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WWE Raw: The Internet Era


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Ah...2005, a year of surprises

ECW's One Night Stand was given almost free reign by Paul Heyman, as the reunion show proved a success.

Matt Hardy, after being fired just months prior, appeared on WWE television, mostly due to the cries of the internet crowd. Even more, he was given a match at Summerslam against legitimate enemy, Edge.

WWE.com begins reporting on actual news stories, including acknowledging Brock Lesnar and contract negotiations.

Bret Hart and Vince McMahon shook hands.

Wha-wha-what is this, bizarro world? [/comic book guy]

With Summerslam in the books, the IWC and alike was strangely optimistic about the future of the WWE. A future where the WWE could reach out to the internet crowd, an audience that it has never embraced. Could it happen?

Summerslam spoilers below

SummerSlam has long been recognized as WWE's marquee summer event, and this year should be no different as Superstars from both RAW and SmackDown! come to the MCI Center in Washington, D.C.

The first match made for SummerSlam is a gigantic blockbuster as WWE Champion John Cena will defend his championship against Chris Jericho.

Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels shocked WWE fans across the world by turning on friend, tag team partner Hulk Hogan, eventually blasting him with Sweet Chin Music.

HBK would later challenge Hogan to a match at SummerSlam, a match that Hogan has accepted.

Also, the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Batista defends his championship against JBL. JBL beat Batista at The Great American Bash, winning by disqualification. Of course, Batista kept the title.

Now, JBL will try and leave SummerSlam a champion once again.

Randy Orton has his own goal for SummerSlam: defeat Undertaker. After failing to add Undertaker to his list of fallen legends, the Legend Killer demanded a rematch for Aug. 21, and Undertaker was quick to accept.

In addition, Edge will face Matt Hardy in the most personal of matches. Also, Eugene and Kurt Angle will go one-on-one -- this time without a time limit. Remember, Eugene still has Angle 1996 Olympic Gold Medal

Back on the SmackDown! side, Rey Mysterio will face Eddie Guerrero, with the winner gaining sole custody of Dominick. Guerrero has revealed he is the biological father of Dominick and wants him back. Mysterio will fight to keep him.

Also, the United States Championship will be on the line when Orlando Jordan defends the championship against Chris Benoit, who has promised to make Jordan tap out.

LIVE from Washington D.C.

Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Johnathan Coachman, Tazz, & Michael Cole

Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan© - United States Championship match

Jordan gets a quick cheap shot, but Benoit gets an early german suplex, and hooks on the Crippler Crossface to win the title!

Backstage, Eddie and his wife argue over what his match with Rey Mysterio is really about.

Video package of the Hardy/Lita/Edge triangle.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy

The two go right at on the outside, before the match even starts. In the ring, Hardy gets a rear naked choke, but Edge quickly makes the ropes. Hardy gets in some hard shots, but Edge gets in a headbutt. Hardy stands on the outside apron for a while, allowing for Edge to Spear him through the ropes! Back in, Hardy looks to go for the 10 punch, but Edge drops him on the top turnbuckle. Ow. Hardy is busted open, as Edge stays on him. Edge kicks the crap out of him, prompting the ref to ring the bell, making Edge the winner.

Video package of the Guerrero/Mysterio/Dominick situation.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio - Ladder match for the custody of Dominick

The custody papers are in a briefcase, for those wondering. Fans chant "Eddie sucks" as Eddie starts off with a cheap shot. Guerrero gets a back suplex, but Rey comes back with a monkey flip, sending Eddie out. On the outside, Rey eats steps as well as ladder, and Eddie drags the ladder into the ring. He sets it up and climbs, but Rey spingboard dropkicks him in the knee. Guerrero brings in a second ladder, but Rey tries to fight it out. Rey sends Eddie out, allowing him to kick the 2nd ladder into Guerrero's face. Ouch. Mysterio follows it with a senton off of the top rope! Eddie's head did not look well on that one. Back in, Rey climbs, but Guerrero catches up with him on the other side. The two fight, with Eddie almost getting it, but Mysterio manages to stop him. Eddie goes for a sunset flip off the ladder, but his fingers slip, causing it to looked half-assed. Guerrero beats Rey with the ladder, dropkicking it on Rey in the corner, and sandwiches Rey for the heelo! Mysterio gets stuck in the corner with the ladder as Eddie climbs, but Rey pushes his ladder onto the one already set up in a slanted position, and backdrops Eddie onto it from the top! Both ladders fall, as do both men. Rey climbs once again, but Eddie dropkicks him down. Eddie sets up the ladder on the top rope turnbuckle, as Rey goes for a hurricanrana, but just eats ladder. Damn. Eddie climbs, but Dominick comes in and shakes the ladder. He has no luck, and Eddie is pissed. Guerrero screams at his son, but Rey attacks him like a ball of fire. Reys sets one of the ladders up against the ropes, and hits Eddie against it. 619, ladder style! Mysterio drops the dime and climbs, but Eddie catches him in the electric chair position, which Rey turns it into a powerbomb off the ladder! Rey climbs and looks to have the papers, but Eddie kicks out the ladder from under him. Rey holds on to the case, and Eddie powerbombs him to the mat! Damn! Rey gets trapped under the ladder as Eddie climbs. Eddie REALLY looks to have the briefcase, but Rey moves the ladder and pulls him down by the leg. Rey closes the standing ladder, but it proves a mistake as Eddie gets the triple verticals, the third being on the ladder! Guerrero goes back to climbing, as Vicki (Eddie's wife) comes out and pushes the ladder over. Rey goes to climb now, and Eddie tries to stop him, but Vicki won't let him. Mysterio grabs the case! It's over!

Afterwards, Eddie throws a temper tantrum, so Rey hits him over the head with the suitcase.

Backstage, Y2J expresses why he should be the WWE Champion.

Eugene vs. Kurt Angle

Eugene offers a handshake, so Kurt replies. A rather hard shake though. More like a punch to the jaw. Eugene gets a spinebuster, and goes for the People's Elbow, but Angle stops him with a clothesline for 2. Eugene looks to fight back, but he runs into the corner, allowing for Angle to get a german suplex for 2. Eugene hulks up, and hits the Rock Bottom for 2. Stunner is pushed off by Angle, who goes for the Angle Slam, but Eugene counters THAT with a Stunner for 2. Eugene hooks on his own ankle lock, but Kurt pushes him off into the 2nd turnbuckle, and hits the Angle Slam. Ankle lock and that's all she wrote. I actually liked that a lot.

Afterwards, Kurt reenacts his gold medal awarding to a big pop.

Backstage, the divas wash Vince McMahon's limo, which has a president sticker on it. McMahon for president?

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

This is Taker's 14th straight appearance at Summerslam. Orton stalls a bit to start, but eventually locks up. Taker slaps him, but Randy runs around him and grabs a side headlock. Taker gets him off and hits a shoulder takedown for 2. Randy starts to gain the advantage, but runs straight into a boot, allowing Taker to get 2. Undertaker looks to go for Old School, but Orton armdrags him off the top rope for 2. Taker runs into boot, but so does Orton, and Taker picks up 2. Undertaker gets the airborne clothesline for 2. Taker wears him down, but Orton ducks a boot in the corner, causing Taker to get caught up. Randy DDTs him from the outside of the apron through the middle rope to pick up 2. Orton works on the knee and gets a knee drop for 2. A boot to the face gets 2. Taker fights back, but Orton stops him with a powerslam for 2. Randy goes back to the knee, and gets some modified covers. Taker eventually gets out of the situation, and gets his vintage legdrop over the apron. Back in, Taker gets Old School for real, and gets his modified DDT for 2. Snake eyes, and Taker hits the ropes, but Orton stops him with a dropkick. Taker shoves off the RKO and goes for the Tombstone, but Orton reverses it to one of his own, which is reversed to Taker's, which is reversed to Randy's modified neckbreaker for 2. Orton goes up and gets a crossbody, but Taker rolls through and hits the Chokeslam. Taker signals for the Tombstone, but some guy walks in, prompting security to take care of him. Undertaker puts his focus back on Randy, but he jumps up and hits the RKO for 3!

