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NWA Domination


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The Story So Far...

In an alternate reality, the 1980's turned out a lot different. Vince McMahon's attempts to dominate the US wrestling scene were foiled when the NWA stood up to him and called his bluff. Vince ended up losing the WWF name through bankruptcy. The NWA went on to be the dominant force in wrestling, although their very strength - many different members making up a larger whole - meant that no one promotion managed to go global. (atleast not yet)

As we entered the new Millenium, things were poised interestingly. Of the major NWA affiliates, three stood at a national level, ready to try to go global. A few cult promotions were becoming more popular, and were attempting to move to a national stage. Of these promotions, the major three haven't yet reached global, but NWA: Calgary Stampede and NWA: East Coast were able to seal lucrative Television deals with major companies, and Strong Style used it's ties in the local market to seal a weekly deal with a local Ohio TV company.

The anticipation is high as each NWA affiliate is competing with one another, which promotion will be first to reach the Global level? With so few people under written contract, how long can it be before the first major steal? Pick your NWA affiliate and get playing!

The cast.................

NWA: Calgary Stampede - caucasianheat

(National, est. 1995) Owned by Stu Hart, NWA:CS are the only federation promoting out of Canada. the promotion was built around the best three graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon - Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho - this federation relies more on straight heavily-athletic matches, and avoids gimmicks and shock angles.

NWA: Detroit Michigan - J-Dubb

(Regional, est. 2001) This promotion is a no-frills federation run by Bill Watts. The action is brutal and realistic. The roster mainly consists of hard-hitting powerhouses like the Steiners, and Kronik but their main selling point is the presense of Kurt Angle, who is undoubtedly the company's top star and has been for some time.

NWA: East Coast - thuganomic

(National, est. 1992) Vince McMahon returned to wrestling by joining the NWA and promoting out of New York City. The promotion is revolves around big draws like Hollywood Hogan, and the Clique, and also includes Shane and Stephanie McMahon. The rest of the roster is made up of McMahon loyalists and assorted big men.

NWA: Hardcore City - Essa

(Regional, est. 2000) Based out of Philly, Paul Heyman's promotion has garnered the reputation of being the bad boy of the NWA, always looking to use shock tactics. The roster consists entirely of Heyman loyalists like the Sandman, Dudley Boyz and Stevie Richards.

NWA: Los Angeles - LK

(Cult, est. 1998) A promotion that once started out as the brainchild of Roddy Piper, then sold to california promoter Rob Black; NWA:LA has often been referred to as Hardcore City's cousin on the West Coast. NWA:LA has a gritty urban feel, using people like the Gangstas to deliver chaotic violence. Cult favorites such as Jeff Hardy and Joey Idol, along with Harlem Heat are the companiy's top draws.

NWA: Mexico City - naiwf

(Cult, est. 1994) Ran by the most popular wrestler from Mexico ever to lace up a pair of boots, Konnan NWA: Mexico City is the biggest promotion south of the border. Focussing almost entirely on lucha libre performers like Rey Misterio and Juvi Guerrera, as well as Eddie Guerrero; NWA:MC features mostly high-flying bouts.

NWA: Strong Style - Burning Dragon

(Cult, est. 2001) Al Snow decided to try something different, and started up a US promotion based more on the Japanese style of stiff blows and submission holds. With close friend Dan Severn on board, a great talent roster was assembled, with names like Ken Shamrock and AJ Styles being the cream of the crop, plus a mass of Japanese talent due to links with other federations in the Orient

NWA: Texas - Raven's Kid

(National, est. 1990) Built on the legacy of the Von Erich's, Dusty Rhodes is the promoter of the largest promotion in all of the southern states. The promotion is a throwback to the 1980's, with much of the roster taken up by either veterans of that era, or local Texans. The major stars are Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Mark Callaway and Randy Savage, but young lions like America's Most Wanted and Garrison Cade are hungry and on the rise.

NWA: Athletic Arts - Adam Copeland's Stalker

(Regional, est. 2004) Ran by Jim Kettner NWA: Athletic Arts is a small promotion ran out of the Carolinas that focuses almost entirely on a mixture of technical wrestling and aerial mastery from the stars of tomorrow. The top stars are 'Suga' Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Matt Hardy and Paul London.

NWA: Hawaii - sycodmn

(Regional, est. 2005) Feauturing the top Samoan stars in the world, NWA: Hawaii is ran by Don Muraco and the company eatures an array of superstars that are in some way nearly all related to each other. It's the Samoan heritage that gives the promotion its motto of "It's a family thing." A pretty family oriented type promotion NWA Hawaii relies heavily on top stars Rikishi, and the Rock as well as the legendary Jimmy Snuka.


This could be, dare I say it, the most venturesome split in the history of EWB. With a split this big, I figure everyone can post their own rosters, backstories, information, whatever.

We begin on April 1st, 2005 game time. With such a vast assortment of talented writers, this should be a good one. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Thanks :)

