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WWF 1999 - After The Crash


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The WWF recently announced that they have changed around there Writing Team for RAW and Sunday Night Heat. Established TV and Film writer Kris Taylor, 24, has taken a majority control for both RAW and Sunday Night Heat. What this means for current storylines - for example, the Rock & Mankind's feud, the Corporation/Ministry/Austin and Degeneration X is unknown. One thing that is clear is that the WWE are looking to launch a new show to go against WCW's Thunder on Thursday nights. We can expect to see a change no doubt starting on Sunday Night Heat on the 3rd January. Below is the current status of the federation

Promotion Name: World Wrestling Federation

Owner: Linda McMahon

Booker: Kris Taylor

Commisioner: Shawn Michaels

TV Shows:

Monday: Raw is War

Sunday: Sunday Night Heat

Calendar for January:

3rd January: Sunday Night Heat

4th January: Raw is War

10th January: Sunday Night Heat

11th January: Raw is War

17th January: Sunday Night Heat

18th January: Raw is War

24th January: Sunday Night Heat Pre Show / Royal Rumble

25th January: Raw is War

31st January: Sunday Night Heat


(Note: Heels are in Red. Faces are Blue and Tweeners are in Green.)



Steve Austin

The Rock - Corporation - WWF World Champion

The Undertaker - Ministry


Kane - Corporation

Ken Shamrock - Corporation - WWF Intercontinental Champion & WWF Tag Team Champion

Triple H - DX

X-Pac - DX - WWF European Champion



Big Bossman - Corporation - WWF Tag Team Champion

Billy Gunn - DX

Bradshaw - Ministry

D'lo Brown

Faarooq - Ministry

George The Animal Steele - Oddities



Jeff Jarrett

Jerry Lawler

Mark Henry

Owen Hart

Road Dogg - DX - WWF Hardcore Champion

Sable - WWF Womens Champion

Test - Corporation

The Godfather

Val Venis


Al Snow - JOB Squad

Bart Gunn

Bob Holly - JOB Squad

Brian Christopher

Christian - Ministry/Brood


Edge - Ministry/Brood

Gangrel - Ministry/Brood

Gerry Brisco - Corporation

Giant Silva - Oddities

Golga - Oddities

Johnny Grunge

Kurrgan - Oddities

Mideon - Ministry


Pat Patterson - Corporation

Prince Albert

Rocco Rock

Scorpio - JOB Squad

Scott Taylor

Sho Funaki

Steve Blackman

Taka Michonouki

The Blue Meanie - JOB Squad


Tiger Ali Singh


Viscera - Ministry


Brooklyn Brawler

Duane Gill - JOB Squad - WWF Lightweight Champion

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Sunday Night Heat Preview - 3/01/99

The first WWF show of the new year will no doubt be a blockbuster, with the war between the Corporation, DX, Ministry & Steve Austin still going on. Two of the biggest stars in these stables will go head to head tonight, as Ken Shamrock and Triple H will fight one on one for the Intercontinental Title. Shamrock is going to have to keep his eyes firmly on the ring throughout the night though, as there will be two tag team matches that will decide who faces Shamrock and his partner Big Bossman on RAW tommorow night. Triple H will be looking to win the 3rd time in his career, which would no doubt give DX a huge boost, as they will then control 3 of the WWF's major titles.

The Royal Rumble is fast approaching us, with the winner getting a shot at the World Title for Wrestlemania XV. We will have the first of no doubt many Qualifying matches for the Rumble match itself, with the big bad monster Kane fighting the Blue Meanie from the JOB Squad. No doubt Kane will be out to destroy the Meanie and get into the Rumble match, but surely his ultimate goal will be to get at his brother The Undertaker. Of course, Kane's relationship with the Corporation will surely bring the brothers together once again, but we will have to wait and see the result.

Confirmed Matches:

WWF Intercontinental Title

Ken Shamrock © V Triple H

Tag Team Turmoil

- 2 Teams will start. When one team is beaten, the next will enter. The winner of that match will fight Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman for the WWF Tag Title on RAW tommorow.

The New Age Outlaws V Canadian Country V The Legion of Doom

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Kane V The Blue Meanie

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It was announced earlier today on wwf.com that Vince McMahon had bought out his daughter Stephanie's and wife Linda's stake in the WWF in order to strip Mankind of the WWF Title and hand it officially to the Rock. It is unknown how much McMahon had paid his family to get their stocks in the WWF, but we can be sure that the fallout from this will be felt on Sunday Night Heat. Commisioner Shawn Michaels has so far not reversed the decision - possibly because he's on the Corporation's side.

Sunday Night Heat

3rd January 1999

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Kane V The Blue Meanie

We are greeted not by Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly for Heat as usual. Instead, Jim Ross is at the announce table, with the camera solely on him. He announces the change in the announcers, and welcomes his new broadcast partner - the WWF's commisioner, Shawn Michaels. Already, the Blue Meanie is in the ring as we come back from the credits, looking nervous waiting for his opponent. JR reminds us that Kane is officialy a member of the Corporation, not forgetting to also tell us about his previous battles with his brother, The Undertaker. The lights dim in the arena, and the organ music begins to play. Soon, the pyro goes off and flames shoot up from the stage. Kane walks out and stares into the ring, before slowly walking down to the squared circle. He gets to the apron, where he looks up and grabs the top ring rope. He pulls himself up onto the mat, and slowly raises his arms to just above his head. He throws them down, and the turnbuckles shoot out flames. Kane steps over the top rope, and into the ring. Immediately, Meanie rushes forward to try and take the Big Red Machine off guard, but walks right into the outstretched hand of Kane, which wraps around the Meanie's throat. Kane lifts all of Meanie's weight up and easily sends him crashing to the floor with a Chokeslam. Kane isn't finished yet though, as he lifts Meanie up again and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver to the already unconscious Meanie, much to Jim Ross' disgust. Kane simply presses his hands on the Meanie's chest and the referee counts to three. Kane stood up, and left the ring - not before setting off his pyro one more time

Winner: Kane

His Time

Michael Cole is backstage, standing in front of the SNH backdrop. Next to him is Triple H, dressed in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms.

Cole: Triple H, later on tonight you will go one on one with Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Championship. What are your thoughts about the match?

Triple H: My thoughts about the match? I'll tell you what Michael Cole, I am going to wipe the smile off Vince McMahon's face. He may have got the WWF Title off Mankind, but he's going to have to kill me if he tries to take the Intercontinental Title off me when I win it in the Main Event tonight. Me, the Outlaws and X-Pac are going to take over this company. Screw Steve Austin, screw The Rock, screw Mankind. I am going to win the Intercontinental Title, I'm going to win the Royal Rumble and I'm going to walk out of Wrestlemania 15 with the WWF World Championship. Ken Shamrock, you may think you're tough with two titles. But there's no way that anyone will think you're tough after I mop the floor with you later on tonight.

Triple H walks off, as we cut to the commercial breaks.

Tag Team Turmoil

-The Winning Team faces Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman for the WWF Tag Titles tommorow night on Raw is War.

Match 1: ??? V ???

Michaels runs through the rules of the match to the audience, as "Oh You Didn't Know?" hits the PA system. The fans cheer as The New Age Outlaws come out, and walk to the ring. They roll in, and stand waiting to see who they are facing in the first match. The arena goes quiet, as JR and Michaels speculate who it could be. The fans cheer as "Ohhhhhh What a Rush!" signifies the arrival of the Legion of Doom. Hawk and Animal, decked out in full costume get to ringside and climb in the ring, before taking off the gear and deciding which one will start the fight. The bell rings as Animal and Billy Gunn stand on opposite sides of the ring, with their respective partners on the apron. Gunn takes the fight to Animal in the early going, but the experienced veteran Animal manages to outpower Gunn, and grounds him with a big backdrop, followed by a powerslam. A tag to Hawk, and the LOD nearly take Gunn's head off with a powerful double clothesline. The cover only gets a 2 count, with Road Dogg not needing to break the count up. Hawk works over the legs of Gunn, dropping numerous elbows to the knee. JR notes that by doing so, that takes away the Fameasser, and could leave the Outlaws with a disadvantage if they get through to the next match, which Michaels agrees with. Hawk shows off his strength by lifting Gunn up easily, before driving his knee down with a Knee Breaker. Another cover, and again a 2 count, but this time Road Dogg jumps in to save his partner. This brings Animal into the ring, but his presence isn't needed as Dogg gets back onto the apron anyway. Hawk goes for another knee breaker, but Gunn lands a punch between Hawk's eyes, giving him a break. Instead of going for the tag though, he runs into the ropes and goes for the Fameasser - which Hawk easily dodges, causing Gunn to land hard on his injured leg. Hawk tags out to Animal, but before he leaves the ring he rushes over and knocks Road Dogg off the apron and to the floor. Animal then lifts Gunn up onto his shoulders, as Hawk climbs to the top rope. He leaps off and goes for the Doomsday Device, but Gunn dodges the clothesline, and lands on his feet as Animal tosses him backwards. Kicking him with his good leg, Gunn jumps up only slightly off the ground, but enough to drill Animal with the Fameasser. Clutching his knee as he rolls Animal over, Gunn manages to get the pin. Michaels seems impressed that Gunn managed to beat both members of the LOD without never tagging in Road Dogg, but before he can continue, Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett appear out of nowhere and nail Road Dogg with the Ring Bell. The referee is completely unaware, as the LOD get out of the ring.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Match 2:

The New Age Outlaws V Canadian Country

Canadian Country get in the ring straight away, and both men begin to stomp away at Gunn's knee. The referee orders one of them out of the ring, and Jarrett eventually goes onto the apron. Hart meanwhile goes to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Gunn continually wriggles free of Hart's grasp. Eventually, Owen gives up that attempt and instead lifts Gunn up, only to drop him with a bodyslam, soon followed up with a suplex. A tag to Jarrett allowed for more double teaming, as the pair pushes him into their corner and stomped away at him. On the outside meanwhile, Road Dogg began to stir from the assault by CC before the match begun. Back in the ring, more quick tags between Jarrett and Hart allowed them to wear Gunn down even more. However, the duo became cocky, and as they whipped Gunn into the ropes, looking for a double clothesline, Gunn ducked and came back with a clothesline of his own, knocking both of his opponents down. Finally spotting Road Dogg on the apron, Gunn began to crawl over to his partner. Owen had other plans though, and grabbed Gunn's legs as he was inches away from making the tag. Owen went for the Sharpshooter, but as Road Dogg tried to enter the ring, and therefore distracting the referee, Gunn nailed a field goal kick in between Hart's legs. Getting to his feet, he kicked Jarrett in the stomach, winding him long enough so Gunn could finally make the tag to Road Dogg! With Jarrett the legal man, Dogg went to take out his former friend, nailing the Shake, Rattle 'n Roll to take Double J down. The same fate awaited Owen Hart, but Jarrett came out of nowhere to deliver The Stroke to Road Dogg. But the recent shift in balance meant Jarrett wasted valuable time in getting his breath back, meaning he only got a two count. On the outside meanwhile, Billy Gunn and Owen Hart started to brawl. Suddenly, two people jumped the ringside barrier, holding garbage can lids in their hands. The cameras managed to zoom in on them, as one of them smashed Hart with the garbage can lid, while the other got in the ring and nailed Dogg with his lid. Jim Ross indentified them as none other than Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley, one of ECW's best tag teams! The three teams then began to brawl in the ring, as the referee declared the match a no contest!

Winner: No Contest

That Doesn't Stop Them Fighting

Not bothered that the match had been thrown out, the three teams continued their fighting. They were soon joined by the LOD who returned from the locker room area - with a stop sign. D-Von was introduced to the sign by Hawk, only for Hawk to be felled by a garbage can shot by Hart. The Acolytes then made there way to the ring, with the ring now filled with a 10 man brawl.

Then Maybe The Commisioner Will

Commisioner Michaels then took a microphone and stood up at ringside.

Michaels: Hey, hey! If you don't stop your fighting, then I will suspend each and every one of you, and I ain't scared to do that. Now, obviously all of you want a shot at Ken Shamrock and the Big Bossman. You've all got good reasons for it no doubt as well. So how about this. Tommorow night, the opening match of RAW will be a 10 man Battle Royal match, with all 10 of you being involved. Whoever wins that Battle Royal will win their team the Tag Team Title shot later in the night. Either take it, or lose your title shot.