Afterwards, the walk-in is revealed to be Bob Orton.

Meanwhile, some members of the Republican National Committee are shown to a smattering of boos.

Video package for Cena/Jericho.

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena© - WWE Championship match

The two exchange chops early on, and Jericho hits a vertical suplex. Chris gets a spinning heel kick, sending John out to the apron, and goes for the springboard dropkick, but misses. Cena looks to be in control, but Chris stops him with a dropkick. Jericho gets a vertical suplex for 2. John gets whipped to the outside, and Jericho follows it with a dropkick. Back in, Chris gets a top rope superplex for 2, twice. Cena looks to gain some momentum, but Jericho puts a stop to it. Y2J looks for the Lionsault, but it misses. Cena looks to go for the FU, but Y2J rolls through and tries to hook on the Walls. Cena kicks him to the outside however. Back in, Cena gets a leg drop through the middle rope on Jericho for 2. John looks for the FU again, but Y2J counters it into a DDT! It only gets 2. Jericho works him over, as the fans have a dueling of chants. Cena pops out of nowhere with a clothesline, causing half the arena to boo. John unleashes everything, and goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Y2J hooks on the Walls of Jericho. Cena edges for the ropes a few times, and finally makes it to break the hold. Jericho goes up, but Cena catches him with a FU attempt from the 2nd rope, only to have Y2J get out of that with a 2nd rope back suplex for 2. Y2J looks for the bulldog, but Cena changes it into the FU for 3!

Video package of JBL/Batista.

John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Batista© - World Heavyweight Championship match

Big pop for Dave. JBL goes right after Dave, before the pyro's even done. They fight to the electronic equipment, where Dave hits him with a fire extinguisher, but Bradshaw whips him into a steal case. Dave fights him near the barricade on the fans' side, where JBL gets a chair, but Dave tackles him through the padding. That was cool. In the ring, JBL gets a clothesline to put him down. Bradshaw goes out to get a belt from somebody, and whips Batista with it. John chokes him, but Dave eventually fights out of it with a back suplex. Dave now uses the belt, but JBL gets a boot and hits the Clothesline from Hell! It only gets 2. Bradshaw decides to get the steal steps and bring them in, but Batista backdrops out of what looks to be either a powerbomb or piledriver. Dave hits the spinebuster, and follows it with a Batista Bomb! Batista doesn't cover him however, as he gives him another Batista Bomb, this time on the steel steps! Must I say more?

Video package for HBK/Hogan.

Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan

Mixed reaction for HBK. Hogan - not so much. The two lock up, and Hogan powers him down. They lock up again, with the same result. Michaels grabs on the side headlock, and Hogan reverses. Shoulderblock sends HBK out, who looks to be thinking some strategy. Back in, Michaels goes down stairs, but Hulk reverses a whip to hang him up in th corner. Hulk brings the rights, but Shawn slows him down with a thumb to the eye. Hulk regains control though, and hits a clothesline to put him down. HBK comes back with a kick to the jaw, and looks to make Hogan eat turnbuckle, but Hulk won't budge, so he gets slapped. Hulk sends Shawn out, where he slams him over the spanish announce table. Michaels looks to get out of the situation, but Hogan introduces his arm to the ring post. Hogan looks to follow it with a shot to the ringpost, but Shawn escapes and does it to Hulk. Back in, Shawn goes for the 10 punch a couple of time, but Hogan pushes him off, causing Michaels to get agressive with the punches. Hulk gets busted open, and it's not looking good as Shawn follows it with the right hands. Michaels applies the sleeper, and looks to put him out, but Hulk won't let the arm drop a third time. The ref does a double count, and both the men get up at the same time. HBK hits the forearm, but misses the elbow, and Hogan hulks up. He goes for the big boot, but Shawn flies up and hits the ref. Shawn kips up, and looks to go for the elbow, but decides on the Sharpshooter. A new ref runs in (not Earl Hebner) but Hogan makes the ropes to a mixed reation. Hogan pushes HBK off of another Sharpshooter attempt, causing the ref to get knocked down again. Hulk gets up, but Shawn goes low. HBK gets a chair and kills Hogan with a shot to set up the elbow. Michaels tunes up the band, and Sweet Chin Music connects. It only gets 2, as it time for Hogan to Hulk Up. Big Boot! Leg Drop! It's over!

Afterwards, Shawn and Hogan shake on it.


Biggest Cheers



3)Kurt Angle

Biggest Jeers





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August 22, 2005

Arena: Hampton Coliseum

City/State: Hampton, VA

A very lengthy Summerslam recap video is shown to kick off Raw. We see highlights, including Matt Hardy getting busted wide open by Edge, John Cena successfully defending the WWE championship, Kurt Angle winning back his gold medals, and the Iconic Shawn Michaels ultimately losing to the immortal Hulk Hogan. It ends with their handshake, all in all, a very fitting video that did Summerslam justice.

End of Hometown Invitational?

Opening pyros explode, and we’re LIVE from Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. We open up the show with Kurt Angle, who gets a monster reaction from the crowd initially, complete with “You Suck” chants. The Olympic Hero is all smiles as he walks down the ramp, gold medals around his neck.

Angle: Whoooo! Life sure is great, sometimes, ain’t it? Last night, I reclaimed what was rightfully mine, these babies (motions to medals). And I destroyed poor Eugene. Eugene, you have to learn that when you mess with the bull, you’re gonna get the horns. And with that said, I’m sorry to announce that I can no longer afford to hold the hometown challenges. You see, I realize that even though I’m am the best damn wrestler in the world, and that there’s no way anyone will ever defeat the challenge again, I have bad days just like everybody else. And even worse, some young punk could walk out here and have a lucky day, or even worse, cheat to win some gold medals without ever putting the hard work and training that I went through. So, I’m officially retiring the Kurt Angle Hometown Invitational.

The crowd boos, as Angle has a sad look.

Angle: I know, I know, you all came here to see your Olympic Hero kick some butt. So you know what? I owe you fans that match. So, for the last time, I’m going to give some youngster back there an opportunity, not to win these medals, but just to experience what it’s like to step into the ring with a true wrestling legend. So, come on here, don’t be sh-

Some generic music hits and the lights dim a little. Kurt Angle steps forward in anticipation, and a silhouette appears on the stage. It gets bigger and bigger until we see that it’s none other than Spanky. Spanky has a big smile on his face as he runs down the ring. Kurt Angle scratches his head a little.

Angle: Say, don’t I know you?

Spanky: Maybe. I’ve been all over the world these last couple of years.

Spanky laughs as Angle shakes it off.

Angle: Alright then. What’s your name and where are you from?

Spanky: My name is Spanky, and I was born right here in Fairfax, Virginia!

Spanky raises the microphone up for the cheap pop, as Kurt Angle snatches it right back.

Angle: Wait a second, I do know you. I never forget a face that I beat. You tried to get a job on Smackdown! a couple years ago, didn’t you? That’s right, it’s all coming back, and I beat you then.

Angle looks triumphant.

Spanky: Well, I came very very close, Kurt. Two seconds away from lasting the whole five minutes in your little challenge. But here I am, two years later, and you know what, things are going to be different this time around.


Spanky gained overness from this debut.

Angle takes a step forward, towering over Spanky, mouthing “Is that so?” Without warning, Angle hits a big right hand to the mouth of Spanky, and it looks like this match is underway!