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<center><img src="http://ewb.orion-hosting.co.uk/forum/uploads/post-199-1110843693.jpg"><br><br><b>NWA: CANADIAN STAMPEDE</b><br><br></center><br><br><i><b>NWA: Canadian Stampede - At a Glance</b><br><br>Built around the gradutes of Stu Hart's Dungeon, Canadian Stampede has been operating for nearly a decade, approaching it's tenth anniversary in November. In the early years, Bret Hart and his brothers Owen (who died in a tragic accident representing NWA:CS in another promotion in 1999), Bruce and Ross held cadence as the top stars of Canadian Stampede, with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Jim Neidhart not far behind. By 2002, Bret, Ross, and Neidhart had all gone into semi-retirement, creating a sort of revolution in Canadian Stampede. Benoit and Jericho, along with new stars like Lance Storm, Adam Copeland, Sean Morley and Christian began advancing towards the top of the promotion. Underneath them are the new generation of the extended Hart family, with Teddy Hart and the Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith & TJ Wilson) are ready to take over when the time is right. As it stands now, Chris Benoit is the current Canadian Heavyweight Champion with Copeland, Storm, Christian, and Morley all posing threats as heel challengers. <br><br>Stampede's midcard and undercard are widely believed to be one of the most talented in pro wrestling. With younger stars like Teddy Hart, The Stampede Bulldogs, Rene Dupree, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley and experienced vets like Johnny Smith, Joe E. Legend, Chris Candido, Bruce Hart, Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon, there's no room for dead-weight on the roster, as each and every combatant is tested in every match. <br><br>The famed Stu Hart Dungeon serves as the training grounds for future superstars of NWA:CS, crafting a new generation of stars under one roof. In 1998, in an attempt to create new stars for the promotion's future, NWA:CS opened their revolutionary development territory, NWA: Winnipeg. With the addition of NWA: Winnipeg, Stampede has been able to create a complete grassroots program for developing talent. The wrestlers who graduate from the Hart Dungeon are then brought to NWA: Winnipeg, where they hone their skills until they are ready to debut fulltime for NWA:CS.<br><br>One of the key elements that seperates NWA:CS from any other promotion is the NWA:CS Executive Committee. Made up of 5 elite Canadian wrestling personalities (Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Don Callis, Scott D'Amore, and Rick Martel), any decision that cannot be made in the ring falls on the EC. The EC is known to assign stipulations, grant title shots, and carry out various other duties. The Committee is the highest authority in NWA:CS, and throughout it's tenure has been deemed an absolute success by those inside and outside the promotion.<br><br><br><b>Champions</b><br><br><br><b>NWA:CS Canadian Heavyweight Title</b><br><br><img src="http://ewb.orion-hosting.co.uk/forum/uploads/post-199-1110844033.jpg"><br><b>Current Holder: Chris Benoit</b><br><br><i>The Canadian Heavyweight Title is the pinnacle of NWA:CS, indicitive of the number-one man in the promotion. Benoit has held the title since winning it from Bret Hart in August of 2003, Bret's most recent match. Now approaching the two year-mark of his reign, Benoit is more swamped with challengers than ever before, and faces them at a near-rapid fire rate. Benoit has been successful in all defenses, though some have raised question as to how long his streak will hold. His latest challenger is the brash, arrogant Christian who has been demanding a shot against Benoit since early in the year. At March's PPV show, "Walk on the Wildside," the Executive Committee agreed to give Christian a tag team match against Benoit, each with partners of their own choosing, at April's "Nobody's Fool" PPV. If Christian's team won, he would receive a title shot in May. If Benoit's team is victorious, Christian will never get another title shot against Benoit.</i><br><br><br><b>NWA:CS Tag Team Titles</b><br><br><img src="http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/pictures/s/stampedebulldogs/02.jpg" width="234" height="320"><br><b>Current Holders: The Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith & TJ Wilson)</b><br><br><i>In a promotion that prides itself on one of the strongest tag team divisions in wrestling, holding the NWA:CS Tag team Titles is nothing to sneer at. Successful tag teams require a degree of cohesion and understanding, a quality that makes the Stampede Bulldogs so strong. Having trained together since their early teens, Smith and Wilson know one another inside and out, and have wrestling success in their blood, as both are members of the illustrious Hart family of wrestling. After capturing the belts in December of 2004, the Bulldogs have had successful defenses against the like of Team Canada's Bobby Roode and Johnny Devine, Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon and the rag-tag pairing of Chris Candido and Joe E. Legend. With a very expansive tag division, there's really no telling who the Bulldogs next challenge will be, and wether or not they will be able to hold onto their belts.</i><br><br><br>Roster<br><br><b>Singles</b><br><br>"The Crippler" Chris Benoit (NWA:CS Heavyweight Champion)<br>"The Winnipeg Jet" Chris Jericho<br>Lance Storm<br>Adam Copeland<br>"Captain Charisma" Christian<br>"The French Phenom" Rene Dupree<br>Sean Morley<br>Johnny Smith<br>"Hard Knocks" Chris Candido<br>"The Future" Chris Sabin<br>Sylvain Grenier<br>Bruce Hart<br>Joe E. Legend<br>Harry Smith (½ NWA:CS Tag Team Champion)<br>Petey Williams<br>Teddy Hart<br>TJ Wilson (½ NWA:CS Tag Team Champion)<br>Chris Hero<br>"The Next" Alex Shelley<br>"Hotshot" Johnny Devine<br>Jack Evans<br>Bobby Roode<br>Doug Furnas<br>Chance Beckett<br>"Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen<br>Phil LaFon<br>Conrad Kennedy III<br>Ruffy Silverstein<br><br><br><b>Tag Teams</b><br><br>The Stampede Bulldogs (Harry Smith & TJ Wilson)<br>The CanAm Express (Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon)<br>The High Class Cripplers (Conrad Kennedy III & Ruffy Silverstein)<br>Sex and Violence (Adam Copeland & Joe E. Legend)<br>Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Johnny Devine)<br>Team Canada II (Petey Williams & Bobby Roode)<br>Team Canada III (Petey Williams & Johnny Devine)<br><br><br><b>Stables</b><br><br>Team Canada (Scott D'Amore, Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Johnny Devine)<br><br><br><b>NWA: Winnipeg</b><br><br>"Mr. Class" A-1<br>Abdul Hanish<br>Belle Lovitz<br>Chris Steele<br>Danny Daniels<br>"Pistol" Greg Pawluk<br>Nattie Neidhart<br>Phoenix Taylor<br>Randy Myers<br>"Textbook" Tyson Dux<br><br><br><b>Staff</b><br><br>Bret Hart (NWA:CS Executive Committee)<br>Jim Neidhart (NWA:CS Executive Committee)<br>Don Callis (NWA:CS Executive Committee/Colour Commentator)<br>Scott D'Amore (NWA:CS Executive Committee/Manager)<br>Rick Martel (NWA:CS Executive Committee)<br>Jimmy Bauer (Announcer)<br><br><br><b>Shows</b><br><br>NWA:CS runs very similar to a traditional Japanese wrestling promotion, where they run a series of house shows, a handful of which are taped for television. NWA:CS's weekly television program, Primetime Wrestling, airs Saturday nights on TSN across Canada. Presently, the show is unavilable in the United States, and airs with a delay of several days on The Wrestling Channel on the United Kingdom. PPV shows are done on a monthly basis and are available across Canada and the United States, as well as the UK and other countries.<br><br>======================================================<br><br>Figured I'd get this out of the way so I can start woking on some shows. See you on April 2nd :thumbsup:</i><br><br>

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We're starting on April 1st in real life? Damn, that's such a long time to wait. If anyone ever wants press releases, interviews with wrestlers or information posted, I'm your guy. Wait, I am still their guy, right Thug?  :unsure:

Were starting whenever someone wants to start actually. And no offense because I might have missed something. What exactly are you doing?

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Whenever someone wants something like a roster cut, interview, product release whatever, I'll write it up how they want. It's to make it look like I'm running a news site of sorts. Plus, it'll save everyone who already has a lot of work the trouble of writing that stuff up. For example ACS, if you wanted to have Matt Hardy have an interview after he won a title or something, I could write it up for you to give the topic an added bit of flair.

EDIT: Nevermind, forget what I said. :(

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Nice job promoting the roster depth of the Promotion Caucasian Heat, really liked how you spelled out the title scene, Morley with a fair shot at the Main Event, I love it.

I like the establishment of the executive commitee as well, adds a sense of order and tradition to the promotion, I'm very interested in the way you take NWA:CS, you could go alot of different ways. Good luck with it, can't wait to see what the others get up.

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user posted image

NWA: Hawaii (Regional, est. 2005) Feauturing the top Samoan stars in the world, NWA: Hawaii is ran by Don Muraco and the company  eatures an array of superstars that are in some way nearly all related to each other. It's the Samoan heritage that gives the promotion its motto of "It's a family thing." A pretty family oriented type promotion NWA Hawaii relies heavily on top stars Rikishi, and the Rock as well as the legendary Jimmy Snuka.

Typical mainland reporter.

First, NWA: Hawaii has been around in one form or another since 1988. Although it changed its name from the original NWA: Honolulu to NWA: Hawaii in 1995, that change was only cosmetic, and to encompass the fans all throughout the islands. NWA: Hawaii has gained some recent mainstream notoriety due to a recent joint-promotion with All Japan Wrestling, but that agreement is at an end. Still, NWA: Hawaii is little known beyond the islands, as shown by this reporter's ignorance.

Second, while the current NWA: Hawaii Island Heavyweight Champion Rikishi Fatu is indeed one of our top stars, The Rock hasn't stepped into a ring in over a decade, closer then 15 years. While Don Muraco is indeed a big prescence on the island wrestling scene, he is no where near able don the tights again. Same goes for 'Supa-Fly', who, after suffering injury (more on that later), has been unable to re-enter the ring, and recently re-appeared after the training of his son.

About the only thing that the reporter got right was the family vibe of NWA: Hawaii. Family comes first, always has, always will. While it is acknowledged that many of the NWA: Hawaii stars are indeed related, kayfabe still rules on the islands, and we'd appreciate it if it stayed that way.

Brief Year by Year History of NWA: Hawaii


NWA: Hawaii (then NWA: Honolulu) started off with a bang with its inagural show in August of 1988, which saw a tournament to crown the first ever NWA: Hawaii Heavyweight Champion. The finals of this saw a rematch of the infamous 1983, Don 'The Rock' Muraco/Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka match. This was made all the more interesting by the fact that the finals were contested in a cage match, which saw Snuka re-enact that fateful flight from nearly 5 years prior, this time winning the match, and becoming the first ever NWA: Hawaii Heavyweight Champion.