In the ring, everyone began to shake their heads in agreement, then began sizing each other up. JR announced the Main Event would be coming up right after the commercials.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Ken Shamrock © V Triple H

The challenger was first to the ring, looking confident that he could win the title as the show came back on air. Looking at Michaels, Triple H shook his head in disgust at Michaels' turn on his DX partners. Shamrock was out next to a loud amount of boos, staring a hole into Triple H. As Shamrock got into the ring, HHH jumped the champion and began to level him with forearms to the back and head. Backing Shamrock into a corner, HHH began to ram his shoulder repeatedly into the sternum of Shamrock, keeping the champ at bay. Knowing not to let Shamrock to lock in any of his submissions, Triple H then went to the top rope to deliver the 10 corner punches. Shamrock though managed to reverse the shots by slamming H down with a big powerbomb. Shamrock's subsequent cover only got a 2 count, much to his and Michaels' annoyance. However, Shamrock managed to grab HHH's arm, and locked in a painful bow and arrow lock. HHH grimaced in pain, as Michaels clapped from the commentary box. JR tried to continue commentating, but began an argument with Michaels over his favouritism. Eventually, Michaels left the commentary booth and went to ringside to cheer Shamrock on from there. In the ring itself, HHH managed to break free of the hold, but showed the signs of pain as he tried to get back up. Shamrock easily beat him to his feet, and pulled him close. Shamrock then threw HHH over his head, causing the DX leader's back to smash into the turnbuckle. Going for the pin after the belly to belly, Shamrock seemed to have the 3 count - but HHH managed to get his foot on the ropes. Michaels then jumped up onto the apron, as Shamrock reached into his trunks to pull out a pair of brass knuckles. HHH slowly got up, and Shamrock went to punch him with the knuckles, but HHH dodged, kicked Shamrock in the gut and set up for the Pedigree! Shamrock though had ideas that didn't involve getting Pedigreed, and instead backdropped HHH out of the move. Michaels jumped down, thinking his job had been done. Things suddenly changed though, as HHH rolled Shamrock up out of nowhere. Michaels rolled into the ring, but Shamrock kicked out and hurried to his feet, as well as Triple H. Michaels lunged towards HHH out of the corner with a Sweet Chin Music - but stopped just short, spun round and nailed SHAMROCK with the Sweet Chin! The referee rang for the bell, giving Shamrock the DQ victory.

Winner: Ken Shamrock (Retained: 1)

Would You Believe It?

JR was obviously shocked at the commentary table, with the crowd also in shock. Suddenly, the crowd erupted into cheers as the DX music began to play, and Michaels ripped open his shirt to reveal a DX shirt under it. Triple H high fived his friend, and they hugged in the middle of the ring. Triple H went to leave the ring, but Michaels pulled him back in, and whispered something in his ear. HHH nodded, and the two then did the "Suck It" pose. Triple H climbed to the top rope and did it, while Michaels did the crotch chop again - then smacked HHH with the Sweet Chin! JR went crazy, calling Michaels everything he could that was legally allowed on TV. The crowd burst into boos, as Michaels just stared at Triple H and Shamrock's fallen bodies, as Heat went off the air.

BEST MATCH: Triple H V Ken Shamrock (86%)

WORST MATCH: Kane V The Blue Meanie (72%)

BEST MOMENT: Michaels blasts Triple H (95%)

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Father and son overcame the brothers tonight to kick off Vengeance, and it was an impressive showing by the Flair's. Ric seemed to want to try and protect his son to begin with, obviously because David hadn't had a professional match in a major company for over five years. This meant that to begin with, Carlito and Eduardo were able to beat down Naitch and forced David to watch. Whenever Ric was able to break free of the offense that the two men were launching at him, he never went to try and escape by tagging his son in. However, David seemed to tire of seeing his dad getting beaten up, and tagged himself in to save things. To the shock of just about everyone, David didn't seem to have lost much and actually seemed to be better in the ring then he was; clotheslining both Carlito and Eduardo constantly to the floor, he then proceeded to bodyslam and hip toss the two brothers repeatedly, not letting up one bit. When the brothers began to work together though and double teamed David, Ric got back in to the ring and the Flair's fought back together, eventually landing a double suplex on Carlito - after they simultaneously poked him in the eyes.

It didn't last for long though, as when the referee ordered Ric back to the corner, Eduardo took advantage and chop blocked David's leg, taking the younger Flair to the mat. Eduardo then began to stomp at the back of the knee joint on David's leg, before lifting him up and landing an impressive hurricarana. Now on top of David, Eduardo then began to punch him in the head, before sliding down Flair and grabbing his leg. Eduardo then disrespected both Flair's by putting David in the Figure Four...only for David to reverse it! Eduardo was able to quickly tag his brother in though, and the more experienced Carlito ran in to break the hold. Carlito then began to follow on where his brother had just about left off, getting several two counts. David attempted another fight back, whipping Carlito in to the ropes - but the Carribean springboarded back off with a back elbow to the face. Eventually, David finally broke free and tagged his dad in, as Carlito did the same with his brother. There were chops galore for both Carlito and Eduardo in fact, until Eduardo was down on the mat. Carlito went to stop Flair from applying the Figure Four, but David tackled him to the mat to stop him. Ric locked in the hold and showed Eduardo the right way to do it, as the Nature Boy made another man tap to his legendary submission, before celebrating the win with his son.


There was controversy galore in the first of the two Semi Finals in the King of the Ring tonight, as Kane was perhaps cheated out of a victory. Both Hardy and Kane stared each other down to begin with, as their history over Lita was mentioned on commentary. Hardy began the match by reigning fists on to Kane, but the Big Red Machine answered back quite strongly - by shoving Hardy right down to the mat. Matt's offense was severly limited due to Kane's size and strength, and this meant that Kane was able to dominate Matt early on. A big boot to the face was followed by a two count, as Matt continued in vain it seemed to get in to the match. As chants of "Hardy!" willed him on, Matt fought back against Kane, eventually going for the Side Effect - which Kane duly escaped by clocking Matt in the back of the head. Again though, Hardy tried to fight back against Kane, and his determination paid off when Kane went up to the top rope for a clothesline. Matt kicked Kane in mid air to stop him, then grabbed him and landed the Side Effect succesfully this time. Hardy's success was short lived though, as moments later, when he had Kane in a headlock, the big man powered up to his feet before landing a big sidewalk slam to force Hardy to relase him.

With the fight now taken out of the winded Hardy, Kane proceeded to work on breaking down the rest of him, delivering a backbreaker and a shoulder breaker that both got him two counts. Matt finally stopped the assault by catching Kane with a jawbreaker as he pulled him up, giving Matt a brief moment to rest. A dropkick staggered Kane as he got up, and


The Pirate from St. Thomas made sure that Gregory Helms did not get anywhere near another year long reign as champion, as he pinned the now former champion after a brawl around the arena. The match began backstage actually, with Helms jumping Burchill as he got to the entrance to the...entrance. Helms threw Burchill in to the production boxes, before stomping away at his challenger, trying to wear him down fast. Helms then grabbed a camera left lying about, throwing that in to Burchill and sending him back down to the floor. Helms then seemed to go for the Shining Wizard, but Burchill stopped it by grabbing Helms' leg and landing a dragon screw to buy himself some time. Using his bigger frame and strength, Burchill then tossed Helms on to a table, before keeping him flat out by hammering away with punches. Burchill then hopped in to a nearby forklift, and dumped the load of steel bars and equipment it carried directly on to Helms! Pulling the champion from the mound on top of him, Burchill covered but only got a two count. He then proceeded to throw Helms around the backstage area, before they got to an escalator.

Helms was able to drop toe hold Burchill in to one of the steps, before trying to escape by running up the escalator; Burchill got back up though, with a little bit of blood coming from his mouth. Chasing Helms down, Burchill grabbed him - but Helms was ready and smacked Burchill in the face with a garbage can lid. The two men fought towards the fans, with Helms dragging Burchill towards a popcorn vender. The champion went to smash Burchill's face through the glass, but the Pirate was having none of it, elbowing Helms in the chest to free himself. Burchill then threw Helms over a merchandise table, but when he went to grab him, Helms sprung up with a t-shirt, wrapping it around Burchill's throat in an attempt to choke his challenger out. Burchill struggled, and just managed to squirm out after a fight; Helms wasn't finished though, and began to beat down Burchill, who responded by bringing the fight out to the crowd! Burchill was able to regain his composure having temporarily escaped Helms, and began to taunt his enemy down the steps. Eventually, after a bit of brawling they ended up in the entrance ramp, where Burchill landed a powerslam to take Helms down. He then seemed to disappear, as Helms groggily got to his feet - before being taken right back to the floor by Burchill, who swung on his entrance rope to land a huge dropkick! Helms went flying, and Burchill got down to make the cover and win the TV Title!


In arguably what was one of their biggest challenges yet, Paul London & Brian Kendrick still managed to keep hold of their titles, to keep their year long plus reign going - but at times, it didn't look like it was going to happen. The match began with all three of the challenging teams ganging up on London and Kendrick, obviously hoping that they could eliminate them first and then determine the new champions between them. Egos got the better of the three teams though when it came to determining who pinned them though; eventually, they decided to fight it out amongst themselves. Rated M.V.P decided to take a backfoot and rest though, which left Mondo & Nemeth along with the F.B.I. It wasn't quite as simple as that though, as both Trinity and Mitch were at ringside as well, supporting their teams. Trinity made the first move and distracted the referee, allowing Guido to low blow Mondo. Palumbo then got ready for the Big Boot, but Mitch literally threw his entire body in the ring to block Palumbo, with the referee still busy with Trinity. Dragging Palumbo from the ring, Mitch allowed his buddies to land The Spirit Drain on to Guido, eliminating the F.B.I. Rated M.V.P then sprung at their opportunity to jump Mondo and Nemeth, and at one point Porter had Nemeth ready for the Playmaker - just as London and Kendrick leapt off opposite ropes to nail him with a Double Missile Dropkick.

M.V.P went down like a brick, and London went immediately for the cover, but Edge just broke it up. Kendrick and Edge then began to fight in the center of the ring, with Edge winning the showdown by poking Kendrick in the eye. As that was happening, Mondo and Nemeth landed a Douple Suplex on London, before going for The Spirit Drain on M.V.P. Nemeth lifted M.V.P on to his shoulders, and Mondo went to grab him by the neck - but got a Spear instead! Edge went for the cover, as Porter reversed the backdrop right in to the Playmaker. Three seconds later, Mondo and Nemeth were out of the match, despite Mitch's protest on the outside. Rated M.V.P got back up as London and Kendrick did so on the opposite side of the ring, leading to a staredown. The champions broke it by coming out of nowhere with simultaneous dropkicks, before throwing forearms and kicks down all over their remaining opponents. Porter bundled himself and London out of the ring though, leaving Edge and Kendrick on their own. Kendrick seemed to go for a springboard hurricarana after taking Edge to the floor with a drop toe hold, but the former WWE Champ reversed it in to a powerbomb, with Kendrick's head bouncing on the canvas hard. The cover then only got two, but Edge then went to the corner and got set up for the Spear. London sent M.V.P in to the crowd barrier as Kendrick staggered to his feet, before slowly turning around. Edge charged...right in to an enziguri and the STO - or the Get Well Soon! The six announcers were shocked at how quick the champions co-ordinated the reversal, as Kendrick covered and got the win for the champions!


In what may go down as the biggest travesty in the history of ECW, The New Breed were able to eliminate The Originals for good tonight, thanks to their former ally, Kevin Thorn. The match began with Cor Von and Dreamer fighting for their respective teams; the Alpha Male's superior size allowed him to dominate Dreamer to begin with, but when RVD got the tag in, things changed, as Van Dam's agility got the better of Cor Von. He responded by tagging in Johnny, hoping that his speed would combat Van Dam's. Unfortunately, Johnny's attitude would be his downfall, as after landing the Johnny-Go-Round kick, he spent too long taunting the crowd. Van Dam kicked him square in the head as he bent down to go for the pin, and within half a minute, Van Dam was able to land the Five Star Frogsplash to give the Originals a one person advantage. Said advantage didn't last long though for RVD, as Thorn charged the ring to beat down RVD immediately after the pin. The three remaining members of the New Breed tagged in and out quickly, and seemed to be in control until Van Dam broke free of Burke and tagged Sandman in. Wielding the Singapore Cane, Sandman cleared house - until Cor Von exploded out of nowhere with the Pounce, getting the pin right after.