Kurt Angle vs. Spanky

Angle pushes Spanky to a corner, where he hits some big chops. Spanky surprises Kurt by hitting a couple of harsh chops of his own. And that sets the tone for the rest of the match. Everytime it seemed Kurt Angle would be getting the upper hand, Spanky hit a desperation move that seemed to keep him in the match. The ending saw Kurt Angle going for and connecting two big German Suplexes. As he was about to hit the third, Spanky acrobatically landed on his feet behind Kurt. Spanky went for the Sliced Bread #2. Kurt Angle held on, however, and the move was unsuccessful. Angle then went for the Angleslam, but Spanky reversed it again into a rollup. Angle then reversed it and somehow came out with the Anklelock locked in. After about a minute of struggling, Spanky made it to the ropes. Angle went to drag Spanky back toward the middle, but Spanky made it to his feet and hit the enziguri. From then on, Spanky connected with the Sliced Bread #2. He slowly crawled over Angle for the cover. 1……….2………Angle gets his feet on the ropes, and Spanky can’t believe it. Spanky picks Kurt Angle up, going for another Sliced Bread, but Angle rolls him up, and with feet on the ropes, pins Spanky. (8:34)

Winner: Kurt Angle

(78, 68, 89)

Kurt Angle grabs his gold medals and quickly backs up the ramp, still celebrating, while Spanky looks noticeably pissed. Meanwhile, Jim Ross announces that tonight’s main event will see Hulk Hogan teaming up with John Cena to face Edge and Carlito.


I Won’t Die Either

We’re back from break, and we cut to another intense Edge promo. He’s bandaged up from his match last night. No Lita next to him tonight.

Edge: Everyone was fearing for my safety before last night. They were scared, for me. Worried about what Matt Hardy was going to do to me for “stealing” his girl. Well, I’d like to think I made things right again. Everyone was so convinced that Matt Hardy Will Not Die. So convinced that they thought for a second that I would, that I would buckle under the pressure. Well, think again. Because I have something more convincing and motivating than revenge on my side, I have ANGER. Everything I’ve worked so hard for this last year, my money in the bank, my main event status, EVERYTHING was almost gone instantaneously. And for the last few months, I’ve been shackled with that never-was. Well, all that’s changed now. I’m back in the main event, starting with tonight. And that’s where you’ll see me from now on. Oh, and Matt, I’m not going to be naïve enough to think that you won’t come after me again, but when you can open your eyes again without cringing, I want you to watch Summerslam, watch our match. Everytime you think about getting involved in my business, I want you to remember that gruesome picture of me kicking your ass so bad the match had to stop. Maybe you won’t die, but maybe you’ll think twice.


Matt Striker vs. Rene Dupree

Your basic match between these two. JR notes that this is a rematch between the two from Sunday Night Heat last week. Dupree took control of the match from the getgo, but Striker started to turn it around with a powerslam. Striker knocked Dupree down with a couple of hard clothesline. Dupree hit a nice flapjack, then went for the French Tickler. Striker took that opportunity to hit the Lung Blower for the surprise pin. (5:01)

Winner: Matt Striker

(67, 59, 75)

Matt Striker gained overness from this match. Rene Dupree lost overness from this match.

Striker celebrated in the ring as we cut to another commercial break.


Carlito’s Cabana

The ring has been transformed to the Cabana as Carlito’s music hits. He walks down in accordance with the latino beats, carrying his signature apple. He slides in the ring and takes a seat on one of the stools.

Carlito: Welcome to Carlito’s Cabana. Tonight on the Cabana, we have one half of the World Tag Team champions. But, the one I’m most excited about, Miss Stacy Kiebler. So, without further adu, here is my guest, the Hurricane!

Right on cue, the Hurricane’s music hits as the Superhero is accompanied by Stacy Keibler. The two are holding hands. Hurricane poses for the crowd, and dons a mask on a youngster at ringside before stepping into the Cabana.

Carlito: Now, Hurricane, there have been a lot of speculation about Stacy’s comments last week about “already having a man.” Now, is there something going on here that we don’t know about?

Hurricane: Citizen Carlito, let me answer that question by first asking another question. Isn’t it true that every superhero in the world has a supergirl by his side? Superman has Lois Lane. Spiderman has Mary Jane Watson. Aquaman….well, forget Aquaman. That’s why I was so happy to meet my superlady.

Stacy is touched, as she has a big smile on her face, still holding hands with the Hurricane.

Carlito: Wow. I guess that kinda answers my question? But now, my second question is for Stacy. Stacy, I hope I’m not being rude here, but you can have anybody in the world. Why would you settle for this green-haired punk?

The Hurricane steps forward, as Stacy is clearly angry at those comments. The crowd also boos Carlito.

Carlito: I mean, sure, I can see that he has some gold, and you obviously seem to be the type that enjoy that. But on the other hand, Carlito does have the Intercontinental title.

Hurricane: Holy Jim Duggan! I graciously decide to come on your show here, and you decide to vilify me, wassupwitdat? Well, Carlito, if you think that you’re better than I am, how about we settle it in the ring?

Carlito: Whoa. Hold on a second, Green Lanturd, see, I’ve actually got somewhere to be tonight, you know, in the main event? But, next week, I’ll be glad to accept your challenge and show Stacy here why I know cool.

Stacy: Hold on a second, Carlito. How about you put that beautiful, shiny Intercontinental title on the line? That is, unless you’re not cool with it.

Stacy approaches Carlito, lips pouting, trying to sway the Intercontinental champion.

Carlito: Hey, Carlito’s cool with anything. You want a title shot? You got it.

Hurricane: Now……that’s coo-

But Hurricane doesn’t get to finish, as Carlito nails Hurricane in the head with the microphone. Stacy screams as Carlito steps over the Hurricane’s body, spitting his apple in Stacy and Hurricane’s direction before walking off, laughing.



Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Conway

A very good, fast-paced match. Conway, after weeks of fighting Viscera, seemed to thrive against the athletic Benjamin. Conway was really dominant during the majority of the match, continually working on the left shoulder and arm of Shelton Benjamin. A cool spot was when Benjamin went for the Stinger Splash, but missed, further damaging his shoulder. Conway then rolled him up for a near fall. Conway would again target the arm, locking in the shoulderlock. Benjamin managed to turn the momentum around with support from the fans. He used his other shoulder to break the hold, and then caught Conway in the face with a standing dropkick. Conway reversed the Exploder attempt, and went for the Ego Trip. However, Shelton Benjamin reversed it again finally into the Exploder T-Bone Suplex for the win. He continued to sell the shoulder as he landed hard on it, and held it in pain as he backed up the ramp. (8:23)

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

(76, 64, 88)

We see Shawn Michaels walking down the hallway. JR speculates that the Heartbreak Kid could be coming out to the ring.



Showstopper No More?

“Oh, Shawn, Shawn!”

HBK’s music hits to a mixed reaction in Virginia. HBK comes out, no kneel, no poses, strictly business tonight.

Michaels: Last night, at Summerslam, I’ll admit right now. Hulk Hogan was the better man. I tell ya, there was nothing like what I experienced last night, when I stood in the ring: Icon to Legend. I heard all of those screaming Hulkamaniacs, and you know what, I was proud of my effort, and I was proud to have wrestled in such an atmosphere. Most of all, I was proud enough of myself to stand there and shake Hulk Hogan’s hand: Icon to legend, man to man.

HBK’s now getting some pops from the crowd in Virginia.

Michaels: But don’t get me wrong, a loss is still a loss. And I went home last night and thought about not coming here tonight, about taking a couple months off, about rethinking what I want in my life at this point. But then, something hit me. I looked at Hulk Hogan, and realized that maybe I’m not the Showstoppa anymore. Maybe it’s time for Shawn Michaels….to step down, once and for all.

Michaels stands there, and stares down at the mat melodramatically. The crowd now starts to boo, completely forgetting HBK’s 3 week stint as a heel.

Michaels: But maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Shawn Michaels to step it up. You see, I said from the beginning that I wasn’t jealous of Hulk Hogan, and that still remains true. But, now, I refuse to accept the fact that I’m done writing my legacy. Maybe the showstopper is alive and kicking, more than ever before. Maybe a little humility is just what I needed to get to the next level, Hulk Hogan’s le-

“I’m Back….and I’m Better than Ever.”

Bischoff: Oh my god, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me, Shawn?

To a smattering of boos, General Manager Eric Bischoff walks out from the back, microphone in hand.