The rest of 1988 was based around the feud between Muraco and Snuka, which led to Muraco's now infamous line, 'Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me'. The two would feud into the new year.


During early 1989, NWA: Hawaii was still centered around the feud between Don 'The Rock' Muraco and Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, which ended violently in the first quarter of the year when Muraco took things one step too far, hospitalizing Snuka for the rest of the year after viciously beating him with a chair after defeating him cleanly in the ring. This would lead to a run of violence not seen in the promotion before or since, as Muraco would assault his opponents after every match, to make sure that the indignities suffered by him at the hands of Snuka would never happen again.

As the summer wore on, hope to an end of Muraco's reign of terror materialized in the form of 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson, and his partner 'Bad' Ron Simmons. Muraco and Johnson would eventually meet, Title vs. Career, at the biggest show of the year, December's Holiday's in Honolulu, where 'The Soulman' would walk away with the Island Heavyweight Title, and force Muraco into retirement... for now.


1990 was a banner year for the promotion, as they expanded beyond the big island, and began building the foundation and fanbase which would carry them to today, all on the back of 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson. Early 1990 would see Johnson defeat many challengers to his title, including 'El Matador' Tito Santana, and the legendary Terry Funk, greatly increasing his popularity, as he defended the values of the islands against outsiders. His biggest challenge would come from the most unlikely source, however, as Ron Simmons would attack him following a defense of his title, tearing their friendship apart. The two would meet at 1990's Holidays in Honolulu, but the match would go to a draw, when the two could not keep their emotions in check, and brawled out of the arena, forcing the referee to toss out the match.


In a year which would lead to the rise of tag team wrestling in NWA: Hawaii, and the formation of the NWA: Hawaii Island Tag Team Titles, the early part of the year was still engulfed with The Soulman vs Ron Simmons. The two would battle back and forth until the early summer, when they would meet inside a steel cage, with Johnson walking away the victor, as well as being the better man, offering a return to the friendship that had brought the two to the island. Simmons would accept, but soon after left the island to return to the mainland.

Did I mention tag teams? I believe I did, and in 1991, no team was bigger then the young guns of The Samoan Swat Team. Rikishi Fatu and Samu, the two we're the next big stars of NWA: Hawaii, and showed it, taking on all comers to become the Island Tag Team Champions. The two would really earn their stripes defending the honor of NWA: Hawaii against Jim Cornette, who proudly announced that Island wrestling was second class compared to the legendary exploits of Southern Wrestling. This would lead to the SST winning matches against such wrestling luminaries as the Midnight Express, the Fabulous Ones, and The Freebirds.


1992 would see 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson finally lose the Island Heavyweight Title, as he dropped it to the colorful Stinger, who had found his way to the Island from Los Angeles, California. A big time Hollywood Star, The Stinger declared that he was going to take the belt home with him, only to be stopped by a returning Don 'The Rock' Muraco, who would step up to once again defend the honor of the island, and re-endear himself to the people of Hawaii. This feud is what truly made Muraco the Island legend he is today, as he defeated The Stinger at Holidays in Honolulu, then laid down the title, returning to retirement with his job done.

In tag team action, The Samoan Swat Team found themselves at the mercy of the masked DOOM, Jim Cornette's latest and greatest tag team. The massive duo were able to wrest the titles from the fan favorites waists. With Samu injured at the hands of DOOM #1, none other then 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson. The newly formed alliance of Johnson and Rikishi Fatu would fued with DOOM through the end of the year, with DOOM #1 being revealed as none other then 'Bad' Ron Simmons at Holidays in Honolulu!


1993 would see the formation of the 'King of the Island' tournament, which would grow to be an annual occurence, to crown the next Island Heavyweight Champion. This would include the epic return of Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, who would make the finals of the tournament, but fall to the eventual champion Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, in his first appearance on the island. The two would shake hands after the finals, forming a bond which has continued to this day. Steamboat would continue to defend the title with the honor and dignity, earning himself the respect and love of the people.

With the unveiling of Doom #1 as 'Bad' Ron Simmons, the feud between 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson and Simmons would re-ignite, with Rikishi Fatu in the corner of Johnson, and 'The Natural' Butch Reed, revealed as DOOM #2 in the corner of Simmons. The Island Tag Team Titles would change hands multiple times, until finally DOOM was sent packing when Samu returned to save Johnson from a double team beating, leading to the first ever 'Last Team Standing' match between the SST and DOOM.


1994 held the biggest challenge for NWA: Hawaii, as the 'Asian Invasion' began, with The Great Muta, Jushin Thunder Liger, and the massive Yokozuna making their first appearances on the Island. Ricky Steamboat would accept the challenge of Muta, after feeling the blinding sting of the Japanese legend's mist, in a feud that would last the better part of two years, with the fate of NWA: Hawaii in the balance the entire time.

Liger would win the 1994 'King of the Island' tournament, and embrace the island culture, turning his back on the ways of his former partners, and becoming a sure fan favorite. His rivalry of respect with Jimmy Snuka took them both to the limits, but Liger would come out on top. Unfortunately, this series of matches would take their toll on 'Superfly', forcing his retirement, but not before he passed the torch to Liger, who would become a semi-regular to the Island.

'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson would have his hands full with the challenge of the massive Yokozuna. When the massive sumo wrestler made it personal by attacking The Soulman's son, Rocky Jr., a trainee with Don Muraco's wrestling school, backstage at an event, Johnson would go on a path of revenge that brought out a side of the former champion that scared even him. The two would settle their differences, for the moment, at Holiday in Honolulu '94, where Jim Cornette emerged as the mastermind behind the invasion, and the number game became too much, when Yokozuna hit three of his trademarked Bonzai Drops on Johnson, putting him in the hospital for the next 3 months.

The tag team division was no less effected, as the Japanese duo of Jado and Gedo would challenge the Samoan Swat Team, and eventually take the Island Tag Team Titles with the help of Jim Cornette, who at the time was only thought to be their manager. These would be significant, as the first titles to fall in the war between NWA: Hawaii, and the Japanese Invasion.


1995 would bring both uncertainty, and expansion, as NWA: Honolulu would become NWA: Hawaii, and gain island-wide recognition with the debut of its weekly television show, Friday Night Throwdown. However, the Japanese invasion was in full swing, with 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson in the hospital, Jimmy Snuka retired, and the Samoan Swat Team defeated.

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat continued to be the last bastion of the Island's honor, until he was joined by Rikishi Fatu in a tag team match against Jado, Gedo, and The Great Muta. With no third man, with Samu out due to an attack by Yokozuna, the two were prepared to go into battle down a man, when they recieved help from an unexpected source, in Jushin Thunder Liger.

The three would hold off the invasion until the cavalry arrived in the form of the young guns of the Samoan Gangstas, O.G. Ekmo and Kimo, and the young and talented Rocky Johnson Jr. The young guns were enough to carry NWA: Hawaii over the invaders, as the Samoan Gangstas defeated Jado and Gedo to regain the Island Tag Team Titles, Ricky Steamboat defeated The Great Muta, and Rocky Johnson Jr. did the unthinkable, slamming the 500+ pound Yokozuna, with a little help from his returning father.


1996 was a year of upheaval in NWA: Hawaii, as the young guns soon turned against their older counterparts. Rikishi Fatu challenged, and defeated, The Dragon for the Island Heavyweight Championship, becoming the youngest champion, at the age of 29.

This wasn't the only change, as the Samoan Gangsta's went out of their way to make an impact, taking out 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Sr., leading to a tag feud between the 1996 'King of the Island' Champion, Rocky Johnshon Jr. who teamed with his father to fight off the challenge. They would succeed, in their quest to gain a title shot, but not capture the Island Tag Team Titles, as Johnson Jr. would leave his father's side at the moment of truth, and side with the 'Young Guns', proclaiming himself 'The New Soulman'.


