his team over. 72%

Stevie Ray gained overness from this segment.


- Oulette Plays The Canadian Card -

Carl Oulette d. Lance Storm

Good match here between the two. During the match, they played Oulette's plancha dive, from Shangril-a, into the crowd onto Owen, getting him over to the TV fans that might've missed it. Storm almost beat Oulette on a number of occassions, but Oulette ended up winning with his falling German Suplex--a move that he used alot during Shangril-a. After the match, as Storm was about to return to the back, Oulette stopped him, took the mic, and made a request.

Overall: 70

Crowd: 68

Match: 72

They used this segment, also, to subtley confirm Bret Hart's departure from the company. Oulette grabbed the mic and told Storm that, "Now that Bret Hart is gone," Owen Hart's been going around saying that he's the best Canadian Wrestler of the WWF. Storm appeared somewhat interested, as Oulette mentioned that Owen said he would never loose the Intercontinental Championship--and invited Storm to help him prove Owen wrong. Storm didn't answer. Instead, he returned to the back, "thinking" about what Oulette said, as Oulette stood watching, from the ring. Styles mentioned that Oulette should stop trying to cause trouble and accept his loss, with Heenan defending Oulette--saying that Oulette may be able to defeat Owen one on one, and saw himself, as the premeire Canadian Athlethe in the WWF, now that Bret Hart's gone. 80%


- The Sandman Gets a Trim Up -

Returning off the break, we see the Sandman wandering around 'buzzed' backstage, sipping a budweiser to a huge pop. He then passed by Brutus Beefcake he looked at the 'rough looking' Sandman in almost disgust. The crowd actually laughed at this, as Beefcake doing the heel arrogant Beefcake is hilarious--especially since it's the complete opposite of The Sandman. Sandman, who was apparently VERY drunk, began to slurr and speak to Beefcake...

Sandman" So ya wanna be a Horsmen? BARBERTUDE!! YEAA!!!" [*Crowd laughs*]

Beefcake (Showing his resentment) " Apparently I'm not good enough for the Horsmen!!"

Sandman [*Sips Beer. Looks around aimlessly. Then returns to conversation*]" Maybe it's the Barbertude? " [*Crowd laughs again*]

Beefcake" But Barbertude is exactly what the Horsemen's all about! The Parties! High Class! Hell, you've even got the Horsemen credentials! You like to party!! You've got Barbertude!"

Sandman[*Sandman takes a long look at his ripped "Enter Sandman" T-shirt, his air nikes, and his workout pants, with beer stains in it.*]" I ain't got no' Barbertude, man. I got Beerrraaaatude!!" [*Crowd laughs as Sandman takes another gulp of his beer, and a drag of a cigarrette*]

Beefcake [*After thinking*]" Ya know what, brotha! Lemme fix you up! Trim the hair. Get ya a nice jacket and shit. Smooth pants! Nice shoes! And we'll both get into the Horsemen!!"

Sandman [*Sandman like the idea. Then shows a face of confusion after 'counting' him and Beefcake*]" But there's two of us! That would make it the 5 Horsemen." [*Chuggs the rest of the beer, and lets out a burp. Beefcake almost jumps out of the way of the belch.*]

Beefcake" No, brotha. I don't mean getting into the Horsmen. I mean getting into--The Horsemen..."

**With that, Brutus starts to murmer something to Sandman as they walk off and the segment fades into advert break. Heenan yelled here;

"A clean cut Sandman!! Is that possible!?", while Styles followed up by citing how drunk Sandman seemed, and put over Beefcake's apparent goal tonight, of becoming a Horseman. Heenan mentioned how Sandman's excessive use of alchohol cause him to be easily persuaded with quite a humourous analogy if you actually think about it....

Heenan" Ya know, The Sandman getting a trim up drunk to him, is what it's like for normal folks to get their face painted, drunk...or something like that! He's completley backwards! If Someone said, 'Hey Sandman, you're drunk! Lets dress you up like a clown!' Sandman would probably respond by saying, 'No! Lets do something crazier! Lets CLEAN ME UP!!' " 75%

The Sandman lost overness from this segment.


- The Homicidal clashes with the Supernatural -

Owen Hart d. The Undertaker by DQ - WWF Intercontinental Championship

Brian Lee had a new look, and new ring music--an upbeat version of The Old Undertaker's theme--reunited with Bruce Pritchard, the man that brought him into the WWF. Hart got a huge ovation coming out with The Intercontinental Title. Brian Christopher got on commentary, and starting putting over his 'main man' Undertaker. I like how they've been building this 'relationship' between Christopher and The Undertaker over the year. Christopher main point was putting The Undertaker over Sabu; "Everybody's talking about Sabu! Death defying! Homicidal! Suicidal! But what about The Undertaker!! Did Sabu fall into a stack of tables only to return the next night? NO!! LEE did!!"

With that, Christopher hit the ring and attacked Owen who was about to put the Undertaker into the sharpshooter causing the disqualification. Seconds later, Sabu charged the ring and went after Christopher, for talking about him, to a huge pop. After throwing Christopher out of the ring, Sabu backed up into The Undertaker. With that, the two had a standoff, with Styles on commentary yelling;

"It's the Supernatural!! Against the Homicidal!! What a collision this could be!!"

Paulie Dangerously did a good job of showing fear of The Undertaker, and pulling Sabu away and to the back. Bruce Pritchard and The Undertaker stared them down from the ring going into the next advert break. Styles' also mentioned Owen Hart's probable anger at referee Bill Alfonso, after what happened to Bret. It'll be nice to see if they build on that.

Overall: 83

Crowd: 89

Match: 71

- Mentor & Protege vs. Mentor & Protege -

Ric Flair & Steve Corino d. Hiroyoshi Tenzan (WWF Triple Crown Champion) & Tatsumi Fujinami

Sting accompanied Flair and Corino to the ring while James E. Cornette & Inoki stood in the corner of Tenzan & Fujinami. They gave Fujinami a brief rally, as he kept nailing Flair and Corino with a series of dragonscrews. Tenzan and Flair went at if for a little bit, in what looked to be a teaser for a possible Royal Rumble Main Event, depending on who the Horsemen 'choose' to go after Tenzan's WWF Triple Crown Title. Flair would make the most sense, since he broke a crutch over Tenzan's back last night. Anyway, final moments of the match came when Corino & Flair both had Tenzan and Fujinami in figured fours. Cornette jumped in the ring, and was deciding on who to hit with the Racket, but Corino got up, to a huge pop, and grabbed Cornette by the tie. Cornette started yelling and screaming like a girl, until The Great Kabuki hit the ring, and spit red mist in the eyes of Corino causing the DQ. Flair got up and leveled both Cornette and Kabuki--sending Kabuki over the top rope. Tenzan and Fujinami headed for the back, as Inoki grabbed Tenzan's belts and ran back to the back, as well. Corino, now wearing some mist on his face, along with Flair went after them to the back, leaving Cornette in the ring alone...with Sting. Sting closed in on Cornette, as he scowered into the corner pleading for Sting to let him go. That's when Brutus Beefcake, with The Sandman came down the isle, and to the ring.

