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Ok..Ok..I'm starting to like Japanese Anime.

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Ok, more and more Japanese Animation has been growing on me. I've seen a few episodes of Cowbody Bebop with a friend of mine, since he is really big on that show, but that is basically all I have seen of it. I'm really starting to enjoy it, but I never said so to him, since me liking it is now 'forbidden' since I accidently stepped on his DVD. :unsure: Anyway, All I need to know is what is good, and what should be of interest.


Death Before Dishonor

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Trigun - I'm told that liking Trigun and liking Cowboy Bebop are almost hand-in-hand. I don't know, as I've yet to see any Bebop, but Trigun itself is an awesome and highly acclaimed example of anime. The main character, Vash the Stampede, is arguably one of the coolest characters EVER. Comedy is widespread throughout the series, but not at the expense of an excellent and deep storyline with, IMO, one of the most satisfying conclusions in all anime I've ever seen (proper happy endings are rare enough nowadays...). Not to mention that this series has spawned two of the best bad guys yet, in the forms of Knives and Legato.

In short: A must.

Watch it subbed or dubbed? - I like this one better subbed, but the dubbing is good enough to be acceptable either way.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - You either love it or you hate it... Most people love it, and I myself are among them. A definite classic - since it's original Japanese broadcast in 1995, it has solidified itself as a classic for the ages. You can't even begin to comprehend just how much this series has influenced modern anime. The - yes THE deepest storyline I have ever witnessed. It looks into the human condition, interpersonal (and sometimes intrapersonal...?) relationships, and a whole load of psychological shit for the main characters to wade their ways through. There's also some excellent examples of comedy (though this disappears between episodes 16 and 26, when the plot gets fully underway), and of course, much action throughout. This is certainly not your standard mecha (aka "big robots") anime - hell, I hate mecha anime, but this is just too good to dismiss. If nothing else you can just sit back and enjoy the sheer quality that this series exumes. There's perhaps an unneccesary amount of Christian religious symbolism to be fair - but hey - they're Japanese. Christianity is actually strange and foreign to them. In any case, you will not get through this show without finding yourself identifying with at least one, if not many, characters. You owe it to yourself to take a look.

Oh yeah, and Kaji rules.

In short: You have no excuse to not at least give it a try, let alone adore it for years to come.

Subbed or dubbed?: Dubbed. Definitely. The characters (Asuka for example) come across a hell of a lot better, and you really get the emotion this way.

Martian Successor Nadesico - Evangelion a bit too serious for you? Or at least, feeling the need for a change to a lighter pace? Nadesico is often compared to Evangelion (though far more often than it should be), if you take out all the religious symbolism and psychological angst and replace it with good old-fashioned comedy. Another contender for the Coolest Anime Character Ever is witnessed - although not for much of it - in the form of Gai Daigoji. There's a good solid storyline to hold all the comedy together as well...as long as you don't expect them to take it too seriously.

Oh, and it was voted the Best Anime of All Time by Japanese viewers...big enough hint for you?

In short: Not often mentioned by Western fans, but undoubtably of the highest quality, and guaranteed to bring enjoyment.

Subbed or dubbed? I watch it dubbed, but either will do. The only thing that might put you off the dubbed version is the fact that the main character has the same voice actor (Spike Spencer) as the main character of Evangelion...but then, he does do very good screams... ;)

I'll no doubt add more...but right now I have dinner to eat.

...And back I am:

Ranma 1/2 or Inuyasha - The reason I'm grouping these two together is that, although entirely different series, they are both creations of Rumiko Takahashi. As such, she gives unto both a similar style of romantic comedy mixed with a great deal of action. The difference being that Ranma's action is of a crazy martial arts kind, and Inuyasha's is of a demon slaying kind. Close enough. Having no great fondness for excessive use of demons, I therefore prefer Ranma - but to each their own.

Although I would say that in both instances, the manga (comic) versions are better, the anime versions are not to be sniffed at. They also are full of the humour and increasingly bizarre enemies/opponents that make these series enjoyable - as well as the core storyline of "never quite getting it together...or even admitting they like each other for that matter" between the two main characters, which is classic storytelling.

My main gripe with these series isn't their quality, however - it's their length. Unlike most series that have the standard 26 episodes, these just KEEP. ON. GOING. I believe that Inuyasha is well over the 100 episodes mark, and is still being made. This is due to Ms. Takahashi's annoying habit of just continuing and periodically throwing in new characters until she gets bored. As such the later episodes in both series tend to become rather tedious and formulaic. Should this put you off these series? Of course not. The first two or three seasons worth are GOLD. It'll just be up to you to fight your natural urge to keep buying them...