The match then more or less broke down, as all three Originals met the New Breed in the ring, and the fight was well and truly on. Dreamer was able to land a DDT on Cor Von, before going over and choking Burke on the ring ropes. The referee started the five count for Dreamer to break the choke - but Cor Von interrupted it by grabbing Dreamer and choking him on the rope above Burke! With neither man wanting to let go, the second five count from the ref would end up disqualifying them both! The leaders of the two groups and their two allies were left as the last ones in the match, and Super Crazy seemed to have things all lined up to eliminate Burke, taking him down a springboard head scissors. Crazy then leapt on to the second rope, then the top and jumped off for the Moonsault...but Thorn caught him in mid air and slammed him to the mat with an almighty Crucifix Bomb. Burke covered the IC Champ to leave RVD on his own against two men; saying that, this was over within a few seconds, as he leapt off the top rope and caught Thorn completely by surprise with a sunset flip. Carrying the momentum from the top, Van Dam got the three count and left things in a one on one situation. Burke would rake Van Dam's eyes and go for the Elijah Experience, but RVD fought back and took Burke to the floor. Hopping to the top rope, Van Dam was all set to go for the Five Star - but Thorn jumped on to the apron. Van Dam jumped on to the middle rope and kicked Thorn away...but left himself wide open for an Elijah Express right in to the back. Burke followed through off the ropes with a rollup, and the match was over - as were The Originals.


The Deadman's list of fallen challengers now includes the World's Strongest Man, as The Undertaker pinned Henry after a mammoth battle - but he had to do it using every possible opportunity. Taker was favouring his ribs right from the beginning, obviously suffering from the World's Strongest Slam he received on Friday night. Henry wisely targetted this, and began on a mission to try and break the Deadman's ribs. Henry was able to lift Taker up with little trouble and charge in to the turnbuckles, before ramming his shoulder repeatedly in to the champion's chest. Henry then backed up before charging again, this time squashing Undertaker with his entire body. Continuing to use this tactic, Henry was able to stop Undertaker from getting in any offense for around three or four minutes. The champion somehow was able to continually kick out of any pin attempts that Henry tried though, and seemed to be refusing to stay down, no matter how much pain he was in. Henry would go on to lock in a bearhug, trying again to crack the ribs and take all the oxygen out of the champion's lungs. Taker began his comeback here though, and after escaping by elbowing Henry several times in the side of the face, he was able to punch Henry up against the ropes. Taker backed up a bit, before charging at the challenger - who responded by back body dropping Undertaker over the top rope, leaving the champ outside the ring.

Henry followed by his own accord, and lifted up the beaten down champion, before slamming him chest first on to the crowd barrier. The damage was obvious as Taker seemed to be struggling for breath, no doubt with at least one rib broken by now. To make sure though, Henry whipped Taker in to the steel post, before running and squashing him up against that. He then began to dismantle an announce table, and it looked like he might go to deliver the World's Strongest Slam through the table. Undertaker broke free though by punching his way out, and proceeded to use everything left in him to fight Henry towards the steps. Here, he slammed his massive opponent's head repeatedly in to the steel steps in an effort to stop him from coming back with more; eventually, Taker staggered over and grabbed a chair, smacking that over his challenger's head repeatedly. Rolling a now groggy and dazed Henry back in to the ring, Undertaker signalled for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Henry's strength and the damage done to his ribs stopped him from landing his finisher...so he decided to improvise. Smacking Henry in the head with the now dented chair once again, Undertaker then placed it under Henry's throat, before driving both Henry and the chair in to the mat, crushing the challenger's throat. Undertaker dropped to his knees and covered Henry to get the three count, just surviving the match.


A war of attrition couldn't stop The Great Khali from retaining his WWE Title tonight, as Shawn Michaels and John Cena were both pinned by the Monster - with a little help, in one case. HBK and Cena seemed to be on the same page to begin with, and with the match, along with all others, being contested under Extreme Rules, they chose to use this to their advantage. Dismantling the steel steps, the former tag partners rammed them first in to Khali's chest, then when that only winded him, they took both legs out with the huge force of the steps. Having felled the champion momentarily, both went for a pin, but Khali threw both men off before the two count. Grabbing their weapon again though, Cena and HBK waited for the right moment, and rammed the steps directly in to Khali's head! The monstrous champion fell right back to the floor, as Cena and Michaels then used a bit of strategy - and pinned one of Khali's arms to the floor with the steel steps! Both men covered Khali, and both got a three count, meaning that they both had only one more pin to get...but they would have to pin each other to do so. This seemed to sink in to the two men once they were off Khali; neither seemed too bothered about it though, as they exploded on each other with punches and kicks.

Shawn found himself being whipped in to the ropes, but as he came back he countered whatever Cena was planning with a leaping clothesline. Cena would land his spinning powerbomb to counter what appeared to be a Michaels piledriver attempt; either way, neither man seemed to be willing to give up against the other. Unfortunately, they both also seemed to forget about Khali, who recovered and grabbed both by the throat, taking them by surprise. A double low blow stopped the champ momentarily; a Sweet Chin Music dazed him further, and the F-U...would have finished him off, had Khali not escaped. Grabbing Cena by the throat, Khali then booted Michaels away before slamming Cena with the Chokebomb to get his first pinfall. Khali then began stalking Michaels (as best a 7 foot plus giant can), before drilling him with the chop to the head. Khali covered with a foot on Michaels' chest, and the referee was up to two - as Cena shoulder barged Khali's legs from behind! The champion staggered forward and off Michaels, as Cena valiantly tried to help HBK out...but he hadn't counted on Edge, who ran in from the back. Michaels got up to receive a Spear; Cena grabbed Edge and fell to the floor with him, as Khali walked over and picked Michaels up. A Chokebomb later, and the match was finished, but for the first time, Khali had not totally dominated.


The ECW fans had more to complain about tonight other than the Originals disbanding, as Randy Orton purposefully attacked a referee to save himself from CM Punk. The Straight Edge Superstar took it to Orton in the early goings, with Tazz talking about the challenge this was for Punk in his first ever singles title match. Orton seemed to be struggling to contend with his opponent, as Punk used his martial arts prowess to keep Orton confused over where the next punch, kick or knee was coming next. With Orton suffering, Punk chose to try and end the match early by lifting the champ up for the Go To Sleep; Orton escaped though and countered right in to the 3.0 Backbreaker move, before locking in a headlock on Punk to try and wear him down. The fans got behind Punk, and he powered back to his feet, elbowing Orton repeatedly in the chest, before kicking him right in the side of the head to take him to the floor. Punk then tried to break down Orton's guard in order to lock the Anaconda Vice in; Orton slid around the ring frantically though and managed to get outside to the floor, where he pulled Punk half out of the ring. Orton kneed Punk square in the jaw, before landing several uppercuts on the stunned challenger, then sliding back in to the ring.

Orton then went to target Punk's leg, specifically his knee that he used for the Go To Sleep. Sending his elbow in to the kneecap, then driving his knee in to the side of the leg, Orton seemed to be in control, as he got a two count before locking in another headlock. This time, Punk took longer to get to his feet, but again it seemed like the crowd were willing him on. Punk shoved Orton chest first in to the turnbuckle, before running in and landing his side kick to the back of Orton's head, using Orton's different position to usual to his advantage. Orton staggered backwards...right on to Punk's shoulders. It seemed like the Go To Sleep was a certainty, but Orton grabbed the referee - and pulled himself off Punk by giving the ref the RKO! Punk turned around to get a kick between his legs, as Orton rolled out of the ring. The champion grabbed his title belt, and stalked Punk as the Straight Edge star winced in pain as he got to his feet. A belt shot to the face should have sealed the deal, and Orton covered - but the referee was still unconscious. A second official came running out, but the time difference allowed Punk time to kick out. Orton had a back up plan though, and positioned the belt in just the right place as Punk slowly but surely got up once again. The RKO on to the belt followed, and this time Punk was well and truly out, with Orton covering to get the "unfair" victory.


Even with the barbed wire and steel protecting him, Lashley still had to overcome the biggest odds yet to beat Shane O'Mac in the night's main event. To begin with, Umaga jumped Lashley on his way to the ring, with Shane already "safe" in the steel confinds of the cage. Lashley was able to fight back against the Bulldozer though, and sent him head first several times in to the side of the cage to incapacitate him. As Bobby got in the ring, Shane tried to jump him...but this spectacularly failed, as Shane found himself being launched up, over Lashley and in to the steel, before dropping back to earth. Within a couple of minutes of the match starting, Lashley had already bloodied McMahon, revelling in being able to do whatever he wanted to the boy wonder. Shane flailed about, wildly throwing punches in a vain attempt to hit anything; Lashley watched, before drilling McMahon with a hellacious Spear...as Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von came out. The New Breed members attempted to try and break down the door to the cage, and they were joined in their effort by a rising Umaga. Lashley seemed ready to fight them off though - unaware that behind him, Gregory Helms and Johnny were climbing the cage with bolt clippers.

The two men began to cut away at the barbed wire, ready to enter the cage at any moment. Lashley noticed a coil of barbed wire fall to the floor though, and saw the two New Breed members, who were now both nearly over the top of the cage. Lashley succeeded in fighting Helms off, but Johnny caught him with a lucky kick to the face, knocking Lashley off the side. Bobby was prepared to catch Johnny as he lept off though - just as Cor Von and Umaga ripped the door of its hinges. Lashley had a plan though, and launched Johnny like a human dart, causing a collision between the Cor Von, Burke, Johnny, Umaga, and the steel door. Shane had recovered though, and low blowed Lashley before going for a sneaky roll up. Lashley kicked out at two, and things seemed bleak for McMahon, as Lashley quickly rose to his feet. Umaga jumped him again though, landing the Samoan Spike as the New Breed gathered together on the outside. To the crowd's delight though, Lashley somehow managed to fight back against Umaga, whipping him in to the side of the cage. Lashley then charged at the Samoan, and speared him in to the side of the cage - which BROKE OFF, crushing the New Breed beneath it! The crowd went wild as Shane O'Mac got up for the final time; a Dominator later, and Lashley had finally broken Shane, as well as his henchmen.

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Raw is War Preview - 4/01/99

Last night on Sunday Night Heat, Commisioner Shawn Michaels turned his back on the Corporation, Degeneration-X and the fans, when he nailed Ken Shamrock and Triple H square on the chin with Sweet Chin Music to both of them. We'll find out what he has to say for himself right off the ball on Raw as he has booked an in-ring segment for himself to start the show. What will be Triple H's comments also, and what will the Corporation think about their once ally?

One of the biggest stories at the start of the year was Vince McMahon buying out his wife Linda's and daughter Stephanie's stock shares to strip Mankind of the WWF title and hand it to The Rock, then giving the shares back. It's no surprise that Mankind has been irate at losing his World title after he worked so hard to take it from the Rock, but it would seem that he's not the only person after the world title. Triple H staked his claim last night on Heat, but Steve Austin and The Undertaker want the gold as well. It's confirmed that Austin, Mankind, Taker and Rock will all be at the arena.

Add to all this a massive 10 man battle royal, featuring the LOD, New Age Outlaws, Candian Country, Acolytes and the debuting Dudley Boyz of ECW fame. The winner will earn himself and his teammate a Tag Team Title Shot against Ken Shamrock and The Big Bossman later in the night. It's also been confirmed another Royal Rumble Qualifier will take place, with European Champion X-Pac going against Taka Michinouko.

Confirmed Matches:

10 Man Battle Royal

- The winner and his teammate will face Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman for the WWF Tag Team Titles.

The New Age Outlaws V Canadian Country V Legion Of Doom V Acolytes V The Dudley Boyz

WWF Tag Team Titles

Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman © V Winners of the Battle Royal

Royal Rumble Qualifier

X-Pac V Taka Michinouko

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Raw is War

4th January 1999

Fair Play

The lights are dimmed in the arena as Raw kicks off for what will no doubt be an explosive night. One spotlight is on, just above the ring where Commissioner Shawn Michaels is standing. The crowd are giving a mixed reaction of boos and cheers for Michaels, who looks solemn as he raises the microphone to speak.

Michaels: For the past 24 hours, all I've been hearing is "Why Shawn?". "Why did you attack Shamrock." "Why did you attack Triple H, one of the people who's always stuck by you." I understand that a lot of you people will be thinking the same things, and wanting to ask me yourself. So before you get a chance, I'm going to answer your questions straight away. I did it, because I can. I did it so that each and every one of you people would once again recognise that I am true greatness.

This draws a lot of heat from the crowd, which Michaels appears to ignore.

Michaels: Ken Shamrock, I have nothing against you. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if that makes me a wanted man with the Corporation, then that's just fine with me. I don't care about them and their stupid champion, The Rock. I could beat him any day of the week. No, you see I have bigger fish to fry, and that's Triple H. You stole my stable from me. I am the rightful leader of Degeneration X. And you know what Triple H? I'm coming to get you. I'm going to get you when you least expect it, and I'm going to take what's mine back to where it belongs. Think about it X-Pac. Think about it Outlaws. Think about it Chyna. Who do you want to side with? The man who the Commissioner hates, or the man who now owns 50 percent of this company?