Bischoff: Let me get this straight. In my two years here on Raw, all I’ve heard, all I’ve remembered was the Shawn Michaels of the mid 90s. The cocky, brash, egotistical, talented SOB who consistently led Raw to higher ratings than my show, WCW Nitro. The REAL showstopper. The one that I wanted to work with. In this last month, he’s finally reappeared. And then tonight, you’re out here spewing this crap?

The crowd starts chanting “Asshole,” as Bischoff ignores him.

Bischoff: You weren’t wrong, Shawn. You were 100% correct. You’re not jealous of Hulk Hogan. You don’t want to be that Has-Been at age 57 who’s still waddling around thinking he’s got some business in the ring. And guess what, you’re not. You’re still the Showstopper, the Main Event, the Icon. But you gotta realize something. You want to write your legacy? You wanna know when your legacy was at its pinnacle? When you were running around wrestling classics with guys like Razor Ramon, like ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, like BRET HART (Huge pop). You wanna know what you had then that you don’t have now? You had the intelligence not to give a crap about what the fans thought. You had the insight to realize that to write your own legacy means sticking your fingers in your ears and doing what’s best for YOU, not these people. You want HUMILITY? Then, fine. Keep on walking out here, your smile gone with your glory days. But if you want to reassert yourself, and finally earn back your “Showstopper” status? You’ve got to find that fire inside, and be that tough, arrogant SOB that they all grew to hate but you know you truly are.

And with that, Eric Bischoff turns around and leaves, leaving Shawn Michaels glaring at him as we cut to a commercial break.



Kerwin White vs. Tajiri

Good heel reaction for Kerwin White, as he cut a promo before the match on how proud he was to be in the state of Virginia, a state where white people have been thriving since the birth of the country. He was interrupted by Tajiri. Tajiri got some stiff kicks in this match, but Kerwin White was able to use his relative height and power to his advantage. White hit a nasty spinning backbreaker, and followed that with a tilta-whirl headscissors. Tajiri would eventually fight back with the handspring elbow. He goes for the Buzzsaw Kick, but misses. That’s enough for Kerwin to hit the Japanese Buzzsaw with the Brainbuster slam for the win. A good, fast paced match. (6:57)

Winner: Kerwin White

(81, 72, 91)


Diva Hazing

The 2005 Diva Search winner, Ashley, comes out to the ring. She starts talking about how much winning last week meant, and how she was going to make everyone proud of her. Of course, this prompts the returning Trish Stratus to walk down the ramp, accompanied by Victoria. Trish starts by congratulating Ashley and welcoming her to WWE. She then follows by saying that as the newest Diva on Raw, she needs to be initiated. And in typical Diva tradition, Trish and Victoria attack Ashley and go to strip her down to her bra and panties. Christy Hemme runs down for the save, as the two Diva Search winners celebrate in the middle of the ring as Victoria and Trish back up the ramp.


JR and the King inform us that Matt Hardy has sustained several internal injuries and will likely miss next week’s show as well. But the King reminds us that he “did not die.” Suddenly, the screen transitions to a video package with the simple words.

He was forgotten.

He was unappreciated.

He was banned.

Now he’s back.

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I'm diggin' it. You really nailed the promos for most of the guys, and you're creating a compelling show. Will be interested to see where this all goes. Hurricane push!

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user posted image

What You Didn't See After Raw

Hi, my name is Josh Reilly, and I just came back from the Hampton Coliseum for Raw is War, and I thought you'd be interested in a couple of things.

The crowd was really hot for most of the night. There was this really fat guy in front of me, who almost ruined the show for me. Luckily, we moved down to the lower deck without being caught.

Dark Tapings

TNT d. two jobbers

Alexis Laree (!) d. Vicki

Sunday Night Heat Tapings

Val Venis d. local jobber

Gene Snitsky d. Viscera

The Heartthrobs d. John Walters and Nigel McGuinness

Before the show started, we got a videotaped message from Vince McMahon. That was pretty cool, he thanked us for coming, and invited us to the Smackdown show in December.

After the cameras stopped rolling, John Cena cut a promo on Shawn Michaels, and Kurt Angle interrupted. There was some funny stuff between Cena and Angle, and we got the match that was advertised. Cena beat Angle with an F-U. The two then had a rap battle, which ended quite badly for Cena, as Kurt seemed to get a bigger reaction.

Biggest Pops

1. Hulk Hogan

2. John Cena

3. Shelton Benjamin

4. Shawn Michaels (before)

5. Spanky

Biggest Heat

1. Shawn Michaels (after)

2. Eric Bischoff

3. Edge and Lita

4. Kurt Angle

5. Carlito

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August 29, 2005

Arena: St. Pete Times Forum

City/State: Tampa, FL

We begin again by recapping the events of last week’s Raw, a dramatic sequence involving Eric Bischoff lighting a fire under Shawn Michaels. They then show HBK beating the hell out of Hulk Hogan, Superkicking both Edge and John Cena and motioning that he wants the title.

MasterLock Challenge

We open the show with The Masterpiece, Chris Masters. He brings his sports bag with him. JR and the King note that nobody has yet succeeded in the MasterLock Challenge.

Masters: Alright, here I am tonight. Again. To remind all of you that it’s been more than six months, and not one individual has managed to break the MasterLock. Not one. So, I’ve decided to up the stakes even more here tonight. In addition to the $5,000 that I’ve previously offered, I’ve got here an autographed football signed by Ronde Barber and Derrick Brooks, and on top of that, two tickets to go see the Buccaneers play the Miami Dolphins on October 16th, so who’s it gonna be this time?

Masters tosses the bag aside, and steps back in participation. Suddenly, the same generic music from last week hits, and again, Spanky comes out to answer the challenge. Chris Masters can’t help but snicker at the much smaller Spanky as he towers over him.

Spanky: Chris Masters, I’ve watched you run your challenge for six months, and you’re right, nobody’s beaten you yet. But that ends tonight.

Masters: What are you talking about, kid? Didn’t you learn from last week when Angle whooped your ass? Oh well, it’s your funeral. Tell you what, how about this, it’s gonna be too easy if I just lock on the challenge. Here, go in my bag and toss me that handkerchief.

The crowd mutters as Spanky hands it to him.

Masters: I’m going to make this more challenging for me. I’m going to be blindfolded to even it up.

King: What an athlete! He’s going to further stack the odds against himself.

JR: What does being blindfolded have to do with putting on the Masterlock?

King: Exactly.

JR: …………..

Masters: Alright, kiddo. It’s challenge time.

Chris Masters walks up to Spanky, but Spanky moves out of the way.

Spanky: Actually, I wasn’t talking about me. I was talking about this guy.


Spanky laughs as the Big Show comes lumbering down to the ring. Chris Masters quickly takes the blindfold off, and the expression on his face is priceless. As Big Show steps over the ropes to get in the ring, Masters scampers out of the ring, leaving his bag in the process.

Spanky: Oh well, I guess this means we won.

Spanky picks up the bag and celebrates with the Big Show as Masters looks furious.


Grisham Interviews HBK

Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels is seen entering St. Pete Times Forum to a chorus of boos. Ace reporter Todd Grisham has caught up to the Heartbreak Kid, running beside him to keep up.

Grisham: Shawn Michaels! Shawn Michaels. Fans everywhere want to know, why did you attack Hulk Hogan and John Cena last week?

HBK slows down to a stop, and looks Grisham with a look of amusement.

Michaels: Tell me, son, do I have a match tonight?

Grisham: Er…yeah, you’re in the main event in a #1 contenders match.

Michaels: There’s your answer.

And with that, HBK swivels around and blows Grisham off to even more boos.



A Job?

Backstage, we see Spanky take a deep breath, before gathering enough confidence to walk up to Eric Bischoff’s door. He knocks three time, but nothing happens.

Spanky: Mr. Bischoff?

Suddenly, there’s voices coming from inside.

Edge: Wait, so you’re positive that he’s still in the hospital.

Bischoff: Absolutely. There’s no way the doctors would release him this early. You really did a number on him.

Spanky suddenly opens the door, and sees Edge, Eric Bischoff, and Lita inside.

