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WWE Smackdown, From Wrestlemania 21

"It was the eve of Wrestlemania, where great delights from the world of Sports Entertainment would come to battle on the grandest stage of them all..."

"Two champions defended their straps of honor against two young starlets of the square circle, with lo! Two new champions crowned - and a new generation centre stage..."

"Two legends fought in a battle of wits and intelligence, with the true athlete coming out on top over the self proclaimed "Sexy Boy"..."

"A deadman, from the darkside had his record of legendary wins on the line as he took on the youthful challenger. The battle proved that age defies no man as the elder gentleman took the spotlight...straight back to the darkside."

"Two attitudes, two eras, locked inside a Pit with each other for company..."

"Lo! It was Wrestlemania, it was the grandest stage of them all!"

"And now...it begins again!"

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WWE Wrestlemania 21

Sunday 3rd April 2005

Staples Center - Los Angeles


World Heavyweight Championship

Batista def. Triple H to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion

WWE Championship

John Cena def. John "Bradshaw" Layfield to become the NEW WWE Champion

The Sumo Challenge

Akebono def. The Big Show

Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker def. Randy Orton

WWE Women's Championship

Trish Stratus def. Christy Hemme to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Money In The Bank - 6 Man Ladder Match

Edge def. Chris Benoit, Christian, Kane, Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho to win a future shot at the World Heavyweight Championship

Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero

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WWE Smackdown Preview:

Thursday 7th April 2005

San Diego, California

Wrestlemania has come and gone, and now Smackdown heads to San Diego for the aftermath of the biggest show of the year - with primarily a New WWE Champion. John Cena took the final step last Sunday at Wrestlemania as he defeated John “Bradshaw” Layfield to take the top prize on Smackdown. This week both Cena and JBL are expected to address Smackdown with their new status…one being the ex-champion and one being the new champion. Now JBL has lost the belt what will be do? Meanwhile what is Cena’s mindset now he is the champion? Find out Thursday.

Smackdown also had double success at Wrestlemania as the Undertaker and Kurt Angle both won their interpromotional contests over RAW superstars Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. This week will see the return of the Kurt Angle Hometown Challenge, but no doubt Angle will want to gloat over what was a huge win for him last Sunday. Undertaker meanwhile is keeping mysteriously silent following his Mania win…who knows if the deadman will show up, or not! We certainly don’t know what’s going on with the deadman.

The main event of this week’s Smackdown however concentrates on another Wrestlemania match…Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio’s intense contest. By the orders of Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long the re-match will go down this Thursday. Mysterio pulled off the win last time, and the question now has to be: can he do it again? And who knows what the tag team champions are even thinking about having to go up against each other again - after what was meant to be a one-off match at Wrestlemania!

Wrestlemania’s Sumo Challenge saw the 500 pound Akebono defeat the Big Show. Show was gracious in his loss and Akebono returned home on good terms with his Mania opponent…however this Thursday will see a less than friendly confrontation as the Big Show returns to a proper wrestling match. His opponent will be Luther Reigns. Could an upset be on the cards? Or will Big Show power his way back into wrestling?

Also! The Cruiserweight Title is on the line when Paul London defends his strap against Akio in singles action. London only won the belt a week ago…will Akio prove to be too much of a challenge to him and end his short reign as champion?

Plus! Carlito Caribbean Cool, Booker T and a Bikini Challenge!

Tune in this Thursday! Only on UPN!

Confirmed Matches:

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

The Big Show vs. Luther Reigns

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London © vs. Akio

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Guest The Real Deal

Hmm I'll keep my eye on this.

I can sense a turn in the Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio match.

I can't wait to see how you write Smackdown as you do seem like an ok writer and hopefully Smackdown will only encourage my opinion more.

Best of luck.

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I've got to say I got the idea of combining the Velocity results from HYA, so I cannot take credit for that. Thanks HYA :thumbsup:

WWE Velocity Results:

To Be Shown Saturday 10th April 2005

Mark Jindrak def. Spike Dudley

Rene Dupree def. Funaki

Scotty 2 Hotty def. Nunzio

Tag Team Match

Basham Brothers def. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

user posted image

WWE Smackdown:

Thursday 7th April 2005

San Diego, California

Smackdown opened from San Diego, California with the usual highlights package from Wrestlemania XXI. It showed Rey Mysterio defeat his tag team partner Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker defeat Randy Orton, Kurt Angle defeat Shawn Michaels, Akebono defeat Big Show in the Sumo Challenge and John Cena win the WWE Championship. The video ended with the shot of Cena lying back in the crowd with the gold in his hand, he was the new champion! He was the top dog on Smackdown!

The Champ Is Here!

And talking of the champion…his music hit as Michael Cole and Tazz finished welcoming everyone to the first Smackdown following Wrestlemania. The crowd were cheering from all three sides of the arena as Cena walked out into the aisle and threw the WWE Title up in his right hand. He eventually after celebrating with the crowd alongside the aisle made his way into the ring and took a microphone…


The crowd were a frenzy as Cena jumped up onto the nearest turnbuckle and taunted some more. He eventually after a lengthy celebration jumped back down into the ring and continued…

John Cena: Yo, Yo San Diego! Here I am with the gold around my waist…‘cause at Wrestlemania I went out and defeated JBL – made him look a disgrace. But this ain’t about him, this ain’t about the Cabinet, this is about me, with my new habit – of being the champ!

Cena grabbed the belt off his shoulder and held it up to the camera before turning around in the ring to the crowd and continuing…

John Cena: So, San Diego! Let me hear ya! Let’s scream the roof off this house more than at Wrestlemania!


The Ex-Champ Is Here…

The crowd erupted into more cheers as Cena dropped the microphone down alongside him and smiled at the response. He then went to say something else…but was interrupted...by “Longhorn”. It hit around the arena as Cena’s attention was diverted towards the titantron…where the Cabinet made their way out on foot from behind the curtain. JBL oddly enough had a smile on his face as he lead out Orlando Jordan and the Basham Brothers into the boos from the crowd. He though shrugged that off and turned his attention to Cena in the ring…

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: Congratulations Cena, you done it! You defeated me last Sunday at Wrestlemania. You took the WWE Title away from me...BUT. While you were celebratin’ all the way to San Diego here tonight – I was conducting some financial business. I was conducting some business with high-up people in this company…I was using my time to more efficient use…

Cena continued to look on as Cole and Tazz speculated as to where JBL was heading with this…

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: But before I go into any more details about that John Cena…you need to know that I have been granted my re-match for the WWE Title on next week’s Smackdown. So you’ve got your week as champion…before I take back what is rightfully mine! But to be perfectly honest, that’s a formality. The other news I have really puts the icing on the cake so to speak…

JBL paused again as Danny Basham patted him on the back.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: That’s now where the business I have attended to comes into this thing…because there is going to be a lot more on the line next week for you than just that WWE Title. (laughs) Because I went to the chairman Vince McMahon, I went to the RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff…and because of that our General Manager Theodore Long had no choice but to agree to these “terms” I have arranged John Cena. Because when you loose the WWE Championship next week…you will automatically be the first draft to RAW on Monday the 18th of April. You will automatically leave Smackdown and head over to the RAW roster…where I won’t have to set my eyes on you EVER AGAIN! YOU WILL BE GONE JOHN CENA!!!

Boos filled the arena at the idea of Cena being drafted to RAW…as JBL reclaimed his cool and continued…

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: You’ve got one week left Cena, you’ve got one week left in the limelight – you’d better make the most of it!

Bradshaw chucked the microphone into the ground and looked back at Cena in the ring - who gave JBL the “you can’t see me” taunt before turning back to the turnbuckles and continuing to show off HIS WWE Title. While JBL had made a bombshell announcement…it wasn’t going to stop Cena celebrate his position as the new WWE Champion here tonight.


-: commercial break :-

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London © vs. Akio

Following the break it was time for the Cruiserweight Title to be on the line. Paul London had to defend his newly-won Cruiserweight Title against Akio. And the champion set off as he left off last week as he took control from the ring bell. He took down Akio with Monkey Toss after Monkey Toss, before running off the ropes and nailing a flipping neckbreaker. He managed to pick up a quick two count with that move before Akio saw an opening to get his foothold into the match…he sidestepped a dropkick attempt from London off the ropes and dropped an elbow. He then pulled up London and whipped him off the ropes into a hurricarana for a two count of his own. But the match was shortly over as Akio got planted with a DDT and London went onto the top rope! He came off with a 450 Splash and hooked the leg! 1…2…3! London retained the Cruiserweight Championship! He celebrated in the ring with his belt as the action shortly went backstage…

Winner: Paul London

Time: 6:46

Match Rating: ****1/4

79% - 58% - 100%

Eddie and Rey Backstage

Where Eddie Guerrero was sitting in his locker room. He held his WWE Tag Team Title belt in his hands and was just looking at it…as Rey Mysterio walked into the room – with his bag over his shoulder.

Rey Mysterio: Hey, what’s goin on man?

Eddie looked up from the belt and looked at his tag partner/Wrestlemania opponent before speaking.

Eddie Guerrero: Nothing homes, I’m just preparin’ for our match tonight.

Rey Mysterio: Yeah, I can’t believe man that Theodore Long put us in a rematch tonight. Our match at Wrestlemania was a one-off deal, that should have been it. Infact I’m gonna go see him to see if he will cancel the match…

Eddie grabbed Rey by the wrist to stop him from walking away…

Eddie Guerrero: No, no essay. There’s no need to cancel the match – it’s just a Wrestlemania rematch that’s all homes…calm down.