1997 would see the 'Young Guns' cement their power, as they destroyed any 'legend' they could. Rikishi Fatu escaped defending his title against worthy contenders by hand picking over the hill legends who he deemed to pose no threat to him. He was misguided, however, when he challenged the madman Haku, and got more then he bargained for, and found himself in a world of hurt by the end of the year.

In the tag team division, the Samoan Gangsta's took on the re-formed Headshrinkers, Samu and Tama. This would be one of the most violent clashes that NWA: Hawaii had seen, as neither team of heavy hitters would back down, and both found themselves running on empty by the time the Headshrinkers succeeded in getting the final three count, and the titles at Holiday in Honolulu '97.

Rocky Johnson Jr. continued to feud with his father, 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Sr., capturing the newly minted NWA: Hawaii Television Title in the process. Finally however, Rocky Jr. saw the light after the pleading of his family, and returned to his father's side, saving him from an assault at the hands of Rikishi Fatu during The Soulman's retirement ceremony in October. Rikishi Fatu would refuse any challenge from the new 'Soulman', Rocky Johnson Jr. however, and the year would end as it had began, with Fatu in control of the belt.


1998 was the year of 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Jr., as he would become the first double champion in NWA: Hawaii history, when he defeated Rikishi Fatu at Holiday in Honolulu '98, ending a year long feud, and bring back honor to the title. He would, however, lose the NWA: Hawaii Televison Title to newcomer 'The Supreme Fighting Machine' Kama Mustapha.

Mustapha would go on to defend the Television Title against all comers, brutally defeating all of them in dominating fashion. None would challenge his reign until well into 1999.

The tag team division heated up as well, with an appearance by the violent and controversial Gangsta's New Jack and Saed. Their antics won them the Island Tag Team titles, but did not endear them to the fans, as their brutal street nature was unlike anything seen before, and they were gone almost as quickly as they came, dropping the titles to the Island Boys, Kaimana and Kaniela.


'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Jr. would be a fighting champion, defending his title against all comers, including NWA: Calgary Stampede franchise Bret 'The Hitman' Hart, in a match widely regarded as the best one in NWA: Hawaii history. Rocky Jr. and Hart formed a bond from that match, which lead to 'The Soulman' taking up Hart's trademark 'Sharpshooter' to finish matches, as a sign of respect. While Hart would not take the title, with the match ending in a draw, he was the biggest star to come to the Island in some time, and is still very popular amongst our fans, as Calgary Stampede is very respected among the island fans, due to their respect for the business.

Kama Mustapha finally met his match when 'The World's Most Dangerous Man', former mixed martial arts champion Ken Shamrock made his way to the Islands, and nearly took the title in an epic 'shootfight' match. Mustapha won the match, but it took its toll, as he was out of action for the better part of a year, was forced to vacate the title, and left the island. Satisfied with his work, Shamrock left as well.

The tag division was much more chaotic, as the Island Boys, the veterans Haku and The Barbarian, the Samoan Gangstas, and a reformed Samoan Swat Team, all traded the belt back and forth, with none able to gain more then a momentary advantage over the others. The year ended with the belt in the hands of Haku and The Barbarian.


The turn of the century was an exciting time in NWA: Hawaii, as 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Jr. continued to be a fighting champion, and continued to reign with honor on the Island. He turned back challenges from the massive Canadian Andrew Martin, the 'Man-Beast' Rhino, the legendary Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, and, in a shocking return to the Island, The Stinger. The year ended with Johnson locked in a feud with the Englishman William Regal.

The NWA: Hawaii Television Title was put up in the King of the Island tournament, and, just as the last time a belt was held up in the tournament, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka made his mark, this time running out to cost Rikishi Fatu the title. This lead to Fatu repeatedly calling out the retired legend, and when no answer came, taking matters into his own hands, destroying the legend at a special appearance. This lead to the man who took the belt, 'California's Finest' Christopher Daniels, to take up the cause of the fallen legend, and a brilliant feud that showed that Fatu still had 'it' in the ring began.

The tag team division was still a mess, as Haku and The Barbarian dropped the belts to the Samoan Gangstas, who dropped them to the Island Boys, and back and forth it went. Things finally ended when the biggest tag team to ever hit the Island, The Legion of Doom, destroyed the heel Samoan Gangstas, and claimed the belts, adding to their legendary status.


Rocky Johnson Jr. was able to defeat the challenge of William Regal, and moved on to face the ace of NWA: Detroit, Kurt Angle. Angle was finally able to end the two year reign of Rocky Jr., but was unable to hold the title, and lost it to returning Jushin Thunder Liger. Liger would go on to hold the belt, and defend it against both 'The Soulman', and Angle as the year ended.

The Television Title was much more up in the air, as Rikishi Fatu called in help from the mainland, in the guise of Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka's longtime rival 'Hot Rod' Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper got a taste of his own medicine however, when, while attempting to re-enact the classic 'coconut' incident, 'California's Finest' Christopher Daniels, the reigning champion, intervened, and brained Piper with the coconut instead. With all the chaos, the NWA Board of Directors ordered NWA: Hawaii to find itself a commisioner to bring the sport back to wrestling, and the choice was simple, as Don 'The Rock' Muraco took up the role, and set up two matches for Holiday in Honolulu '01, Jimmy Snuka versus Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Rikishi Fatu vs. Christopher Daniels!

Daniels would go on to defeat the challenge of Fatu, who took off to Japan, in order to seek the training he needed to re-capture his 'fire' as he put it, but not before he shook hands with Daniels, thanking him for helping him find himself through competition again, and allowing him to leave on good ground with the fans.

Piper vs Snuka was no less stunning, as the aged Snuka once more took to the sky, and defeated Piper woth the Superfly Splash, but all was not happiness, as after the match, Snuka was attacked by his own flesh and blood, Jimmy Snuka Jr., who claimed that his father had held him back, trying to keep the spotlight for himself, when he was ready to carry the family name.

The Legion of Doom would reign in the tag division, untill unseated by the Jung Dragons, a masked duo from Japan. The Legion would leave the island for other pastures, while the Dragons would go on to put on an epic series of matches with the Island Boys.


The Island Heavyweight Champion, Jushin Thunder Liger, would defend the belt both in his homeland of Japan, as well as on the Island, but his fighting spirit would prove to be his downfall, as he would lose it to 'The Gladiator' Mike Awesome. Awesome would refuse to defend the belt on Hawaiian soil, disrespecting the tradition and culture of the Islands. Finally, Commissioner Don 'The Rock' Muraco would send 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Jr. to bring back the belt, which he would do in the later part of the year, bringing a new talent to NWA: Hawaii as well, in the form of Masato Tanaka.

Christopher Daniels would have a tough challenger for the NWA: Hawaii Television Title, as the 2002 King of the Island, Rob Van Dam, would lay down the gauntlet, and take the belt by mid summer. This would lead to Jimmy Snuka Jr. taking the belt from Van Dam, and sending him back to the mainland, after re-retiring his father, making him most hated among the new generation of Hawaiian stars.

The tag division would be no less exciting, as The Island Boys took the titles from the Jung Dragons, but lost them to the new mainland stars Shane Helms and Shannon Moore. Helms and Moore's teen idol personas drew much hate from the Islanders, who they considered beneath them, but lead to great matches, as the Island Boys, the Jung Dragons, and Helms and Moore perfected the three way tag in NWA: Hawaii.


Rocky Johnson Jr. would once again carry the banner of NWA: Hawaii, as he took up a rivalry of respect with Masato Tanaka, and the two put on some of the wildest brawls in the promotions history, with the belt finally leaving Johnson's waist at the end of the year, in a match that saw Johnson forced into the hospital with a broken leg, keeping him out a good portion of 2004.