The crowd go wild at this comment, and Michaels smiles.

Michaels: You see Vince, I took the liberty of contacting your wife and daughter, and they were very happy to sell me the shares you gave back to them. Now, if I'm right, you can't fire me from my job as Commissioner now, because you would have to ask me if I agreed on that. And you can't change around the title holders to suit you, because as Commissioner, I have more power to do with the booking of the shows. In fact, I can book matches with who I want, when I want because I have more power than you and your son! So you know what, I'm going to book a match right now. Next Sunday, live on Heat, we are going to see Kane of the Corporation get a title shot. And the title holder in question is...Ken Shamrock!

Again, the crowd pop at Michaels' latest announcement.

Michaels: Vince, Triple H, I'm your worst nightmare. Enjoy the rest of your night.

10 Man Battle Royal

- The winner and his team mate will face Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman for the WWF Tag Titles later in the night

The New Age Outlaws V Canadian Country V Legion of Doom V Acolytes V Dudley Boyz

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us back from the opening credits, and to the ring where the Acolytes and the Outlaws were in the ring. "Enough is Enough" played through the arena, signifying the entrance of Canadian Country. As Hart and Jarrett tried to get in the ring, the Outlaws blocked their entrance, causing them to stay outside the ring until the referees forced them in. JR and King took the time to list the rest of the confirmed matches tonight, which now included another Royal Rumble Qualifier between Test and Al Snow. "Ohhhhhh What A Rush!" was the next music heard, as the LOD came out to a big pop from the crowd. Making their way down to the ring, the LOD took their gear off and gave them to some kids at ringside, as generic rock music replaced the LOD tune. Bubba Ray and D-Von (King quickly pointed out they were from Extremely Crappy Wrestling) Dudley came out to boos from the crowd. They made their way into the ring, and soon the bell rang to signify the start of the match. Immediately people began to square off against each other, with no real teamwork evident to begin with. This all changed when Canadian Country went to eliminate Hawk, but Animal came to his friend and partner's rescue. On the opposite side of the ring though, Road Dogg taught Faarooq how to Shake, Rattle 'n Roll the hard way, which was followed up by a double clothesline by the Dudleys to eliminate one half of the Acolytes. Bubba went off the fight with Animal, leaving Road Dogg and D-Von to fight it out. Dogg got D-Von on the ropes, but began to lose his balance himself allowing Jeff Jarrett to rush in and throw both men out of the ring - only for Bradshaw to demolish him with a clothesline, sending Jarrett over the rope onto Dogg and D-Von! With one man from every team (apart from the LOD) remaining in the ring, the battles became one on one again. Bubba Ray Dudley just survived elimination from Owen Hart, as Hart had half of Dudley's body over the rope. Dudley eventually freed himself with a thumb to the eye of Owen. Bradshaw looked to eliminate Animal, but a shot to the back from Hawk stopped him. Animal then kicked Bradshaw in the gut, and lifted him onto his shoulders. Hawk climbed to the top rope, ready for the Doomsday Device when Billy Gunn rushed to knock him off the top. Animal threw Bradshaw off backwards, and hit Gunn to stop his team mate being eliminated. What followed was sickening, as the LOD lifted Gunn up and gave him a massive double powerbomb to the outside. Gunn landed hard on his back, and seemed unconscious as Road Dogg went to check on him. Bubba and Owen meanwhile were still fighting on the opposite side of the ring. Owen's attempt to clothesline Bubba over the rope failed spectacularly, as Bubba lifted Owen over his back and outside, leaving just 4 people in the ring - two of them Animal and Hawk. The LOD went to go for Bubba, but D-Von decided to jump on the apron, distracting Hawk long enough for Bradshaw to get back up and knock him over the rope, but at the same time leaving himself open for Animal to eliminate him at the same time. D-Von went one more time to distract Animal for Bubba to get rid of him and win the title shot. Hawk though didn't like this, and threw D-Von into the ring barrier, allowing Animal to turn around in time and lift Bubba over and out to win the battle royal!

Winners: Legion of Doom (Animal)

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Test V Al Snow

As we come back from the first commercial break, Al Snow is walking to the ring for his match against Test. The music of the Corporation begins to play on the PA, and out comes the big man Test. As he gets to the ring, Snow catches him by surprise with a baseball slide, knocking him down in a heap. Snow attempts to try and keep the pressure on Test by jumping on his back with a sleeper as he tries to get up. Getting up, Test charges backwards and squashes Al in between his body and the steel post. Snow falls to the floor, and screams in pain. Picking Snow up, he then press slammed him into the ring. The pin only got a 2 though, much to JR and King’s surprise. Determined to get the win quick and fast, Test lifted Snow to his feet, before running into the ropes and going for the big boot to the back of Snow's head. The leader of the J.O.B Squad wasn't ready to go down that quick though, and spun round to grab Test's leg. Pulling him in, he kneed Test in the stomach, and went for his Snow Plow finisher. Test slipped behind him, and went for his Pumphandle Slam, delivering it with precision and power. The referee counted the pinfall, and Test smiled at his win, with compliments from the King at how well he beat Snow.

Winner: Test

Making the Main Event

In Commissioner Michaels' office, he's watching the TV when Mankind walks in.

Mankind: Shawn, what are you going to do about the WWF Title. I don't know whether you realise or not, but I want my title back and I want a shot at The Rock as soon as possible.

Shawn: Well Mankind, I've had a very good idea. Now I understand why you would want to have your title shot. I mean, you never really lost it did you? But if I were to just give you the title match, then I would be showing favouritism. So how about we do this. I mean, I have Undertaker and Austin breathing down my neck as well - so tonight, the Main Event of Raw is War will be Mankind against Steve Austin against Undertaker. The winner of this match will go on to fight The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The person who does not get pinned will be entered into the Royal Rumble at Number 30, and the loser at Number 1. I like to call it the Make it, Lose It or Enter it match. How does that sound?

Mankind: Sounds good enough to me. Listen, be careful Shawn. The Corporation are going to come after you, and you had better be prepared for what they're gonna throw at you. Just so you know, I've got your back.

Michaels nodded, and Mankind nodded back, before walking out of the office.

Royal Rumble Qualifier

X-Pac V Taka Michinouko

A match between two fast paced wrestlers was on the card now, as Taka Michinouko and X-Pac went head to head for entry into the Royal Rumble. Coming to ringside with Sho Funaki, Taka looked slightly confident. X-Pac meanwhile played it up with the crowd, doing crotch chops all over the place. Holding his European Title over his head, X-Pac ran into the ring, ducking a double clothesline by Kaientai as he tried to get in the ring. On the way back, he took both out with an amazing running senton, as the bell rang to start the match officially. Funaki rolled out in pain, as X-Pac hurried to his feet to deliver an enziguri kick to Taka's head, causing the Japanese star to go straight into the turnbuckle and into a schoolboy rollup from Pac. With JR and King expecting it to end straight away after the Enziguri, they were surprised to see Taka kick out (especially after the previous two squash Rumble qualifier's). Pac went to pick Taka up, but all of a sudden Taka sprang up and took Pac down with a big head scissor take down, followed by a stiff kick to X's back. Taka's pin attempt didn't even get to 2 before Pac got out of it. A snap suplex kept Pac down, and Taka climbed to the top rope, facing away from Pac. Leaping off backwards, Taka went for a moonsault, but missed completely and splatted on the mat as X-Pac rolled out of the way well in time. Giving a crotch chop to Funaki, X-Pac lifted Taka up, and kicked him once hard in the ribs for good measure. But when he went for the X-Factor, Taka lifted Pac up, ran forward and threw him onto the ropes, crotching him on it. Taka climbed up to the top rope, and leaped off for the hurricarana. Pac though doesn't want to land hard on the outside, and grabs the ropes. Taka ends up landing on the floor outside, folded like a concertina. Pac gets back in the ring, as the referee begins to count Taka out. JR and King sound very grave as Funaki goes to check on his friend. Pac seems unaware at Taka's condition, and starts crotch chopping the crowd as the referee goes over. Looking worried, he rings the bell and Pac finally realises what's happened. He sticks his head out of the ring, and looks on in obvious shock as stretchers come to take Taka away. King leaves the broadcast area and goes backstage with Funaki after Taka.

Winner: X-Pac

A Message

Shawn Michaels is watching the TV as Pac leaves the ring. Suddenly, a door slams into something, and as Michaels turns around to see what's happening, Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman jump him, followed quickly by Test. Throwing him to the floor, they begin to kick and stomp the hell out of the Commissioner, as The Rock and Vince McMahon come into the picture.

McMahon: You think it's funny to mess with us Michaels? Well I'm going to make your life a living hell now that you've turned your back on us. Lift him up, lift him up!

Test lifts the beaten down Michaels up, only for McMahon to punch Michaels hard in the face. Test lifts him up again, and this time throws him to Rock. Rock grabs Michaels, and swiftly sends Michaels threw the office table with a Rock Bottom. The Corporation laugh as Michaels lays unconscious in the wreckage. They leave, ready for the Tag Title match about to come up.

WWF Tag Titles

Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman © V Legion of Doom

"Ohhhhhh What a Rush" played for the second time tonight, as the LOD came out for the Tag Title match. A replay was showed of Animal & Hawk eliminating Billy Gunn and Animal winning the Battle Royal by beating Bubba Ray Dudley. Getting in the ring, the LOD showed no sign of fatigue as The Corporation music began to play. Shamrock and Bossman walked out with Test just behind them to make things even harder for the LOD. JR commented that this was now the equivalent of a handicap match against the LOD thanks to Test. Shamrock got in the ring along with Hawk, and the bell rang to signify the beginning of this title contest. Shamrock tried to take Hawk down early on, going for a Double Leg Trip. Hawk simply clubbed Shamrock with a fist to the back, and then delivered a bodyslam to follow up. Using the same tactic as they used against the Outlaws on Heat, Hawk and Animal began to tag in and out, at the same time delivering elbows and kicks to Shamrock's knee. Things began to change quickly though, as Test decided to get involved in the match. Bossman distracted the referee and the legal Animal so Test could throw Hawk off the apron, and then send him head first into the steel steps with so much force the top steps came dislodged from the bottom ones. Shamrock tagged in Bossman, and the Corporation dominance began. Bossman took Animal down with a suplex, followed by a elbow drop to the gut. Lifting Animal up, Bossman then delivered a backbreaker, followed by a tag to Shamrock who dropped a fist to Animal's face. Shamrock covered Animal, but just got a 2 count for his efforts. This was followed by a snap elbow, before Shamrock lifted Animal up and spiked him with a DDT. Shamrock then showed just how strong he was, lifting the much heavier Animal up and over with a Fallaway Slam. Bossman then got the tag, and as Test distracted the referee as well as Hawk still down, Shamrock lifted Animal up as Bossman smacked him over the head with the nightstick! Shamrock spun the referee around as Bossman covered Animal. The referee counted the 1, and then the 2 as King laughed at the Corporation's plan, while JR verbally let his feelings known. JR suddenly shouted "Yes!" as Animal got his shoulder up before the referee's hand hit the mat for the three. Test's jaw nearly hit the ground, and he pulled the referee out of the ring to shout at him for making a "slow count." This just proved to be another distraction for Shamrock and Bossman to double team Animal, as they lifted him up before dropping him with a double suplex. But with the referee still arguing with Test, they got cocky and decided that they would try and double team Animal again. Lifting him up onto their shoulders, it looked like they were going to both powerbomb Animal. That was, until Hawk got back in the ring and took Shamrock down! Animal was sent backwards, which led to the spectacular sight of Animal delivering a hurricarana to Bossman! Hawk then helped his friend up, and they signalled for the Doomsday Device. Animal lifted Bossman onto his shoulders, as some members of the crowd began to stand on their feet, expecting the finish. Test suddenly pushed the referee out of the way, ran to the announcers and grabbed a chair. He jumped up onto the apron as Hawk got on the turnbuckle, and nailed Hawk in the cranium with the chair - right in front of the referee! Animal threw Bossman off his shoulders, and ran to Test, only to be hit in the ribs and then the head with the chair. Test signalled to the back, and out ran the Stooges, Patterson and Briscoe. A 5 on 2 mugging then began, as the LOD were beaten down by the Corporation. All looked lost when the familiar sound of a CAR WRECK began to play! Out from the back to a thunderous pop came Mankind, charging into the ring. A shoulder barge took down Patterson, and as Briscoe ran towards him, Mankind lifted him up and threw him into Shamrock, knocking both men down. Bossman slid out of the ring, as Test went to hit Mankind with the chair. Mankind blocked the shot, and then delivered a double arm DDT onto the mat. The Corporation skulked backstage, as the LOD shook hands with Mankind.