Rey Mysterio: Eddie, we’re tag partners, we’re the tag team champs! We don’t need this tonight, I’m going…

Rey turned towards the door as Eddie let go of his hold.

Eddie Guerrero: (whispers) Scared you’ll loose this time?

Rey Mysterio: What?

Eddie Guerrero: Oh, nothing homes! Don’t you worry essay!

Rey Mysterio: Oh I heard what you said Eddie, I just can’t believe you said it! And you know what?! I’m not worried about loosing this time! I’ll see you in the ring…

Rey grabbed his bag from the bench and headed to the door.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey! Where you goin’ homes?!

Rey Mysterio: I’m goin’ to go share a locker room with someone else Eddie…I’ll see you in the ring…

He left, leaving Eddie alone just looking at his title once again…things were not looking good in the tag team champion’s camp.


Carlito’s Clearance

The action continued backstage as Carlito Caribbean Cool was shown walking into Theodore Long’s office. Except today he had some slips of paper in his hand instead of his normal fruit…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Hey, Theodore Long. It’s me Carlito.

Long got up from his desk and walked around to the front.

Theodore Long: Well I can see that playa, what do you want?

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Ah! Read this…

Carlito removed the first slip of paper from his hand with a smile on his face and handed it over to the Smackdown General Manager, who proceeded to read it.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: You see?! But wait, that’s not the only cool thing I have, there’s more!

Carlito handed over a second slip of paper, which took Long back for a moment…

Theodore Long:

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Wait there! (Smiles) There’s still one more!

Carlito then handed over the final slip of paper…

Theodore Long: Ok, I understand playa, I can see this slip is genuine. “Carlito is not cleared to wrestle for another three weeks”…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Yeah, my doctor signed that.

Theodore Long: I can see that, although I don’t think these other two are genuine…

Carlito was taken aback himself with that comment! (Although he didn’t seem really surprised)…He fought around inside for something to say, but the Smackdown GM read out the second slip instead…

Theodore Long: Well let’s look at what this one says first right? Dear Theodore Long, please give Carlito his own talk show on Smackdown – Be Cool. Signed, Vince McMahon…

Long just looked at Carlito for a moment…

Theodore Long: Ok, let’s look at this one shall we? Dear Theodore Long, please give Carlito Caribbean Cool a three week holiday to any destination of his choice, all expenses paid by Smackdown. Be Cool, Signed Vince McMahon.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Yeah, I wanna go to Hawaii!

The sound of the crowd laughing could be heard as Long just gently shook his head from side to side while looking at Carlito. He wasn’t buying this whatsoever, and rightly so!

Theodore Long: Ok, well Carlito you want a break, you want a three week break huh playa?

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Yes, yes.

Theodore Long: Till you’re back to full fitness…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Yes, yes!

Theodore Long: (smiles) Ok, you can have it…a THREE WEEK SUSPENTION WITHOUT PAY, how does that sound?!

A few cheers could be heard from inside the arena.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Bu…

Theodore Long: Oh, but don’t worry. When you return you can have your little talk show segment. Seeing as I don’t think I could be trusted to book you into any fair matches at the moment! Now, get out of my office playa, and we’ll see you in back in three weeks!

Long went back behind his desk and sat down as Carlito turned to leave…however he still had some final words…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: That’s not cool!

Theodore Long: Get out man!

Carlito turned back around, grabbed his slips of paper and then left. He had been suspended for three weeks! His plan had backfired…although on the plus side he did now have his talk show for when he returned to Smackdown.


-: commercial break :-

Kurt Angle’s Hometown Invitational

Kurt Angle vs. Jose Casada

Returning from the commercial break Kurt Angle was making his way down to the ring…Once there he took a microphone and waited as the crowd started a, “You Suck” chant.

Kurt Angle: You guy chanting that I suck really ain’t going to put a damper on my week, just to let you know!

More boos was the crowds answer to that one…

Kurt Angle: You see I am on a high following Wrestlemania, because I made Shawn Michaels tap, tap all over Hollywood! It seems HBK isn’t so special after all…

Kurt Angle: I mean this man headlined Wrestlemania’s. This man was part of perhaps some of the biggest Wrestlemania moments in history! He’s defeated people like Bret Hart and Razor Ramon, Hell let’s be honest, I was better than all those guys anyway…(boos) but last Sunday just confirmed everything. Now you people can’t disagree that I am the greatest athlete and wrestler to ever step foot in the WWE!

This drew a lot more heat than before…

Kurt Angle: You people still don’t believe me?! Ask Shawn Michaels then, ask him when you see him limping around all over RAW in the future! Ask him what it felt like to scream like a little bitch while in the Anklelock. Ask him what it felt like to have his ankle nearly broken…he sure as hell won’t forget Kurt Angle for a long time!

Angle smiled to himself with that comment before continuing onto the main point of this evening…

Kurt Angle: Anyways moving on. It’s now time for another Hometown Invitational. So San Diego, give me what you’ve got!

Some generic music started to play on the titantron as a Cruiserweight-sized wrestlers made his way out from the back and down into the ring. Angle walked up to him…

Kurt Angle: So kid, your name is?

Challenger: Jose, Jose Casada.

Kurt Angle: Wow, sounds foreign, hardly like any of the backward people that live in this town…but i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt kid. Let’s get this thing on.

Angle chucked the microphone through the ropes towards the announcers table as the match got underway. It was understandably very short as Angle toyed with Casada from the word go. He eventually locked up with him and delivered a couple of German Suplexes. Following that Angle hit the Angle Slam on his groggy opponent, before finishing him off with the Anklelock for the submission victory. It was another win for Angle in his “Hometown Invitational” – and typically he celebrated it like he had just defeated Shawn Michaels for a second time!

Winner: Kurt Angle

Time: 1:21

Match Rating: ¾*

63% - 64% - 61%

U.S. Champion Meets Booker T

Orlando Jordan was shown walking down a corridor backstage as Smackdown continued. He was dressed as smart as usual in a suit – with his United States Title around his waist. He had a big grin on his face and was carrying a coffee in his right hand, but then he turned the corner…and the grin disappeared instantly. He was facing Booker T…

Booker T: Orlando Jordan, whasup sucka!

Jordan smiled and tried to continue walking, but was stopped again by Booker.

Booker T: You’re going somewhere awfully fast there, you still runnin’ errands for JBL?!

Orlando Jordan: Yeah, well…

Booker T: Yeah well nothin’ sucka! You’re better than that and you know it! You’re the United States Champion and that belt means somethin’ y’know! He ain’t the champ no more, you’re now better than him ‘cause you got gold, and he ain’t! An’ that’s comin’ from one black man to another…

Jordan just looked down at his belt as Booker continued…

Booker T: Think about it man, but also jus’ to let ya know I’ve just put in a request with our General Manager…for a shot at that title right there! So I’ll be seein’ ya soon…SUCKA!

Booker T: Oh, and think bout what I’ve said…

Booker walked off leaving the US Champion looking slightly concerned. For someone who three minutes ago was happy – he didn’t look too happy now. Jordan had been comfortable as US champion for a while…but now he had a real contender chasing after his gold. Smackdown headed back out to ringside…

70% - Booker T lost overness from this segment.

Bikini Challenge

Featuring: Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie and Miss Jackie

Tazz was standing in the ring with a microphone in hand as Miss Jackie was making her way down to the ring.

Tazz: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the great honour tonight of hostin’ the Bikini Challenge we’ve got for ya all! While the ladies come down I’ll run over the rules. Firstly, every one of our females in this Bikini Challenge will individually take off her robe and pose for you, for fifteen seconds. When the music stops they have to stop and then the next woman goes…when we’ve been through everyone YOU guys will choose who wins! It’s simple!

Miss Jackie by now was already in the ring as Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson shortly joined her…Once all three women were in the ring Tazz continued on the microphone.

Tazz: Ok ladies you all know the rules so let’s do this thing. Jackie you go first!

Jackie smiled and walked away from the ropes in her red gown into the middle of the ring. The music started to play as she untied the garment and removed it…to reveal a tropical bikini! It was multicoloured and had a few fruits placed here and there, like a pineapple and so forth. Both Tazz and the crowd seemed to love it as the music faded out and Jackie put her gown back on again.

Tazz: Thank you Miss Jackie! Dawn, you’re next!

Dawn stepped up in her black gown with a sexy confidence in her face. The music started and she stripped off to reveal a skimpy black number that barely covered her…bits. Tazz was nearly having a seizure in the corner as she performed a few turns and bends here and there! But alas the music stopped and Tazz’s pleasure did the same thing…

Tazz: …wow. Thank you Dawn! Torrie, (lots of cheers) it’s your turn…

The crowd favourite stepped up in her…pink gown! Shocking! The music started and off it came…to reveal a pink bikini that really showed off Torrie’s best curves and features. She made her way over to the ropes and performed a few moves around them as Tazz kept moving around…up and down…and side to side to get the best view…

There was a mass of cheers the more Torrie got moving, so the…happy, yes happy Tazz took her arm as the music stopped and raised it in the air.

Tazz: We have our winner folks! Torrie Wilson!

