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Gamespot giving a game a higher review then IGN is a rarity, but both seemed to enjoy it immensly. Looks fun, but that DS is damn expensive, I'll definently wait.

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Suckage. I'd wait for Nintencats, just because cats are better. (¬_¬)

Nintencats hasn't actually been thought of/made for anyone getting excited there. I'd probably really want Nintencats too, while neglecting my real one.

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Slightly dead topic, but meh:

It is, without question, the cutest game ever and a surprisingly good stress reliever. Giving your dog a bath is giggly fun, but the contests are a necessary evil (I don't really prefer doing disc or obediance competitions, but it's undeniably the best way to earn money.)

It also shows off the capabilities of the DS. Your dog will learn its name and tricks through the built-in microphone, and Bark Mode is a cool way to go afds and still pick up some treats (you can send your dog off with an item, and vice versa -- only problem is that not many people are going to own it as opposed to those crazy Japanese, so the odds of running into other people is fairly slim.)

Still, though, if you're not allowed pets at the apartment or just want a cute stress relief, by all means get it...

....besides, Animal Crossing is hitting the DS by the end of the year.

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