Edge: What the hell do you want?

Spanky: I want to talk to Mr. Bischoff.

Bischoff: Who the hell do you think you are? You don’t barge inside my door, you knock and wait. And if I don’t come out, then get the hell out of here. Now why are you here?

Spanky(looking at Edge uncomfortably): Well, I was wondering if I could get a job here on Raw.

Edge and Lita laugh, as Bischoff also looks amused.

Bischoff: Now hold on a second, Spanky, right? You quit your job at Smackdown last year, and you think that the WWE will just hire you right back?

Spanky: Well, maybe if Edge here slept with my girlfriend...

The crowd ooos, and Edge snarls at Spanky.

Edge: Oh, you’re clever. Give him a job, Eric. Hire him, so when I kick his ass, it’ll all be legal.

Bischoff: Now hold on a second, I can’t go hire everyone that you have issues with, because that’s a lot of angry ex-boyfriends on the roster. But Spanky, since you seem to have some talent, and since here on Raw, I like to give everyone a chance (snickers). How about you have a little tryout match tonight against………um…Edge?

The fans cheer, as Spanky’s face lights up as well.

Spanky: Sure. Smell ya later.

And with that, Spanky disappears as Edge also has a sadistic look on his face.


Christy (w/ Ashley) vs. Trish Stratus (w/ Victoria)

Nice pop for all the divas. Quick match (thank god). Victoria ran in and destroyed Christy with the Widow’s Peak, causing the DQ. Victoria and Trish then cut a promo on the Diva Search and how it’s taking jobs away from hardworking Divas who actually deserve to be there, and this actually gets some cheers from the fans. (1:01)

(62, 40, 84)


Carlito vs. The Hurricane (Intercontinental Title Match)

Carlito comes down to the ring first, still sporting his “I Know Cool” shirt. He’s modeling the IC title on top. Green lights up the arena with the Hurricane Emblem. The WWE’s own superhero walks out being accompanied by Miss Stacy Keibler. Chad Patton raises the IC title, signifying that the championship is on the line. The bell rings, and this match is underway. The two square off in the middle of the ring, with Carlito pushing Hurricane into the ropes. The superhero comes flying off the ropes with a leaping forearm. The Hurricane hits another clothesline, and Carlito looks surprised. The Hurricane does his little taunt, and Carlito takes the opportunity to nail Hurricane with a clothesline. That slows the match down, as Carlito starts to work on the legs of the Hurricane. He uses the ropes to his advantage as he presses his body weight on Hurricane’s knees. Carlito rolls outside, dragging Hurricane’s legs, letting it sit on the apron. He then throws it against the ringpost. Carlito goes back in the ring and covers. 1………2………Hurricane kicks out.

Carlito hits a couple of suplexes and covers after each one, but Hurricane is still able to kick out. The Intercontinental Champion is showing his frustration. He whips Hurricane into the ropes, and goes for a back body drop, but the Hurricane reverses to a Shining Wizard! That seems to have taken a lot out of the Hurricane, and Stacy is desperately trying to motivate her man. It seems to be working, as the Hurricane makes it to his feet before Carlito. Hurricane charges…….right into a spinebuster from Carlito. Carlito covers again, and again the Hurricane kicks out. Carlito picks the Hurricane up, and goes for a neckbreaker, but Hurricane pushes Carlito into a turnbuckle and hits a back neckbreaker of his own! Both men are down in the middle of the ring. They eventually stagger to their feet and exchange right hands. The Hurricane is picking up momentum, and he drops Carlito with a stiff kick to the face. Hurricane flies up to the top rope, waits for Carlito to stand up, and hits the Overcast. He covers. 1………2………Carlito JUST kicks out. Carlito rolls out of the ring, saying that he’s had enough. Hurricane soon follows, but Carlito pokes the eye of the Hurricane (get it?) and rolls him back in the ring. He quickly grabs the Intercontinental title and rolls back in the ring. Chad Patton threatens to disqualify him, but Carlito could care less.

Picking up the Intercontinental title, Carlito goes to hit the Hurricane with it. He’s stopped from behind, however, by none other than Rob Van Dam! Carlito is shocked as the crowd pops big time. Rob waves to him as he turns around, stunned. Hurricane grabs his throat and lifts him up for a huge Chokeslam. Chad Patton counts the three fall a bit faster than usual, and we have a new Intercontinental champion! (11:25)

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: The Hurricane

(80, 77, 84)

The Hurricane has gained overness from this match. The Intercontinental Title has gained in image from this match.

Stacy runs in the ring, as the two celebrate. RVD backs up to the top of the ramp, and we see that he’s still limping a bit. Carlito can’t believe it, and is still running through what just happened in his head.

Mr. Monday Night

RVD: Hey Carlito, bet you didn’t expect to see me here, did you? I just happened to be visiting my doctor here in Florida, and decided to drop by Raw with some news. It seems that my therapy’s doing a lot better, and it seems that I’ll be good as new, say, by Unforgiven.

Carlito’s eyes are wide open from a combination of fear and shock.

RVD: And since you seemed to want to welcome me so much on your Cabana, I thought I’d return the favor here tonight. After all, Carlito, who knows cool more than Rob…Van…Dam.

“One of a Kind” hits and RVD walks to the sides of the ramp, celebrating with the fans as we cut to break.



Cena Wants HBK

The crowd pops as we see the WWE champion, John Cena. He’s banging on Eric Bischoff’s door.

Bischoff: Not here.

With that, Cena busts in the door, and sees Eric Bischoff, who simply sighs and looks at Cena with disgust.

Cena: Yo, Bischoff, it’s like this. I know you’re not stupid, and you know a money match when you see one. So, let’s skip all the formalities. I want Shawn Michaels, don’t matter to me if he’s #1 contender or not. Give me Shawn Micha-

Michaels: Whoa whoa, no confidence in the Showstopper, Johnny boy?

Bischoff has a huge grin on his face as Shawn Michaels steps into the ring.

Michaels: Don’t you worry, Johnny, I’ll be winning that triple threat tonight, and I’ll be taking that atrocity of a championship away from you at Unforgiven. And we’ll meet in the ring, don’t you worry.

Cena glares at HBK, and is about to leave when…

Michaels: By the way, you like the number I did on your buddy Hogan there last week?

The crowd boos, as Cena steps back in the screen, his temper flaring.

Bischoff: Whoa whoa whoa, Cena, if you lay a hand on Shawn Michaels, then you can go home early tonight, you understand?

The crowd’s cheering Cena on, as Cena slowly drops his fists. But then he swings around and decks Bischoff in the face before walking out!


John Cena gained overness from this segment.

Teammates No More

We’re backstage, and Shelton Benjamin is seen warming up, getting ready for his #1 contenders match when Kurt Angle steps into the screen.

Angle: Hey, Shelton! How’s it going, my man!

Kurt Angle is all smiles, clearly trying to be charming. Shelton laughs when he sees Angle, and stops stretching.

Benjamin: Not much, Kurt. What’s going on?

Angle: Oh, I’m good. I’m good. (awkward silence). I’m on Raw now.

Benjamin: Yeah, I see.

The crowd laughs, as Angle also chuckles nervously.

Angle: Now, about this match tonight. Well, first, hey, I gotta congratulate you on everything you’ve been doing here on Raw. Excellent job, my man. Proud of you.

Benjamin: Uh, thanks Kurt.

Angle: Yep yep, ever since I saw you on Smackdown, I knew you were something else. Hey, you remember Team Angle, don’t you?

Benjamin: Uh…yeah, I do.

Angle: Good times, huh?

Benjamin: Sure, Kurt. Listen, is there anything you need? I was actually in the middle of warming up.

Angle: Oh, now that you mention it. See, I’m kinda in the triple threat match tonight as well, and I was wondering, for old times sake, how about me and you work together during the match and take Shawn Michaels out?

Benjamin: Hmm. (He thinks for awhile). But isn’t that kinda not the point of Triple Threat, Kurt?

Angle: Yeah, but come on, Shelt, we go WAY BACK, BACK to Team Angle.

