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I need music

Testicle numba 2

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Every party needs Ludacris - Act a Fool, Get Back, Move Bitch, Number One Spot etc. De La Soul might work - check out Ohhh or Me, Myself and I. Lean Back by Fat Joe is also a good choice. Snoop Dogg stuff would work, Drop it like it's Hot usually does the trick.

On the rare occasions I've DJ'ed at parties or clubs, that stuff usually gets a good reception.

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method man - rodeo

wu-tang clan - protect ya neck (the jump off)

da back wudz - your gonna love me

mike jones - back then

dre feat. snoop - the next episode

snoop - gin and juice

ghostface - cher chez la ghost

the game - put you on the game

mystikal - shake ya ass

eric b & rakim - don't sweat the technique

the game feat 50 cent - this is how we do

ghostface feat. jadakiss - run

ludacris - get back

jay-z feat. kanye - the bounce

b.i.g - big poppa

common feat. john mayer, kanye west - go

webbie feat. bun b - give me that

trillville - some cut

jay-z - lucifer

juvenile - back that thang up

luniz - i got 5 on it

nwa - express yourself

b.i.g. - juicy

nas - made you look

o.d.b - shimmy shimmy ya

warren g feat. nate dogg - regulate

trick daddy feat. cee-lo, lil kim, ludacris - sugar

if you need anymore just say, this should be about 30 songs.

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Play Punjabi MC featuring Jay-Z "Beware of the Boys". Or don't. I just blazed and I have it playing over and over on repeat. Why? I dunno, man, but it's so trippy. Man. It's nuts. Remember that song? I remember the first time I heard it. Some white dude was blasting it in his car just driving casually down the street and I was just like "What. The. Fuck?!?". Good times. So yeah, Punjabi MC is so 2003.

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