Jackie joined Torrie in her celebrations as Dawn immediately started to complain to Tazz. He just held his hands up and made his way back to the announcers table as Dawn looked on…she didn’t look happy to have lost. But she did just make her way to the back in the end as Jackie and Torrie continued to celebrate into the commercial break.

Winner: Torrie Wilson

79% - Dawn Marie gained overness from this segment.

-: commercial break :-

The Big Show vs. Luther Reigns

Back from the break and it was time for the contest that would put the Big Show against Luther Reigns in singles action. Unsurprisingly this was a short match that saw Reigns attempt to jump Show from behind…only to simply get his ass handed to him all over the ring. Eventually Show nailed a chokeslam to get the win after what was a short one-sided contest to say the least. Show celebrated in the ring as Reigns slid out to the floor, he wasn’t happy that he lost this one at all!

Winner: The Big Show

Time: 2:17

Match Rating: *1/2

72% - 74% - 69%

Luther’s Revenge…

While Show continued to celebrate to the crowd he failed to notice that Reigns was shoving his way past the timekeeper…He grabbed a steel chair and folded it back up before sliding back into the ring. Show had his back to Reigns as he pulled the chair back! And cracked him right in the back of the skull! Reigns followed up with a couple more shots to the back of the skull as Show half-fell onto the ropes…the 7 foot, 500 pound giant actually looked in trouble here! CRACK! Reigns caught him right in the forehead! But he kept going! Show took five more shots to the head! Jesus he was taking some punishment now! A mass of referees eventually came down from the back and managed to push Reigns away - as a crazed expression broke across his face…and blood trickled down Show’s head. Reigns slammed down the steel chair and made his exit as Show touched his head…and felt the blood.

Reigns laughed as he backed down the aisle…as Show snapped! The sight of his own blood was enough as he in turn took down each referee in the ring! Chokeslam after Chokeslam! He had been caught off guard by Reigns this time, but the sense was that he wasn’t going to be again! Smackdown went to its final break as Reigns continued to point at the pissed off giant standing in the ring…

60% - The Big Show lost overness from this segment.

-: commercial break :-

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Smackdown returned ready for main event action as Michael Cole and Tazz ran down the card already signed for next week…JBL and John Cena for the WWE Title as well as the Kurt Angle Invitational. Cole then commented how the next time there is a Bikini Challenge he’s going to be doing the in-ring duties. Tazz disagreed but there was no time for arguing as “Viva La Raza” hit around the arena. The sleeping crowd erupted into their loudest cheers of the night as Eddie Guerrero made his way out from the back in a yellow Lowrider. A few fancy jumps and tricks later Eddie was in the ring taunting on the turnbuckles…and awaiting his tag team partner, tag team champion partner – Rey Mysterio. “619” hit as a wall of pyro went off to signal Mysterio’s entrance into the arena. He landed in the aisle and slapped hands with a few fans before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Some more taunting later and it was finally main event time, the Wrestlemania rematch was on!

Eddie however wasn’t going to play fair as the ring bell rang, his “Lie, Cheat and Steal” moto was in full swing as he jumped Rey and knocked him into the mat with an axe handle - before providing a few stomps to the chest. Rey though was quick and managed to slide himself under the bottom rope to safety. He eventually got back into the ring and slowly managed to etch out some offensive moves of his own every now and again – although Eddie was defiantly in control for this first period of the match. He caught Rey with a spinning backbreaker off the ropes into the first cover of the match, 1…2…Kick out. Eddie then repeated the same manoeuvre to add some more damage to the spine of Mysterio, but this time he didn’t bother with the cover and instead locked in a chinlock from behind – with his knee embedded in Rey’s spine…Eddie then rolled Rey around and down into an armbar – with his knee still in the spine. Clever offence to say the least. However Mysterio is a fighter, and he proved it as he managed to counter a Mexican Surfboard submission attempt into a quick dropkick to the face! He went for the cover, 1…2…Kick out. But now Eddie for the first time was truly disadvantaged…he had kept Rey grounded for so long, but now Rey could exploit his speed and agility to its finest. He caught Eddie with a hurricarana off the ropes for another two count before following that up with a couple of fast, standing dropkicks. Mysterio then rolled under Eddie’s leg as he went for a kick – and rolled him up into a School Boy pin with the other stationary leg! 1…2…Kick out again!

Rey kept going as he grabbed Eddie’s arm and twisted it – before jumping up into the corner and coming off with a massive armdrag takedown from the top rope! It could have looked more impressive, but it sure as hell did the job as Eddie clutched at his hurting arm. It looked like it could have popped out of joint! The offensive continued on the arm for a few more minutes as Mysterio looked to punish Eddie for his damage earlier…but then a gap appeared for Eddie to get back into the match, and he took it! He countered an Irish whip and sent Mysterio back first into the corner! Rey held his back as Eddie charged in with a clothesline! Rey hit the deck – his spine now looked to be really hurting him. Rey just lay down flat on his front, his arm was continuing to hold his back as Eddie went onto the top rope…he came off WITH A FROG SPLASH TO REY’S BACK! Rey half popped up in pain before Eddie pulled him down and hooked the leg! 1…2…3! The Wrestlemania rematch had gone to Eddie! He had evened the score against his tag team partner – who was still in absolute pain from that final Frog Splash to the back. Eddie celebrated his win briefly…before turning back around and checking on Rey. They may have been in a battle tonight – but they were still partners. Eddie helped him up…and they embraced! The WWE Tag Team Champions jointly celebrated the match as Smackdown went off the air…it had been a classic.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Time: 24:34

Match Rating: ***

80% - 79% - 81%

Overall Show Rating: 73%

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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Well I'm reading this in hopes that it will turn out as good as your TNA Diary was, here are some comments on the show;

-I liked the opening segment with Cena, a bit sketchy but smooth enough to make it seem like something that Cena would say. JBL coming out and saying that he gets his rematch next week and not at the PPV makes me happy, I'm just hoping you don't decide to put the belt back on Bradshaw. Did he say something about Cena being the FIRST draft, I guess you'll be going on with a draft like the internet rumors say? That could be interesting.

-London defending against Akio, that's always a good match, really couldn't see Akio going away with the gold, outcome just as I predicted I hope you make a better CW Division than WWE has.

-I liked the Rey and Eddie segment as well, got Guerrero down to a tee, the whisper was cool. I'm wondering if you'll be doing a bait and switch and turn Rey instead.

-The Carlito segment was a good comedy segment. Went over really well, the hand written notes and all, very Carlito. nice angle.

-Kurt Angle Invitational was just like they always are, I wonder who you're going to have the Olympic Hero feud with next.

-Booker/ Jordon could be interesting, myself I would rather see Booker T main eventing but knowing you there's something in stor for us. I'll be reading on.

-Geesh Torrie wins another Bikini Challenge, where's her crown lol. Gotta keep with the realness, and it's something that WWE does, I didn't really mind the segment.

-Reigns gets squashed! Don't mind that at all, he should have stayed with Jindrak atleast then he was somewhat watchable. Hopefully you can find something for him though.

-Then he layed Big Show out, I dunno maybe I could get into that feud.

-Eddie beats Rey, glad you went with that. Still no turn, but I know somewhere down the line something is going to happen. Overall good show, I'll definatly be keeping up.

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Yay, a TAFKA diary! Woohoo!

I liked the first show, and the stip of Cena possibly going to RAW makes for something interesting. Is this your way of guaranteeing Cena will win, or do you genuinely have trouble with Cena's character and are therefore writing him out?

And who will you give yourself in return when the draft comes around?


I'll keep reading, but I kinda miss spoilers. You gotta bring the spoilers back, man!

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Guest ClearTheBong

I like the fact if Cena loses he gets shipped off. The whole Carlito segment was very well written and I enjoyed it, that's cool! The ME was good stuff, I am just wondering which one is turning heel and when. I like it so far.

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Gonna try feedback a little differently here, so we're writing as we're reading.....

- Okay starting the show with Cena was really a given but I felt that maybe you could have stretched his promo out a little more before the inevitable interruption and this one is from JBL. Aaarrgghh, improper grammer, "I did" - "I have done". Minor but I get uptight about things like that. Title re-match next week, okay fair enough but I sincerely hope he isn't getting the title back. You have more sense than that. Hey Cena needing to win to stay on Smackdown is a nice touch, and now I know that maybe he is going to lose. It'd be a nice way to get Cena out your hair if you don't like writing him. But when your other optiion is JBL? This is a rock and this is a hard place. You're in the middle. Still ends on a nice touch, two well written segments.

- The first wrestling action of the show is cruiserweight action? Hey it's WCW! Nope but good to see you taking the London/Akio series and putting it on Smackdown, but the smark in me makes me a sad bunny it only went 7 minutes.

- Nice segment to put some tension between Guerrero and Mysterio. I see the Tag Titles being vacated by the end of the night.

- That's not cool! 'Nuff said.

- Angle's promo was nice and got its point across before a squash match. I've not really gotten into the Invitational in real life but maybe you can make me get into it in this diary.

- The US Title really needs some kind of program to get people interested but is Booker really the person to challenge Orlando Jordan? He's getting on a bit. Unless this is a new mentor/protége relationship about to start?

- You put that effort into the bikini contest? Almost makes me feel like reading it, so I did. It was generic, and didn't even follow the standard "heel gets angry and beats down winner" ending.

- Show squashes Reigns. Next!

- So is this a push for Reigns or Show? Reigns as a psychotic chair wielding maniac or Show as a psychotic "get me once, shame on you, get me twice, shame on me" character.