Oh, and Ramna has a FRICKIN PANDA in it. That's damn well enough of a draw as it is.

In short: Excellent examples of humerous anime. Just watch out for the possibility of going overboard with the later seasons.

Subbed or Dubbed?

Ranma - I've only seen it subbed, but if Y2Johnny says the dubbing is good then so be it.

Inuyasha: MOTHER OF GOD do NOT watch it dubbed!! Could they have chosen worse voice actors for the two main characters?! I need to head on over to the people at Viz Communications and give them a good ass whuppin'.

Excel Saga - Insane. Just insane. There is no other way to describe it. If you can live without plot, then revelling in the madness of this unique anime could be for you, because it can be one of the funniest things ever. Some of the humour might be lost because it's mocking anime stereotypes and such, but that doesn't prevent it from being great. True, it'll take you quite a while just to learn how to follow what the main character Excel is saying due to her habit of firing off words like a mentally-unstable machine gun. True, the first couple of episodes are a little on the lame side with the "let's use these episodes to put over just how insane Excel is" - but believe me, she actually CALMS DOWN after episode 1, and by episodes 4 - 6 we're well into the good stuff. Yet another strong contender for Coolest Character Ever is the immortal NABESHIN - who's actually the director, but nevermind that. Sometimes in the later parts of the series the humour can seem a little forced, but will you enjoy this series? Damn right you will. Unless you're my friend Stuart. Freak.

In short - Won't somebody please STOP THE MADNESS!!! Actually, don't. It's highly entertaining.

Subbed or dubbed? - Either is fine, I prefer dubbed - though it's slightly offputting when Excel's voice actress is switched halfway through the series. Remember what I said about her reeling off words like a manic machine gun? Well the original voice actress had to quit halfway due to damaging her vocal chords. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does.

Right, that's enough of the TV series for now. Time to address anime films in one giant generalising swoop:

ANIME FILMS (excluding films attached to TV series)



Princess Mononoke

Spirited Away

*all other Miyazaki films here*


Okay - my opinion on anime films: many of them are hailed as classics, and often quite rightly so. However, I find them less enjoyable than the TV series, because they have less re-watchability and in some cases try too hard to be artsy that it spoils them to an extent. Does this mean you should ignore these films? NO.

Arguably the most well known anime film, the 1987 movie Akira was influential not only on other anime but on all films as well. As a comment from Empire magazine says on the front of the box: "No Akira, no Matrix. It's that important." It needs to be watched - though after 2 or 3 times you probably won't bother with it ever again.

Princess Mononoke was the most successful Japanese, or any non-US film ever created. As with all Miyazaki films (the director) it has amazing quality and brilliant storytelling. Take a look at some of the Hollywood talent they get to do the English dubs for these films - Kirsten Dunst, Gillian Anderson, Anna Paquin, etc. - and, when you think about what mainstream acceptance most anime gets, this is astounding in itself. Other films of his include Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, or the recent Spirited Away, and will no doubt impress you just as much.

Actually, I haven't seen Spirited Away. So sue me.

In short: Generally anime films are great spectacles and classics of our time. I just personally enjoy the TV series more, and find that I'm less likely to watch the films many times before ignoring them altogether.

That'll do from me I think. Just to note Raistlin's suggestion of Vampire Hunter D...I hear it's good, but I hate vampire animes. I just find the whole thing tacky.

Oh, and Tristy's 'Elf Stripping For Fun & Profit'...sounds like Hentai (aka anime porn) to me. ¬_¬

I thank you for your time.


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Get Ranma. Subbed. The first seasons, especially.

Also, like stok said, get Trigun and Evangelion, and if you can, get Princess Mononoke.

Great animes, all of them.

EDIT: Sorry, got it wrong. I meant get Ranma SUBBED, not dubbed. My mistake.

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Two Words: Ninja Scroll.(The movie, I don't know anything about the TV show)

If you end up liking Excel Saga, you should check out Puni Puni Poemi. It shares most of the same creative and voice staff of excel saga, only it's more insane, and over the top. The Project A-KO series was very entertaining. Street Fighter V was a great series as well.

