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Iggy Pop?


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I believe Iggy and the Stooges "Raw Power" to be the epitome of what trashy rock and roll should sound like. Iggy's work with the Stooges is fantastic, and any rock and roller would do themselves a favor by adding any of this work to their collection. Those works being The Stooges self titled album, Raw Power, and Fun House. I can't speak highly enough about these albums, as they are what set the gears in motion for the future of punk rock. Some song suggestions...

No Fun, 1969, Raw Power, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, TV Eye, Penetration, and I wanna be your dog. Don't limit yourself to those though, those are just a few of their great songs.

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Well.. this is just an opinion but i think his work with the stooges is much better than his solo work. The Stooges, Fun House and Raw Power are all very energetic raw rock albums. Even more so, considering the time period where they were done. Iggy Pop as a solo act got a lot more mainstream attention, but while he's done some nice stuff, i just can't get into it as much as into his work with the Stooges. It's all a matter of opinion really, but what can't be denied is that he has calmed down. He has worked with a lot of great musicians throughout his solo career and his sound nowadays is probably what they call more "mature". IMHO the word in this case is boring :P

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Like VerbalPuke said (and trust me, you should ALWAYS listen to him on matters such as this :P), The Stooges are the epitome of trashy rock and roll, and they take pride of place alongside The New York Dolls and The Cramps in my record collection. They take sexually-energised pure sleaze and damn near turn it into an art form. I Wanna Be Your Dog, Gimme Danger and Sick Of You are wonderful songs, and I can't recommend them enough.

As for solo material, I'm not overly keen on that much of it, but I heartily recommend the usual classics in Lust For Life, The Passenger and Cold Metal.

Also, I suggest you check out "We Will Fall", the 2-CD Iggy Pop/Stooges tribute album, featuring Joey Ramone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joan Jett, Sugar Ray, Lunachicks, Monster Magnet, Pansy Division, 7 Year Bitch, The Misfits and Nada Surf, amongst others. Well worth the money if you can track it down.

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