- Eddie working over the back is a nice touch and I wonder if after all that offence Mysterio would be as mobile as you're allowing him to be here. Okay the arm of Guerrero hurts that's good, and now Guerrero wins. No 3 Amigos? :( Okay so we've still got Tag Champions so I was wrong on that front.

- Thumbs in the middle for this show.

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user posted image

WWE Smackdown

Weekly Newsletter

By Thomas Smith

Part 1 – Smackdown and Velocity Ratings:

We got a 4.09 rating for 'Velocity'!

The attendance level was 7029 people.

We made $281160 from ticket sales.

We got a 6.07 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 6515 people.

We made $260600 from ticket sales.

Part 2 – Smackdown Injuries:

On the injuries front it looks like Rob Van Dam won’t be back on Smackdown until September at the earlist. Although it must be stressed that is the earliest RVD will be seen back, chances are he could be out until December if things don’t go to plan…

Chavo Guerrero has confirmed he will be able to start wrestling again in the first week of May. While Carlito Caribbean Cool (who was suspended this week) is expected to return to a wrestling role around the same time.

The Dudley Boyz could be recalled to Smackdown next month also (as the prospected ECW Pay-Per-View collapses – more on that later) as they are ready to return to the ring after a lengthy break from Smackdown.

Shannon Moore hasn’t been given a return date as he still rests following his car accident. However knowing WWE he will be back inside the ring next month.

Part 3 – Smackdown News:

The biggest news this week has to be the breakdown of the ECW Pay-Per-View scheduled for June. The decision was taken by WWE management to pull the event following it was confirmed that they couldn’t bring in a lot of the talent from outside the federation they wanted. One ex-ECW wrestler was quoted to have said, “Why should we help them? They have already fired me once, I’ll prefer to go and work Hardcore Homecoming!”. The arena booking has been cancelled, however rumours this week are emerging that the now vacant spot could be used for the return of the “King of the Ring” event. Smackdown’s writers are said to be pushing the return of KOTR the most to Vince McMahon and an announcement is expected in the near future.

The roster Draft has been confirmed, and it will go down on Monday April 18th live on RAW. This year’s draft will see five RAW and five Smackdown superstars traded across the brands. There isn’t much current news or rumours as to who is moving where – apart from how it’s already known if John Cena looses the WWE Championship on Smackdown next week he will automatically be drafted to RAW.

Continuing on with John Cena, he is set to change his theme music for the second time in as many weeks. The WWE Champion went to management with his worries that his new theme wasn’t working the crowd up enough, so it was decided that from next week’s show Cena will use his “Untouchables” song (from the ThemeAddict CD) as his theme music.

The Undertaker isn’t expected to return to Smackdown for a couple of weeks, he has been granted this time off before Smackdown really starts building towards Judgment Day – and interestingly enough on that front Taker is booked in house shows to face Carlito Caribbean Cool throughout the month of May…

Thank you for joining me for this first weekly edition of the Weekly Newsletter, I’ll cya next time!

Thomas Smith

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Guest The Real Deal

Really thought Eddie was going to turn on Rey.

Its ok so far I can't wait for the draft to see who you bring in and who is shipped off.

I like the newsletter it brings a sense of realism to the diary.

Smackdown Notes

- Good smackdown especially the Carlito segment. I feel you really got the Carlito character in that segment. Good work!

- Eddie and Rey match was well written.

- A few grammar issues and using spell check might help but that doesn't really bother me stating as im not the best with grammar.

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Great Diary So Far.

THe CCC seg,emt was gold you got it to a tee. Hopefully Cena will lose and get drafted. Thast just because i dont like him though. But like someon said you are stuc k with the belt on JBL then though. The dudleys should return as faces IMHO so they can get a "good" tag feud going for the belts when you vacate them or Eddy and Rey will fight over them.

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Well, I'll do what ADG did nd comment on the show as I went along, first let me say I'm goign to be definitely reading this diary TAFKA and look forward to it to maybe even last longer than your TNA one.

You open with Cena and that works, Cena does a generic promo that I'm not fan of seeing well on TV, but you kept it short before JBL came in and ruined the party. JBL getting a title shot on SD! is deifnitely better than a title shot at a pay per view, works better for rematches, unless they are BIG matches. I like the stipulation that if JBL wins, Cena gets drafted to RAW. Its one of those type of situations where you think it might mean thats a definite "He's staying" stip, or you dont want his character on Smackdown. I hope Cena wins, because as much as Cena doesnt impress me, he has a lot of potential if you give him a new gimmick, or such like.

Match results are nice and short and to the point, which works. Quick cruiserweight match to get things rolling. I wouldn't have chosen Akio, instead would have gone with a 5th match being on PPV, but thats just me. Anyways nice write up and then we are back to the backstage area.

Its a nice touch for Eddie to trya dn get isnide the head of Mysterio before they go for the Mania rematch. I look to a Mysterio turn later in the night, and if not, sometime in the future. However, I do think Eddie will take the win here and then we can go for a 3rd and final match, with Rey being a heel by then and it being the blowoff to a feud.

Carlito interview was nicely done and I love Carlito, he's a funny guy and this angle took advantage of that. The faked letters leading to him getting suspended is a good touch, but the main thing I got out of this segment was that we are going to get a Carlito interview segment. About time Smackdown get a guy like Carlito doing an interview segment, and hope you keep it going. You once again really caught all the guys well in this segment.

Not much to really say about the Angle Invitational segment, but I hope it leads somewhere again, it lead to a HBK/Angle feud and I hope it brings in his next feud, maybe bringing a new guy from the indy scene in, a guy who actually defeats Angle.

I dont know where the Booker T and Orlando Jordan angle was meant to go, but it is a segment I'm skipping over really. I got that Booker wants Jordan to leave The Cabinet, but it didnt interest me really. Not really your writing as my dislike to both guys characters and the way the WWE treated them. If it builds up I may start reading, but right now it isnt grabbing my attention.

Diva Segment, much like Smackdown would do, anyways, skipped over this... Diva segments are total shit, I see you trying to keep realism, but please dont have them every week.

Well, another 2 guys who bore me but I read because I wanted to see what you could do with them, both, and it was actually mildly interesting. Will this lead to a Reigns/Show feud? A push for one of them? I'm not sure, but this side of Show is actually interesting. Show as the animal that destroys everything in its path. Kind of like Rhyno in ECW.

This was what I was looking forward too, and damn, after reading it all I definitely was happy. It went through all the motions that needed going through and it just worked for me. The match told a story, and not many diaries I've read can put across a story for me. The psychology was there and I just loved it. Definite highlight of the night, only bad thing for me was that I didnt get it right :( Ah well, we wait for another day until they do split up.

*** 1/2. (Y)

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Yep, writing and reading.

* Good way to warm up the crowd, with Cena's first appearence as champ.

* And out comes JBL. You seem to have his character down quite well, and the "if you lose, you're out" stip. is a good one. I don't really see Cena losing his title so soon, but we'll see.

* London retains, not really surprising. Good to see the two on SmackDown! though.

* More friction between Eddie and Rey, nothing but a good thing. Hopefully we'll see Eddie turn heel, which will hopefully lead to some more Los Guerreros goodness.

* Nice little comedy segment with Carlito, seems very SD-ish. Surprised that we're not going to see Carlito for three weeks, what with the WWE seeming intent on keeping him on screen. Maybe we'll see some 'unexpected' appearences?

* Angle interview was good, putting himself over after his win. Typical Angle Invitation squash, it'll be interesting to see how long you continue with it, though.

* Orlando to turn face on JBL? Booker's planted the seeds of doubt in Jordan's mind, but I'd still rather he lost the title ASAP.

* Time filler with the bikini contest. I hope this doesn't lead to a Dawn/Torrie feud, but oh well. With the possibilty of Eddie turning, I guess you have to make some sacrifices.

* Not really feeling the Show/Reigns feud that we seem to be heading for, I'm not a major fan of Show and Luther is just... meh. Hopefully it'll be over pretty soon.

* Gah, I still hope we see an Eddie heel turn at some point soon. Still, a well written nonetheless although I'm not entirely happy about the aftermath.

Overall: 6.5/10

Just didn't feel like a 7, but a solid show and a good one to kick off the diary.

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Gotta admire anyone that wants to take the cesspool that is SD! and try to make it a watchable/readable show. However with that said, Bikini contests are a sad, sad, sad thing to include here. I know that WWE puts them on, and I know they are eye candy for the live fans and filler for TV, but what purpose do they serve here? Just curious, as you went all out full board on that write-up. Consider that the worst thing about your opening show.

Beyond that, there wasn't much to love or to hate. It all fell somewhere squarely in the middle creating a sort of "eh" feeling for me. Not what you were hoping to elicit I am sure, but nonetheless what I felt. Whether it was the opening with London and Akio that just didn't click for me, the kinda silly stip that JBL somehow got for his rematch next week, the boring squash and boring after squash attack featuring Show and Reigns, or the meet up in the hallway between Book and Orlando, none of it felt like it was really gonna go anywhere major. Two things got me majorly psyched, that being the good Carlito segment, that resulted in him being off of TV for three weeks for some crazy reason, and the conflict with Rey and Eddie that resulted in a good match, but one with little consequence. So Eddie FINALLY beat Rey, but what did doing this accomplish? His losing to Rey so many times, Rey stealing his thunder in Tag Matches, and Chavo getting in his ear nad built up to a point where we all knew that Eddie was due to snap. Instead of snapping he...wins? Both of the things that psyched me up left me feeling deflated when all was said and done, which is a damn shame.