OVerall: 81

Crowd: 87

Match: 69

- Brutus Beefcake and Sandman get 'Into' The Horsemen -

Brutus Beefcake and Sandman came down the isle, both dressed for success. Beefcake was dressed in his usual wierd dress attire, complete with bowtie, while Sandman was dressed in his gray suit, reminiscent of his early heel years with Eastern Championship Wrestling. Styles put them over as being dressed to impress the Horsemen. Beefcake took the mic and starting talking to Sting as he and Sandman walked up the stairs and into the ring. They were met with a mixed responce, as this Beefcake was associated with the original Dream Team, and The Dream Team II with Hunter Hearst Helmsley--and the Sandman was dressed in a grey suit--something never fathomed by WWF fans. The Sandman had a cigarrette in his mouth, and wielded his singapore cane. I guess old habits never change. This allowed Cornette to sneak out of the ring....

Beefcake" YA know somethin', brotha!! I watched last night, dude! Just as everyone did...as the Horsmen were reunited! [*Crowd Cheers as Sting nods and yells 'Woooooooo!'*] But, I noticed that ya only got three members, brotha!! And that Corino--is a LAME-O!! [*Some booes are heard from the crowd*] Ya see, dude, a couple of months ago, I had some run-ins with Corino--him and the King of the WWF, and he aint cool, brotha!! But ya got two cool dudes right here, man! Ya got the answer to the other half of the Horsmen!! Brutus Beefcake! And The Sandman! You got the man who put Jerry 'The King' Lawler out in ring action for good!! And I would've done the same to Corino, if that Memphis Moron didn't piledrive me on a chair last month dude!" [*Beefcakes attacking of Lawler causes even more booes--this time very noticable on TV*]

Sting [*Is Handed a microphone from the outside by Joe Pedicino. He paces around the ring, almost laughing*]" You wannna spot in the Horsemen!!? I'm sorry guys, but the Horsemen is a brotherhood--it's more than a stable! It's more than a 'group'! I started in this sport as a Horsemen!! So did Flair! So did Corino! So...I'm sorry guys...Sandman!! You're a cool dude!! You're a party animal!! Like all of us..YEA!!! And Beefcake!! I've seen what you can do, brotha! You've got style! You've got class!! But sorry guys...not right now. We already got our Fourth."

With that, Beefcake and Sandman both shared a face of dissappointment, which quickly turned into resent. Beefcake, then, got Sting's attention as he was about to leave the ring...

Beefcake (Grabs Sting by the Shoulder) " Ya know, Sting, Sweet Bruti don't like dissapointment, brotha! What...are we not 'old school' enough for The Horsemen? But ya know what, Stinger...I think I've got just the cure for my disappoitment! Or should I say--for OUR dissappointment!"

With that, The Sandman who moved behind Sting, smashed his cane over the head of Sting getting a huge shock reaction from the crowd, and from Heenan and Styles, on commentary. Sandman laughed, took another pull of his cigarette and began bashing Sting over the back with the cane over and over again, getting a huge heel pop from the crowd. Beefcake started strutting around the ring, as The 'New' Sandman went to work on Sting. Sandman then, held up Sting as Beefcake layed some punches to Sting's head. Beefcake held up Sting for Sandman, as he leveled him with a cane shot to the head, this time busting Sting open. Sandman then took a beer out of his pocket, took a gulp of it, and poured the rest of it over Sting's face, to a huge heel reaction. Finally, officials, led by JJ Dillon, hit the ring with, WWF Monday Night Raw going off the air, with Beefcake and The Sandman posing to the crowd--Beefcake with one hand up--Sandman holding up his cane, to a hostile Peegee centre. 91%

Brutus Beefcake gained overness from this segment. Brutus Beefcake's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Brutus Beefcake gained overness from this turn. The Sandman's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. The Sandman gained overness from this turn.

Commentary Aftermath

Heenan" Styles, this is a war zone! You've got the Horsemen fighting PRIDE in the back! And you've got Sting getting jumped here, by Brutus Beefcake and The Sandman!!"

Styles" This was uncalled for!! Sting politely told the Sandman and Beefcake that there wasn't room in the Horsemen for them!! Beefcake's ego! Beefcake's arrogance has gotten the best of him!"

Heenan" And Sandman's alchohol got the best of him! This is unbelievable!! Never in a million years would've I thought I'd see Beefcake and The Sandman working together! Never in a million years would I've even pictured The Sandman in a suit!! "

Styles" See you next week folks! I don't believe this!"

Heenan" Ya see, this is why I don't drink Styles! If I drank, I would've done what the Sandman's doing to Sting--to you a long time ago!"

Show Quality: 79%

TV Rating: 8.00

Behind The Scenes Issues: Ringmaster Jim Neidhart showed up late..due to a little post Shangril-a partying last night. As part of the new no-tolerance attitude of the WWf staff, Neidhart was suspended for the month.

WWF WorldWide Preview!!

--'Highlight Kid' Shawn Waltman vs. Johnny Ace

--A special Worldwide Match made by WWF Referee Bill Alfonso

**Handicapped Match

Owen Hart vs. The Crimson Twins

--The Debut Of The Pitbulls!!

--Ebony Experience vs. Furnas & Lafon -Return Tag Team Title Bout!

--The Debut of Kama Mustafa!!

--Mike Barton vs. (The Returning) Mr. Perfect!!

--And, much, much more!!!

--James E. Cornette tries to find out who the Fourth Horsemen is!

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December 6rd, 1997

WWF Worldwide Saturday Nights-

Channel: FOX

Venue: The SunSoft Air Theatre -- Detriot - MI

Announcing Team: Sean Mooney & Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Attendance: 12055

In-Ring Announcer: Joe Pedicino

Referee Team: Bill Alfonso, Mike Chioda, Shane McMahon, Earl Hebner, Charles Robinson, Jim Mollineaux, John Finnegan


Dave Schmeltzer

- Kavanna Voice's His Opinion; Alfonso Makes Him Pay -

WWF Worldwide on 12/6 opened up with Sean Mooney and Jerry Lawler talking about Shangril-a and the RAW following it. They harped about the officiating that led to Hiroyoshi Tenzan eliminating Bret Hart--then going on to win the WWF Triple Crown. At that point, Flexx Kavanna came down the isle as Mooney and Lawler pondered as to what it was that he could possibly want. Kavanna slammed Alfonso for ignoring Bret's foot on the rope, and gave the very first, "Flexx Fact", entitled "Flexx Fact #1", as he called it. He then said, "...and that Flexx Fact is..that any official named Bill Alfonso..SHOULD BE FIRED!". The crowd went insane for this, cheering "Flexx Fact! Flexx Fact!" Very smart move in having Kavanna kinda defend a guy who was the top face in the WWF. At that point, Alfonso came down screaming and yelling--actually yelling on the mic before he even came out of the curtain...

Mooney" Kavanna!! Who are you to talk about Bill Alfonso!! I'm a senior official in the WWF for I reason! I call it right down the middle, daddy! And if wanna disrespect me! Then fine!! But now you're getting a little punishment!! Meet your opponent!! Or should I say OPPONENTS!! Xamot & Tomax, THE CRIMSON TWINS!!"

With that, out of the back came running The Crimson Twins to the ring, as an excellent shot of the young Kavanna showed here. 91%

Bill Alfonso gained overness from this segment.