Winners: LOD (However, Shamrock and Bossman retain due to DQ - Retained: 1)

An Important Advert

The announcement of a new tour was released, the WWF "Loaded" tour. The first date was announced as this upcoming Saturday. More details would be released after Raw was finished on WWF.com

Bye Bye Shawn

We go straight to a locker room, where we see Triple H sitting down, shaking his head. He looks up at the camera, and frowns.

Triple H: Shawn, you were my friend. We were the best of buds, and you decided to go wreck it all not once, but twice. First you attacked X-Pac, and then last night you superkicked me in the face and cost me the Intercontinental Title. Once again, you have decided to screw me. I could have won the WWF Title so many times when you lead DX. Now, you want to control the power in this federation even more by taking control of DX once again. If you think that Chyna, Billy, Dogg or Pac will fall to your cheap tactics, then you're wrong. I see that Vince McMahon had made the first move against you. But believe me, I will be the one who makes the last move and it will be to finally rid this federation of your oversized ego. The Kliq isn't here to help you anymore Shawn - enjoy it while you can, because I am going to make your life as much as a living hell as you try to do to me.

Triple H smiles as the camera fades away back to the ring.

Make It, Lose It or Enter It Match

- Winner fights The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The wrestler who is pinned enters the Royal Rumble at Number 1, the wrestler who is not pinned enters the Rumble at Number 30.

Undertaker V Stone Cold Steve Austin V Mankind

Mankind is standing in the ring already, with the LOD still at ringside. Instead of hearing the Ministry or Austin's music though, we here that of The Corporation. Vince McMahon walks out, flanked by The Rock, The Stooges and his son Shane.

Vince: Seeming as how Shawn Michaels has had to be sent to a medical centre following his "accident", I have taken control of the booking of tonight's RAW. And therefore, in the complete and utter interest of fairness for The Rock, this match is now a Lumberjack match also, with the Lumberjacks being hand picked by me. Come on out!

To no surprise, the Lumberjacks are Shamrock, Bossman, The Stooges and Test - but not Kane. Also coming out is Canadian Country and The Dudley Boys (both heel teams, again no surprise). Shane goes backstage, while Vince and Rock decide to join JR and King at the commentary booth. McMahon seems happy with himself, as the LOD look around them to see they are surrounded by heels, yet they stay put. The next entrant is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin, and McMahon begins to bash him over the announce system. Austin ends up rushing to the ring to avoid a mugging by the Corporation forces. Austin and Mankind nod at each other and Mankind whispers something to Austin, which Austin agrees with. The lights dim, and "Dark Side" slowly fills the arena. The Undertaker comes out in a hearse, pulled by The Brood and Viscera. He steps out, and the lights suddenly come back on, as the rest of the Ministry (Mideon & The Acolytes) spring out of nowhere and along with the LOD begin to attack the Corporation lumberjacks! Undertaker enters the ring during the fracas, and immediately Austin goes after him with rights hands. Taker is backed into a corner, but eventually is able to block one of Austin's shots, and throws Austin into the turnbuckle. Before he can deliver more than 3 uppercuts to Austin though, Mankind charges into him, effectively squashing both Taker and Austin in the corner. Mankind immediately goes for the Mandible Claw on Taker, but Austin breaks it up with a kick to the stomach. Austin then went for the Stunner, only for Taker to punch him and lift him up for a Tombstone! As the fight on the outside began to move to the back, Mankind decided to knock himself, Austin and Taker all to the outside of the ring with a tackle to Taker. Now on the outside, Mankind went for Taker again. While Rock and McMahon badmouthed all three competitors (and King sucked upto them), JR commented that Mankind was obviously thinking of Undertaker as his strongest opponent in the match because he was constantly trying to attack him. This was proved true, as Mankind whipped Taker into the steel turnbuckle post, and then going right after him again as Taker staggers back, taking him down with a clothesline. Austin, thinking it would be in his best interest to let the two fight simply rolled into the ring and rested against the ropes. Mankind smashes Taker's face onto the ramp, before finally deciding to go after Austin. Rolling in wasn't the best option of entering the ring though, as it allowed Austin to run forward and begin to stomp a mudhole into Mankind, eventually forcing him to retreat outside - right into the recovering Undertaker, and a Russian Legsweep. Taker then began to choke Mankind with both hands, but Austin had enough of waiting and began to punch away at Taker. Throwing Taker back into the ring (after another quick visit into the steel post), Austin went for the first cover. Before he could even lie on top of the deadman though, Undertaker sat up and grabbed Austin by the throat. Standing up and choking Austin at the same time, Taker simply lifted Austin over his head and slammed him to the mat. Mankind was still down on the ramp, so Taker went for the cover - but Austin got his foot on the rope just in the nick of time before the 3. Taker cursed his luck, and then lifted Austin up one more time, but this time just in position for the Tombstone Piledriver! He hadn't counted on the now recovered Mankind stopping him though as he locked in the Mandible Claw again, causing Taker to drop Austin (noticeably Taker was very careful when he dropped Austin so he didn't land on his neck). Taker broke free though with a kick to Mankind's knee, only to be downed with a clothesline virtually straight away. Mankind then pulled out, much to the crowd's delight, SOCKO! Putting Socko on his hand, Mankind waited until Undertaker was back up before jamming the stinking sock into Taker's mouth! Taker fell to one knee, when Austin got back in the ring and delivered the Stunner to Mankind. But instead of pinning him, Austin lifted Taker (who collapsed as the hold was released) up to his feet, and gave him the Stunner and pinned him. Rock got up and went to get in the ring, but it was too late and Austin got the pin. No less, Rock went to attack Austin, but only got a Stunner himself for his troubles, as Raw went off the air with McMahon absolutely livid.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin (Undertaker was pinned)

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Earlier tonight on Raw is War, the WWF announced the "Loaded" Tour. We can reveal that this is an idea to push talent which is underused due to lack of time in the WWF at this moment in time. These stars will remain on the Loaded Tour until vacancies become available, or when the WWF see it fit to bring them back. Here is the full set of details which have been released at this time.

- 6 "Loaded" Trucks will travel the country, going to whichever area the WWF are holding Raw is War and Sunday Night Heat. 4 of these Trucks contain staging which will allow for a capacity of around 1,000 people (around 250 seats per Truck).

- The other Trucks will either contain merchandise or the actual Loaded Ring.

- There are confirmed three shows every week. These are - Saturday, Monday and Wednesday all at 4:00 PM (depending on Timezones, if any changes occur you will be notified on wwf.com). Events should last no longer then 2 hours maximum

- Tickets are on a "first come, first serve" basis on the day of the event. They will cost $5 only. Once you have bought your ticket, you may purchase previous Loaded events on Video for only $3 - fans who do not have tickets only have to pay $4 more at $7.

- The Loaded Tour has it's own set of wrestler's who will appear constantly. However, special appearances by WWF Main Roster stars will be constant, and for the first show we have conformation that Test will be at the arena.

- Check back soon on wwf.com for the full roster, as well as other guest stars and more Loaded info, as well as previews or Sunday Night Heat, Monday Night Raw and our big PPV, the Royal Rumble.



The WWF announced the roster for the Loaded Tour. There are only 15 people on it, but keep in mind the special guest stars at each event. Here is the roster as it stands

The Brood (Gangrel, Edge & Christian)

The Hardy Boys (Matt & Jeff)


Bob Holly

Jerry "The King" Lawler

George "The Animal" Steele


Lo-Ki (Development Worker)

Minnesota Stretching Crew (Shelton Benjamin & Brock Lesnar, Development Workers)

Val Venis

Kurt Angle (1996 Olympic Gold Medallist, Development Worker)

Also, the WWF released the cards for both the Saturday and Monday shows.

Saturday Show:

Minnesota Stretching Crew vs. The Hardy Boys

Scorpio V Guest Star: Test!

Bob Holly V Kurrgan (Side Note: Both men were under face gimmicks before they were moved to Loaded, so one will probably turn heel)

Legend Match: George Steele V Jerry Lawler

Also: All 3 members of The Brood have issued an open challenge to any people who wish to fight them

Monday Show:

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 1 Match: Val Venis V Kurrgan (Note: The WWF did not mention Venis as a Guest Star, so maybe he's on Loaded duty?)

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 1 Match: Gangrel V Lo-Ki

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 1 Match: George Steele V Jerry Lawler

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 1 Match: Kurt Angle V Mystery Guest Star

Finally, the USA Network revelaed earlier today that Sunday Night Heat is now a Prime Time show for them. This is being treated as great news for the WWE, as they now have two prime time shows to contest against WCW.

Now, onto the first part of Fan Interaction.

The first 5 shows of Loaded are booked (note: I'm not actually simming Loaded, it's a little side show). Therefore, I've thought of a little competition. Simply guess which one of the 8 people in the Title Tournament you think wins the title. Is it...

1. Val Venis

2. Kurrgan

3. Gangrel

4. Lo-Ki

5. George Steele

6. Jerry Lawler

7. Kurt Angle

8. Guest Star

Post who you think wins in this thread here. Also, post who you think is that person's opponent in this topic (as a tiebreak). Whoever wins will get to choose one of the 15 people in the original roster gets entered into the Royal Rumble and moved onto the Main Roster again.

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We have just got the results from the Saturday show of Loaded. Here are the results and a short summary of each match (thanks to XRE43TY of the wwfinside forums for the summaries)

Hardy Boys def. Minnesota Stretching Crew - MSC played the heels in this match, which lasted about 11 minutes. Lesnar and Benjamin (MSC) worked well together and the Hardy's did a very good job, I'd expect them to be called up sooner or later.

Test def. Scorpio - Scorpio got SQUASHED in this match within less than 5 minutes. Test got alot of Heat for shouting "F@~$ Austin" just before big booting Scorpio.

Kurrgan def. Bob Holly - Long match that didn't really drag too much. Neither men played a heel role, but at the end Kurrgan snapped after winning, throwing Holly into the steps and then the post.

George Steele def. Jerry Lawler - Quite boring for 2 "legends". Steele won after he smashes Lawler's head 15 times into the turnbuckle.

The New Age Outlaws def. The Brood - The Outlaws answered the Brood's challenge to a massive pop. Dogg took Gangrel out with a clothesline to the outside, then distracted Edge so Gunn could give Christian the Fameasser.

Biggest Pops

1: New Age Outlaws

2: George Steele

3: Hardy's (When they delivered the Event OMEGA)

Biggest Heat

1: Test

2: Kurrgan

3: The Brood

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Sunday Night Heat Preview - 10/01/99

Raw is War was explosive, and the fallout will be felt on Heat this Sunday Night, in it's brand new Prime Time slot on the USA Network. Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Undertaker and Mankind to get a title shot against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. But not only that, The Corporation attacked Shawn Michaels after he stood upto Vince McMahon and took a 50 percent share of the WWF's stocks to control half the company with McMahon. Michaels is not going to be at Heat tonight, but is going to be booking the show from home. He already confirmed one match will be happening at the start of Raw last Monday, and it's a massive Intercontinental Title match which will pit the Corporation against each other, as Ken Shamrock fights the monster that is Kane. Will the Corporation crumble as two of the big fighters go head to head, or will Mr.McMahon manage to find something to stop his team fighting?

The Legion of Doom very nearly won the WWF Tag Titles on Raw, but ended up winning the match but not the titles when Test smashed Hawk with a chair, meaning Shamrock and Bossman retained. Tonight, there's a small score to settle from the Battle Royal also on RAW which allowed the LOD to get the match, as the LOD will fight against The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray and D-Von. Also, just announced was another Royal Rumble Qualifier as Goldust and Droz fight each other.

Confirmed Matches

WWF Intercontinental Title

Ken Shamrock © V Kane

Grudge Match

Legion of Doom V The Dudley Boyz

Royal Rumble Qualfier

Goldust V Droz

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Sunday Night Heat

10th January 1999

Jim Ross welcomed us to the show, and introduced us to his new broadcast partner from now on, Tony Chimel. Chimel thanked Ross and the WWF for the opportunity to work on the show, and then revealed Duane Gill had laid down a challenge to any lightweight to fight for his title in the first match of the night.

WWF Lightweight Title

Duane Gill © V Any Lightweight in the World

The champion walked out, and took about three steps before he was jumped by someone. The fans went wild as they realised it was none other then the legend that is Jushin Thunder Liger! Except...Liger's costume was different. Dressed from head to toe in black and red, Liger kicked Gill down the aisle as the crowd's reaction changed from good to bad. Liger threw Gill into the steps, then into the ring. Liger rolled in, and picked Gill up for a big brainbuster suplex. Liger then climbed to the top rope, and launched himself backwards for a moonsault. The referee got down on the floor, and made the pinfall, giving Liger the Lightweight Title! Liger hadn't yet finished with Gill though, and took his new title and placed it on the floor, only to give Gill a drop-down brainbuster onto the title. Snatching the title, Liger rolled out of the ring, ignoring the boos from the crownd and going backstage. Chimel and Ross, despite being confused at Liger's sudden change put the new champion over, as the referee tried to revive Gill, who seemed to have been knocked out by the title shot.

Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger (New Champion)

Breaking Apart...

Cutting away from the ring, we can see Ken Shamrock and Vince McMahon standing side by side in a locker room, no doubt the Corporation's. The door is open, as Vince looks happy at something

McMahon: Okay Ken, I have some good news for you. I have managed to find a loophole which has allowed me to enter you, Bossman, Patterson and Briscoe into the Rumble without you ever having to lift a finger.

Shamrock: Vince, that's great and all but I don't think we should be worrying about the Rumble right now. Later on tonight, I have to beat that dumb giant Kane, and even though he's in the Corporation, I have a feeling he'll be trying to beat me. Let me get this into your head Vince, I do not want to lose my Intercontinental Title anytime soon.

McMahon: It's all sorted. Don't worry about it, Kane will not be winning the Intercontinental Title tonight or ever in his career. I am going to guarantee that.

Shamrock and McMahon look at each other with smirks on their faces, and begin laughing. They leave the locker room, and as they shut the door, Kane appears from behind it, evidently having heard all of Shamrock and McMahon's conversation.

WWF Slam of the Week

A Message

Shawn Michaels is watching the TV as Pac leaves the ring. Suddenly, a door slams into something, and as Michaels turns around to see what's happening, Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman jump him, followed quickly by Test. Throwing him to the floor, they begin to kick and stomp the hell out of the Commissioner, as The Rock and Vince McMahon come into the picture.

McMahon: You think it's funny to mess with us Michaels? Well I'm going to make your life a living hell now that you've turned your back on us. Lift him up, lift him up!

Test lifts the beaten down Michaels up, only for McMahon to punch Michaels hard in the face. Test lifts him up again, and this time throws him to Rock. Rock grabs Michaels, and swiftly sends Michaels threw the office table with a Rock Bottom. The Corporation laugh as Michaels lays unconscious in the wreckage. They leave, ready for the Tag Title match about to come up.

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Goldust V Droz

The battle of the freaks was set to get underway, as Droz was in the ring ready for Goldust's entrance. As "Gold-Lust" began to play, Goldust slowly walked out, decked out in his robe and wig. Reaching the ring, Goldust climbed to he top rope and took his costume off, before climbing off the turnbuckle to face Droz. The bell rang, and the two fighters circled each other before locking up. Goldust whipped Droz into the turnbuckle, and immediately went right after him with a clothesline, nearly knocking Droz out of his boots. Goldust immediately went for the Shattered Dreams, but Droz managed to punch Goldust away from the corner, allowing him to recover and land a clothesline to the freak. Droz then began to stomp the hell out of Goldust, until Goldust grabbed Droz's foot and pulled his other leg from under him, knocking Droz down hard. Both men then tried to get to a standing position first, and eventually it was Goldust up first, and the advantage gained was quickly used as Goldust gave Droz a jawbreaker. Goldust then followed up by giving Droz a bulldog, but the cover he made after that only got a 2 count. Signalling for the Curtain Call, Dust looked ready to end the match when Droz managed to escape and roll Dust up with a schoolboy. Chimel and JR thought it could end right there, but Dust managed to kick out just in time. Droz went for a DDT soon after, but Dust lifted him up for a backbody drop counter. Droz reversed that and went for a backdrop, which Goldust reversed as well! Finally, one of them managed to nail the move as Goldust gave Droz a big reverse DDT. Once again, Dust signalled for the Shattered Dreams. This time though, he managed to deliver his finisher and pin Droz for the 3 count, giving him the win and entry into the Royal Rumble.

Winner: Goldust

Raw Recap

End of the Tag Battle Royal

Owen's attempt to clothesline Bubba over the rope failed spectacularly, as Bubba lifted Owen over his back and outside, leaving just 4 people in the ring - two of them Animal and Hawk. The LOD went to go for Bubba, but D-Von decided to jump on the apron, distracting Hawk long enough for Bradshaw to get back up and knock him over the rope, but at the same time leaving himself open for Animal to eliminate him at the same time. D-Von went one more time to distract Animal for Bubba to get rid of him and win the title shot. Hawk though didn't like this, and threw D-Von into the ring barrier, allowing Animal to turn around in time and lift Bubba over and out to win the battle royal!

Winner: Legion of Doom (Animal)

End of the Tag Title Match

Hawk then helped his friend up, and they signalled for the Doomsday Device. Animal lifted Bossman onto his shoulders, as some members of the crowd began to stand on their feet, expecting the finish. Test suddenly pushed the referee out of the way, ran to the announcers and grabbed a chair. He jumped up onto the apron as Hawk got on the turnbuckle, and nailed Hawk in the cranium with the chair - right in front of the referee! Animal threw Bossman off his shoulders, and ran to Test, only to be hit in the ribs and then the head with the chair. Test signalled to the back, and out ran the Stooges, Patterson and Briscoe. A 5 on 2 mugging then began, as the LOD were beaten down by the Corporation. All looked lost when the familiar sound of a CAR WRECK began to play! Out from the back to a thunderous pop came Mankind, charging into the ring. A shoulder barge took down Patterson, and as Briscoe ran towards him, Mankind lifted him up and threw him into Shamrock, knocking both men down. Bossman slid out of the ring, as Test went to hit Mankind with the chair. Mankind blocked the shot, and then delivered a double arm DDT onto the mat.

Grudge Match

Legion of Doom V The Dudley Boyz

Before the match even started, JR announced this match was now also a Royal Rumble qualifying match, with the winning team both gaining entry into the Rumble. "Ohhhhh What a Rush" blared out of the arena. Hawk and Animal walked out from backstage, and as they made their way to ringside gave their headgear to some kids at ringside. The Dudleys were next out to boos from the crowd, as Tony Chimel reminded us that the Dudleys made their debut last week on Heat, interfering with the New Age Outlaws/Canadian Country match. D-Von and Animal squared off first in the ring, with Animal quickly getting an advantage. Getting D-Von in a front facelock, that allowed Animal to give D-Von a uppercut to the throat, followed by a shoulder barge. Animal then picked D-Von up and gave him a powerslam. The pinfall after that got a 2 count, as Animal tagged Hawk in. The LOD whipped D-Von into the corner, then Animal ran and splashed D-Von, followed by a clothesline by Hawk. Animal went to the outside, as the referee ordered him back. This ended up being a distraction the Dudley's used to their advantage, as Bubba ran in and field goal kicked Hawk between his legs. Hurrying back to the corner, and with the referee and Animal unaware, Bubba looked cocky as D-Von made the tag. Bubba began to beat the crap out of Hawk with stomps to the head, followed by a big bodyslam then a suplex. Bubba then sat on Hawk's chest, and started to punch Hawk in the face with closed fists. The referee caught on quickly, and ordered Bubba off Hawk with a 5 count. JR began to talk about how the Dudley's seemed not to care how they won, unfair or not. Bubba put Hawk in a half nelson, and made the tag to D-Von who kicked Hawk hard in the ribs. Bubba then gave Hawk his "Bubba Bomb", before sliding out of the ring so D-Von could make the pin. Hawk kicked out though, and tried to crawl over to Animal. D-Von let him get as close as possible, before dragging him back to the Dudley's corner. D-Von picked Hawk up and delivered a DDT, before tagging in Bubba. D-Von charged over to Animal, and shoulder barged him off the apron. Bubba shouted "3D!" at the top of his voice, and the fans actually popped at the note of the Dudley's old ECW finisher. D-Von whipped Hawk into the ropes, and ducked down. Lifting Hawk up, Bubba Ray then grabbed his head and all 3 went down as the Dudley's delivered the Dudley Death Drop. Bubba went for the pin, when Animal somehow managed to get in the ring and break it up! D-Von went to hit Animal with a punch, but Animal blocked it and landed a punch of his own to D-Von, then to Bubba and then another to D-Von. A clothesline took Bubba down, as he helped Hawk up. Hawk, despite still being dazed from the 3D, managed to throw D-Von out of the ring with help from Animal, and then climbed to the top rope. Animal lifted all off Bubba onto his shoulders, and the LOD gave Bubba their own famous finisher, the Doomsday Device! Hawk crawled on top of Bubba, and the referee counted the 3. The LOD began to celebrate their win when...

Winners: The Legion of Doom


First, it's the ever familiar guitar chords. Then the drum beat comes in - as the fans went crazy as Big Stevie Cool and Da Blue Guy came out, because the bWo is in the WWF! The bWo charged the ring, and it was a superkick from Big Stevie to Animal that took out one half of the LOD, while Da Blue Guy knocked Hawk down and gave him a splash. D-Von tried to get back in the ring, but the bWo clotheslined him back out. Someone hands Big Stevie Cool a microphone, and he raises it to his mouth.

BSC: Right now, I only have three words to say. (The crowd cheer as Big Stevie pauses.) WE'RE TAKING OVER!

The crowd erupt as Big Stevie says the words, as Da Blue Guy throws a toothpick out of his mouth and into the crowd. The bWo music plays once again, and Big Stevie and Da Blue Guy exit the ring. JR and Chimel are laughing at ringside, and Chimel manages to say through his laughter "a great debut for the bWo".

He is in the Arena, After All

Triple H is walking around backstage, looking rather cocky. A member of the production company accidently bumps into him, and HHH looks at him before shoving him to the floor. HHH begins to laugh, and turns around - only to get kicked right in the face! The camera swings round to reveal Commisioner Shawn Michales is in the building, despite him not supposed to be! The crowd once again give a mixed reaction to Michaels, partly because he just attacked the good guy but he himself is being attacked by the even bigger guy in Vince McMahon! We go to commercials as Michaels laughs at the fallen Triple H.

WWF Intercontinental Title

Ken Shamrock © V Kane

Kane made his way out alone without any members of the Corporation, looking very angry. JR and Chimel recapped the conversation Kane overheard between Shamrock and McMahon. The music of the Corporation then played, and Shamrock walked out with McMahon, Rock, The Stooges, Bossman and Test flanking him. JR realised something wasn't right, and his fears were confirmed when the Stooges charged the ring. Of course, Kane simply gave Brisoce an uppercut, before grabbing Patterson by the throat and tossing him half way over the ring. Test then rolled in, and went for the big boot to Kane. Kane dodged Test's outstretched leg, and grabbed him by the throat. Kane then lifted him up, and chokeslammed him to the ground. But while he was doing that, Bossman, Shamrock and Rock got in and attacked him from behind. The nightstick shot from Bossman to Kane's head though had no effect, and Kane threw him out of the ring. Once again though, it turned out that it gave the Corporation another chance to capatalisize, and this time it worked, as Shamrock and Rock smashed Kane with their title belts at the same time, one to the front and one to the back of his head. The stooges got back up and along with Shamrock, Rock and McMahon began to lay the boots to the big red machine. Test and Bossman joined in the mugging, as JR cursed all of them. Chimel asked why no one was helping, but soon changed his tone when a CAR WRECK played! Once again, Mankind came to the rescue, but this time was armed with a chair! A shot to Test took him out, as McMahon, Shamrock and Rock scarpered. Bossman and the Stooges ended up being victims of chair shots too, as Mankind cleared the ring. Mankind then grabbed Kane's hand, and helped his on-off friend Kane to his feet. They shook hands, before Kane set off his pyro, pointed at Shamrock and signalled a cut across his throat as Heat went off the air.

Winner: No Contest

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Earlier today on wwf.com, the release of Duane Gill (who just lost the lightweight title on Heat), Public Enemy (ex-ECW) and Giant Silva were all announced. The Oddities and JOB Squad therefore seem finished, with only Golga (AKA Earthquake) and Al Snow being the only remaining members of the respective stables on the active roster.

Here are the results from the Monday Loaded show - they included a huge guest star appearance, as well as the first round of the Loaded title tournament (the winner is set to get entered into the Royal Rumble).

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Val Venis def. Kurrgan (DQ win for Venis when Kurrgan refused to let go of a choke on the ropes)

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Gangrel def. Lo-Ki (Ki manages to show off a few moves, but Gangrel basically squashes him for the win)

---Edge & Christian went on the mic, and did very well playing the heels. A defenite change from the vampire role too. They said they were issuing another open challenge, answered by the bWo!

bWo def. Edge & Christian (Crowd were very over with the bWo. Christian tries to help his brother by cheating, but Da Blue Guy knocked him out of the ring allowing Big Stevie Cool to pick up the victory.)