I look forward to seeing where you go with JBL and Cena on the next show, although I'm afraid I know where that is and it worries me, and to seeing how your draft on the 18th pans out.

Overall I have to give this show a D. It was almost average, but too many letdowns and the bikini challenge killed it for me. However I know what you are capable of, and I look forward to seeing you showing me some of that in the future.


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As I'm likely one of the few that sees some kind of potential in Luther Reigns, I was pretty disappointed to see him victimized in a squash, even if he did get some measure of revenge back against Show after the fact. But if all he did was piss Show off...could this be a way to propel Show back into the main event?

JBL's slimy maneuvering does good things for me as far as his character goes. I like him stacking the deck against Cena, but I have to agree that it won't do a whole lot for Cena or the belt if he loses it this fast. Hopefully, you're not having that big a problem with Cena that you have to ship him out. Hell, I've been given some props for my work on Cena's rhymes, I'd be more than willing to help out if his promos are gonna be an issue.

If JBL costs Booker his US title shot and we have a JBL-Booker feud, that could be Book's ticket back to the main as well. Just a thought.

As far as Eddie and Rey go, I just have one question, TAFKA...are you negotiating with any prominent luchadores with loco names? :shifty: Otherwise, maybe keeping Rey and Eddie together for a while wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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Wow, thanks for all the responses - I'm going to need a full post to go through a lot of what you guys have said. I thank you for that, there's nothing more encouraging to see interest in your work.

Nice little comedy segment with Carlito, seems very SD-ish. Surprised that we're not going to see Carlito for three weeks, what with the WWE seeming intent on keeping him on screen. Maybe we'll see some 'unexpected' appearences?

Maybe... :P

However with that said, Bikini contests are a sad, sad, sad thing to include here. I know that WWE puts them on, and I know they are eye candy for the live fans and filler for TV, but what purpose do they serve here? Just curious, as you went all out full board on that write-up. Consider that the worst thing about your opening show.

It's a good point TGC, I decided to run with a Bikini Contest because I don't want to just change Smackdown overnight. I believe it would be much more productive to stick with the shit to start with and then slowly change it. I would see it as unrealistic myself if I just magically changed everything bad about Smackdown overnight - although it's quite possible to do.

Beyond that, there wasn't much to love or to hate. It all fell somewhere squarely in the middle creating a sort of "eh" feeling for me. Not what you were hoping to elicit I am sure, but nonetheless what I felt.

True I wasn't going for that feeling. However I want to build this diary into the "better days" so to speak, so I expected this sort of thing.

Whether it was the opening with London and Akio that just didn't click for me, the kinda silly stip that JBL somehow got for his rematch next week, the boring squash and boring after squash attack featuring Show and Reigns, or the meet up in the hallway between Book and Orlando, none of it felt like it was really gonna go anywhere major.

Going on the comment that none of it felt like it was going to go anywhere major, that would be an easy one to answer in my view that there is many, many weeks before Judgment Day rolls around. I didn't really want to start the build up at this point towards that event so I just went with things following Wrestlemania. Although I believe each week things will start feeling more major as we progress.

Two things got me majorly psyched, that being the good Carlito segment, that resulted in him being off of TV for three weeks for some crazy reason, and the conflict with Rey and Eddie that resulted in a good match, but one with little consequence. So Eddie FINALLY beat Rey, but what did doing this accomplish? His losing to Rey so many times, Rey stealing his thunder in Tag Matches, and Chavo getting in his ear nad built up to a point where we all knew that Eddie was due to snap. Instead of snapping he...wins? Both of the things that psyched me up left me feeling deflated when all was said and done, which is a damn shame.

Ok, well that's the feeling I was heading for. I like to make things feel worthwhile, I like as a writer to keep things like this situation on-going for longer periods of time. A case would be using my TNA diary how I was going to make Monty Brown the next NWA Heavyweight Champion. However I wasn't going to just do it, I was going to build to it with the odds stacked at him and THEN have him do it. That way it would mean so much more - it's the same situation here. I want to keep that Rey/Eddie situation ongoing for a while longer also because plain and simply I don't have a lot else to work with at the moment. I hope all what I said there sorta made sense in the end. :P

I look forward to seeing where you go with JBL and Cena on the next show, although I'm afraid I know where that is and it worries me, and to seeing how your draft on the 18th pans out.

Well I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens, that's all I can say to that -_-

JBL's slimy maneuvering does good things for me as far as his character goes. I like him stacking the deck against Cena, but I have to agree that it won't do a whole lot for Cena or the belt if he loses it this fast. Hopefully, you're not having that big a problem with Cena that you have to ship him out. Hell, I've been given some props for my work on Cena's rhymes, I'd be more than willing to help out if his promos are gonna be an issue.

Cena's promos are one of my weakest areas, however it's not influenced my decision one way or another in where this is going. And thanks for the offer for help, I'll give you a buzz if I really struggle. :thumbsup:

If JBL costs Booker his US title shot and we have a JBL-Booker feud, that could be Book's ticket back to the main as well. Just a thought.

Just to point out, although it's giving away next week's show I had already thought of that idea. :)

As far as Eddie and Rey go, I just have one question, TAFKA...are you negotiating with any prominent luchadores with loco names? Otherwise, maybe keeping Rey and Eddie together for a while wouldn't be such a bad thing.

We will just have to see where it goes! :D

Thanks again gentlemen for the replys, I hope you stick with me on this one and see where I am going. To just say something, it could be the completly opposite direction you think. :pervert:

Edited by TAFKA Castroneves
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user posted image

WWE Smackdown Preview:

Thursday 14th April 2005

Chicago, Illinois

Smackdown this week comes from Chicago, Illinois as John Cena defends his WWE Championship for the first time…and against a man with retribution and revenge in mind. JBL was the WWE Champion heading into Wrestlemania, but now he is the challenger. However, it doesn’t just end there in this championship encounter…because if John Cena looses the WWE Title, he will (thanks to JBL’s meddling) be automatically the first draft across to the RAW roster on next Monday’s RAW! Will Cena retain his gold and cement his place at the top of the pecking order? Or will JBL win back the title…AND send Cena packing? Find out Thursday!

Last week saw an excellent match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio as the two tag team champions faced off in their Wrestlemania rematch – at the order of Theodore Long. Eddie came off the top rope with a Frog Splash to Rey’s spine to eventually pick up the win…before embracing his partner following the match. Following all their issues there finally seems to be a united front between the two men…and there will need to be this week as they head back into tag action to face the Basham Brothers with the gold up for grabs! Will we see new WWE Tag Team Champions? To be honest, this week could prove to be REAL making or breaking of Rey and Eddie…

Continuing on with championships, it has been confirmed by Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long that this week Booker T will get his shot at the United States gold when he faces Orlando Jordan. Last week Booker requested the title shot, and then gave Orlando a few “home truths”. However with the Cabinet still firmly behind him Booker is still very much the underdog.

The Big Show is one annoyed giant…Last week he completely destroyed Luther Reigns, before being left with blood trickling down his head at the hands of a subsequent steel chair attack. Show may have been able to defeat Reigns one, two, three in a normal match – but Luther proved to have a vicious streak with a weapon in hand. This week they will meet again, with No Disqualifications in place…

Can Luther step up against the 7-foot giant…and beat him? Or will Big Show slam him back down to earth with a thud?

Also! Theodore Long has said he is going to be addressing the situation currently regarding the Undertaker. Taker has not been seen or heard of since his Wrestlemania win over Randy Orton…but will this week see the return of the Deadman? Or will the Smackdown GM have something very different to say…

Plus! The Kurt Angle Hometown Invitational! Someone else will step up to the Olympic Gold Medalist inside the Smackdown ring! It all makes for one massive Smackdown!

Tune in this Thursday! Only on UPN!

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Championship

John Cena © vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

WWE Tag Team Championship

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio © vs. Basham Brothers

No Disqualification

The Big Show vs. Luther Reigns

WWE United States Championship

Orlando Jordan © vs. Booker T

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Looking forwards to SmackDown TAFKA.

I expect Cena to retain, I don't think taking the belt off him so soon would be such a good idea, as well as the fact that SD needs to keep once of its main stars.

Eddie and Rey to retain, but hopefully we'll see the beginnings of an Eddie heel turn/feud between the two.

Reigns to beat Show, but like I said, I'm not really interested in these two at the moment.

Finally, Jordan to retain the title, and I expect you to further the angle you started on last week's episode.

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Guest The Real Deal

Its an ok card.

- Of course Cena is going to retain. I can't wait for this brand draft to see who disappears off Smackdown and who comes in. I expect Christian to come in.

- Bashams to win the belts! Oh im a Bashams mark and I really want them to win this one :P

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It's worth noting that Kurt Angle isn't on this Smackdown, but I am addressing that whole situation in the next Smackdown news. So sorry, no Kurt Angle Hometown Invitational. It's a bugger cause it would have split the show up more. But enjoy anyways!

