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I neeeeed to talk about CSI


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And AJ keeps telling me to fuck off on MSN.

I now own the complete series one, two and three on DVD.

And every episode just gets more and more disgusting, and more and more scary. Like.. I'm having trouble watching a few of them without cringing, one I actually had to turn away from the screen and cover my eyes.

Massive Spoilers up ahead.

Now I remember in the first series when it was all fires and a few stabbings and shootings and stuff, but I guess you can only do so many shootings before you have to change it.

Ok.. ok,

episode fourteen season two. Nice close up of a guy sawing of a girls finger. Gross, but not too bad.

episode ninteen, season two. the opening scene scared the shit out of me. There's a girl in her house, so scared of a stalker that she locks herself in her home, buys all sorts of security systems and locks and shit... turns out the stalker has been LIVING IN HER ATTIC. Jumps down and suffocates her with a bag. Scared the hell out of me

Episode twenty one, nice gross scene of a guy stuck in a car windshield, bleeding to death for three days.

episode 23, season two. Female vic, multiple stab wounds, thought to be torture... turns out she STABBED HERSELF IN THE FACE MULTIPLE TIMES WITH A SCALPEL. Cut to really gross reconstruction of her slicing her face to shit.

That last one got me, it was fucking sick.

episode one, season three. Coroner needs to examine the guys brain... so he RIPS HIS FACE OFF WITH HIS HANDS.

:| :| :|

If this stuff keeps going in this fashion, I don't think I'm gonna be able to hold my food down... and it's not looking good for the episode. Seventeen year old cheerleader has been mauled to death, first thought is a mountain lion... however they're found human bite marks on her RIBCAGE.


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I need to obtain 202 of Miami: The Dead Zone. It has Oasis on it :)

That and whichever episode has the best.line.ever, the one where they go in and that gay is tied up naked on his bed face down and the cop goes

"No signs of forced entry" and Heratio says "I wouldn't be so sure." Fried gold people!

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Guest Ringmaster

I don't like the show myself, but seeing as the season finale will be made by Quentin Tarrantino, I'll be watching. Apparently, the lead character will be buried underground and a camera will be left in the casket so his co-workers can see him, but not know where he is.

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CSI is one of my favourite shows, the reconstructions and stuff are awesome.

Definitely have to say CSI > Miami > NY though, if only for the one episode of NY that ruined any credibility it had. I know they have a reputation for stretching the limits of technology, but in CSI they pulled a picture perfect shot of a suspect of CCTV footage showing the reflection of the guy in a woman's eyeball/retina.

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I love CSI, as it gets more and more disturbing. I cant wait for a couple years from now, when people are getting pulled apart and shit.

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I didn't tell you to fuck off I just told you to shush and stop telling me what happens in every episode of CSI because I might decide to watch them some day...

Oh and you're still a wimp. It'd only be disgusting if it was real, but we all know it's not...

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I love standard CSI, and have never really been able to get into Miami or NY. I can see myself liking Miami, but when NY first started, i gave it a best-of-5 to impress me, and ended up seeing them using some triangulation computer like twice, and two different crimse were solved by some variation of the suspect's name or initials being written on something. Not a fan, sadly.

My favourite CSI opening ever had to be one where it starts off, like all of them, showing a crime or something, the Grisham at the scene, looking around, and as always, having some sort of cool one-liner before they go to opening credits. This time, though, he delivers his line, the music starts up for maybe a second, then his phone rings, and he ends up going to another crimescene.

I just thought it was really well done, the way that they kind of tossed that in there so randomly.

Oh, and one thing that always makes me laugh on the show...don't get me wrong, awesome show, but just the way that there is an entire team of specialists, whom I assume all went to school for years, studied criminology and all that, yet they always explain stuff to eachother in such dumbed-down ways! It reminds me of that episode of Futurama with all the Star Trek folks, where Fry explains that he'll come up with an overly complicated plan, then someone will repeate it using a simplified metaphore ("just like over-filling a balloon with air!").

That's what I loved about ReGenesis (a Canadian show that was out in the fall, and one of the best written/acted/produced shows I've seen in a long time)...they worked in a science lab, were all scientists, and would actually talk to eachother like they were EQUALS! They'd start drawing shit on the whiteboard, and talking about how the new strain of a disease goes after the reverse-transcriptase process and things like that. They actually very cleverly incorporated a character working along-side them that was NOT a doctor, so that any time explanation was needed, it would be her (understandably) needing the clarification.

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Guest JT179

I've seen all of the episodes mentioned, and I don't have the problem you have. Maybe I can just stomach more stuff. To me those episodes aren't that bad, but if thats the case I don't know what is bad.

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