The Crimson Twins d. Flexx Kavanna

The twins have the wierdest boots I have ever seen. They were silver. Silver Wrestling boots? Wow. Anyway, the story of the match was that Kavanna almost actually beat the twins after getting the Kavanna Krush {Rock Bottom} on Xamot. But Tomax snuck up behind the fatigued Kavanna and gave him a Cranium Kick--or, a Crimson Kick, according to Mooney. Alfonso actually stood by ringside and starting to yell at Kavanna after the match, before raising the hands of the Twins. Hmmm. It looks like these may be a mainstay with Alfonso, to get them out of the PRIDE cloud, although they were still wearing the "Tag Team Pride" jackets.

Overall: 54

Crowd: 56

Match: 64


- Cornette Questions Perfect, #1 Contender for the WWF Triple Crown -

They shoot us to the back coming out of the break, showing Mr. Perfect preparing for his match against Mike Barton. Cornette came up to Perfect and noted that he was the #1 contender for the WWF Triple Crown, since he never got a return bout after loosing the belt. Cornette then asked Perfect if he was in the Horsemen. When Perfect said that he "didn't know what Cornette was talking about", Cornette started calling Perfect a pathological liar, pointing out that he was Flair's lackey years ago, and was part of the Horsemen when Corino was also in it. Perfect said that he would never team up with Corino again, and then walked off. Cornette left these parting words; "You're yesterday's Perfect news, Hennig!"

OUCH. 78%

Mr. Perfect lost overness from this segment.

Terry Taylor d. Hunter McMahon Helmsley

Taylor won with that dreaded top roope kneedrop at 8:33. Kronus Helmsley was at ringside eating out of a tray being held by The Butler. He was eating with his hands, alone.

Overall: 63

Crowd: 75

Match: 62


- Owen Hart; The WWF's Elite Canadian Wrestler -

Next Sean Mooney did one of those 'live via satellite' WWF Worldwide deals, this time talking with New Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart. Hart was dressed in street clothes, holding his I-C belt on his shoulder. Mooney asked him questions, first about Alfonso and what he did to Bret. Owen said that Bret has had it with the WWF's dubious officiating and has signed a contract with GCG. I'm very suprised that they actually announced that on TV...but then again, I'm sure it was done to appease Owen. Mooney then asked about Oulette's coming so close to winning the I-C Belt at Shangril-a. Owen did a good job of putting himself over, calling himself the new Canadian Elitist in the WWF. He added that he was a far superior athlethe than Oulette, and said that he'll take Oulette, "Anytime, Anywhere". As if Owen had no where to be, Mooney asked Owen about Oulette's attempts to get Lance Storm...another Canadian, to join him against Owen. Owen said that Storm was a student of the "Hart Dungeon", and would never oppose him. Very good segment here. Had the crowd chanting "Owen" to the Titan Tron. 95%

Owen Hart gained overness from this segment.


- The Debut Of Kama Mustafa -

Kama Mustafa d. Big Dick Dudley

Mustafa was accompanied to the ring by Simon Diamond, and did his Street Fighting Deal against Big Dick Dudley. The announcers were pushing how Kama got The Big Dudley down so easily. Kama won by 'submission', after his pummel punches onslaught on Dudley. I like how they're pushing him. A basic street fighter. Dudley took the pummel punches for quite some time, but soon it began to be 'too much' for even Big Dick to handle. Kama then pointed to the camera and said;

"Frye!! Imma coming for you 'boy!! Ohh yea!"

Overall: 55

Crowd: 63

Match: 62


Shawn Waltman d. Johnny Ace

Typical WorldWide filler match--but these are two of the best. Ace teased a couple of Ace Crushers before eventually being suprised by a Lightning Kick at 11:33 to end a good match. The Sandman and Brutus Beefcake were advertised next.

Overall: 72

Crowd: 83

Match: 74

- "Special Treatment" -

The Sandman d. Barry Horowitz

The Sandman sported a suit as his wrestling gear. He still drank beer, then threw it at the fans after he was done. The fans were really digging into the Sandman after his attack on Sting, with Beefcake. Sandman actually smoked a cigerette while Wrestling Horowitz, taking a break to take a drag every few minutes. Finally Sandman nailed Horowitz with his Piledriver (Cig in mouth) to win the match, as Beefcake entered the ring. Mooney left his broadcast post to get a word with Sandman & Beefcake.

Overall: 75

Crowd: 91

Match: 68

Mooney went into the ring and questioned The Sandman and Beefcake for their "Heinous Acts" on RAW. Beefcake did the talking first, saying that how the Horsemen thinks that they deserve special treatment. Beefcake reinerated his RAW point of always wanting to rid the WWF of Corino, but never getting the chance thanks to "That Royal Bafoon", as he said while pointing to Lawler at the broadcast table. Who uses the word "Bafoon" anymore? Mooney then went over to Sandman, asking why he turned on his fans. Sandman took a long sip of his beer and said that he didn't care about 'fans' and only cared about his beer. He then added, closing the interview;

Sandman" Yeaaa. And if Corino and Sting want special treatment....and even Flair. I'll give them special treatment all right."

Sandman then started posing with his cane as if it were a baseball bat, as Brutus' music hit, and they cut to an advert break. 72%

The Sandman lost overness from this segment. Brutus Beefcake lost overness from this segment.


- The WWF Triple Crown Champion sends a Message To Ric Flair -

Mike Barton d. Mr. Perfect

Not too much of a bad match, but it did go a little long at 12:54. Barton won after he threw Perfect into the ropes--this is when Tenzan, who was on the outside, hit Perfect in the back with the very same [bENT] crutch that Ric Flair hit him with at Shangril-a. I knew something was going to happen when Tenzan showed up with that very same crutch. When Perfect was coming off the ropes, clutching his back, Barton jumped on him and nailed him with his Back Drop, for the cover and the victory. After the match, Tenzan got in the ring, and started pounding Perfect over and over with the crutch, as Mooney hyped their match this upcoming week on RAW. Lawler pushed the idea that Tenzan was sending a message to Ric Flair, as it was no secret that Perfect used to be a Horsemen...and could very well be the man who's announced as the Fourth Horsemen, on RAW. WWF Worldwide went off the air with James E. Cornette holding up the hands of Barton and WWF Triple Crown Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan to a shower of booes.

Overall: 72

Crowd: 85

Match: 72

Commentary Aftermatch

Mooney" Perfect is down, in the ring!! Could he turn things around this week on RAW, when he gets a shot at the WWF Triple Crown Title!??"

Lawler" I think he's going to be winning it for the Horsemen, Mooney!! I have a feeling!! I can feel it!!"

Mooney (Laughing) " Is that a Royal Feeling King?"

Lawler" No, Mooney! A Royal Feeling is something else...that I don't want to talk about with another guy."

Show Quality: 74%

TV Rating: 6.88

Raw Preview!!

--WWF Triple Crown Championship!

*Hiroyoshi Tenzan (Champion) vs. 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig

--Kama Mustafa Searches for Don Frye!!

--Brian Christopher vs. Sabu

--Lance Storm vs. Hakushi

--The Announcement Of The Fourth Horsemen!!

--The WWF's First Woman's Wrestling Match since, 1991!