Benjamin: Yeah, that was team ANGLE. Now, it’s a different show, a different time, and I’m a different person. And now, it’s all about the Benjamins, Kurt. I’ll see you out there.

Benjamin leaves Angle behind, tapping him on the shoulder before yelling, “I’m looking forward to wrestling you tonight!” leaving Angle confused.

Angle: So wait, was that a yes or a no?

The crowd laughs as we cut to a shot of Edge walking down a hallway with Lita. JR informs us that Edge vs. Spanky is next.



Spanky vs. Edge

Spanky is already in the ring, as Edge comes out with his lady. The camera shows various Anti-Lita signs as she gives them a look of disgust. Edge jumps in the ring, as JR reminds us that Matt Hardy is again not here tonight. King notes that Edge seems to be a lot more confident after this fact. Edge lunges after Spanky, who move out of the way. Spanky hits Edge with a couple of right hands, and whips Edge into the ropes. Edge swings, but misses and Spanky hits a reverse neckbreaker. He goes for the quick cover. 1…….2…….Edge kicks out. Spanky goes for a scoop slam, but the bigger Edge easily lands on his feet, and counters to the Edge-O-Matic. Edge then takes control, using his size to his advantage, bullying poor Spanky. Spanky turns the match around, however, with an enziguri. He hits a flying bulldog and almost has a near fall. Edge retreats to a turnbuckle, and Spanky follows him. Spanky grabs his neck and hits the TORNADO DDT in the corner. He covers again, and this time, Lita places Edge’s feet on the ropes, stopping the pinfall. Spanky argues with Lita, which of course, gives Edge the opportunity to catch him with the SPEAR. Edge goes for the cover, and it looks like the match is over, when he gets AMBUSHED by a masked man. The masked man unloads on Edge, who can’t believe it. (6:45)

(76, 68, 84)

Edge eventually comes to overpower the masked man. He catches him with the SPEAR, and leaves him down in the middle of the ring. Edge is heard mouthing, “Big mistake, Matt,” as he grabs his mask and pulls it off, only to discover Shannon Moore.

Shannon quickly runs out of the ring, as the crowd goes nuts. Shannon gives Lita a death stare as he backs up the ramp.

Winner: DQ


One Week Away

Another video package airs.

I thought they would love me for speaking the truth.

I was wrong.

I thought the land of the free would have a home for me.

I was wrong.

I thought people would understand my story.

I was wrong.

You thought I would just disappear?

You ARE wrong.

Next week………….

Muhammad Hassan Returns.

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I like what you are doing with HBK. I realy do hope he can get he title off of Cena. The Hassan thing will be kind of interesting, but I am sure you will settle that in due time. You next PPV is already starting to take some shape. You even have me starting to root for Spanky as an underdog.

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Man, this is better than what we're getting atm, and RAW this week wasn't even bad. Good to see Hassan's on the way back.

Marks out like a bitch for a Hurricane IC run

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Just played catch up, and I agree with most. This seems like a good, tight show and format. The results are the perfect length and i'm glad to see an HBK Heel push. The Hassan return should be good stuff. Also glad to see Hurricane win in something of an upset.

Oh, and that Bischoff promo was fantastic. You are really good with him.

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Wow, thats all I can say, wow.

It's not to often you find a good current day WWE Diary where the writer not only nails all the characters promo wise but shows great direction with storylines leading into the next Pay Per View. I was ticked off when Dukes and Quasar stopped their split as that was a really good one as well, but I'm already liking this one better. Shannon Moore returning like that was really cool, and some fun stuff with Spanky. You nail Edge on the spot I could see him saying all that without a problem that little segment in Bischoff's office was gold. PLEASE give us more, I'll be a reader.

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This = Awesome

I love Spanky's character, you write it well. Good, original storylines that aren't too unrealistic. I'm not sure about bringing back Shannon Moore, but I suppose it makes sense. Just don't bring back Jeff Hardy. Keep it up.

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user posted image

user posted image

Chris Jericho, Hardy-Edge, The Hurricane, and Moore(Get it? Moore?)

-Chris Jericho will be off Raw for at least several months as he begins his world tour with Fozzy. No storyline explanation was given, although WWE.com has promoted the tour, prompting many to believe that there is no need for an explanation.

-The Matt Hardy and Edge saga is far from over. Upcoming house shows through November contain Matt Hardy vs. Edge on the cards.

-The Hurricane has been impressing many backstage for a long time. Still, many were surprised with the decision to give him the Intercontinental title. Many are happy for the Hurricane, whose new popularity has been helped tremendously by Stacy Keibler.

-RVD vs. Carlito has officially been added to the Unforgiven card.

-Shannon Moore is not on the Raw roster, and much like Matt Hardy earlier, there was no mention of Shannon on WWE.com.

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I'm diggin' it. I particularly like the way you post your 'rumours' and undercard stuff. Makes me think, if BSW ever gets a second show, I might just make it a 'Heat' like affair

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September 5, 2005

Arena: Gaylord Entertainment Center

City/State: Nashville, TN

We’re live in Nashville, Tennessee, the Gaylord Entertainment Center, as we’re only two weeks away from Unforgiven. Pyros go off, and JR, King, and the Coach talk excitedly about Shawn Michaels becoming the #1 contender last week on Raw.

New Head of Security

“I’m Back and I’m Better than Ever.”

Raw opens with General Manager Eric Bischoff coming out to some huge heel heat. He glares at all the fans, adjusts his leather jacket, and walks down the ramp, not looking pleased.

Bischoff: Now, I’ve got some very important issues to deal with tonight, so I’d appreciate if you would just quiet down.

This, of course, pours fuel on the fire, but Bischoff continues nevertheless.

Bischoff: First issue, is of course, Shawn Michaels. Now, I just wanted to personally take this chance to congratulate HBK and welcome the REAL Showstopper back to Raw. Now, John Cena, if I were you, I’d be thinking about how to say goodbye to that title soon, because come Unforgiven, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll still be champion.

Bischoff grins as the fans start to chant “asshole”

Bischoff: Now, speaking of Cena, this brings me to my second dilemma. Now, I’ve always prided Raw on not just being the superior wrestling show, but a secure working environment for myself and all my superstars. These last couple of weeks, however, the ring and the arena have been anything but safe. I mean, first, you had that ragtag little punk, Spanky, running around, asking me for a job. Then, of course, RVD shows up without letting me know anything. Then, we had an unexpected surprise from Shannon Moore? But most importantly, I was assaulted yet again last week by John Cena. That is just unacceptable.

Looking very angry, Bischoff takes a moment to calm down, again adjusting his jacket and clearing his throat. The fans, however, cheer all the “unacceptable” incidents.

Bischoff: So, that’s a little problem here on Raw. And then I thought about it, looking for a solution, and who better to deal with problems than………the problem solver. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to take this moment right now to introduce the new Head of Security, Tyson Tomko.

“The Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko walks out from the back to a mixed reaction.

Bischoff: Now, Tomko here has worked as a bodyguard for Limp Bizkit, now I’m not sure what that is, but that’s credential enough for me. What are you standing there, for, Tomko? Go stand out in the parking lot and take care of security.

Tomko raises an eyebrow, giving Bischoff a strange look, before exiting.

Bischoff: Now, where was I? Oh yeah, Head of Security. Now, this is even more important tonight, because as you might’ve heard or seen, there have been vignettes appearing on Raw featuring the return of a certain Muhammad Hassan. Now, I don’t know what that’s all about, but I certainly had no plans of bring Hassan back. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no room for people like him here on Raw, especially with September just around the corner.

There’s an almost collective gasp from people, as they are both happy to hear of Bischoff’s disapproval for Hassan, but also shocked by his frankness of the situation.

Bischoff: So, if I have anything to do about it, Muhammad Hassan will NOT be coming to Raw after being kicked off Smackdown. I will not harbor him, and that’s the end of that. Now, onto the show, and I look forward to seeing John Cena getting his ass handed to him yet again in the main event.