Jimmy Snuka Jr. would retain the Television Title, and cement himself as a hated star by taking the King of the Island title. He would feud with Kaimana of the Island Boys, and his partner, before finally dropping the belt to Kaimana, and forming the tag team of The Samoan Swat Team 2000, first with original SST member Samu, and finally the current version of the team, with Black Pearl.

The tag division would see the results of this partnership, as the SST 2000 would end the year as the champs, in an otherwise lackluster year for the division.


2004 would see Rikishi Fatu return, and challenge for Masato Tanaka's title in mid summer, after the fighting champion defended against any and all comers. The two would end the year in a stalemate, and agree to face off once again in the new year.

The Television Title would fall into the hands of the 2004 King of the Island, 'Prince' Iaukea, who would crown himself 'King' after his victory. 'King' Iaukea would rarely defend the title, disdaining his opponents as beneath him, until forced by Commissioner Don 'The Rock' Muraco.

The tag division would once again become the land of the big men, as the Samoan Gangstas would reign supreme, destroying all competition on their way to the title.

So far in 2005, champions, and roster update up next...

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National Wrestling Alliance: Los Angeles

In Philadelphia you receive ‘Hardcore City’ and in New York you see ‘East Coast’. In Canada you succumb to great technical action with the Hart’s watching over your shoulder, where as over in Mexico City you respect the Lucha Libre tradition and your boss, Konnan.

What about the U-S-of-A’s true capital? What about California? What about Los Angeles, the ‘City of Angels’? What about the golden sands of the always-expanding city? The enormous glowing skyline? Los Angeles has it all, including its own local National Wrestling Alliance affiliate, Rob Black’s NWA: Los Angeles.

user posted image

Since purchasing NWA:LA back in 2001 from Roddy Piper, Rob Black [Rob Zicari], despite his repertoire, has been rather silent in the running of the promotion. He and his wife Lizzy Borden have kept behind the scenes of the running of the promotion, and have seemingly focused on the running of the infamous “Extreme Associate’s” adult entertainment orientated company.

On the wrestling side of things, Los Angeles is often compared to Philadelphia based promotion NWA Hardcore City, due to it’s somewhat ‘extreme’ nature and gritty down-to-Earth feel. Despite not being the National Wrestling Alliance’s ideological promotion, NWA:LA does bring a lot to the table in terms of being unique amongst it’s peers. Surprisingly, despite being targeted to the adult population, NWA:LA offers something to everyone. The promotion isn’t just simply littered with Rob Black loyalists, deathmatch workers such as Pogo the Clown and Vic Grimes, as expected. Nope. Workers such as Chris Candido, D’Lo Brown, Jeff Hardy, Vampiro and the NWA:LA Champion Booker T litter the ranks of the City of Angel’s baby boy.

NWA: Los Angeles Heavyweight Champion

user posted image

Holder: Booker T

Won at: Chaotic Violence [19th September 2004]

Defeated: Ron ‘Da Truth’ Killings

The biggest title in the promotion; a title basked in prosperity, fame and fortune. If you’re the National Wrestling Alliance Los Angeles Heavyweight Champion, you’re something. This title has been held by many great competitors since emerging in 1998. In fact, the first champion was none other than Kevin Nash – but a fallout occurred and he quickly dropped the gold to Diamond Dallas Page. The promotions primay recognition came with the arrival of one Booker T. Mustafa Saed had began a very impressive title run, destroying anybody who opposed him, who stood against him. Booker T came in, stood against Saed, and beat him to capture the gold in what was to be his first title run. However, Booker’s first run wasn’t one of prestige; his reign was dramatically cut short by a back injury sustained at the “Appetite for Destruction” event, in a brutal cage match which involved both Mustafa Saed and the “Original Gangsta” New Jack.

Booker eventually returned, but not alone, this time he had none other than Stevie Ray by his side. The two men re-lived the glory days of Texas, capturing the Tag Team titles from the more than flamboyant tag team of the “Hardcore Homo” Angel and his, at the time, ‘live partner’ Kraq, collectively known as “Size Doesn’t Matter”. The re-united Harlem Heat did the team justice and ran with the championships for several months until running into a stumbling block: hate. The two brothers began to fallout, they came to blows and the team ceased to exist – and so did Stevie Ray’s career, after a “loser leaves town” match with his brother in the November of 2003. While this was happening, New Jack and Mustafa continued their on-going feud, which stemmed back from the Hardcore City days, for the Heavyweight Title.

Towards the end of 2003, the title laid across the waist of the “Original Gangsta” New Jack – who had just defeated Mustafa in, what was voted, the “NWA’s most brutal match of 2003”; a match which involved a cage, flaming tables, barbed wire, scissors and any other objects with the inevitable possibility of mutilation. New Jack came out the victor, and looking for a challenger as 2004 began. And he got that, in the form of former NWA: East Coast superstar Ron Killings. Killings hit Los Angeles with a vengeance, vowing to take down the “cracka’s” who held him back and cost him inevitable glory over on the East Coast. Killings ran through the ‘lower card’ of the company, and then pretty much dominated the ‘mid-card’ – and on came New Jack. March 28th 2004, Ron “The Truth” Killings managed to defeat the “Original Gangsta” to capture his first NWA:LA Championship; only to be slapped directly in the face by his ego.

After two successful months as champion, at the beginning of June Ron “The Truth” Killings felt that it was time to pick a challenger, pick a fight and pick a, in his words, “jabroni”. In the middle of one of Killings’ rants, Stevie Ray came out. Killings asked whether Ray wanted to fight, but Ray declined due to the stipulations of his retirement match last year. Killings shunned Ray, only to be told that “the world’s greatest” wanted a title shot. And with a loud roar, we heard “Can You Dig It? Sucka?!” once again followed by the hip hop beats of Booker T’s entrance music – and the former NWA:LA champion returned once again, and demolished Killings in the ring to start off what was to be an epic feud between the two athletes.

They battled through the months, and Killings luckily escaped with the title in hand each time. Killings was also psychologically superior, having beaten Stevie Ray to a bloody pulp at the end of August. It worked against him; it refuelled Booker T, giving him the motive he had lacked previously: vengeance. And at the September event, aptly named “Chaotic Violence”, Booker T prevailed with the Championship over his shoulder to begin his second reign as NWA: Los Angeles Heavyweight Champion.

NWA: Los Angeles Nationwide

user posted image

Holder: “The Rock Superstar” Kaos

Won at: Born to Die [29th August 2004]

Defeated: Super Crazy

The Nationwide Championship, a title defended, well, across the nation. Ironically, the first champion wasn’t an American. In fact, it was Mexico’s, and more importantly Mexico City’s, Super Crazy. Super Crazy won a spectacular three way ladder match at the “Gangster’s Paradise” event in April 2004. Super Crazy began a successful run, outdoing top opponents such as the “King of Extreme” Jeff Hardy and “the Hardcore Homo” Angel. Super Crazy surpassed them all, using his great athleticism to retain the championship. Yes, we don’t rely on just “chaotic violence”, as a man in Detroit once said.

And along came Kaos.

The Rock Superstar answered an open challenge at the August “Gangster’s Paradise” event, with the lovely Veronica Caine by his side. Kaos hit the ring, and slapped Super Crazy in the face – but gave the fans a match to remember. Despite his cockiness, his ego and him being plain-right obnoxious, Kaos got the job done and defeated Super Crazy to capture the title. Kaos’ run, since then, has continued to be impressive. The Rock Superstar has managed to back up all of his and Ms Caine’s words.

So remember folks, when Metallica hits the PA, you know you’re in for a fight.