*Helen Wolfenstein vs. Bull Nakano*

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user posted image

December 8rd, 1997

Monday Night Raw-

Channel: USA Network - Prime Time

Venue: The Trinex Tri-Centre, Minneapolis, MN

Attendance: 12,033

Announcing Team: Joey Styles & Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

In-Ring Announcer: Joe Pedicino

Referee Team: Bill Alfonso, Mike Chioda, Dave Hebner, Shane McMahon, Jimmy Korderas, Joey Marella, John Finnegan, Jim Mollineaux


Dave Schmeltzer

Helen Wolfenstein d. Bull Nakano

RAW on 12/8 started off with Bull Nakano & Helen Wolfenstein in the ring for the first Woman's match since 1991. I'm hearing that the WWF is testing the waters to see what women talent is out there, before giving it a push. The first match wasn't too bad, a bit rushed--but not too bad at all. Both actually 'wrestled', which was pretty darn impressive rather than the usual Miss Elizabeth vs. Sensational Sherri Matches, that American Women's Wrestling is limited to, thanks to The ECA. Wolfenstein was basically a bigger version of Bull Nakano, which is kinda gross. She kept growling like a Wolf. Oh. I get it. "Wolfenstein". Anyway, she won with a falling bear hug in 5:33. Next, Ric Flair, Sting, and Steve Corino came to the ring...

Overall: 50

Crowd: 29

Match: 51

Bull Nakano lost overness from this match. Helen Wolfenstein gained overness from this match.

- The Fourth Horseman -

Joey Styles made his way to the ring and brought out the Horsemen. Corino did the talking first running down Brutus Beefcake and The Sandman. Corino had to talk over a LOUD Corino chant. The popularity of Corino now, compared to his earlier years as a Horseman is an amazing contrast. Corino called Sandman a dumb drunk and refered to Beefcake as "The Only Barber who's always unemployed", which the crowd found funny. Corino then said that if the Sandman wanted to be Hardcore, then he could be Hardcore, too. And then said..."...and if Beefcake wants to be gay..then...well...I can't help ya there...". I'm suprised they let that one through. It did however get a riot of laughter from the crowd as Corino handed the mic to Sting. Sting did his "Woooooooooo!" then ran down Beefcake and Sandman for attacking him, last week. His comments on Beefcake actually did a good job of getting Beefcake over....which is great for the few fans who may still think of Beefcake as the funloving face of just a few months ago.

Sting" Is this the same Brutus Beefcake that I saw on WWF Colliseum home video cutting off Lanny Poffo's hair? NO! Is this the same Beefcake that I saw claim to be friends till' the end with a beach blond that I beat earlier this year? (WCW's Hulk Hogan) NO!! This is a different type of Beefcake!! A Beefcake who's rejection from the Four Horsemen has driven him to the cold blooded, arrogant, REAL Brutus Beefcake!! And Beefcake, when I get in the ring with you, I'm gonna give you more than a trim up!! I'm going to give you a beat DOWN! Woooooooooooooooyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!! " Flair was then handed the mic, and started screaming and yelling as always, getting the crowd well into the promo, even more than they already were....

Ric Flair

" Sandman!! Beefcake!! You two want to attack Sting from behind!! Well, you two, against us two, TONIGHT!! Wooooooooo!!! And now...[*Flair starts to slowly strut around the ring, as Sting and Corino laugh and clap along*]...for...the...moment...that...THE WHOLE WORLD!!! HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!!! To be part of the Horsemen, you've got to be strong! You've got to be special! You've got to have IT. You've got to be THA MAN! I've been reading the internet reports--some people's been saying it's Waltman. [*Crowd pops*] But you've got to be more than a Highlight Kid. Some have said Barton! [*Crowd booes*] But we would never let anyone who follows that slimeball Jim Cornette! Some people, said it was Al Snow!! [*Crowd cheers*] But I'd rather dance in the rain, than in Snow! Whatta we got here!! Steve Corino? The King Of Old School! Already 3 time WWF Champion at the age of 24! Now that's Horsemen material!! Stinger!! The man!! The man who was among the first to fight side by side with...Woooooooooo!! The Nature Boy!! [*The fans echoes are just rediculous at this point*] And now, the man who we have chosen to fight side by side with us!! The Canadian Horseman!! [*fans are confused. There's no such wrestler*]

...The Canadian Horseman--Intercontinental Champion, OWEN HART!!! Woooooo!! Wooooo!!! Wooooo!! Woooo!!!"

Owen Hart walked to the ring, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Owen, sporting a " WWF '97 Revolutionizing Pro Wrestling" T-Shirt, and holding his I-C belt on his shoulder, stood stationary as the crowd chanted Owen. Flar then started chanting "Owen", whilst dancing around the ring, before handing Owen Hart the microphone in the most animated way possible, getting the fans "Woooo'ing" again....

Owen Hart

" I am the Fourth Horseman!! I am the Canadian Horseman, Owen Hart!!! [*Crowd Cheers*] For years, I've always heard of the legacy of Ric Flair! I've always heard of the intensity of Sting--and I felt it first hand, when Sting beat me in the semis of the C1 Clash!!!! And I already know what Steve Corino is capable of! A man that actually gave me a push earlier this year...to start thinking for myself!! (Owen's referring to the climatic parts of the midyear Steve Corino-Bret Hart feud) And now, it's a great honour to say--I am a Horsemen! Woooooo!!!"

Flair take the mic again....

Flair [*First Starts Dancing*] " Owen! Owen! Owen! Wooo!! Owen! Owen! Wooooo! Owen!! And Owen!! Remember this!! All of our battles!! Is your battle! All of your battles! Is our battle!! We're all Horsemen!! We all fight the same battles! And so Owen, I say this! Ya see that belt right there [*Pointing to The IC Belt*]...we all know what it's like to be a Champion. That's part of the reason why you were chosen! Because you're a champ! And a damn good champ! And, in usual Horsemen fashion...we're going to do whatever it takes to help you keep that title! Wooo!!! Wooo!! Owen!!! Woooo!! Hart!!! The!! Woooo!! Fourth!!! Wooooo!! Horseman!! Woooo!!!!"

The segment ends with all Four men holding up the Horsemen sign to a HUGE pop, whilst fading to a commercial break. An Owen chant is heard starting, as they cut to break... 92%


- Don Frye's Looking For Kama 'First' -

Don Frye d. Dr. Tom Pritchard

I guess Pritchard can wrestle as himself now, no longer stuck under the Dr. X mask. The match was actually very well worked, partially due to Pritchard who has the talent to convincingly counter many of Frye's takedowns and submissions. Frye ended up catching Pritchard in the Triangle Arm & Leg Lock. After his victory, Bischoff who was hanging around the outside the ring, and played back Kama's comments from WWF Worldwide, where he said that he'll be looking for Frye on RAW. Frye responded, with his agent Clyde Vasseur at his side...

"Looking for me??! I'm a Hunter!! No one hunts the hunter! Tell Kama I'll be looking for him!! And when I do...!"

Frye then smacked his fist in his palm then walked off with Vasseur.

Overall: 62

Crowd: 52

Match: 72

- Storm Accepts Oulette's Help -

Lance Storm d. Hakushi

These two had an awesome match here. Storm really worked hard, to showing his determination at impressing WWF writers. Hakushi worked equally as hard, to show that he's worthy of remaing in the WWF. The crowd didn't get into the match much though, until Storm threw Hakushi outside of the ring. Carl Oulette came down the isle here, and tossed Hakushi into the ring steps 3 times. I guess referee Joey Marella is selectivley deaf, and couldn't hear the crashing into the steps. Oulette threw Hakushi back into the ring, as Storm reluctantly made the cover on Hakushi. With that, Oulette got into the ring and started putting the boots Hakushi inviting Storm to join him. When Storm wouldn't do it, Oulette grabbed the mic and yelled...