Edit: Mezzo Forte was an awesome movie as well. Either the hentai version, or the non-hentia version, it's still a good movie.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Bible Black it's peverse and awesome. And there's this nurse chick that grows a wang and does school girls up the bum. Those crazy Japanese >_>

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Akire sucks, read the comic - movie = LE SUCKEEEEEE

also, read 20th Century Boys, the manga to end all mangas.

the only anime tv show i could stand without puking was .hack/sign (do not, i repeat NOT play the games, they suck, but get the OVAs)

as for movies go with the usual suspects first (mononoke, spirited away and so on, be carefull wen you just buy stuff not knowing whats going on in it, most of the japanes imports (this goes or live action as well) is brutall crap for blood horny children ore semi hentai, the realy good stuff most of the time only is to be found fansubed on the internet becaus comapnies are afraid of mentaly overchenging their custoomers (whom at least think that NGE is something brilliant wich proves the comapnies right somehow :D )


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Case Closed is pretty good (It airs on Cartoon Network at 11:30 PM central Monday - Thursday)

and get Perfect Blue. That film is messed up. It fucking rules, don't bother listening to Matzat.

EDIT: and why do you act like liking anime is a bad thing ? You may not necessarily mean that, but the title of the post makes it seem like you're guilty about liking anime or something :blink:

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why do you act like liking anime is a bad thing ? You may not necessarily mean that, but the title of the post makes it seem like you're guilty about liking anime or something  :blink:

Welcome to world perception. Any pro wrestling fan should understand...

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The DUB? The Excel Saga DUB? SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. That dub is evil. Nabeshin's VA is the right choice and that's it.

Lord Ilpalazzo's VA is far superior in the dub. I also like Watanabe and Iwata...and Matsuya too, but that's mainly because I am strangely amused by the fact that Tiffany Grant gets everywhere.

Excel's Japanese seiyuu is superior though, yes.

Nabeshin's VA is the right choice and that's it.

That'd be because Brett Weaver (also Gai Daigoji, Touji Suzahara, etc) > * ;)

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actually, it's not Hentai.

Unless Amazon sells Hentai

Ahh so it's actually 'Those Who Hunt Elves'...that's fine then, not hentai. They have a tank with the mind of a cat in it. This qualifies them for my automatic acceptance...

And as for Amazon selling hentai, they sell frickin' 'Urotsukidoji' ffs. Critically acclaimed hentai wrapped up in a two-bit demon storyline is still hentai.

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Besides the shows already mentioned, I'd also recommend:

Big O - Just in case your mind is in the gutter, its not porn. The Big O is a giant robot that the main character pilots. Some of the voice actors from Cowboy Bebop do voices in Big O, but only the voice of Roger Smith is recognizable (same guy who does Spike's voice in Bebop. Its the exact same voice, in fact). First season is mostly stand alone episodes (the first two are a two parter), but the second season is one long story, with a `WTF?!' ending. (I have the entire first season on DVD) Unlike most shows with giant robots, the robot ISN'T the main focus of the show in most episodes, which is a good thing.

Sorcerer Hunters

Tenchi Muyo - the OVAs, that is. Avoid Tenchi In Tokyo at all costs! (Boring as hell, for the most part) The Tenchi Universe stuff is good, but its an alternate reality, not part of the regular continuity.

Robot Carnival - An old movie which is actually a series of shorts by different creators.

Armitage the Third - Get subbed, if you can. They had name actors do the voices for the dub, and it detracts more than anything. (I think Keifer Sutherland was one of the voice actors, iirc. I do know for a fact that Elizabeth Berkley, of Saved By The Bell and Showgirls fame, did the main character's voice.)

Roujin Z - A weird ass movie that's best seen instead of described. The plot is funky, but its a good flick.

Might post some more recommendations later.

You should check this site out. They have a TON of stuff (I used to get print catalogs from them every year), some of which is bargain priced:


And in my opinion, Akira is over-rated. Good, but over-rated.

(By the way, if you were a fan of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (or Power Rangers Zeo) when you were younger, Johnny Yong Bosch, who played Adam (the second Black Ranger in MMPR, Green Ranger in Zeo) does the voice of Vash the Stampede in Trigun.)

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I've found that Jonny Young Bosch does a LOT of anime voices. Witch Hunter Robin, and there was another that escapes me ATM.

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Uhm, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Ilpala's VA is terrible, I can't bloody stand him. Koshi Rikdo's VA annoys me too. Iwata and Watanabe sound decent, though.

Brett Weaver is great, though.

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