WWE Velocity Results:

To Be Shown Saturday 16th April 2005

Spike Dudley def. Funaki

Doug Basham def. Scotty 2 Hotty

Tag Team Match

Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki def. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

Heidenreich def. Nunzio

user posted image

WWE Smackdown:

Thursday 14th April 2005

Chicago, Illinois

Smackdown opened with a brief highlights video from last week’s show. It showed the announcement of the WWE Championship match between JBL and John Cena, the build up and climax of the Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio match and The Big Show as a bloodied mess following his post-match attack from Luther Reigns…it then continued to set up this weeks show, before the fireworks exploded around the arena. The different colours lit up the Smackdown set before they eventually came to a halt and the crowd were revealed…

The Cabinet’s Welcome

Just as soon as the visual sweeps around the audience had finished “Longhorn” hit around the arena. Michael Cole and Tazz continued to welcome everyone to Smackdown as it seemed JBL was heading out to ringside. However when the limo drew out…there was only three members of the Cabinet present. The Basham’s were first out as the driver opened the door, and they were followed by the United States Champion Orlando Jordan. So no JBL…Jordan waved to the booing crowd with a smile on his face before heading down to the ring. Once there he took a microphone.

Orlando Jordan: Ladies and Gentlemen! I guess you are all wondering where our leader John “Bradshaw” Layfield is this evening. (boos) Well to answer that there is no need for any of you to worry! He is backstage right now preparing for his WWE Title match later on this evening. (boos) Where he will become the WWE Champion once again! (more boos)

Orlando Jordan: But now it’s time for me to go up against a man with my title on the line – who just last week told me I should turn my back on the Cabinet. Told me I was better than the Cabinet. Well Booker, the Cabinet gave me my break here on Smackdown. If it wasn’t for the Cabinet I wouldn’t be the United States Champion today! And you seriously think I am going to give it all up…just because YOU say so? That makes me…

“CAN YOU DIG IT…SUCKA!!!” hit around the arena as Jordan stopped dead in his tracks. Booker T was out in the aisle and he was ready for action in his wrestling attire. The time for speaking was over as Jordan took off his shirt and jacket and prepared himself for action. The challenger climbed into the ring as the Basham Brothers took their position at ringside…the United States Title match was on!


WWE United States Championship

Orlando Jordan © vs. Booker T

The bell rang as Booker and Orlando locked up to get the contest underway. It was the champion who took the early advantage with a series of moves off the ropes. He then took Booker down to the mat with a ground-based headlock as he looked to wear down the challenger further…but Booker started to fight back! He nailed Orlando with some right hands before firmly grabbing the control in the match with a spinebuster! The cover managed a two count as Orlando just kicked out. But from there Booker struggled to make his advantage pay as Orlando came back with a few punches and a suplex. Moments later however Booker countered a headlock attempt and threw Orlando off the ropes…into a kick and then the Scissors Kick! That had to be all! Booker hooked the leg! 1…2…The Bashams pulled Booker off Orlando! He had the title won and the Bashams had just screwed him! Booker turned and tried to throw a fist over the top rope as the referee pushed him back. The ref then turned to lecture the Bashams as…wait a minute! JBL slid into the ring! CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Booker was nailed with it! And the referee didn’t see it! Orlando dropped an arm as the referee finally turned around! 1…2…3! Orlando was still the United States Champion! Bradshaw had proven the deciding factor! His interference was enough to cost Booker the chance at becoming the United States Champion! He slid back into the ring and started to shout down at Booker as Jordan lifted his title above his head. Booker without a doubt had paid the price for his words against the Cabinet…

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Time: 5:15

Match Rating: **1/4

76% - 77% - 75% - Orlando Jordan gained overness from this match.

-: commercial break :-

The Champ Is Here!

As The Cabinet celebrated down the aisle the attention then diverted entirely backstage…where John Cena was arriving! The crowd could be heard cheering very loudly as the WWE Champion grabbed his bag from the back seat of his car. He smiled to that response before looking across the car park. Cena then shut the door and put the bag over his shoulder before walking through into the arena and towards the locker rooms…



Following the shots of John Cena arriving in the car park the live shots continued from the same location. And following a quick sweep from right to left the camera suddenly stopped…and focused in on one car in the distance. The focus came back in as…it showed Carlito Caribbean Cool! He was crouching down by the front wheel of a car! Carlito seemingly was scouting the area to see if the coast was clear…but as he stood up he turned around straight into Theodore Long!

Carlito Caribbean Cool: …Damnit!

Theodore Long: Now what are you doin’ here playa?

Carlito Caribbean Cool: I’m here Teddy Long, because all the people want to see Carlito…They come here for Carlito…

Theodore Long: I understand what you are sayin’ Carlito, I understand…

Carlito started to smile and nod his head as the Smackdown General Manager continued…

Theodore Long: BUT! You are suspended still for two more weeks. So I don’t want to see you here until then! You hearin’ me? Go home!

Carlito Caribbean Cool: What am I supposed to do for two weeks?!

Theodore Long: Do whatev…

Long paused for a moment. It seemed an idea had popped into his head…

Theodore Long: …You know what, I have a job for you to do playa. I know what you can do for the next two weeks.

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Cool, cool.

Theodore Long: You can go and find your first guest for your little interview segment…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: Tropical Times…

Theodore Long: Yes, Tropical Times…you can go and find your first guest for that playa!

Carlito smiled and turned to leave, but Long stopped him…

Theodore Long: No there is more Carlito. Hang on. You see I have already picked your first guest for you. All you need to do…is to find him. He’s been missing since Wrestlemania you see. Because your first guest in two weeks time is…THE UNDERTAKER!

Carlito’s face just turned to shock as the realization set in his mind…he would have to find the Undertaker and have him as the first guest on his interview show!

Theodore Long: Now, get out of here before I call security.

Long turned and walked away…

Carlito Caribbean Cool: But! But! Teddy Long! How I am supposed to find the Undertaker?

The Smackdown General Manager turned back while walking away…

Theodore Long: That’s up to you playa!

Long walked off again leaving Carlito…who quickly turned around and headed off in the opposite direction. Wherever the Undertaker was, Carlito now had to find him! However for this moment it was time for some more in-ring action as Smackdown went back out to ringside.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London © vs. Billy Kidman

The second match on Smackdown would see the second title defence (on this show with every title up for grabs). This time it was the turn for the cruiserweights to get inside the squared circle as Paul London had his gold up for grabs against the challenge of Billy Kidman. The champion started with passion as he took down his ex-partner with a few armdrag takedowns and seized temporarily control of the match. London’s attacks peaked however following a failed hurricarana attempt – which saw Kidman just use the momentum to dump the champion open-legged onto the top rope. He followed it up with a running dropkick that sent London to the floor! Kidman saw his chance to take the title as he quickly rolled London back into the ring and hooked the leg, 1…2…Kick out. Kidman’s frustration though proved ultimately to be his downfall, he kept working away in an attempt to get the win – and fell straight into the champion’s hands. He ran off the ropes and was quickly dragged down into a school boy by London! 1…2…3! London retained the Cruiserweight title! Kidman slammed his hands down onto the mat in disbelief as London celebrated his second successful title defence in as many weeks. In all honestly though, Kidman had thrown that one away himself.

Winner: Paul London

Time: 5:09

Match Rating: ***3/4

80% - 67% - 94%

-: commercial break :-

Los Guerreros Confrontation

Backstage Eddie Guerrero was shown sitting down in his locker room. He was rather agitated and repeatedly looking at his watch…as the sound of a door opening nearby could be heard. It was Chavo Guerrero…

Chavo Guerrero: Hey Eddie! What’s going on man?

Eddie Guerrero: Nothing, nothing Chavito.

Chavo Guerrero: Where’s Rey? You guys have got an important title match coming up soon!

Eddie Guerrero: I don’t know homes, I don’t know where he is…

Eddie kept looking at his watch now and again as Chavo briefly touched his injured eye, before putting his hand onto his chin…

Chavo Guerrero: There was me thinking after last week you two were cool man…

Eddie stood up following that comment and turned towards Chavo.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey Chavo, we are cool man, me and Rey are fine essay!

Chavo Guerrero: (more angrily) Yeah! Well why the hell isn’t he here man?! You need to wake up and smell the coffee! You and Rey will NEVER be fine!

Eddie paused for a moment and just took in what Chavo had said, before providing a rather sombre response…

Eddie Guerrero: Why are you doing this Chavo? Why are you even here homes!?

Chavo Guerrero: Why? Because I can see this whole thing from the outside while you’re just stuck deep in the middle of it. Unlike you I can see what’s truly going on here! Rey is messing you around Eddie! Why can’t you just see that?

Those words seemed to really hit home for Eddie as he just sat down again.

Chavo Guerrero: You’ve got some major thinking to do man…

Chavo turned and left as Eddie picked up his tag title belt. There was a further pause as then the sound of the door opening could be heard again…except this time it was Rey himself.

Rey Mysterio: Hey.

Eddie Guerrero: Hey…

There was a very uncomfortable pause momentarily as Rey put his bag down next to Eddie.

Rey Mysterio: Sorry I’m late man, there was lots of traffic…

Eddie didn’t make eye contact and just continued to look at his belt…

Eddie Guerrero: It’s cool homes…

Rey Mysterio: Cool.

Rey then turned his attention to getting ready as everything seemed ok in his eyes. However the camera focused down on Eddie, who was still unable to look up and make eye contact with his partner. Chavo had planted some seeds of distrust back in Eddie’s mind again…

76% - Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment.

