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Guest Anti-Hero

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Guest Iron Mary

Hey guys, let's say I can get any X-Box game I want. Trouble is, I really don't know what I want :P All I have at the moment is Halo 2, Chronicles of Riddick and Spiderman 2. I'm looking at getting Fable and also KOTOR2. So, what are some other games you would recommend that reek of awesomeness?

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If your an arcade race fan, or love racing games in general, Burnout 3: Takedown is a must buy.

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Personally I'd wait for SC: Chaos Theory to take a hit in price, SC and SC: Pandora Tomorrow went down in price faster then Big Show eats a cheeseburger...but then again I'm a cheap bastard

On that topic, I would get SC: Pandora Tomorrow if you don't have it, other games that I would recommend would be:


Shenmue II

Morrowind GOTY

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Ninja Gaiden

Also, what is the gist of Top Spin? I've honestly heard nothing about it.
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I was thinking of getting an NFL game, so I might rent NFL Street to check it out. Also, what is the gist of Top Spin? I've honestly heard nothing about it.

Might as well rent NFL Street 2 as it's more updated. If I were you, I'd take in consideration the recommendations made by Zero and MP. Get yourself Chaos Theory.

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Also, what is the gist of Top Spin? I've honestly heard nothing about it.

It's a tennis game what more do you need to know? It has a good career mode and online play

Personally, I don't think it's a good game to drop money on. If it came with the X-box like mine..fine, but it's not really worthy of a purchase. (unless you're a tennis fan)

But it's pretty much just...running side to side hitting a ball. That's what tennis is. But when you have hundreds of other choices, literally, for games, running side to side doesn't exactly rank at the top. Even though it looks nice.

And career mode is frustrating as hell IMO :angry: , If you don't plan on sitting there for a quite a while to complete it, don't play it. (talking about matches) As theres no way you can save between matches or anything in each tournament. And it's not like the matches are quick or anything. And yet you have to do four back to back? Unless of course you pause it, and come back and play it later or something, but yea, that sucks.

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