NWA: Los Angeles Tag Team

user posted image

Holders: D-Ray 3000 & Shark Boy

Won at: Lockdown [25th July 2004]

Defeated: Angel & Kraq

The Tag Team Champions reached initial fame, and recognition, when Booker T and Stevie Ray re-emerged to defeat the “Hardcore Homo” Angel and his “partner in more than life” Kraq. Booker and Stevie’s reign last for several months until the team ran into difficulties. Then, Booker T walked out on Stevie Ray in a re-match with the “blossoming love birds”, as put by Angel. Ray was left alone in the ring with two gay men; not a really exciting prospect, unless you’re into that kind of stuff, eh? Anyway, Kraq got the job done and regained the belts for his team. However, the gold brought along somewhat of a curse with it.

The Tag Team titles separated two brothers in Booker and Stevie, and then proceeded to weld its way in between the two “life partners”. The two men proceeded to fall out and the relationship ended, and so did the effective tag team wrestling. Angel and Kraq’s Tag Team title reign ran into serious trouble. Despite them winning several matches since the official “split”, they just didn’t seem like the pairing they once were. And then they lost. D-Ray 3000 and Shark Boy, somewhat of a ‘comedy act’ out of the ring, got the duke in the squared circle – defeating Angel and Kraq to end their reign.

Apparently, 2005 will be the year of the Tag Team division – so let’s see, will it?

… And an on-going rivalry

user posted image

Once upon a time, believe it or not, these two men were actually friends. Partners. Brothers. The respected each other. It all dwindled away with one deal. A deal with the devil.

Mustafa and New Jack both wanted out of Hardcore City or say they say. This was while Roddy Piper ran the promotion. Mustafa contacted Piper and tried to get himself a job, and succeeded. When asked about New Jack, Mustafa simply said: “Fuck him. every man fa’ himself”. Yes, Mustafa Saed turned on a man with justifiable homicides to his name.

Mustafa hit NWA Los Angeles in mid-1999 while New Jack was still doing for shows in Philadelphia, working for Paul Heyman and company with Hardcore City. And then, at Gangster’s Paradise 2000, out of the blue, New Jack showed up to aid his partner who was receiving a beat down at the hands of The Messiah, Vic Grimes and several other wrestlers. New Jack cleaned house and proceeded to save his partner. The friendship resumed, or so we thought. Just a few weeks later, during a Tag Team match with Vic Grimes and The Messiah going up against the Gangsta’s, New Jack walked out – noticeably saying “Fuck him. Every man for himself, eh mother-fucka’?” And that’s where it began.

Towards the end of 2003, we witnessed what was voted the NWA’s most brutal match of 2003 between the two men. New Jack and Mustafa Saed battled it out in a steel cage, with any object with the intent to maim littering it. New Jack pulled out the victory, after dragging his former off the top of the cage and dropping him through one of the flaming tables with a powerbomb. Both men, after the match, were a bloody mess. The battle scars wouldn’t heal, nor would the absolute distain these two men shared.

The violence continued.

Through 2004, the two men were constantly at each others throats, when they had the opportunity. Whether or not they were directly involved with each other, they somehow were. While New Jack battled Ron ‘Da Truth’ Killings in a World Title match, Mustafa couldn’t keep himself out of the “Original Gangsta’s” business; often trying to take him down and make sure he loses the title. And he succeeded. Ron ‘Da Truth’ Killings walked out with the title in hand on the 28th March 2004 thanks to Mustafa getting involved once again. After the match, New Jack vowed to kill Saed – and that’s the last time we saw up until September, to when he return with an ally: Homicide. Homicide, a bounty hunter from Brooklyn, New York, made an instantaneous impact by taking New Jack out, ahead of Mustafa’s return bout against Bougalou. Mustafa pulled out the win, but after the match a bloodied New Jack came out to gain a measure over Mustafa, but Homicide intercepted him and beat him to a pulp on the ramp – displaying a callousness which even New Jack could relate to.

And since that moment, New Jack has been on the hunt for Mustafa and Homicide; but hasn’t been able to. Mustafa and Homicide have wisely kept out of New Jack’s way, and will probably continue to do so until Gangster’s Paradise on the 7th April 2005.

NWA:LA strikes a deal

National Wrestling Alliance: Los Angeles brings a lot to the table in terms of professional wrestling, thing is, what does it matter if they can’t display it? Prior to August 2004, NWA:LA was putting on a maximum of three events a month – and television coverage was actually lucky, with only a small collection of California residents being able to tune in to view the show. However, a deal was struck which would change the face of the promotion forever. In fact, NWA:LA will be able to showcase their own weekly event. You can tune in to your local cable provider to view it every Thursday night. The event? NWA:LA Urban Assault! So if you want to get your weekly dose of NWA:Los Angeles action, all you have to do is tune in!

Talent Roster



Booker T w/ Stevie Ray

Chilly Willy

Chris Candido

Chris Hamrick

D’Lo Brown

D-Ray 3000

Godfather [Part Time Working Capacity]


Jeff Hardy w/ Amy Dumas

Julio Dinero w/ Jessica Darlin

Kaos w/ Veronica Caine


Mustafa Saed

New Jack

Pogo The Clown

Ron ‘Da Truth’ Killings

Shark Boy

Super Crazy

The Messiah

Tracy Smothers


Vic Grimes

Tag Team Roster

D-Ray 3000 & Shark Boy

New Age Gangsta’s [Homicide & Mustafa]

Southern Comfort [Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers]

On-Screen Personalities

Announce Team: Scott Hudson & ‘The Godfather’ Charles Wright

Referees: Billy Silverman, CJ Sensation, Mike Chioda & Rudy Charles

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2005: A Year in Names

2005 is a rebuilding year for NWA: Hawaii, after the severly lackluster 2002-2004 days. Many say that the promotion is on the way down, with nepotism running high due to family ties. While it is true that family is very strong in NWA: Hawaii, there is new blood, new faces, new names.

Let us get you up to date on the Islands with a look at some of the important names and faces to have made their mark on the young year.

NWA: Hawaii Island Heavyweight Champion

user posted image

Rikishi Fatu

Having returned in 2004 from a foray into the world of Puroresu, Japanese professional wrestling, we have seen a more focused Rikishi Fatu, one who has learned from his mistakes, and used them to make himself a better man. This was proven when he defeated Masato Tanaka for the Island Heavyweight Title, claiming his second reign atop the hiearchy of NWA: Hawaii, although it is a much different Rikishi Fatu that we see now. Having dropped the pounds that once robbed him of his ability to utilize much of his original high risk offense, we know see a Rikishi Fatu more similar to his Samoan Swat Team days then the 'Young Gun' of old.

NWA: Hawaii Television Champion

user posted image

'King' Iaukea

The 'Prince' has become the 'King', having won the title of 'King of the Islands' in 2004, no small honor, with former champions such as Jushin Thunder Liger, Rob Van Dam, and Christopher Daniels. Iaukea has made himself most hated amongst the fans with his abject disdain for them, and all they stand for as commoners. He has even gone as far as to refuse to defend his title against those he calls 'inferior', although he has been forced at times by NWA: Hawaii Commisioner Don 'The Rock' Muraco.

NWA: Hawaii Island Tag Team Champions

user posted image

The Samoan Gangstas

'Piru Love' is strong amongst the street wise and violent Samoan Gangstas, O.G. Ekmo and Kimo. Raised on the mean streets of Los Angeles, California, neither is a stranger to violence inside or outside the ring. While their tactics have garnered disdain from many fans, none can argue their effectiveness, as it has allowed them to collect numerous reigns as the Island Tag Team Champions. Having destroyed most of the tag team division in recent months due to their sheer dominance, no challengers seem to be in sight for the large duo.

user posted image

'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Jr.

