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Civilization III


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Ever since I played it for the first time on Monday IIRC, I've been back addicted to the Civilization series, so it needs an official thread. Allow me to pose teh questions...

* Do you have a certain Civ/group of Civs you select at the start of the game?

* Do you play online?

* What settings (IE: Wet, Warm etc.) do you find to produce best results?

For me I'd say it's the 5 of Chinese, Japanese, English, Greece and the Romans, the far latter being my primary choice, I am in love with Roman culture, so it's a pretty obvious choice along with the fact their begining abilities are great.

I don't yet play online, still getting used to the controls, hopefully having my first matchups tonight, helping to semi-ghost someone :shifty:

I usually have Standard/Large setting, Dry and Temperate settings, I find it produces the best resources and gets for some great trade.

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I just set it on maximum number of opponents and random for everything else...(which, bizarrely enough, usually lands me with the Persians). I like a huge map with three or four continents the most - gives me plenty of inland expansion in the early stages, a cut-off point while I'm developing my science and industry, and then I can jump to another continent and UNLEASH HELL [/gladiator].

Never played online, but then I'm not much for online gaming. Certainly not with something as time consuming as Civ.

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I hate boats, so I always play Pangaea (one large land mass).

And I feel evil for using ICBM's to explore land I hadn't gotten to yet.

If you didn't drop quite so many missiles on their heads, maybe they'd be more inclined to trade maps with you. :shifty:

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Civ3 is awesome. I'm always the Greeks, because Hoplites make you almost unconquerable early in the game, and the Greek culture rules. The only problem I have is that I always forget to change my government and then I start losing huge amounts of money because of it. But thats my fault :( .

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I personally like being the Japanese or Chinese, but that's my obsession with their culture for you.

I like the Archipelago map, or the one that is basically the current world.

In my current game, I try to be nice and trade with everybody, with Democracy being by preferred method of government, but if those pesky Aztecs (surviving into the 20th century, no less) ever get a bit uppity and declare war - somehow they have occupied Eastern Russia - I will declare a 'state of emergency' and switch to a war cabinet (ie: I change my government to Despotism) and blast the crap out of them. In my current game with the Chinese, I have occupied a former Persian town near the Aztec border and stocked it with nukes, cruise missiles, and tanks. There's also a continuous railroad from Beijing and Jiang'xi Province to what would be the front, so those Aztecs have no chance.

They're still using musketeers, and I've spied a spare elephant or two at times. Elephants vs. Nukes... heh heh heh.


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Biggest map I can find.

Most civs as possible.

I'm always either Japanese or English.

Democracy is best for scientific discoveries and always build the UN so people make peace with you.

I'm after the baordgame on ebay but got outbid last time and I'm not paying £40 for it even if it does have a ludicrously large board.

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Civ III is great don't get me wrong. But there's a lot of little things that annoy me. Such as way back in 2000BC if you go into another person's territory, put all your troops there and then destroy their civilization. That's all well in good, but don't tell me that in 2000AD another civilization can remember that shit.

That and there's nothing better than forming alliances with everyone to go all World War I style. Except I wasn't thinking and for the hell of it I declared war on India, somehow, I had every country but France against me. Despite being Germany, it was too much for me.

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I've had Civ3 since it came out. It's an amazing game and all but if they decide to make a Civ4 I hope they can make it like the Total War games where you actually get to fight the battles. Add that to the series and I think it may be the best series ever.

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Glad I snagged my copy on eBay.

On a side note, does anyone know of a Metal Gear scenario that has them? Maybe I'm weird, but I do enjoy stating all Colonel-style, "They WILL launch the nyuke" complete with odd pronunciation of the word nuke before sending off an ICBM to shut down the opposition's supply lines. Devastation. You haven't seen fun until you're sending tanks in to take out spearmen, because the city has no supply lines and is forced to use the oldest of old-school defense.

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