No Disqualification

The Big Show vs. Luther Reigns

Back out at ringside the film-style countdown started on the titantron as the Big Show made his way out ready for his No Disqualification match. He wore a plaster on his forehead from last week’s assault and had a determined look in his eye – he was looking for revenge here tonight. Once in the ring Luther Reigns’ music cut in around the arena, and the man himself walked out from behind the curtain with a steel chair in hand. Sorry THE steel chair in hand (from last week). He slowly made his way down to the ring while showing Show the chair that he had with him. It then took a long period of time for Reigns to even get in the ring as Show stood firm by the ring ropes, moving around all sides of the ring. However eventually he managed to get inside as the referee called for the bell.

Show charged in with a massive boot as Reigns had the steel chair knocked clean from his grasp. Show then took down Reigns with a sloppy scoop slam as he turned his attention towards the chair. While Reigns slowly tried to get up onto his feet Show just raised the steel chair up, he was ready to inflict some damage, some revenge as Reigns stood up!…And ducked the chair shot! Show dropped the chair and was nailed with a kick as Reigns somehow managed to put the giant onto the back foot. He knocked Show around all over the ring before running in with a clothesline over the top to the floor! That was incredibly impressive from Reigns! The battle continued on the outside with Show starting to fight back, although by the time it came back into the ring the match was still very much an open affair. No weapons had been used, until Show FINALLY grabbed the steel chair – and caught Luther right in the skull with it! 

He then picked up Reigns and went for the chokeslam! But Reigns countered down into an armbar with head scissors! He continued to hold the submission as Show just seemingly passed out! The end seemed in sight as Reigns grabbed the steel chair…and placed it over Show’s neck!! No! Reigns climbed onto the top rope!! And jumped off driving his boot onto the chair!!! The crowd finally came into life as Show’s lifeless seven foot frame was covered!! He had to have a broken neck damnit!! 1…2…3! Reigns won the match!! This had been one massive turn up for the books. Reigns had just completely taken out the Big Show! He celebrated his win with a foot over Show’s chest and his own arms raised…as the medical staff filled the ring. Smackdown went to a commercial break with the shot of Reigns lying down on the mat and slapping the lifeless Show across the face…this man now was a true monster. Hell, he was the true monster of Smackdown now!

Winner: Luther Reigns

Time: 7:26

Match Rating: ½*

67% - 73% - 56% - Luther Reigns gained overness from this match. The Big Show didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating.

-: commercial break :-

Returning from the break there was some brief highlights shown of the Big Show being taken away from the arena in the back of an ambulance. He had not regained consciousness at all following that horrific ending to the No Disqualification match, and there was very much a sense of concern in the air. But that took a backseat as it was time for the WWE Tag Team Title match…

WWE Tag Team Championship

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio © vs. Basham Brothers

The challengers made their way down to the ring first as the crowd gave them quite a vocal response. They had proved a deciding factor earlier on in the United States Title match and hadn’t made themselves any more popular as a result. Once in the ring “Viva La Raza” immediately burst into life…and Eddie Guerrero drove out in a dark green lowrider. He performed a few jumps in the vehicle before climbing out and heading down into the aisle. He was then joined by his tag team partner as “619” cut in…Rey sprung up from the side of the titantron and quickly made his way down the aisle. They then both stormed the ring as the match got underway!

There was a lot of brawling all over the ring as the match began, and it took the referee a lot of time to restore some order between the two teams. Eventually though he did manage it – and the two legal men were decided as Eddie and Doug Basham. From there the challengers took the early advantage as Eddie’s seemingly distracted mind caused him to get taken down all over the ring. Doug locked in a rear choke hold on Eddie as Rey attempted to get the crowd behind his partner…the stomps did eventually work as Eddie broke out and took down Doug with a dropkick. However as he moved over to Rey he stopped and reconsidered making the tag! That allowed Danny Basham to get his tag into the match and mow down Latino Heat from behind with an axe handle! Rey didn’t know what to think about that as the assault continued on Eddie… and he was getting beaten all over the place, near-fall after near-fall went down as the Bashams continued to dominate. But then, Rey had seen enough. He jumped into the ring as the new legal man Doug was tagged into the match – and he ran in with a running dropkick! Danny then got himself sent to the floor as Mysterio sprung off the middle turnbuckle with a clothesline! Doug stumbled back onto his feet as Mysterio ran across…and nailed a hurricarana! He was having to save this match for his team…and now Eddie was standing!

Rey turned around to face his partner…they looked at each other for a moment as Doug Basham was momentarily back up! He knocked Rey into Eddie! Eddie fell through the ropes to the floor as Doug got the rollup!! 1…2…Rey rolled through!!! 1…2…3!! Rey had done it!!! He had won the match!!! The referee handed over Rey his title as Eddie slid back into the ring and also collected his, although neither man was looking in a celebratory mood…

Winners: Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio

Time: 16:13

Match Rating: **1/2

77% - 77% - 78% - The WWE Tag Team titles have gained in image. Doug Basham is losing overness because of his weak gimmick. Danny Basham is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

The Tag Team Champions…

The two champions then just started to argue…Rey asked Eddie what the hell was going on in the match, and Eddie replied back with a simple shove! Security quickly ran down from the back and filled the ring as Eddie went after Rey with some more right hands! The two tag team champions were separated as Rey was still asking what the hell was going on! One half of the security team quickly dragged Eddie off towards the back as he attempted (and nearly managed) to break away and tear into Mysterio some more! Rey continued to stand in the ring completely stunned as Chavo then ran down from the back to help escort Eddie away…even though he had to have caused all this with his comments earlier on! 

Meanwhile in the ring Rey just looked at his tag title belt…and threw it down! With Eddie being led away by security, and Rey leaving his belt in the ring surely this spelled the end for the tag team champions! Was the Eddie/Mysterio partnership finally…over?!

Rey stormed off to the back past Eddie - who was STILL having to be restrained, he was pretty annoyed to say the least. When Rey had gone through the curtain...Chavo quickly went back down to the ring. He grabbed the WWE Tag Team Title belt, and took it with him to the back! He acted like he wasn't doing anything abnormal either! Was this his plan all along!? Did he want to split Eddie and Rey up to return to the tag scene with Eddie!?


John “Bradshaw” Layfield Interview

Despite the previous turn of events there was still a main event to come on Smackdown. So the action went backstage, where Josh Matthews was shown standing by with John “Bradshaw” Layfield…

Josh Matthews: Wow, I can’t believe what we have just seen but JBL, up next you face John Cena for the WWE Championship…

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: (interrupting) Yes (smiles) yes I do. Next I am going to step into the ring and bring back the WWE Title to where it belongs…around the waist of John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and back into my Cabinet.

Josh Matthews: But of course it doesn’t end there, you have made it known how there is more on the line than just the title for John Cena…

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: Yes Josh, the boy has got himself into a difficult situation. Just like Booker T did earlier with Orlando. (smiles again) While John Cena may be the champion at this precise moment…he still doesn’t hold the power around here, that power still belongs with me. And the truth of the matter is I just can’t stand John Cena. I can’t stand to see him out in the ring, in the back, in the locker room, or on the Smackdown roster period! He is a poor excuse for a wrestler, and tonight, I will bring the WWE Championship back to a respected wrestler in…me. And tonight! I guarantee you, that I will start my second era here on Smackdown…as the WWE Champion. Cena’s joke reign as champion…IS OVER!

JBL left with a smile spread across his face…he truly believed that he was going to become the WWE champion once again momentarily. Hell, he had even guaranteed it as Smackdown went to it’s final commercial break.

92% - John “Bradshaw” Layfield gained overness from this segment.

-: commercial break :-

WWE Championship

John Cena © vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

Michael Cole and Tazz ran over the main points heading into this match as “Longhorn” hit around the arena. It was now indeed time for the WWE Championship match, the re-match from Wrestlemania 21. JBL stepped out from his limo as it made its second appearance of the evening, he was also surprisingly minus his normal Cabinet support out at ringside…after a lengthy walk to the ring Bradshaw gave some peace signs out on the turnbuckles before awaiting his opponent. The challenger’s music stopped as the crowd’s anticipation built…and a small “Cena” chant broke out. This was a “Rock-esque” silence before “Untouchables” then burst into life…built up in such a way that the crowd just literally exploded into the loudest cheers heard all evening, Cena was very much the fan favourite here in Chicago. He slowly made his way down into the ring, acknowledging the fans either side of the aisle. Decked out in his WWE Title belt, Word Life Knuckles along with other chains and bits he looked very much ready to defend his title for the first time – against the man he had won it off. Once in the ring the referee called for the bell, and it was finally on. WWE Title, John Cena against JBL.

Both men locked up after a few moments sizing each other up, and JBL took down Cena to take the advantage for the first period of the match. However after some concentrated offence Bradshaw started to get sloppier…and this allowed Cena to try and counter a whip off the ropes with a crossbody. But he was actually instead caught by JBL! Into the Fall Away Slam! He didn’t look sloppy then! JBL leant back and made the cover, 1…2…Kick out. Then came the unsurprising ground headlock from Bradshaw as he looked to wear down the champion some more…although in typical fashion Cena fought back. The champion got back to his vertical base and went to whip Bradshaw off the ropes…but JBL ducked as he came back across the ring and ran off the opposite ropes…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! NO! Cena ducked and JBL smashed the referees head off!! Bradshaw was stunned as Cena pulled him up onto his shoulders!! FU!!! Cena hooked the leg! He well and truly had JBL beaten as the crowd made the proverbial three count! But the lack of a referee meant this match was still continuing!