Son of the original 'Soulman' the legendary Rocky Johnson Sr., Rocky Jr. is well on his way to becoming as much an Island legend as his father is, having already had one of the longest Island Heavyweight Championship reigns under his belt. A solid fan favorite, due to his charasmatic and passionate speeches, his sense of humor, and his athletiscm, he has been sidelined with recent injuries, but has made a comeback, and is right back in the championship mix, as always.

user posted image

Bob 'The Beast' Sapp

The, thus far, unstoppable machine in 2005, the former mixed martial arts fighter has found himself on the outside looking in so far in terms of the Island Heavyweight Title picture, but a challenge thrown down to Rocky Johnson Jr. is sure to change that if 'The Beast' can keep up his dominant ways. In his NWA: Hawaii career, short as it has been at only 6 matches, Sapp has never spent more then 5 minutes of his time in putting away an opponent with his famed 'Beast Bomb'.

Other NWA: Hawaii Superstars

Afa Anoai Jr.


Black Pearl

'The Canadian Superstar' Derek Wylde

'Dirty' Dick Togo

Sho Funaki


Jimmy 'Supa-Fly' Snuka Jr.

Jinsei Shinzaki



LA Smooth


MEN's Teioh

'The Governor' Nigel McGuinness


'Cocky' Sonny Siaki

Super Fly Ete


The Barbarian

Tag Teams

Samoan Swat Team 2000 - Jimmy Snuka Jr. and Black Pearl

Island Boys - Kaimana and Kaniela

Samoan Gangstas - O.G. Ekmo and Kimo

Haku and The Barbarian

Stables and Alliances

Tokyo Lady Killers - Sho Funaki, Dick Togo, and MEN's Teioh

The Headshrinkers - Tama, Samu, and Mana


NWA: Hawaii Commissioner: Don 'The Rock' Muraco

NWA: Hawaii Announcer: Afa The Wild Samoan

NWA: Hawaii Announcer: Jim Cornette

NWA: Hawaii Head of Security: 'The Soulman' Rocky Johnson Sr.

Don't forget! NWA: Hawaii is on TELEVISION! Friday Night Throwdown is available on local channels through out the islands, as well as via satellite in Southern California and Japan! Check your local listings!

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Once again you ruin a thread layout because of a large banner graphic. You do know there are people here that don't have that big of a screen.

It matters to me because it stretches the freaking thread out and I have to scroll sideways when I read.


How very sad. I hope this page stretching situation doesn't deter you from reading and replying, as this diary will definitely need great feedback like that which you posted above.

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Wow. All three backstories thus far have blown me away.

Firstly, Canadian Stampede. As an actual fed it's probably my least favourite out of all of the NWA fed's, but that backstory gave a nice insight into the top promotion. I was under the impression that it would be sports entertainment mainly, but C-Heat gave I more of a larger-scale ROH feel than anything else. The covering of Owen Hart and use of the Dungeon is also good, and I'm liking the likes of Christian and Sean Morley as potential top dogs. Hopefully you can push them both as something more than just arrogant heels or generic babyfaces, but of course the biggest challenge you face is in giving your Heavyweight Champ Chris Beniot credibility out-of-the-ring, which is probably even harder to do in a diary than it would be in real life.

Next up was my most favourite backstory thus far. No, not because sycodmn write it, because I loved the way in which I as a reader could read and imagine how this small remote island promotion expanded, with foreigners arriving year after year, while at the same time pushing home grown talent as the head honchos. I feel that the way in which Johnson Snr., Snuka Snr. and Steamboat have been documentated also gives a strong and lasting impression that these are the true legends of the promotion, which co-incidentally gave Johnson Jnr. instant credibility. To be honest I'm not really feeling King Iaukea, but the tag division shows signs of something more out of control and possibly more vicous than anythign else in the promotion, with tag teams jocking for the titles every which way possible. Overall a great year-by-year documentation that was well set out and easy to digest in one read.

LK is next with the last backstory posted thus far, and I felt he definetely did NWA: LA justice, giving the gritty feel that it is ment to have with the likes of Ron Killings, Harlem Heat and Kaos ruling the roost. I have played this game and in actual fact with the given roster it is pretty hard to give Booker realistic and suitable opponents, with Killings leading the way in terms of suitability, so well done in pushing Killings as the potential number one threat to the Heavuweight Title, that was somethign that i quickly dismissed in my game, but I have no doubt with your ability you can build the rivallry up well. As a big New Jack fan a Homicide-Saed feud is a mouth-watering prospect, although I do have a sneaky feeling that a few more parties will get involved in this one, either to back up the "Original Gangsta" or to stack the odds even higher in the favour of Mustafa. Either way, it's going to be bloody, and I'm looking forward to it. One final note LK, Kaos. I don't know what you are going to do with him, but for me he seems like the guy that you should build up as the next potential Heavyweight Champ, but saying that a RVD-like Title reign could also do no end of help to his credibility.

Overall, three solid backstories down, none of which I can falter in any way, shape or form. I just hope that the other guys involved in this can keep the quality and momentum going. If this survives, it should be one hell of a ride.

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NWA: Texas - Historical Archives…

NWA: Texas, the brainchild of Southern wrestling promoter Dusty Rhodes, was founded in 1990 in the wake of Vince McMahon’s failed WWF venture, and was the first of the new NWA territories to open - indeed, McMahon’s East Coast promotion would not open until two years later, a time at which NWA: Texas was full-formed and on its feet.

Rhodes quickly established a traditional, Southern-style feel to the promotion, filling it with local Texans and those who worked the Southern, or ‘roughneck’ style. Amongst the first to arrive were Randy Savage, Mean Mark Callaway, who would quickly establish himself as the company’s impact player over the next few years, and little-known tag team specialists Steve Austin and Brian Pillman. With these workers, and a host of other Southern talents including Marty Jannety, Jake Roberts, Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane and Shawn Michaels, NWA: Texas quickly gained a reputation as a no-frills, throwback promotion in the early nineties, a bastion of wrestling tradition in a rapidly evolving decade.

In 1993, following a fallout with the NWA Board, World Heavyweight champion Ric Flair was stripped of his title, and soon showed up in NWA: Texas as an exclusive talent, bringing his prestigious stable the 4 Horsemen - at the time also including Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Sting - with him. This publicity boosted NWA: Texas’ standing and publicity, and battles between Callaway and Flair especially were the talk of the pro wrestling community for the next few years.

As the decade wore on, Texas rapidly established itself as the ‘outlaw’ amongst the three top NWA affiliates, with its traditional stance held over the ‘crash TV’ given more and more prominence by NWA: East Coast and the technical wizardry displayed by the Hart family amongst others in NWA: Canadian Stampede. Following the tragic death of Brian Pillman in 1996, Steve Austin struck out on his own, and soon became one of the biggest names in the world, up there with Flair and Hogan. At around this time, disgruntled former East Coast employees Lex Luger and Jeff Jarret arrived in NWA: Texas, and breathed new life into the promotion with their smart mouths and anti-traditional attitudes. Indeed, Jarret would often win bouts by breaking an acoustic guitar over an opponent’s head, a direct slap in the face of traditional, sporting competition.

Towards the end of the 1990s, and into the new millenium, NWA: Texas began to lose much of what had made it great ten years earlier. The roster was ageing rapidly, a problem exacerbated by injuries and the booking team’s stubborn refusal to move away from traditional Southern-style wrestling and the established, old-school stars that now struggled to hold the promotion. Any new talent emerging in the promotion tended to be of the same ‘hoss’ categorisation, and offered little in the way of a solution to the very real problem that the wrestling business had changed since the promotion was established, and traditional 1980s-style wrestling was rapidly being consigned to the history books.

In 2005, the situation worsened rapidly. On-screen, the promotion was moving from strength to strength, a shocking Mark Callaway assault on Steve Austin in January setting up a huge rivalry between them and leading to a title showdown at the March event - the Ides of March. In the boardroom, however, things were becoming less rosy. Buyrates for the January pay-per-view event were down, attendances were dwindling, and without the national TV exposure enjoyed by NWA: Canadian Stampede and NWA: East Coast, it seemed inevitable that NWA: Texas would soon lose its nationwide fan base.