Bischoff’s music hits again and we’re left clamoring over his announcements.


Arrival #1

Meanwhile, we see Tyson Tomko already in the back with a fleet of security guards. A long limousine is arriving, and we hear Tomko shouting, “It could be him, get ready.”

The limo drives up as Tomko quickly opens the door….. to reveal….Matt Hardy.

Tomko: What the hell are you doing here?

Hardy: I have a match here tonight, Tomko, now get the hell out of my way.

Hardy says this with so much conviction, that all the security guys quickly move out of the way. The fans cheer as Hardy makes his way in the arena as Tomko breathes a sigh of relief.



Rob Conway vs. The Big Show

Rob Conway comes out first, sporting the same obnoxious sunglasses. Big Show quickly follows to a nice pop. Your typical Slow…err…I mean Show match here. Conway tries to get some shots in, but the Big Show overpowers him. Conway attacks the legs of the Big Show, eventually able to take the big man off his feet. The Big Show comes lumbering back with right hands, knocking Conway down. Big Show hits a big press slam, and raises one big arm, calling for the Chokeslam. Big Show waits for Conway to get up, and clutches him in the throat. Cue Chris Masters, who comes strolling down the ramp. Big Show predictably yells at Masters, dropping Conway. While the two exchange words, Conway is able to hit the Ego Trip on the Big Show for the pin. (5:04)

Winner: Rob Conway

(71, 62, 80)

Rob Conway gained overness from this match.

Special Masterlock Challenge

Conway quickly scatters the ring and leaves, patting Chris Masters on the back as thanks before heading toward the back. Big Show looks particularly angry as he gets back on his feet.

Masters: Big Show, since you’re so keen on taking the Masterlock Challenge, you got it. Next week, you’ll get your chance to step right up and feel the devastation that is the Masterlock.

Masters grins as the crowd shows their dissatisfaction with the postponement.


Arrival #2

We segue to the parking lot yet again, as a black car now approaches. Tomko and his gang get in position yet again, as he opens the passenger door. Out pops a very charismatic and spunky Spanky!

Spanky: Hey, Tomko! What’s going o-

Spanky can hardly get those words, before Tomko picks him up and throws him back in the car. He taps the back of the trunk twice, and the car speeds off away from the arena. The crowd laughs as Tomko waves bye bye to Spanky.

Referee Problems

We cut to Eric Bischoff, who’s also laughing as he watches Spanky get carted away.

Bischoff: Man, this is just too go-

He’s interrupted as the door opens.

Carlito: Hey, Eric, we gotta talk. Now, about this rematch tonight. I mean, you saw what happened last week, it wasn't cool. There’s no way I’d lose to a midget like the Hurricane, but you saw what happened….that ref, man, he has it out for me.

Bischoff: You’re talking about Chad Patton, right? Don’t worry, you’ll have a different referee tonight, and if Patton still hasn’t learned to respect the proper authorities, then I’ll just have to….(Bischoff shrugs)…fire him. I’ll send him a nice letter later.

Bischoff grins at the idea of firing people via mail.

Carlito: Now, that’s cool. Just like tonight, when I take back my Intercontinental Title, and at Unforgiven, when I make RVD pay for making me lose it in the first place.

The heels share a nice evil smile as we cut to break.



Matt Hardy vs. Rene Dupree

Rene Dupree is already in the ring as we come back from the break. Monster Magnet’s “Live for the Moment” hits and Matt Hardy walks down the ramp. He stares at Rene Dupree ruthlessly. Dupree looks to lock up in the middle of the ring, but Matt Hardy charges at Dupree, hitting him with a barrage of lefts and rights. Dupree eventually manages to fight back, hitting a neckbreaker. Dupree goes for the French Tickler and connects. He covers. 1………Matt Hardy kicks out. Dupree goes for the right hand, but gets hit with the Side Effect. Hardy isn’t wasting any time, as he picks Dupree up and drops him with the Twist of Fate. He covers, and that’s that. (2:26)

(75, 73, 77)

Matt Hardy storms off once again after the quick victory, heading to the back, presumably searching for Edge.

Arrival #3

Tomko is again pacing in the parking lot, as another Limo drives up. We hear him telling the security, “That’s him, that’s Hassan.” Tomko almost tears the door off.

Tomko: Alright, you son of a bitch, get the hell off of Raw.

His face is clearly stunned, as the camera pans up to reveal the bewildered face of Vincent Kennedy McMahon to a huge pop from the crowd.

McMahon: What was that?

Tomko: Mr. McMahon. Uh…..

Tyson Tomko runs off, as Vince McMahon returns to the limo. JR and the King wonder what Vince is doing here.


Tyson Tomko gained overness from this segment.


Carlito vs. The Hurricane (Intercontinental Title Rematch)

Carlito walks out from the back, chewing on his apple. He seems very confident for this rematch, and sits on the second rope, patiently awaiting for the Hurricane.

“Stand back….there’s a Hurricane coming through.”

The Hurricane’s music hits, and Raw’s hottest Superhero couple walk out hand in hand. Stacy is holding the World tag title, while the Intercontinental championship is around the Hurricane’s waist. The crowd cheers as the Hurricane holds both titles up in the air as he rolls in the ring with a big smile. JR and the King note that this is the first double champion on Raw since Chris Benoit was the world and tag team champion at the same time.

The Hurricane offers a handshake in the middle of the ring, and Carlito answers by spitting his apple in his arena. The Hurricane uses his Hurri-powers to dodge the onslaught of masticated fruit, and charges at Carlito. The two exchange right hands with the Hurricane gaining the upper hand. Hurricane whips Carlito into the ropes, but gets knocked down by Carlito. Carlito picks the Hurricane up and goes for a huge suplex, connecting. He covers. 1……….2………Hurricane just gets the shoulders up. Carlito glares at Jack Doan, who insists that it was a two count. Carlito charges at the Hurricane, who tosses him over the top rope to the outside! The Hurricane uses the ropes as a launching pad, as he goes flying over the rope, knocking Carlito down on the outside. The Hurricane goes to roll Carlito back in the ring, but Carlito throws Hurricane into the barricade. He then whips him into the stairs, a sickening thud is heard. The Hurricane is holding on to his shoulder, as Carlito calmly rolls him in the ring.

Carlito spends the rest of the match working on the shoulder, hitting it repeatedly with hard shots and fists. He wrenches the arm, working on the shoulder socket as the Hurricane screams in pain. Carlito then hits a modified powerslam, dropping Hurricane right on the shoulder. Carlito covers, focusing on the legs. Hurricane gets the shoulders up, but at a great price as he aggravates it again. Carlito takes the opportunity to taunt Stacy, who responds by rushing over to her man’s side and trying to motivate him. It works, as Hurricane meets Carlito with a couple of right hands. Hurricane goes for the Eye of the Hurricane, but Carlito pushes out of it, and catches Hurricane with an arm drag. Carlito follows up with another huge clothesline. Carlito then does the Hurricane taunt, the ultimate slap in the face to the hurt Superhero. He covers again, and again the Hurricane is forced to raise the shoulders to kick out.

Carlito is feeling especially cocky now, and goes to the top rope. Hurricane quickly follows, and there is a fierce battle on top. Hurricane eventually is able to hit the Superplex! Both men are down in the middle of the ring. The Hurricane and Carlito both make it up around the count of seven, and the Hurricane is reeling now. Hurricane hits a couple of jumping clothesline, and then hits the SHINING WIZARD~! He covers, and Carlito gets the shoulders up. Hurricane is calling for the Chokeslam, and Carlito walks right into it. But Carlito drags the referee Jack Doan into it, and in the confusion, he nails the Hurricane with the low blow. The referee never saw it. Carlito rolls the Hurricane up. 1………..2…………Hurricane kicks out! Carlito can’t believe it. Carlito goes for a big right hand, but “accidentally” knocks out Jack Doan. He shrugs, and grinning, grabs the Intercontinental title. He nails the Hurricane in the head with the IC title, and tosses it outside. Jack Doan’s slowly coming to. The fans are hoping for a miracle, but Carlito’s cheating ways seems to have worked. Doan counts the 1………2……….he is stopped…..by none other than Chad Patton!