But now the Cabinet were running down from the back!! The Bashams and Orlando Jordan hit the ring as Cena got back onto his feet. The WWE Champion was in a hard place, but he tried to fight all three of them off anyways – and it was working, until Orlando snuck in from behind with a low blow! The Bashams then pulled up Cena and planted him with a double DDT as JBL started to stumble back onto his feet…Cena was in deep deep trouble! Bradshaw was shouting instructions to his men as the rest of the Cabinet started to pull up Cena again…this was a disgusting assault – and this was ultimately going to lead to JBL’s gang screwing Cena out of his WWE Title! BUT WAIT!!

“CAN YOU DIG IT…SUCKA!” HIT AROUND THE ARENA! And Booker T burst out from behind the curtain!! Booker was coming after the Cabinet! He was coming to Cena’s rescue!! He ran down the aisle as the crowd screamed in delight! He slid into the ring…and under a double clothesline attempt from the Bashams! Using his momentum he took down Orlando with a running clothesline! Before turning around and doing the same to the Bashams! Orlando, Danny and Doug Basham were all down! And JBL was now all on his own! Booker was after his revenge from earlier! The pleading began as JBL begged with Booker…but it was no use as he was planted with the Book End!! Booker T had made his mark!! He encouraged Cena to make the cover as another referee ran down from the back!! Cena hooked the leg as Booker went to the outside!! 1…2…3!! CENA RETAINED THE WWE TITLE!!! Thanks to Booker T he was still the WWE Champion! This match was heading towards the screwjob from hell, but Booker had more than evened the odds! Cena was going to remain on Smackdown! The final shots of Smackdown showed Booker just looking at the Cabinet aiding each other to the back, and Cena celebrating in the ring…he was still the champion!

Winner: John Cena

Time: 15:45

Match Rating: **1/2

87% - 94% - 74% - The WWE Championship has gained in image.

Overall Show Rating: 78%

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-Nice opening with Jordon, if you're going to seriously build him up as a star it's nice to see him get some microphone time. I'm I doubt you're going to give the US Title to Booker T, perhaps the Bashams will be the deciding factor in this next match?

-Ah ha! Didn't think you'd pull the title off of Jordon but I wasn't expecting JBL to make a run in. If JBL doesn't win the title tonight (Which I don't think he's going to do) He needs a good feud, and Booker T can give him that.

-Another really good segment with Carlito, I think these will be the highlights of the show as you really capture his character well. I like that you went with something different than "Carlito's Cabana" for creativity. I just hope we don't see the Undertaker decimate Carlito then move on and get back to full time competition. I dunno, I just haven't been into the Undertaker at all since he dropped the Biker gimmick. But hell you made me like Randy Savage in your TNA diary I think you could probably do the same with Taker.

-The Kidman London match came off as watchable, but definatly not the match that they could really have if both were focused. I like how you're keeping the realism with the diary, and giving them about five minutes to work with like WWE actually does, if that makes sense. It'll be interesting to see who emerges as the serious challenger to London's title.

-Damn that evil coniving bastard Chavo! That was a very well written segment, and has me doubting whether Rey and Eddie will be able to hold onto the Tag Team titles later tonight. Really helped to build the heat between Rey and Eddie.

-Holy shit! Luther Reigns killed the Big Show! Hell, if you wanted Reigns to come off as a monster you definatly did it with that match, I was expecting Big show to destroy him and he comes out nearly (maybe he did) breaking Show's neck. Definatley didn't see that coming.

-Rey pulls the win out of his ass and they keep the titles. I guess that's a good thing because the longer they stay together the better the eventual split will be, though I don't think it's going to be too far away.

-Well it wasn't too far away at all, that little bastard Chavo comes out and takes the belt - that being the reason he was forcing the split all along. Great swerve there.

-JBL's interview came off pretty well - which makes me scared that you're going to put the title back on him and that's the last we see of Cena.

-Phew! Cena stays! Nice Main event, very WWE-esque with the Cabinet's run in and Booker T making the save. Since Raw has the Backlash Pay Per View it still gives you time to name a new challenger to Cena's title while Bradshaw feuds with Booker, I think that's where you might be going. But then again the draft could screw that all up.

-I enjoyed this weeks show, with the draft on Monday's RAW I guess next show we'll be seeing who comes in and who gets the boot. It'll be interesting to see what goes down. Keep up the good work, I'll be reading.

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Reading and writing, yo

- Surprised you let the Cabinet open up the show without JBL, without him they're even more bland. At least you kept it short though.

- Decent match between Booker and Orlando, and a good way to seemingly end the Jordan turning his back on the Cabinet bit.

- Cena filler, at least we know he's made it :shifty:

- Haven't we seen this Carlito/finding Undertaker bit before? It seems a little soon to be rehashing an angle that we saw a couple of weeks before WrestleMania, but it gives Carlito something to do I suppose.

- Kidman/London stuff continued nicely. Hopefully they're going to continue getting some decent airtime, London deserves it.

- Chavo's a fucking awesome shit stirrer. The Eddie/Rey feud is back on track, which makes me a happy panda.

- You know how I feel about Luther/Show, but at least you did a good job of selling Reigns as the new monster on SmackDown. But I have a nasty feeling this is going to drag on into the coming weeks.

- Good old Chavo. More Guerrero/Rey awesomeness, and with Chavo fully involved I'm loving this more and more. We need more Los Guerreros.

- I thought JBL would be a bit more patronising towards Matthews, but hey. You've got JBL's character down quite well, which showed in the interview. Good way to build up the main event.

- I knew Cena would retain, there was no way you'd take the title off him so soon. Hopefully JBL will move away from the title scene now and go onto feud with Booker, with a new challenger for Cena possibly coming over from RAW.

Overall: 7/10

A bit better this week, although the Show/Reigns bit dragged it down for me. No useless diva bollocks either, and nice buildup with the Rey/Eddie/Chavo situation.

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Okay second show, let's see what you do with this shall we?

- Okay opening with JBL I see, oh no you're not. Damn this writing as I'm reading nonsense. Would JBL really let Jordan and the Bashams drive his limo without him around? For some reason I can't help thinking that limo is going to get trashed tonight. Good idea to halt Jordan's speech. IRL the fans would have tuned out by then anyway, although if OJ retains here I may scream.

- Wait a sec, OJ taking control? OJ TAKING CONTROL? That ain't right! Okay so Booker comes back and the Bashams interfere. That would be a DQ to me. The referee obviously saw them and oh look somehow the ref is brain dead and decides to lecture them on niceties allowing JBL to interfere and give OJ the win. Sorry TAFKA but I hated that decision. We haven't seen the last of Booker tonight though if my intuition is correct. The time of the fall 5:15? A champ that should have been beaten in five minutes doesn't make the title look very good or OJ. Wonder if JBL would want that kinda guy kept around?

- Okay Cena IS WALKING~!

- Wahey Carlito. I am a mark for CCC so him on my screen = happy little Glaswegian. Okay so now CCC is Leslie Neilsen having to find The Undertaker, I like it. Although the lack of any "that's no cool" makes me quite sad. Carlito needs to re-affirm his coolness every time he's there.

- Back to the ring and we get London/Kidman match #3,468 of their best of 5,001 series. If London "temporarily" had control of the match, I'm guessing that was about a minute, 90 seconds at most, which would leave Kidman with 3 and a half minutes in control. London wins though. Just a thought, you don't seem to have a realistic perspective of the match times. If Kidman gets angry when he can't put away the CHAMPION after only 180 seconds on the offensive then he has really high expectations.

- Don't think Eddie will turn tonight and I don't think he'll turn at all actually. I sense a Chavo and Rey "we were working together all along" swerve coming with Chavo and Rey playing the heels in the feud which [i hope] will spawn from this.

- Okay so Reigns and Show. Reigns has the same chair, nice touch there. But the chair isn't used yet as it's gone and they brawl. Outside for some more and the chair is used. Would have been cool if Reigns had no sold the shot from "his" chair. Show passes out from an armbar, or from the head-scissors? An arm bar would be a pussy way for him to go. Ah, Reigns wins and you put Show on the shelf for a while too I'm guessing. No doubt this will start a push for Reigns but really can you recover his image after getting his ass handed to him last week?

- Nice that the champs came out separately. Eddie wanting to go it alone as he can't trust Rey is good but it can't last and Rey gets involved (illegally) and.......Rey wins, despite not being the legal man. Well that blows.

- The champs fight and now I can't see how you can turn it into a Chavo/Rey tandem. Guess I'm not as intuitive as I thought. I don't want the Tag Titles to be vacated. Teddy Long wouldn't stand for it, maybe he'll force them to team together anyway, ala HBK and Diesel.

- Okay I read the full interview (kinda generic) and title match before thinking about what to say and I mean this in the nicest possible way when I say that match did nothing for me. It was written well enough, it just didn't connect with me at any level though. I just feel that you've overbooked a lot tonight and this one just added to it all with the run ins and interference as well as the ref bump. I can see a Booker/Cabinet feud maybe springing from this though, allowing someone else to go after Cena. The draft is coming, so maybe someone will come across from RAW and be gunning for him. I'd like someone like Jericho to jump, or even Christian. We'll see.

- Overall: 5/10 An absolutely average show for me if I'm being honest and while the first show left me ready for the second, this show hasn't really ignited anything in me to make me anticipate the next show. We'll see though.

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