Oulette" C'mon, Storm!! [*Kicks Hakushi*] I helped you win this match!! C'mon! Storm!! Do you want another 5 years of A HART claiming to be the best Canadian Wrestler in the WWF?! Do you want another HART holding guys like US down!?"

Storm started thinking about what Oulette was saying, then finally joined Oulette in stomping out Hakushi to a heel reaction. Styles pushed this as Oulette corrupting the young wrestler's mind. The two continued to put the boots to Hakushi as they went into the next advert break.

Overall: 64

Crowd: 43

Match: 86

Lance Storm's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Lance Storm gained overness from this turn.


- Lance Storm Shows His Allegiance Against Hart -

Raw returned from the break with Storm & Oulette still in the ring, jawing with fans. Storm had a mic in his hand...

Storm" That's right! The years of Hart dominance is over!! Hart! Why don't you come out here, and get a taste of the New Wave of Canadian Superstars!"

With that, Storm and Oulette waited a few minutes before Owen finally came out. Owen was just about to run down the isle, when all of a sudden Ric Flair's music hit. Flair came out to a nice pop, then yelled;

Flair" Wooo!! Oulette! Little Boy Storm! In case you weren't watching earlier, Owen is now more than 'A Canadian Wrestler'! He's a Canadian Horseman!! And if you mess with one Horseman! Like I said earlier, punks! You're messing with us all! Owen!! Lets go down there, and show these punks what being a Horseman is all about!"

With those words, Flair & Hart charged the ring engaging on a 2-2 brawl that got the crowd going nuts. During the melee, Styles kept putting over Storm, who was going head to head with The Nature Boy. Finally, The Horsemen got the better of the fight, clearing the ring of Oulette & Storm to a huge pop. The story of this segment however was all about Storm. 72%

Ric Flair lost overness from this segment. Lance Storm gained overness from this segment. Carl Oulette lost overness from this segment. Owen Hart lost overness from this segment


The Warriors Of Doom (The Mighty Horace Hogan & The Renegade Warrior) d. The Big Bossman & Earthquake

Joey Styles made a brief mention of The Big Bossman and Earthquake once being apart of Slick's PHAT stable from earlier '94, which I thought was pretty interesting. Match came to an end when the Mighty Horace Hogan pinning Earthquake after the Mighty Leg Drop at 9:22. After the match, Renegade Warrior bodyslammed both men to a building 'Warrior' chant.

Overall: 64

Crowd: 68

Match: 58

Big Bossman lost overness from this match. Earthquake lost overness from this match. Horace Hogan gained overness from this match. The Renegade Warrior gained overness from this match.


- Tenzan returns the 'Crutch' To Flair -

Ric Flair & Sting d. Brutus Beefcake & The Sandman via DQ

This match had alot of heat going into it. Flair was great with the struts, especially when the Sandman was in there. Sandman gave the most confused looks that I've ever seen in reaction to Flair's animatics, which were priceless. Ending of the match came when Sting nailed Beefcake with his Stinger splash at 11:48, then quickly following up with his Scorpion Deathlock. At this point, Sandman went to the timekeepers table, tossed ring announcer Joe Pedicino onto the ground, got his cane, and cracked it over the back of Sting, breaking the hold, but also earning his team the disqualification. Flair then got inside the ring and started pounding Sandman into the corner, before putting him into the Figured Four to a huge pop. At this point, the crowd was incredibly hot, until WWF Triple Crown Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, accompanied by Cornette & Inoki came down the isle, once again carrying that very same crutch that Flair used on him at Shangril-a. Before Flair was able to release Sandman, for cover, Tenzan cracked Flair accross the chest with the crutch, getting a huge reaction from the crowd. Tenzan, then hit Sting with the crutch, before Steve Corino and Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart hit the ring for the save. Styles put this over as Tenzan getting his revenge on Flair. Styles emphasized that Flair would not be a happy camper.

Overall: 82

Crowd: 92

Match: 64


- Street Fight in Minnesota -

Returning from break, Simon Diamond was parading the halways with Kama Mustafa, 'looking' for Don Frye. They were confronted by WWF Official Ole Anderson, who handed them a note from Clyde Vasseur, the agent of Don Frye. It read;

Dear Mr. Diamond

It has come to my attention that you STILL have not learned your lesson from your Shangril-a defeat to my client, Mr. Don Frye. Don Frye is more than a wrestler. He's more than a fighter. He's a shoot fighter. He represents the most dangerous type of controlled competition that we know of. In addition to being undefeated here in the WWF, maybe I should let you know of Frye's 'other' matches. Here were some of the most recent results from his shoot fighting matches around the world;

-Don Frye d. Mac Johnson in 30 sec. (Chokehold)-

-Don Frye d. Yuji Nasato in 3:33. (Armbar)-

-Don Frye d. Ken Shamrock in 5:33. (called match)-


Clyde Vasseur

Booking Agent

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December 13rd, 1997

WWF Worldwide Saturday Nights-

Channel: FOX

Venue: The SunSoft Air Theatre -- Detriot - MI

Announcing Team: Sean Mooney & Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Attendance: 10044

In-Ring Announcer: Joe Pedicino

Referee Team: Bill Alfonso, Mike Chioda, Shane McMahon, Earl Hebner, Charles Robinson, Jim Mollineaux, John Finnegan


Dave Schmeltzer

- Mr. Everything Confronts Barry Horowitz -

WWF Worldwide on 12/13 opened in the lockeroom. Mr. Everything went up to Barry Horowitz and used his line about using Horowitz as a stepping stone to 'Everything'. He then added; "It's not like you're not used to the feeling..", laughed than walked off, with Francine by his side. I must say, I'm really enjoying Martin's character. 74%

Barry Horowitz lost overness from this segment.

- Brian Christopher Sees His True Love -

Sexteen d. Pauline Patriot - WWF Womens

This match suprised me, here. It looks like the WWF's really giving the Women's thing a chance. The only way I can see this working, is due to Inoki's input, who comes from a country, where women's wrestling is accepted. Sexteen was a nice looking girl, with some nice agility, while Pauline Patriot was your average Pro-USA gimmick wrestler. I was getting annoying by the USA chants as were the fans. Finals came when Sexxteen nailed Pauline with a springboard slingshot. Directly after the match, Brian Christopher and Bruce Pritchard were seen staring at Sexxteen, on the isle ramp.

Overall: 40

Crowd: 37

Match: 44

Sexxteen, whilst returning to the back, eyed Christopher down the whole time, somewhat flirtious(sp). Christopher was heard off mic saying to Pritchard,

Christopher" Wow, Bruce! Did you see that! She was looking at me! BC! We gotta make this work! C'mon!!"

Christopher then pulled Pritchard with him as they 'chased' Sexteen to the back. 88%


Don Frye d. Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor was able to work amateur style with Frye for much of the match...but eventually Frye locked him in that Triangle Arm and Leg Lock, at 5:49, which Mooney called, "The Most Dangerous finishing move in the WWF, today."

Overall: 65

Crowd: 50

Match: 80

- Mr. Everything Prepares For Greatness -

Following the match, they showed Mr. Everything working out as Francine looked on. Bischoff asked Francine if Martin was ready for Horowitz. At this point, Martin started counting each bench press rep louder, as Francine ran down Barry Horowitz. Francine also added that after Horowitz, Mr. Everything Andrew Martin, will go on to defeat the Nature Boy on RAW, and take the World Wrestling Federation by storm. Martin looked pretty impressive working out, and Francine did a good job of potraying his goals. 79%

Francine gained overness from this segment.


Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2) d. T.R.A.S.H (Brian James & Duke 'The Dumpster' Droese

They really have to get Brian James away from Duke Droese. The match was only bearable when James was in there with Gary Wolfe. Pitbulls won with Pitbull #1 belly to bellying Duke off of the top rope at 7:33.

Overall: 59

Crowd: 47

Match: 71

- Kavana's Flexx Fact #2 -

Following the match, Eric Bischoff was backstage with Flexx Kavanna, who got a slightly larger pop than usual. He then starting talking about "the background" of this week's Flexx Fact. He started to put over Sabu, in saying, "He threw Hayabusa from pillar to post! From post to pillar! And then emerged at the top of his game! The suidical, homicidal, genocidal Sabu!! And that brings me to Kavann's Flexx Fact #2! Sabu is a craaaaazzzzyyyyyyyy Mofo!!!"

This had the crowd cheering and laughing, as the classic "new-babyface-sucking-up-to-a-popular-wrestler" strategy always works. Suddenly, Hayabusa appeared out of no where blasting Kavanna from behind. Bischoff started screaming for help, as Hayabusa threw Kavanna into garbage cans, then followed up by tossing Sabu into a shelf, causing a bunch of miscellaneous tools and boxes to fall on top of him. Mooney ended the segment with this soundbite;

Mooney" What a heinous act! The Japanese Assassin has struck Flexx Kavanna!!" 78%

Flex Kavanna gained overness from this segment.


- John Tenta Enters The Cobb County Police Academy -

Returning off the break, they sent us to a "live" shot of Big Bossman with The Earthquake in Cobb County, Georgia. Bossman told Earthquake that it was time to "Get in shape", and that he had the best idea for Earthquake: That he join the very same Police Academy that The Big Bossman graduated from. Bossman said it make take weeks, it may take months--but when he returnes, Earthquake will soon be "...more than an Earthquake! More than 'John Tenta! When you graduate from this Police Academa, you will be John 'The Law' Tenzan!!". All I'm saying is that Bossman looked like an overweight grandpa in sweats. 71%

Big Bossman lost overness from this segment.

Al Snow & 'Highlight Kid' Shawn Waltman d. Hayabusa & Jun Akiyama

Great match here. They always have one of these type of matches on WorldWide, which I guess is enticement for viewers to watch the show. All four men were on point here, especially Akiyama coming out of his injury. Hayabusa got alot of heel heat here, after attacking Kavanna earlier on the program. Match came to an end when Akiyama seemed to be on a role, nailing both Snow and Waltman with thee exploders each--but the forth time, Snow blocked it, and got a fatigued Akiyama with the Snow Plow., earning the victory for his team. Crowd started their, "Let It Snow" chant as they went into the advert break.

Overall: 81

Crowd: 76

Match: 87


- Flair Live via Satellite -

Coming out of the break, Mooney started running down the events between Flair & Tenzan during last week's RAW, leading up to Flair demanding a match for the Triple Crown. Mooney then introduced Flair, who was dining at a 'high class' restaraunt with WWF Officials, JJ Dillon & Ole Anderson. Mooney started asking Flair questions, to which Flair kept interupting himself to yell at the waitor. When he was greeted with a female waitress, Flair put on the charm, to the amusement of the live fans. Flair ended the interview saying this;

" This week! Monday Night RAW!! Mr. Everything!! Just a first step! A first step to Hiroyoshi Tenzan! A first step to winning the Title For the 5th time...A first step to winning the WWF Triple Crown Championship Belt! And Tenzan, it's going to be a honour to beat you for it! Andrew Martin! [*laughs*] You may think that you're everything!! But you seem to forget who I am! I'm the Nature Boy!! Wooo!! Selling out arenas all over the country!! The Kiss Steelin', Wheel Dealin' Jet Flyin', Limousine Ridin', SON...OF...A...GUN!!! And this week on Monday Night RAW, I'm going to show you first hand, what that's all about! Woooooooooooo!! Now where's my food!" 95%

The segment ended with Anderson yelling, "Waitor!!", as the live crowd echoed Flair's taunts. 95%

Ric Flair gained overness from this segment.

"Mr. Everything" Andrew Martin d. Barry Horowitz

The crowd was alive for this one, but not as much as for the Snow/Waltman - Haybusa/Akiyama match which is very interesting. Finals of the match came with Martin nailing Horowitz with the Everything Pumphandle Slam, at 8:46. Martin posed for the crowd, along with Francine by his side as WWF WorldWide went off the air.

Overall: 77

Crowd: 83

Match: 64

Barry Horowitz lost overness from this match. Mr. Everything gained overness from this match.

Commentary Aftermatch

Mooney" Wow, look at that body!! 'Mr. Everything' Andrew Martin, has a chance to make a mark in the WWF when he faces The Nature Boy this week on Monday Night RAW!"

Lawler" That's right, Mooney!! And you can bet that Tenzan, the WWF Triple Crown Champion will be in the building!!"

Mooney" That's right!! And I won't be suprised if Tenzan does what he can to keep Flair from winning that match tommorow night!!"

Lawler" I love it, Mooney!!"

Show Quality: 70%

TV Rating: 6.53

Raw Preview!!

--Ordered by Senior Official Bill Alfonso!

**'Nature Boy' Ric Flair vs. 'Mr Everything' Andrew Martin!

--Special Challenge Match!

**Al Snow vs. The Undertaker!

--'King Of Old School' Steve Corino vs. Tatsumi Fujinami!

--Plus, Hunter McMahon Helmsley, Carl Pierre Oulette & Lance Storm, The Warriors Of Doom, and MORE!!!!

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December 15rd, 1997

Monday Night Raw-

Channel: USA Network - Prime Time

Venue: The Soletime Mega Arena - Washington, DC

Attendance: 12,056

Announcing Team: Joey Styles & Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan

In-Ring Announcer: Joe Pedicino

Referee Team: Bill Alfonso, Mike Chioda, Dave Hebner, Shane McMahon, Jimmy Korderas, Joey Marella, John Finnegan, Jim Mollineaux


Dave Schmeltzer

- The American Dream Dustine Rhoads -

Raw on 12/15 opened, with Joey Styles doing his in ring introduction to a loud "Oh My Gawd" chant. Suddenly, after Styles was done running down the card, Hunter McMahon Helmsley emerged from the curtain, complaining to Joey Styles that his Butler was missing. Helmsley kept pacing back and forth, yelling at Joey about his missing Butler. That's when, perhaps one of the funniest segments on Television in a long time, occured in what was a clear knock at WCW. While complaining, Hunter was suddenly interupted by a very familiar sounding sound on the house system;

" Ammmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrriiicaaaaaaaannnn.....DREEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM!

She's just your common girl....WORKING HARD...with her hands..."