King: Patton? What the hell is he doing? Doesn’t he know he’s a dead man walking?

Patton explains to Doan what has happened, with Carlito fervently denying everything. Doan looks at Patton, looks at the IC title, and THROWS THE MATCH OUT.

Winner (via DQ): The Hurricane

(82, 79, 86)

Carlito can’t believe it, and begins throwing a tantrum. Suddenly, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and Bischoff appears at the top of the ramp.

Bischoff: You just don’t seem to get it, do you, Patton? You’re a referee, not a wrestler, you don’t get to interfere in people’s business. Or, at least, you were a referee. Get the hell out of my ring, you’re fired.

JR cries about the inhumanity of Bischoff’s firing as we cut to a break.

Backstage, Matt Hardy is tearing through the locker rooms, trying to find Edge. He comes across Matt Striker.

Hardy: Where’s Edge?

Striker: I haven’t seen him tonight, I think he left already. Sorry, man.

Hardy bangs on the door angrily, and leaves in a huff.


The Prodigal Son Returns

A slow unfamiliar tune hits, as the fans stir to their feet. They are shocked to see Muhammad Hassan, donning the traditional Arab clothes, walking out. Hassan has his head down as the crowd starts ripping into him. He has a microphone in hand, and he walks slowly to the center of the ring.

Hassan: Go ahead. I’d boo myself if I were you as well.

Some of the crowd’s confused, as Hassan is still staring down at the ground.

Hassan: You know, all my life, this was my dream, to be a WWE wrestler. And that’s why all this hurts the most. You see, you don’t know what it’s like to have a show like Smackdown, or a network like UPN, walk up to you and say, “We’re sorry, Muhammad, we don’t think you’re suitable for our product.” Well, you know what, they were 100% right.

Hassan’s genuine remarks seems to have caught many off-guard, but there are still people booing, albeit a lot quieter.

Hassan: I was so set on embracing my Arabic culture and heritage, so set on proving everyone that I wasn’t ignorant, that I loved America that I ended up alienating everybody: fellow wrestlers, the fans, the media. And every step of the way, I wanted to preach. I wanted to preach, but not listen. And in return, I became just as arrogant and just as foolish as all the bigots that I hated. But worst of all, worst of all, this anger of mine fueled something worse, and when all was said and done, I had lost the one thing in my life that I truly loved: wrestling. I had lost the one thing in my life that I had worked so hard toward.

The fans are speechless at Hassan’s humanity, as he looks up to reveal tears in his eyes.

Hassan: You know, these last two months, I’ve been watching Raw, and watching Smackdown, and everyone was glad that Muhammad Hassan was gone. And you know what, so am I. The new Muhammad Hassan is here, and the first thing I realized was that you weren’t the bigots and racists. I look at guys like Shelton Benjamin, like Tajiri, like Rey Mysterio, and they all get cheered day in and day out, and I realized that actions speak louder than the color of your skin. Well, I hope that from now on, you’ll judge me only by my actions and my words. I apologize for any pain or if I have insulted any of you in any way, but it was truly not my intent. My name is Muhammad Hassan, and I’m an Arab-American, but I’m also a patriot, and I hope that I will be a Raw Superstar.

JR: Call me crazy, King, but I actually believe him. I think he’s changed!

King: You’re crazy, JR. Guys like Hassan can’t change, and even if he did, there’s no way he’ll be here on Raw. It was a nice apology, and I appreciate it, but what can he do? Eric Bischoff specifically said that Hassan was not welcome on Raw.

Hassan starts to leave, and right on cue….Eric Bischoff walks out.

Bischoff: Very touching, Muhammad. Very good. I’m glad you got that out of the way. I’m impressed that you managed to slip past my security, and I don’t know how the hell you got here tonight, but it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, you’re NOT welcome on Raw. You see, I’m not stupid enough to take you on with CNN and the New York Times and everyone else calling for your head. So, I’m sorry, Hassan, but get the hell out of my ring.

The fans are still split down the middle at this news. Their hatred for Bischoff is in direct conflict with their image of Hassan, but the new Hassan seems genuine. Suddenly….


Vince McMahon walks out to a huge pop, and the chairman of the WWE has a smile on his face as he acknowledges the crowd. That smile quickly disappears when he sees Bischoff, however.

McMahon: Eric Bischoff, every time I come out here, it makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking when I thought that you would make a competent and fair GM.

The fans cheer, as McMahon continues. Bischoff has a scowl on his face, but knows his place.

McMahon: See, you were wondering why Muhammad Hassan has been appearing the last several weeks, how he’s here tonight? Well, Muhammad Hassan is here tonight as my GUEST.

Bischoff can’t believe it, and the crowd again mutters amongst themselves with this latest news. Bischoff is in direct protest, but McMahon won’t hear any of it.

McMahon: First, and most importantly, Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn’t take orders from anyone. Not the New York Times, Not CNN, and most certainly NOT UPN. When network officials came to me and told me that they weren’t pleased with Hassan’s remarks, I went ballistic. This is, after all, America. And if in America, an AMERICAN wrestler of Arabic descent can’t make a living, can’t speak his mind, then by god, where can he?

Bischoff is still shocked by Vince’s siding with Hassan, and shakes his head in disbelief.

McMahon: But then, something more troubling came to my attention. See, I didn’t take Muhammad off TV because UPN told me to, I did because I sensed a larger issue at hand. I had a few talks with young Muhammad here, and I sensed fire in him. I sensed a desperation from him, I sensed anger. His heart was in the right place, but the way in which he tried to approach it was wrong. Now, I can verify that the old Hassan, as Muhammad said, did some pretty nasty things. But he has apologized, he has repented, and he is ready for a second chance.

Bischoff: Bu-

McMahon: And Eric, might I remind you, that if it wasn’t for YOUR second chance, you’d still be sitting at home, unemployed with only memories of a certain former wrestling company that you used to run instead of running Raw.

That did the trick, as Bischoff shuts up.

McMahon: So, Muhammad, I would like to officially welcome you back to the WWE with open arms. If UPN and Smackdown don’t want you, I don’t see any reason why you can’t pursue your American dream here on Raw. I hope, but I can’t promise, that the fans give you a second chance as well. But as you’ve seen, Muhammad, our fans are fantastic. They are forgiving, they are generous, and they have all made mistakes in the past. So, thank you, and good night.

Vince McMahon goes to leave, as the fans cheer.

McMahon: Oh, speaking of mistakes. I ran into Chad Patton backstage, and he said that there was something about him being fired? I’m sure that’s a mistake, as Chad’s one of our fairest of referees. So, since we’re currently without a head referee on Raw, I promoted him. I’m sure you don’t mind. I know you don’t mind.

With that, Vince leaves, and Bischoff looks as angry as ever.




We’re still mulling over what just happened as we’re backstage with Maria.

Maria: I’m here with Kurt Angle, and Kurt, I just wanted to ask you Kurt……..uh…hang on a second…

Maria reaches into her dress and grabs a notecard. She turns it around, and we see only the words “Kurt Angle.”

Maria: Darn it, where is that ques-

Angle: Why do you still have a job here? Gimme that mic.

Maria runs away, as Kurt Angle looks directly at the camera.

Angle: Shelton, last week, I made you an offer that I thought you couldn’t refuse, you wouldn’t refuse, because of everything I’ve done for you. I protected you, I molded you into the athlete that you are. Now you might think it’s “all about the Benjamins” now, but you’ve still got a long way to learn, Shelton, but unfortunately for you, I’m now on the other side. And if you thought I was tough and harsh when I was just your captain, just wait when I’m your worst nightmare. You’re an ungrateful little punk, Shelton, and that kind of behavior will never be forgiven.


We get a video package for Unforgiven, and it appears that Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle is the latest match added, along with Matt Hardy vs. Edge II!

Current Unforgiven Card

WWE Championship Match

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin

Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

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