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Jerry Lawler def. George Steele (Much better than Saturday's match. Lawler wins with a rollup, but refuses to shake hands with Steele post-match)

---Kurt Angle came out for the Main Event, and said he could beat anyone the WWF threw at him. Cue the pyro, and Kane walked out to the almightiest pop.

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Kane def. Kurt Angle (Straight away, Kane chokeslammed Angle then pinned up - and gave him a Tombstone post match for good measure)

Biggest Pops:

1. Kane

2. bWo

3. Val Venis

Biggest Heat:

1. Edge & Christian

2. Kurrgan

3. Kurt Angle

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Raw is War Preview - 11/01/99

The WWF is in chaos, with the Corporation turning their backs on anyone in the stable who disagrees with either The Rock, Vince McMahon or Ken Shamrock. Last night on Heat, Kane was being assaulted 7 on 1 when Mankind ran down, chair in hand to make the save. Tonight, there is going to be a monstrous 6 man Tag match, with Kane, Mankind and a partner of their choosing take on Shamrock, Big Bossman and Rock. One person they cannot choose to be their partner though is Steve Austin, as he will be fighting Test earlier in the night. It defenitely seems McMahon wants to wear Austin down before his match with Rock at the Royal Rumble.

2 other matches have been signed for tonight as well. The world famous Jushin Thunder Liger made his debut last night, and defeated Duane Gill for the Lightweight Title. Liger seemed different then usual though, showing a much more aggresive and brutal style when he beat Gill. Liger's first challenge will come tonight, but no one knows who it is - will Liger be upset by his unknown challenger? Also, a massive 4 team tag match is scheduled that will have massive implications for the Royal Rumble PPV. Whichever team has a member pinned or forced to submit will not be entering the Rumble, with all other 3 teams having both members entered. But the team who scores the victory will also get a Tag Title shot at the Rumble as well as entry into the Main Event! It's going to be the bWo, Dudley Boys, Canadian Country and Too Much going for glory!

Confirmed Matches

6 Man Tag Match

Kane, Mankind & A Partner of Their Choosing (But NOT Steve Austin) V The Rock, Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman

Steve Austin V Test

WWF Lightweight Title

Jushin Thunder Liger © V An Unknown Challenger

Royal Rumble Qualifier/Number 1 Contenders to the WWF Tag Titles

bWo V Dudley Boys V Canadian Country V Too Much

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Here are the Loaded Cards for Wednesday and Saturday's shows.

Wednesday Card

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 2 Match: Jerry Lawler V Val Venis

??? V Kurrgan

Canadian Country V Hardy Boys

Lo-Ki V Shelton Benjamin V Kurt Angle

Loaded Title Tournament, Round 2 Match: Kane V Gangrel

Saturday Card

Loaded Tag League: Edge & Christian V J.O.B Squad (Bob Holly & Scorpio)

Loaded Tag League: Minnesota Stretching Crew V The Hardy Boys

Kurrgan V Al Snow

George "The Animal" Steele V Kurt Angle

Loaded Title Tournament, Final: Lawler/Venis V Kane/Gangrel

In other news, the WWF certainly seems to be trying to push their lightweight division, especially with the signing of Jushin Thunder Liger, as well as this special challenger. Because of that, many people are beginning to think this could be the end of the Hardcore division, which was scheduled for a push with the inclusion of Al Snow, Steve Blackman and Bob Holly.

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Raw is War

11th January 1999

WWF Lightweight Title

Jushin Thunder Liger © V An Unknown Opponent

Tony Chimel and Jim Ross welcomed us to Raw tonight, and we are going to start with the Lightweight Title match. Liger comes out to some generic music, clutching the Lightweight title and ignoring the crowd's reaction. He gets in the ring, lifts his title up and gives it to the referee. As his music goes off, the crowd wait for his opponent. Ross and Chimel try to guess who it could be, when a completely new music begins to play. Out from the back comes none other than The Great Muta! Liger paces up and down the ring, shaking the ropes, obviously annoyed at his opponent. Muta runs into the ring, and immediately him and Liger go at one another with kicks and punches. Muta took Liger down with a dropkick, only for Liger to sweep Muta's leg from under him, and then land a senton on his challenger. Liger picked Muta up, and nailed one suplex, before rolling through into another. Liger then rolled onto Muta's chest for a pinfall. Muta kicked out at 2, and as Liger got up lifted him onto his shoulders, and ran forward into the turnbuckle. Crushing Liger into the buckle, Muta then backed up. Running forward again, he jumped in the air and smashed Liger in the face with a double foot dropkick. Liger rolled out of the ring, adjusting his mask. He turned around, only to get caught by Muta jumping out of the ring and over the ropes with a cross body. Liger clutched his head, as Muta shook it off and threw Liger back in the ring. Muta went for a pin this time, but Liger got his foot on the rope. Muta though wasn't finished yet, and lifted Liger over his head, so Liger landed behind him. Muta then gave Liger a massive neckbreaker, before climbing to the top rope. Muta shot off backwards for a Moonsault, but Liger rolled out of the way - but Muta saw that and landed perfectly on his feet! Liger stood up, and acted like he had avoided losing the match, only for Muta to grab his mask, yank him down and give him a back suplex. Muta kept hold of Liger's head though, turned around and delivered a DDT. Muta then signalled for the Emerald Fusion, only for Liger to give him a low blow with the referee not looking! Liger then rolled up Muta, and got the three count with Muta still stunned! The fans booed as Liger got out of the ring quickly, snatched his title and ran up the ramp, as Muta looked at him, shaking his head as he pulled himself up by the ropes. JR complimented Muta on getting so close to winning, only to be cost it by Liger's cheating.

Winner: Jushin Thunder Liger (Retained: 1)


Ken Shamrock is with Michael Cole backstage. Shamrock is smiling, as Cole goes to talk.

Cole: Ken Shamrock, last night you managed to keep hold of your Intercontinental Title, albeit because the match never officialy started because of the Corporation interference.

Shamrock: Okay, stop right there. I'll let you know that I could beat Kane any day of the week, no matter what the rules are. Infact, I have decided that I am going to issue a challenge to Kane for the Royal Rumble. But it's going to be under my rules. Now, as many of you know I am an Ultimate Fighter. I've made countless people tap out, pass out, and I've knocked out hundreds of people. I am the World's Most Dangerous man, in Ulimate Fight and the World Wrestling Federation. So, I have decided to bring the two sports together. I am challenging Kane to a Submission Style Octagon Cage match. 8 Sides of Steel, and the only way to win is by making your opponent tap out. Oh, wait a minute...you don't have any submission moves do you Kane. I guess that just gives me a bit more of an advantage - not that I would need it.

Cole: But...won't you have had a match earlier in the night for your Tag Titles? I mean, that would be 3 matches in one night if you included the Royal Rumble.

Shamrock: It's all sorted Michael. And me and Vince will be making a very important announcement regarding the Rumble and my titles on Sunday Night Heat. I'm sure the entire world will be very, very interested.

Calling a Friend

From the interview with Shamrock, we cut down the hallway to see Mankind is on the phone.

Mankind: Okay, so you'll team with me and Kane tonight? Yeh, that's great. Okay, one last question, have you got your old costume with you...you have? This is going to be so good, I can't wait. Okay, see you tonight.

The First Breakaway

"Sexy Boy" begins to play in the arena, and Commisioner Shawn Michaels walks out to a mixed reaction once again. Michaels seems pre occupied tonight, and gets in the ring quickly, and takes a microphone.

Michaels: Alright, I understand that people didn't like me superkicking Triple H last night. But after him running his mouth constantly for the past week or so, I had just about had enough of him. That's what I'm not out here for. No, I have decided that all title holders, excluding the World Champion will be entered into the Royal Rumble. Now, I understand that most of the champions have already won qualifying matches. But there's one person who that doesn't include. And I also want to see a good friend of his. So I want the New Age Outlaws to come out right now!

Right on cue, "You Didn't Know" begins to play. Out come the Outlaws, with Road Dogg holding the WWF Hardcore Title. They enter the ring, and Michaels gives them both microphones.

Michaels: Okay, this is what I want to say. Now, Billy, Dogg, I respect both of you. And I want you to join me in my DX. We could be huge, and it would leave Triple H on his knees. What do you say?

Dogg: I don't know Shawn. I mean, I don't want people to think that I'm a betrayer and everything like that.

Gunn: I don't see why not. The guy just let you enter the Royal Rumble for free D, O, Double G. I still have to try and qualify in a match.

Shawn: So, you want to join Billy and you want to get in the Rumble, you don't know Dogg. I have the perfect solution for all of this. And all it takes is a little something I call...Sweet Chin Music!

Michaels drops his microphone, and lands the SCM bang on Road Dogg's chin. Gunn begins to laugh, and he high fives Michaels as the boos start to ring in. Michaels lifts the microphone to his mouth again, and tries to speak through his laughs.

Michaels: Now, like I said. Anyone who is holding a title at any time since when I announced it is in the Rumble. That means Dogg and Liger. And since you want to be in the Rumble so very badly Billy, I've decided to give you a title shot. A...Hardcore Title Shot, to be made now, and I will be the special referee for this very interesting match between two ex partners. Ring the bell!

WWF Hardcore Title Match

Road Dogg © V Billy Gunn, w/ Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

It never was a match, as Gunn simply picked Dogg up and gave him the Fameasser. For good measure, when Gunn pinned Dogg straight away, Michaels made a fast 3 count. JR was in disbelief at how far Michaels had gone in trying to beat Triple H tonight, when the DX music hit the arena and Triple H ran out. Michaels and Gunn were already out of the ring though, as HHH looked at his fallen partner Dogg on the mat. We go to the commercials as HHH helps Dogg to his feet.

Winner: Billy Gunn (New Champion)

Royal Rumble Qualifier / Number 1 Contendership to the WWF Tag Titles

- All teams except the team which loses the fall will be entered into the Royal Rumble. The team who win the fall will fight Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman as well at the Rumble.

bWo V Acolytes V Too Much V Canadian Country

The bWo walked out to a great pop, followed by Too Much. They were followed soon after the Acolytes, who looked very confident. Bradshaw and Da Blue Guy began to mouth off at each other, before Big Stevie Cool broke it up. Canadian Country were out finally, and they climbed onto the apron. It ended up being Bradshaw and Big Stevie Cool who started the match, despite Bradshaw wanting Blue Guy to fight him first. Bradshaw went for a punch, but BSC ducked it, kicked him in the gut and gave him a snapmare. BSC then tagged in Blue Guy, who seemed to kick Bradshaw very stiffly in the ribs, before going and tagging in Brian Christopher. Christopher danced in the ring instead of going for Bradshaw, which led to a massive clothesline from an obviously pissed off Bradshaw. Bradshaw then picked up Christopher and gave him a powerslam, then tagged in Faarooq. Faarooq stomped on Christopher for a second or two, then lifted him up and gave him a big suplex, followed by a cover for 2. Faarooq then tagged in Owen Hart, and Owen locked in an armbar on Christopher. Owen kept the armbar locked in, until Christopher managed to get to the ropes with his foot. Owen only let it go at 4 out of 5, then dragged Christopher into the middle of the ring, and started to drive his knee into Christopher's arm joint. Lifting Christopher up with his bad arm, Owen wringed his arm and then flipped Christopher over. Making the quick tag to his partner Jarrett, Owen and Jarrett started to take turns chopping Christopher in their corner. Jarrett then whipped Christopher into the opposite corner, and unaware to both Christopher and Jarrett, Big Stevie Cool tagged himself in as Christopher went into the turnbuckle. Christopher stumbled forward, as Jarrett knocked Scott Taylor off the apron, before going to give Christopher the Stroke. Big Stevie saw that as his opportunity, and spun Jarrett round and nailed him with a superkick - then another one to Christopher! Bradshaw jumped in the ring, and Stevie gave him a superkick, followed by one to Owen and then one to Faarooq, as the bWo were the only team left standing. Stevie looked at Blue Guy, and Blue Guy shrugged his shoulders, before getting in the ring and letting Stevie give him a superkick as well, as the fans went wild! That turned out to be a big mistake though, as Jarrett got back up and grabbed Stevie, before slamming him down with the Stroke, taking the wind out of the crowd's sails. Jarrett made the cover, but somehow Stevie managed to get his shoulder up and get out of the pin to stay in the match. Blue Guy got up, and went to clothesline Jarrett, but instead got the referee. Bradshaw went for Blue Guy, but Faarooq physically shoved his partner out of the way and knocked Blue Guy out of the ring, as well as himself. Bradshaw decided to brawl with Brian Christopher instead, as Owen Hart grabbed Jarrett's guitar. Passing it to Jarrett, Jeff went to hit Big Stevie, but Stevie stepped out of the way and dropkicked him. Stevie then tagged out to Scott Taylor, and began to revive the referee. Hart meanwhile kicked Taylor in the gut, and Jarrett smashed the guitar over Taylor's head. Stevie meanwhile convinced the referee Jarrett had tagged himself out to Taylor and not Stevie! Jarrett and Hart argued to the referee as he tried to get them out of the ring. Stevie simply kicked Jarrett into Hart, and they tumbled to the outside, allowing Stevie to cover the unconscious Taylor, and win the match - the bWo get a Tag Title shot in their first competitive match on WWF TV! Blue Guy and Big Stevie got into the crowd, and escaped as the fans slapped them on the back.