At this point, a 300 pound very overweight lady dressed up in Dusty Rhodes' old WWF gear, with the addition of a poke-a-dot T-Shirt, starting dancing down the isle as the entire arena broke into unanimous laughter and cheering. Heenan kept yelling; "It's the American Dream! The American Dream is in the WWF!", as this woman made her way down the isle. She was so fat, that the flabb of her stomach jiggled around as she strutted into the ring. Styles and Hunter stared at her for a short while dancing around, until Hunter just broke out laughing. The lady watched Hunter laugh, as her music stopped, until he saw her. He then charged her, but got leveled with a bionic elbow, from the overweight poke-a-dot wearing woman, that sent him rolling outside of the ring. Styles then slowly started to approach the woman, suprised that she not only dwarfed him, but took out Hunter McMahon, and began revealing her very high pitched southern accented voice...

Styles" uhhhhhhhhh...WHO ARE YOU!?!"

Rhoads" JOeeeyyyyyyy, I am the Americaaaaannnn Dreammmmmmmm, Honey! [*smacks her hands together and wiggles her head*] The American Dream, Dussstttiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee Rhoaaaaaaaddddssss!!! And I have come here to the WWF with a goal--with a plan--with a vision...iiiffffff yooouuuuuuuuuuuu weeeeeeeeeellllllllll!!!! THAT'S RIGHT, HONEY!! I'm here to be the bessssstt woman's wrestler in the WWF!"

*The Crowd is going nuts at this point, overwhelmed with laughter. Styles has to pause and wait for the crowd to calm down*

Styles" Well, this is Monday Night RAW!!! And there's no other place to make an impact than here, American Dream!!"

Rhoads" Ohhhhhhhh yeeaaaaaaaahhh, honey doll!! So how 'bout that little skinny pretty girl, Sexxteen get her little tooshie out here, for the American Dreammmmmm, honey!!!"

**Sexxteen's music hit as she ran down to the ring going into a full attack on Dustine Rhoades** 86%

Hunter McMahon Helmsley gained overness from this segment. Dustine Rhoads gained overness from this segment.

- Christopher & Pritchard Escort Sexxteen -

Sexxteen d. Dustine Rhoads

This match was pretty funny to watch, as Dustine did all of the Dusty Rhoads mannerisms. She can't wrestle, but she can kinda brawl. She has the look of someone that knows what she's doing. And she actually takes her bumps rather well. Story of this match was that Sexteen, being the fast lightweight, was too fast for the "Fat Slob", according to Heenan. Match came to a close with Sexxteen coming off the top rope with a bodypress for the pin and victory. Sexxteen started to taunt the crowd, until Dustine came from behind and knocked her down with the bionic elbow, to crowd 'acknowledgement. I wouldn't really call it a 'pop'. After a few minutes of playing to the crowd, Dustine waddled to the back as Bruce Pritchard & Christopher came to the ring. Christopher looked at the hurt Sexteen, and ended up carrying her to the back. It looks like they're moving foward with this woman's division.

Overall: 43

Crowd: 42

Match: 44


The Renegade Warrior d. Koko B. Ware

The match had alot of stalling with Koko stopping every few minutes to escape and do the Birdman flap, fustrating the rowdy competitor. Funny segment at 4:33 when Renegade was thrown into the corner, and instead of bouncing back, he took a swing at Koko's bird, 'Oldie', causing the bird to hover a couple feet higher for saftey. Finals of the match came at just 6:46 with the gorilla slam and press finish on Koko.

Overall: 61

Crowd: 67

Match: 48


- The Canadian Horseman Takes Out The 'New Wave' Of Canadian Wrestlers -

Carl Pierre Oulette & Lance Storm d. Mr. Perfect & Barry Horowitz

Heenan was great during this match, in putting over Oulette's phrase as him and Storm being the 'new wave' of Canadian Wrestlers. Match came to an end at 12:33 with an Oulette Cannonball on Horowitz for the cover. After the victory, Owen Hart ran into to the ring, threw his belt in--and followed that by going into a full fledged attack on Storm & Oulette. First Owen pummelled Storm by giving him a spinebuster, then dumping him outside the ring. This then left Owen & Oulette alone, with Oulette pulling a heel Ric Flair, begging for Owen to let him go. After playing to the crowd for a short while, Owen threw Oulette into the ropes, and nailed him with a dropkick. He then followed with a frog splash off the top rope, to a huge pop, as Oulette was pulled out of the ring to safety by Storm.

Overall: 76

Crowd: 79

Match: 72

Barry Horowitz lost overness from this match. Mr. Perfect lost overness from this match. Lance Storm gained overness from this match. Carl Oulette gained overness from this match.


- A Business Proposition From The Crimson Twins -

Coming out of the break, they played the ever so familiar scene from Montreal, Canada of Bill Alfonso missing Bret Hart's leg on the rope during the WWF Unification match. They then took a long look at Alfonso's dubious officiating over the last few months, ending with his recent run-ins with Flexx Kavanna, and Ric Flair. They then cut to a live shot of Alfonso snooping around the hallway, on his way to his new 'senior' office, selling the idea that he's probably not the most popular person on the WWF--gaining alot of enemies, due to his actions as senior official. Alfonso 'safely arrived into his office, only to find The Crimson Twins claiming occupancy. Tomax was sitting at the desk, with his legs reclinded on top of it with Xamot standing by his side. Alfonso looked startled...

Tomax" Alfonso. Senior Official. Don't be startled. We come here..."

Xamot"...only as friends. Allies..."

Tomax"...if you will - to borrow a phrase from..."

Tomax & Xamot" Dustine Rhoades."

**They both laugh as Alfonso looks on confused. Tomax takes his feet off of the desk and leans forward to Alfonso**

Tomax" You see we, knew that Dustine..."

Xamot"...was going to show up tonight."

Tomax" We knew that Owen Hart..."

Xamot"...was the Fourth Horsemen."

Tomax" We can tell you that Brutus Beefcake..."

Xamot"...and the Sandman...."

Tomax & Xamot" Are not here tonight!"

Xamot" But wait..."

Tomax" There's more!"

Tomax" We also know who's going to be returning on..."

Xamot"...WWF Worldwide, this weekend"

**Xamot takes a picture out of his wierd looking silver wrestling boots, and throws it on the desk; It's 43 year old Hacksaw Jim Duggan. His picture gets a respectable pop.**

Alfonso[*After looking at the picture*]" So what! Who cares! Hacksaw can't do anything anymore. He's not a threat!"

Tomax" That's not..."

Xamot"...our point."

Tomax & Xamot" Mr. Alfonso."

[*Xamot gets up and points to his permanent scar wound accross his left cheek.*]

Xamot" You see that? That could've been..."

Tomax"...across his whole face..."

Xamot" I could've been paralyzed from the face down..."

Tomax"...had that knife sliced him one inch higher."

Xamot" But you know what saved me? "

Xamot & Tomax" INFORMATION. "

Xamot" I knew where the enemy was! I knew where the jab was coming from..."

Tomax"...and was lucky enough to dogde out of dangers way just in time, to develope a scare and..."

Xamot"...probably save an eye. Our point?"

Tomax" We can protect you from..."

Xamot"...the dangers of your unpopularity."

Tomax" The entire lockeroom believes that you..."

Xamot"...screwed the most popular wrestler in the world..."

Tomax" Kavanna can't be too happy after..."

Xamot"...you sent us after him for speaking his mind."

Tomax"...And the Horsemen must have you on a deathwish..."

Xamot"...since it seems like you're protecting the WWF Triple Crown Champion."

