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Warped Tour 2004


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Anybody going to this year's Warped Tour? Here's the list of bands playing:



Alkaline Trio


All Rights Reserved

Amber Pacific

Anatomy of A Ghost

Another Damn Dissapointment


The Aquabats




Audio Karate

Authority Zero

Autopilot Off

Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Religion

The Beautiful Mistake

Big D and the Kids

Billy Talent


Bleed the Dream


Break Dance Vietnam

Break the Silence

The Briggs

Bouncing Souls

Boys Night Out

The Casualties

Chronic Future

The Code


Coheed and Cambria

The Commercials

Crowned King

Don't Look Down

Die Hunns

Dynamite Boy

Early Man

The Early November

Eight Fingers Down

The Erks

The Eyeliners

A Faith Called Chaos

Fall Out Boy

Fighting Jacks

Flogging Molly

From Autumn to Ashes

From First to Last

The F Ups

Go Betty Go

The God Awfuls

Good Charlotte

The Groovie Ghoulies


Happy Campers

Hazen Street

Hidden in Plain View

H Is Orange

The Hurt Process

Hurry Up Offense


IMA Robot

Immortal Technique

In So Far

The (International) Noise Conspiracy




Jessy Moss

Juliette & the Licks


Kill Radio

The Kinison


Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards

Left Alone

Letter Kills



Lordz of Brooklyn




Matchbook Romance

The Matches



Montys Fan Club

Motion City Soundtrack

Much the Same

My Chemical Romance

New Found Glory

Non Phixion



Only Crime

Opiate 4 the Masses


O're The Ramparts

Over It

The Phenomenauts



Planet Smashers

Plans for Revenge



The Q

The Red West

Reeve Oliver

The Revolution Smile

Rise Against

Rolling Blackouts

Rose Hill Drive



Senses Fail

Shiner Massive

Side 67

The Silence


Simple Plan

Single Frame


The Snakes, The Cross, The Crown

The Sounds

Spell Toronto

Split Sense

Stars Hide Fire

Straight Outta Junior High

Stretch Armstrong


Stole Your Woman

Story of the Year

Suffocate Faster


The Swear

Taking Back Sunday

Thicker Than Thieves

A Thorn For Every Heart


Thought Riot

Tiger Army

The Tossers

Trophy Scars

Truth in Fiction


Under Oath

Unit F

Van Stone

The Vandals

Victory Within

Wanted Dead

Washington Social Club


The Working Title


Yesterday's Rising


I want to catch it when they come to Detroit, especially with alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold, Boys Night Out, Silverstein, and Thursday all playing. Should be good to see, even with shitty acts like Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and Yellowcard on it.

More info @ http://www.warpedtour.com

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Guest EriKBN

Looks like some pretty good bands. Yellowcard's old stuff was pretty good, but I'm not too hot on their new cd. And Thursday is always good, should be pretty good.

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I am going to the show in Hershey on August 10th. I am mainly going for Flogging Molly, Authority Zero, Thursday, and Billy Talent, plus one of my favorite "mainstream" bands Sugarcult. I have also heard some good stuff about Avenged Sevenfold, and I like their first single, so I will check them out too. Have to avoid the teeny bopper stage, tho, so no Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Lillix, Yellowcard, and Simple Plan for me.

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Heat man, you should head up to Barrie for the show. Chances are I'll be there so you know it will be that much more awesome. I've recently taking a liking to Taking Back Sunday so it will be cool to see them for the first time. Apparently they stole the show along with The Used at the Blink 182 show in Toronto a few weeks back. Shame I couldn't go.

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Bands I'd watch on that bill:

From Autumn to Ashes [though they suck live]

Under Oath

So, two bands out of a million is not a good ratio. Underoath will be fucking amazing, though. Screamo with a keyboard = greatness. I saw them open with Atreyu [with Darkest Hour], and they rocked shit with a stick.

EBG - I saw Taking Back Sunday live with FATA last year, and they were terrible. That stuff isn't my kind of music to begin with, but their show sucked, in general - not just the music. But the problems were mostly sound-related, so at a different venue, they could sound better.

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Going on august 12 in Quebec

I'll go for the following bands:

Coheed & Cambria


Taking Back Sunday

Alexisonfire (New Album Watch Out Came out today in Canada, a masterpiece)


Boys Night Out


And why From Autumn To Ashes & Senses Fail dropped out of my city :ohwell:

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EBG - I saw Taking Back Sunday live with FATA last year, and they were terrible. That stuff isn't my kind of music to begin with, but their show sucked, in general - not just the music. But the problems were mostly sound-related, so at a different venue, they could sound better.

I hope they play a half decent gig, I'm actually starting to like them alot, granted I only started listening to their music less than a month ago. Things could change. The atmosphere will probably worth it too. My buddies go every year and always say they had a blast. I've only gotten into these types of music recently so it will be a new experience for sure. In short, this could be a make or break event.

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It's actually most of those bands in all locations. Give or take a few.

Anyways... I'm so glad Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, etc. are playing! That way everyone will flock to those stages while I get a good position at the bands that I actually want to see. I'm pumped as hell.

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You guys do realize those bands aren't all playing at all the shows right? Each location has a different set of bands.

Yeah, I had figured. Can't get that many bands in in one day. Fortunately, I've looked into it, and all the bands I want to see (save for Thursday) are playing Detroit, so I'm happy. Even without Thursday, it's still going to kick ass.

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Bad Religion

Big D and the Kids (only because they are Canadian)

Bouncing Souls

The Casualites

Crowned Kings (only because they are Canadian)

Flogging Molly

The (International) Noise Conspiracy


Lars and the Bastards

Planet Smashers (only because they are Canadian)

I'll be checking out these bands. The rest, snoozefest.

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Guest bukkake bandit

The list of bands vary by location. The only bands I'd care to see when the Warped Tour comes to NJ are From First To Last, Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday.

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I'm gonna hit the Warped Tour this year, when they come to Philly (well, Trenton NJ) for the third time in four years. The bands I wanna see are:

Alkaline Trio



Bad Religion

Bouncing Souls

Flogging Molly

From Autumn to Ashes




Taking Back Sunday


I don't think I'll even get to see one-third of these bands because some of them leave early or join late. And Coheed & Cambria can suck my dick.

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That concert looks like its gonna suck. I didn't see one band on there that I like. Albeit I don't really like new rock or punk ir w/e you call it, it looks like really bad, espically with Anit-Flag AND Good Charlotte? Eek

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