Winners: bWo (Canadian Country & Acolytes also qualify for the Royal Rumble match)

Say Your Prayers, Steve

Going away from the bWo celebrating in the crowd, we go to a darkened wood. Suddenly, we see the Undertaker's Symbol burning. The Undertaker then appears fro m nowhere, with only his face in view.

Undertaker: Steve Austin. You have just made your first mistake. By pinning me last week on Raw, you signed your own death certificate. You will regret that decision for the rest of your life, because I am going to send you to hell. I am the walking undead, the man that will make sure you pay for your sins. It will soon be time to say your last goodbye Austin, because the sands of time are about to run out. Rest...In...Peace...

The Commisioner and his new ASSistant

Shawn Michaels and Billy Gunn are backstage in the Commisioner's office. Gunn is sitting on a couch, with Michaels sitting in his chair and his feet on the office desk. Michaels is looking through a bunch of papers.

Michaels: Okay, let me count for a second how many people we have in the Rumble Match...21. That's not enough, is it?

Gunn: 9 more if I'm right. Hey, can you get someone to grab me a drink or something? Along the lines of a Long Island Ice Tea.

Michaels: That's more of a chick drink I would have thought Billy.

Gunn: Make that 2, you've obviously never had one. Okay, back to the Rumble. Who could we have?

Michaels: I know, let's have whoever wins that Loaded Title tournament thing enter it. That makes 22. How about I just schedule a few qualifiers for Heat? It'd make sense. Now, I just have to think who could fight who.

Gunn: How about we have The Dudley Boys fighting two people...maybe Droz and Prince Albert? It'd make sense, 4 massive freaks in one ring at one time.

Michaels: Good idea, 24. Great Muta did well tonight, let's give him a shot against...who's that weird Japanese guy that we signed earlier today Billy?

Gunn: Yowishi I think.

Michaels: No, that's not it. I remember! Yoshihiro Tajiri. Okay, so we have 25 defenitely. Now, I've been told by Mankind who his partner is, and believe me, he's huge in more than one way. So he's straight in, and I'm pretty sure that we can put the other guy who's on later in. Okay, that's enough for now. My head's beginning to hurt.

Gunn: You defenitely need a Long Island Ice Tea. That, or a margarita. In fact, order both. I'm ready to get drunk.

Michaels: Deal. Oh, by the way, I scheduled you against Road Dogg for the Rumble.

Gunn: WHAT!

Michaels: Oh don't worry, it's going to be very special. Dogg has to pin you 2 times to win, and you just have to win once. And if you win, then I guarantee you a shot at the Intercontinental Title. I guess it's a good enough prize, eh?

Gunn looks slightly worried, but shrugs his shoulders and high fives Michaels as we go down to the ring.

Steve Austin V Test

The glass shatters over the PA system, and Steve Austin walks out to a great reception from the crowd. Before he even gets halfway down the ramp though, Test jumps him from behind with a big forearm to the head. Test goes to throw Austin into the steel girder by the side of the ramp, but Austin gets his foot out first and blocks it. Austin then elbows Test in the stomach, and sends Test into the girder instead. Austin continues by stomping and kicking Test down to the ring, where he slams his face into the mat. Rolling Test into the ring, Austin lifts the big man up and kicks him in the stomach, before going for the Stunner. Test manages to throw Austin into the ropes though, breaking free. As Austin bounces back, Test runs forward and smacks Austin in the back of the head with the Big Boot. Resting against the ropes for a second, Test then gives Austin an elbow drop to the neck. Test goes to lift Austin up, only for Austin to punch him in the stomach. Another sends Test reeling, and Austin goes to give Test the Stunner again - when the lights go out. 4 bolts of lightning strike each of the ringposts, and then a fifth strikes something in the air. The object sets on fire, to reveal it's the Undertaker's symbol. JR and Chimel mention Undertaker's message earlier, as the lights come back on. Test and Austin are looking at the symbol, when Test realises he's got a shot to win. He goes for the big boot, but Austin turns around just in time to grab Test's leg, spins him round and gives him the Stunner finally! Austin covers Test, and gets the 3 count much to the crowd's delight. Before Austin gets a chance to celebrate though, the lights go out. They come on about 5 seconds later, and Undertaker is behind Austin, holding a noose and leadpipe. Austin turns around and gets clocked by the pipe, knocking him out. Undertaker then wraps the noose around Austin's throat, and lifts him up. Taker then throws Austin over the rope, and basically hangs Austin! JR shouts for security, who turn up after around 15 seconds - 15 seconds too late according to Chimel. The lights go out straight away, and when they come back on Undertaker is gone from the ring. EMT's rush down to the ring to help Austin, as we go to commercials.

Winner: Steve Austin

He's Angry, Tough & in the WWF

Back from the commercial break, we go to Michael Cole.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here to announce that the WWF has signed one of the hottest agents on the market today. This is...

Before Cole can finish, he's shoved to the ground by someone off screen. That person walks into the camera view to reveal...

Man: I am TAZ!

The crowd go wild for the ECW legend that is Taz.

Taz: And I am in the WWF. You know what that means? It means that everyone should be scared, because the toughest guy on the planet's gonna kick all of your asses. I'm the human suplex machine, master of the Tazmission. I'm gonna beat you, choke you, generally make you wish you were never born. The era of Taz is just beginning. Be scared, because I'm going to take over this company victim after victim.

6 Man Tag Match

The Rock, Ken Shamrock & Big Bossman V Mankind, Kane & ???

The music of the Corporation began to play, and out stepped Rock, Shamrock and Bossman. The crowd booed as they got into the ring, with Rock standing on the top turnbuckle, shouting things at the crowd in response. The lights went out, and the organ music filled the arena. The pyro's went off, and Kane stepped out to a good reaction from the crowd. Kane pointed at Shamrock again, and nodded his head. JR guessed that was Kane accepting Shamrock's challenge for a Submission Octagon Cage match. A Car Wreck replaced "Burned" and out stepped Mankind. The Corporation, crowd and everyone watching on TV awaited their partner. Suddenly, the ring began to shake, and the Corporation had to hold onto the ropes to stay steady. Then, the familiar music of a WWF veteran began to play, as out stepped EARTHQUAKE! The fans cheered him, as he came out looking nothing like his previous incarnation, Golga. The three faces walked to the ring, and got onto the apron. They decided Mankind would start the match, with him facing off against Bossman. The two locked up, and Mankind got Bossman in a headlock. Mankind began to punch Bossman in the face, but Bossman clipped Mankind in the leg, allowing him to reverse into a backdrop. Bossman then went for a bodyslam, but Mankind slid down the back of Bossman, allowing him to lock in a sleeper. Bossman struggled to the ropes, forcing Mankind to let go. This also allowed Bossman to tag out to Shamrock. Mankind didn't seem bothered about fighting Shamrock though, so tagged himself out - to Kane. Shamrock's tough guy attitude seemed to disappear very quickly, and he went to tag Bossman back in. Kane though ran forward, and squashed Shamrock into the corner, before elbowing Rock and Bossman. Kane followed up with a big slap to Shamrock's chest, before suplexing him into the middle of the ring. Kane began to stalk Shamrock as he got back up, and as Shamrock turned to face Kane, Kane latched his hand around Shamrock's throat for a chokeslam. Shamrock managed to break free with a kick to Kane's gut though, and followed up by running into the ropes, then coming back and laying Kane out with a swinging neckbreaker. Shamrock crawled to his corner, and tagged in the Rock. Rock got to Kane before he could tag in either Mankind or Quake. Beginning to stomp on the big red machine, Rock took time in between to taunt Mankind, aggravating him. Rock then picked Kane up, and gave him his version of the DDT, followed by a pin. Mankind ran in to break it up at 2, and this caused the referee to get Mankind back to his corner. With the referee distracted because of this, Shamrock and Bossman charged in and began to put the boots to Kane. Earthquake tried to get in, but this just distracted the referee even more. Suddenly, Kane tripped Rock up, then got to his feet and headbutted Shamrock, sending the IC Champ staggering backwards. Bossman went down to a big uppercut, and this finally allowed Kane to break free and tag in Mankind! Mankind charged in, and took Shamrock out over the top rope with a clothesline. Mankind then whipped Rock into a corner - but unbeknownst to Mankind, Rock ended up squashing the referee! This allowed Bossman to grab his nightstick and smack it over Mankind's head, sending him down to the ground. Bossman paid the price though, as Quake ran and squashed him in the corner to the delight of the crowd. Quake then bodyslammed Rock in the middle of the ring, as Kane jumped off the apron and to Shamrock. An axe handle to the back of Shamrock's head sent him stumbling forward towards the announce tables. With the referee still down, Kane threw the top off the Spanish Announce Table. JR began to shout "No" as Kane grabbed Shamrock by the throat, then chokeslammed the IC Champion through the table! On the inside, Quake helped Mankind to his feet, then threw Rock to him. Mankind drilled Rock with his Double Arm DDT Finisher, then dragged the WWF Champ into the middle of the ring. Quake ran into the ropes, and as he got to Rock jumped in the air, then splashing Rock in the middle of the ring. The referee roused to see Mankind make the pin, and slowly but surely made the 3 count to give the faces the win! Raw went off the air with a shot of Kane staring at the fallen Shamrock.

Winners: Mankind, Kane & Earthquake

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The WWF have recently been signing alot of ECW Wrestlers and have them appearing on their TV Shows. However, it would seem that not everyone is solely working for WWF. The Dudley Boys have signed a verbal contract with WWF for the next 6 months, which means it gives ECW time to schedule a farewell before WWF take them full-time. The WWF also gave ECW an undisclosed amount to sign Taz to a contract that sees him leave ECW at the end of the month. Also, the WWF gave ECW an amount to use the blue World order name.

Many people became confused during Raw is War earlier tonight, when Shawn Michaels said that all WWF Champions not already entered into the Rumble would be immediately. Michaels then seemed to ignore WWF Women's Champion Sable in a subsequent segment. This is because sometime during the weekend, Sable was released by the WWF, leaving the Women's Title vacant. It may be that this is the reason behind the push for the Lightweight Division.



There was actually a major (enough) WWF Title defense at the Wednesday Loaded Show, which we have results for. Noticeably, the WWF seem to be adding more and more angles into the shows.

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Val Venis def. Jerry Lawler (Kurrgan turned up and jumped on the apron, trying to distract Venis. Venis knocked him off the apron, then rolled up Lawler to win)

---Kurrgan got in the ring post match, and nailed Venis with the ring bell. Lawler then said he was Kurrgan's new manager, and ordered Kurrgan to hit Venis with the "Kurr-Gunned", a sit out powerbomb. This brought out X-Pac to make the save, and he challenged Kurrgan to a WWF European Title match!

WWF European Title Match: X-Pac (w/ Val Venis) def. Kurrgan (w/ Jerry Lawler) (Pac wins when he reverses the Kurr-Gunned into the X-Factor. Kurrgan seems to be getting better every match it would seem)

The Hardy Boys def. Canadian Country (Huge shock here, Hardys win when Owen locks the Sharpshooter on Matt. Jeff jumps off the top rope with a dragonrana and pins Owen)

--- Kurt Angle comes out playing the heel again, and talks about how he can't wait to get out of the arena and go home, but first he must beat 2 retards, which leads too

Kurt Angle def. Lo-Ki & Shelton Benjamin (All 3 really shined in this match, but Angle has really made the transition from amateur to pro well. Angle wins with a German Suplex lift into a reverse DDT on Ki)

Loaded Title Tournament Match: Gangrel def. Kane (Kane nearly wins with a chokeslam attempt, but Christian distracts the referee while Edge spears Kane, and Gangrel falls on top of Kane to win)

Biggest Pops:

1. Hardy Boys

2. Kane

3. X-Pac

Biggest Heat:

1. Kurt Angle

2. Brood

3. Kurrgan

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