**Alfonso thinks about what they're saying, then extends his hand**

Alfonso" You know what?! It's about time people see things my way! I accept your offer! Protect me you want! Protect me you will, daddy! Thank you very much!! Senior Official Bill Alfonso's gonna call it right down the--"

Tomax & Xamot" NOT SO FAST, FONZO!"

Tomax" You see, there's something we want at..."

Xamot"...the next big Pay Per View..."

Tomax & Xamot" The Royal Rumble..."

**With that, Alfonso spots the camera-man that was peering in from the door entrance, and started screaming for him to leave. Good segment, it was a little hard for the live crowd to hear a bit of the dialouge due to the camera being a bit distant from the desk, but Tomax was great in his segment. I also find it interesting that they changed the German Army history, to being in the English National Guard. Probably to appear less confusing to fans with their English accents, and to avoid any activists groups from labeling them perhaps serving the Nazi army...even though they're both in their early 20s.

Alfonso looked like a pussy here. 65%

Tomax gained overness from this segment. Bill Alfonso lost overness from this segment.

- Sabu's Casket (In Pieces) -

Al Snow d. Lee The Undertaker

Underaker & Pritchard rolled to the ring, the results of last week's measurements of Sabu--His Casket. As the match went on Dangerously hit the ring, with Sabu and starting eyeing down the casket. Pritchard went up to Heyman to get them away, but Heyman knocked out Pritchard to a huge pop. Sabu then started to destroy the casket, by first ripping off the top door, then throwing around the bottom part, until it broke into a few pieces. Undertaker saw this, and starting to go after Sabu, but was met with a part of the casket being smashed against his face, knocking him out. Finnegan was the ref, so of course, instead of disqualifying Snow, he just yelled at Sabu. At this point, Snow leaped off the top rope, and nailed a knocked out Undertaker, with what turned out to be the match winning move, at 11:22. The crowd was hot for this, as Pritchard helped Lee to the back, whilst also holding his head--per being knocked out by Dangerously. Snow celebrated what was pushed as Styles as "The Biggest match in his career". They stayed with this for about 2 minutes after Pritchard and company left, as a strong "Let It Snow" chant filled the air.

Overall: 80

Crowd: 81

Match: 78

Al Snow gained overness from this match.


- Pritchard Questions Christopher, only to be pleasantly suprised -

Coming out of the break, they follow Pritchard & Undertaker to Pritchard's lockeroom. After seeing Christopher on his cell phone, Pritchard started yelling asking Christopher where he was during Sabu & Dangerously's interferance. But before Christopher could answer, Sexxteen appeared out of the bathroom, getting quite the "Ohhhhhhh" reaction from the crowd. Christopher put his arm around Sexxteen as an excellent close up of Pritchard of Undertaker showed, with Pritchard grinning heavily, and Undertaker almost cracking a smile. Funny stuff. 72%

Bruce Pritchard lost overness from this segment. Sexxteen gained overness from this segment.

- Corino and Sting Make 'War Games' Challenge -

Steve Corino d. Tatsumi Fujinami

Corino worked well here, with the New Japan veteran. He was able to end a very strong match with the figured four at 13:22 after catching Tatsumi with a dragon screw of his own. As Corino celebrated the rest of the Horsemen started to walk down the isle as they went into the last advert break of the night.

Overall: 80

Crowd: 80

Match: 81


Coming out of the break, the arena was filled with "Woooo's", as Corino started to speak, while being surrounded by the Horsmen. Corino started talking about tradition, and being a supporter of the old school, leading into talking about a Horsemen favourite--The War Games Tag Team Match. He then handed the mic over to Sting, who officially challenged Brutus Beefcake & The Sandman to face he and Corino in "War games Tag Cage Match" at the 1998 Royal Rumble, now just about 1 month away. The crowd popped hard for what should be a top Royal Rumble match, if the challenge is accepted. Flair was next, and commended Owen Hart for taking out Oulette & Storm earlier in the night, citing that as a "Lesson; Horsemen Style" Owen then challenged Carl Oulette to battle him, with the title on the line, at a special 2 hour Television special, called Holiday Hell II, on December 27th. Styles put over Owen as a "True Horseman" for making the challenge, as a champion, to Oulette to settle this once and for all. Flair then ordered Mr. Everything to make his way to the ring, so that he can "Teach him a Horsemen lesson". Flair was 100% serious, which shows his versality when it comes to promos. The crowd was into this interview every bit of the way....92%

Ric Flair gained overness from this segment.

- Flair Gets By Martin; But Has a New Obstacle -

Ric Flair d. 'Mr. Everything' Andrew Martin

This match had alot more crowd heat than I had expected, since Martin is still basically a lower card wrestler. However, it seems that the WWF has done a good job in building his character up, since Shangril-a, that the live crowd actually believed that Martin stood a chance to upset Flair. Finals of the match came at 10:11 when Everything went for the Everything Slam, but Flair countered by reaching into his tights, and knocking out Martin with brass knux, then stealthly following up with his Figured Four finisher. As Flair celebrated, Bill Alfonso emerged out of the curtain, and stood on the stage with The Crimson Twins, his new 'protectors', and Hayabusa.

Overall: 81

Crowd: 87

Match: 69

As soon as Alfonso came out, the crowd started heavily with the booes, and the "You Screwed Bret" chants. Alfonso told the crowd to shut up before getting to the point;

Alfonso" Flair!!! You may have won this match!! But you still have a loooonnnngg way to go to be the #1 contender for the WWF Triple Crown Championship!! That's right!! Because before you get to Tenzan, you'll be facing, The Japanese Assassin, Hayabusa!! Next week on Monday Night RAW!!!"

**At that point, Hayabusa, grabbed the mic..and started yelling at Flair--in Japanese, of course.

Hayabusa" Flair-son!! Wooakk Tang Chi No WatakanataOhhchiiiiNah!!? WWF Triple Crownshu Championshipsu, PosubuCrima!!? Katanotochizon, Monday Night RAWson!!! Argghhhhh"

Monday Night RAW went off the air with Hayabusa throwing down his microphone and returning to the back, as Flair and the Horsemen stared down Alfonso, as he and The Crimson Twins, returned to the back, as well. 91%

Hayabusa gained overness from this segment. Bill Alfonso gained overness from this segment.

Commentary Aftermath

Styles" Oh My GAwwd! Did you hear that? Flair vs. The Japanese Assassin!! Right here, next week!!"

Heenan" Alfonso's doing whatever he can to keep The Nature Boy away from that title!"

Styles" And away from Tenzan! But what kind of 'deal' did he strike with the Crimson Twins? And will Beefcake & Sandman accept that War Games Challenge!?"

Heenan" Don't forget, Owen Hart made a challenge to Carl Oulette!! For Holiday Hell II!!!"

Styles" And what about Sabu!! Destroying what seemed to be a custom made casket for him!! I'm sure The Undertaker can't be too happy! "

Heenan" All I know is that with all these guys back here next week, & with Beefcake, Sandman, Don Frye and Simon Diamond also here---oh it's going to be a war, Joey!! And it's going to be RAW!! Quite possibly the best RAW in WWF History!"

Show Quality: 76%

TV Rating: 7.36

WWF WorldWide Preview!!

--Hayabusa vs. 'Terrific' Terry Taylor

--'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan?

--Womans Division Tag Match!!

Pauline Patriot & Dustine Rhoads


Sexxteen & Helen Wolfenstein

--And Much Much More!!!!!

Edited by Treyu
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