Seeing the more cutting-edge attitude employed by NWA: East Coast, and several of the smaller NWA affiliates now snapping at the heels of his promotion as the key to long-standing success, Dusty Rhodes approached writer Mark Jackson in March of 2005. Jackson, a young writer formerly of NWA: Los Angeles and NWA: Detroit Michigan, was brought onto the NWA: Texas booking committee in order to help turn the promotion’s fortunes around and offer a way to keep the sense of tradition alive whilst moving NWA: Texas into the twenty-first century.

user posted image

NWA: Texas - Roster…

Steve Austin - The most popular man in NWA: Texas and perhaps the whole NWA. Since his partner Brian Pillman’s death in 1996, Austin has moved out of the tag team scene and firmly into the main event. His alcohol-fuelled, ass-kicking rampages have been the stuff of legend since then, earning him the nickname ‘The Texas Rattlesnake.’ A three-time NWA: Texas Heavyweight champion, Austin shows no signs of slowing down despite being 40 years old at the present time, currently embroiled in a battle with Mean Mark Callaway for the title.

Mean Mark Callaway - The current NWA: Texas Heavyweight champion, Callaway has been with the promotion since its inception and is known backstage as a locker-room leader. He has fought just about every man who has come through the promotion’s doors, and his willingness to push others around to get his way has lead to his status as the most feared man in the promotion. Currently in his fifth reign as Heavyweight champion, Callaway is determined to hold onto the belt for as long as possible, to the extent of ‘persuading’ Lex Luger to watch his back.

Randy Savage - The Macho Man is one of the NWA’s oldest and most recognisable names. With a career stretching back over 20 years, Savage exemplifies NWA: Texas’ commitment to tradition. A notorious womaniser - a trait which has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions - and a fearsome fighter, Savage embodies the never-say-die spirit of the state, and is hugely popular amongst the fans. Holding the record for the longest-standing reign with the NWA: Texas Heavyweight title - a staggering 21 months, amazingly his only tenure as champion - Savage is looking to rekindle that success by becoming a two-time champion.

Ric Flair - The Nature Boy, Space Mountain, the 60-Minute Man… the list of names goes on, as does the list of accolades. An amazing 16 reigns with the NWA World and Texas Heavyweight titles have placed Flair firmly in the history books, as have his resume of classic bouts and unparalleled wrestling skill. Since arriving in NWA: Texas in 1993, Flair has been a mainstay, earning both the hatred and grudging respect of the fans thanks to his questionable methods and unquestionable talent. These days, the Nature Boy is in semi-retirement, and has recently expressed a desire to ‘pass the torch’ on to a new generation.

Dusty Rhodes - The American Dream, the man in charge, has been at the helm of NWA: Texas since the beginning. A tough but fair employer, Rhodes has been shown time and again to have little time for disrespect or egomania amongst his roster, something that has seen him in almost constant confrontation with Ric Flair. Often stepping into the ring to teach an out-of-line wrestler a lesson, or more recently to team with his son Dustin, Dusty has proven that the American Dream is timeless.

Vader - Entering NWA: Texas in 1996 alongside Jim Cornette, who has since left the promotion, Vader has left a path of destruction in his wake for nigh on a decade. An uncontrollable beast - only Cornette could ever hope to direct his charge’s attacks, and since his departure in 1999 none have been safe - Vader has put numerous NWA: Texas stars on the shelf with his high-impact, take-no-prisoners style. Amazingly, he has never held the NWA: Texas Heavyweight title, although he has held the NWA: Texas Massacre championship - which was created for the big man - seven times. Now, his sights are set on the top, and some see it as only a matter of time before he prevails.

John Bradshaw - The big Victoria native has been with Texas for ten years, and has gained the support of the fans for his ready defense of traditional Southern wrestling and Texan values - the right to come home from a day’s work and drink heavily, play cards, and kick ass. Teaming with former NWA World champion Ron Simmons as Southern Pride, Bradshaw is a six-time Texas Tag Team champion, and the duo currently hold the belts.

Jeff Jarret - One of the most hated men in the promotion, Jarret’s intense attitude, rule breaking, and total disregard for tradition have resulted in fans often attempting to lead the guardrail to get at the obnoxious, guitar-wielding egomaniac. That guitar is not just for show, either, as Jarret has shown on numerous occasions, taking any opportunity possible to blast opponents across the head with it, often sealing the victory with just that. A three-time Massacre champion and two-time Texas Tag Team champion with Brian Armstrong, Jarret is now firmly focused on the NWA: Texas Heavyweight title.

Diamond Dallas Page - DDP began his NWA: Texas career as the manager behind The Diamond Studd and Scotty Anthony, before breaking out on his own as a formidable force in the Texas Tag Team division alongside Bam Bam Bigelow, and as a former Heavyweight champion in his own right. Always a man of the people, Page has not had the best of times of late, targeted by Jeff Jarret and Steve Corino amongst others, but is looking to bounce back and retake the Heavyweight title in 2005.

Lex Luger - The Total Package first showed up in NWA: Texas in 1996, shocking the promotion after defecting from Vince McMahon’s NWA: East Coast. Allying himself with Ric Flair, Luger became a two-time Texas Tag Team champion and held the Heavyweight championship, before striking out on his own and holding the Heavyweight title another time. Luger’s arrogance and obnoxiousness have earned him the disdain of the fans, but it is clear that he cares not a jot for their opinions, content with being an ‘object of desire’ as he puts it. Recently, Luger has been coerced into watching Heavyweight champion Lex Luger’s back, out of fear more than anything else.

The Best of the Rest…

Bam Bam Bigelow,

Barry Windham,

‘Teen Dream’ Billy Gunn w/Terri Runnels,

‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton,

Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan,

Brian Lee,

‘Wildcat’ Chris Harris,

David Flair,

Dustin Rhodes,

‘Unstoppable’ Garrison Cade,

Honkey Tonk Man,

‘Cowboy’ James Storm,

Johnny B. Badd,

Larry Zybysko,

Michael Shane w/Missy Hyatt

Mike Barton,

‘Slick’ Mike Rotundo,

‘Above Average’ Mike Sanders,

Ray Gordy,

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper,

Ron Simmons,

‘Sweet’ Stan Lane,

‘Old School’ Steve Corino,

Terry Funk,

Tracy Smothers.

Tag Teams…

America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris/James Storm),

Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton/Stan Lane),

Southern Pride (John Bradshaw/Ron Simmons),

Texas Outlaws (Barry Windham/Dustin Rhodes),

The Rhodes (Dustin Rhodes/Dusty Rhodes).


Arn Anderson (Road Agent/Booking Committee),

Charles Robinson (Referee),

Chris Brannan (Medical),

Emile Dupre (Funkin’ Conservatory Trainer),

‘Mean’ Gene Overland (Announcer),

Jack Lanza (Road Agent),

Jerry Jarret (Road Agent/Booking Committee),

Jim Ross (Announcer/Booking Committee),

Johnny Rodz (Funkin’ Conservatory Trainer),

Mark Johnson (Referee),

Marty Valenza (Referee),

Michael Hayes (Writer/Booking Committee),

Ricky Steamboat (Road Agent),

Ron Hutchison (Funkin’ Conservatory Trainer/Booking Committee),

Rudy Charles (Referee),

Tim White (Road Agent),

Tommy Carlucci (Production).

NWA: Texas Champions…

-- NWA: Texas Heavyweight

user posted image

Mean Mark Callaway

--NWA: Texas Massacre

user posted image

‘Unstoppable’ Garrison Cade

-- NWA: Texas Tag Team

user posted imageuser posted image

Southern Pride


Raven's Kid!

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