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Relaxing Music

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some of nine inch nails' music from the limited edition CD, Still, is very calm. Perfect for a rainy sunday. It's quite calm, too.

Errr, I got this MP3 of a unreleased love them from Buffy. It's by Christopher Beck. Yeah.

I R Teh Suck.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Sigur Ros- "Staralfur"

Neutral Milk Hotel- "Communist Daughter"

Moby- "Porcelain"

Bob Dylan- "Don't think twice, It's allright" (Though the lyrics might be a little bit umm....Upsetting, given the cirumstances)

Cat Stevens- "Moonshadow"

Cat Stevens- "Trouble"

Radiohead- "Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version)"

Alice in Chains- "Don't follow"

Velvet Underground- "Sunday Morning"

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now that I think about it:

Sarah McLachlan's Angel

Nine Inch Nails' Adrift & At Peace, The Persistance Of Loss, A Warm Place, Gone-Still

All those NIN songs are instrumentals, so no worries about lyrics.

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Guest bruins72

I second the suggestions of Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, and Enya. My mom is nuts about Enya. If she likes Enya, another to try is Clannad (which is tied to Enya somehow from what I hear). You might want to try some of the lighter Dave Matthews Band stuff too.

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Guest TheTokenWhiteGuy

some Sigur Ros, particullarily Sven g Englar (not sure if thats the spelling), Enya

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Try anything by Damien Rice, the Lemonheads, Evan Dando or the acoustic Cure stuff rocks hard (in a mellow way) Some Smashing Pumpkins stuff, mainly from Mellon Collie... - Tonight Tonight, Porcelina of the vast Oceans, Farewell and Goodnight. Also try Disarm from Siamese Dream. The acoustic version of Times Like These by the Foo Fighters is also pretty nice, I'm not usually a huge fan.

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