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KoC 2

Herr Matzat

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They released some pictures of the TV Comercial being Filmed (look at what people are together in the same picture, yay)


p_05.jpg <- Most Bad Ass Picture EVAAAAAAA

more here


I bet i will get a link wen that Comercial gos on air in Japan.

the old stuff that issent on this board wraped up

Magazin Scanns




roster as it seems to be (this is a bit old and might not be near 100% up to date)

NJPW: Iizuka, Goto, Barnett, Norton, Taguchi, Tanahashi, Chono, Tenzan, Nagao, Nagata, Nakanishi, Nakamura, Nishimura, Blue Wolf, Barton, Makabe, Yano, Yamamoto, Yoshie

Makai Club: Shibata, Nagai, Hoshino, Makai 1, Makai 2, Makai 4, Makai 5, Murakami, Yasuda, Yanagisawa

Crazy Dogs: Ohara, Goto, Hiro Saito

NJ Jr: AKIRA, Inoue, El Samurai, Kakihara, Kanemoto, Gedo, Jado, Lyger, Takemura, Tanaka, Naruse, Black Tiger

AJPW: Arashi, Araya, Okumura, Kawada, Muta, Kono, Kojima, Gladiator, Hines, Kea, Hase, Dogata, Tenta, Hirai, Honma, Miyamoto, Mutoh

AJPW Jr: Ishikari, Hayashi, Kashin, Fuchi

WJ: Ishii, Uwano?, Choshu, Nakajima, Wada

Z1: Kasai, Wagyuta, Sai, Sakata, Sasaki, Sato, Takaiwa, Tanaka, Tengu Kaiser, Hashimoto, Fugofugo, Hoshikawa, Yamagasa, Yokoi

Emblem: Ohtani, Hosaka

Karate Thuckaz R Us: Ogasawara

01 World: CW, Acid, Adamo, Joe, Predator, Corino, Howard, Lowki

NOAH: Aoyagi, Ikeda, Inoue, Eigen, Ogawa, Kawabata, Sano, Sugiura, Suzuki, Taue, Hashi, Honda, Marufuji, Misawa, Yone, Momota, Morishima, Rusher, Rikioh

Burning: Kikuchi, KENTA, Kobashi, Shiga

Sternness: Akiyama, Izumida, Kanemaru, Saito

Team Chaos: Scorpio, Slinger

U-File Camp: Tamura

Free: Omori, Koshinaka, Sasaki, Tenryu, Takayama

the first video (only a part of the intro of the story mode, the titles look bad ass)


you can order it at play asi, michaels fafurit japan import shop on this planet



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A new Video was released


it is the opening sequenz ogf the game, 23 MB, havent seen it yet becaus spikes server is SLOW. :(



ok, i whatched it now, it´s no were near as stunning as the intro video of the first game was (in terms of music and cut), but gameplay is more important than the intro video annyway, nice to finaly see some moves fully animated.

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how would an American go about getting/playing this game?

Because I assume American retail chains don't sell KoC, nor do American PS2's support foriegn games.

It looks bloody awesome, so...yeah. Do tell.

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You need a modchip (that suports booting imports, some of the cheap crap dossen/requiers acrion replay ore such extra) ore a fliptop (ore whatever it´s called) wich are perfectly legal in the US as fare as i remember (otherwise getting a japanes PS2 deffenetly would be legal, but meh, who cares about legal)

I´ll buy my copy at Play Asia.com (very good reliabel shop, order there several times, cheap becaus of no 3 party guys tring to make extra cash)

In the us there are shops like japanvideogames.com and ncsx.com that have Japanes games, but sinc they don´t buy bulk directly from "spike" and they still want to take their break you are usualy of with around 20$ more.

i´ll keep you uptodate wen new videos and such pop up.

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I dunno about that one, but i only heard bad things about ps2 boot discs, they only work like 60% of the boots and so you have to start over and over again for minutes sometimes. Gamecube works nicer on that part.

next update of whatever sort is suposed to come around next friday

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New Video Released today

KoC2 Promotion Video (thats what they call it)

http://www.spike.co.jp/kc2/gallery/kc2_3_64.wmv ~20mb

i am downloading it right now, spikes server, again, seems to be packed with people downloading something so it´s a bit slow

they also added new pictures

all of them here




i heard it was officialy anounced to come out in august, well i have no source on that so i would not take it for grand.

more news

in the japanes text news on that page it was anouced (so sais muka, a usualy relibell person that lives in japan) that you have a crowd rating after the matches (like in some FPWs) - also there will be a promotion Manager (like in FPW2 for GBA (that was removed by BAM! in the US - EU version for no good reason, basicly like EWR, just not as indeep - but with 3D live matches ^^, yep yep, TEW wassent the first comercial wrestling promotion managing game)

From: Muka | Posted: 6/3/2004 11:04:17 PM | Message Detail

i totally forgot today is the big update. well i will translate cuz exboard ace is gone.

well, beginning at page 5 outline is new. theres a crowd approval rating now. kinda like gameboy audience match i guess. if u fight on the ramp, bleed, and use ur finisher, the crowd rating will be higher.

if u use weak moves, stomping, sleeperhold, dont have much action, u get low rating.

page 6- u guys gonna liek this, match maker mode. kinda like the GBA fire pro running ur own promotion thing, u get # of crowd, their rating, etc u need to put up a good main event, or crowd wont come

last page, yes there is Ref now. a list of ref i dont really know. and ring entrance has items.


atachment = magazin advert

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the only way you can get your GameCube involved in a plane that finishes with you plaing this game is selling it (the cube) and invest the monney in a PS2 with modchip/japanes PS2 and the game.

Every other alternative i can think of dos not involve gamecube (unless you want to place a PS2 on your gamecube to play KoC2 "on" your gamecube)

The game is only comming out for PS2 and there is no chans that it will come for gamecube because it´s just to big for the discs (i don´t have the exackt size but this will come on DVD-9 wich neccecerly is more than a gamecube disc could hold annyway) and asides from GBA Spike never deliverd a wrestling game for Nintendo annyway so i would not hold my breath that annything comparebell comes around to soon.

they also added a few new screenshots *points at old link to screenshot gallerys*

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I'm really considering buying a mod chip so I can play this game. The only thing that might stop me is the Japanese thing. It always threw me off when I had to go print english translations of the menu, options etc. for Fire Pro Wrestling D. But still this game looks amazing.

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C Dubbya Anderson :o

Maztat, how fucking much are those mod chips, i'll give my life for one ¬_¬ Fuck, i'll go to Japan and buy a Japanese PS2 if I have to ¬_¬ Okay, maybe not for both of those, but seriously, how much are the mod chips (Marks out for Kojima and C Dubbya).

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i payed like 80Euro for the chip and the shops mechanic to build it in for me

i have the Messiah Chip

i´ed recomend everyone to get an DMS3 at the moment (because it fetures DVD region free and a tool for the official Sony HDD (usualy the HDD detects that you have a modchip and disalowes you using it, this tool turns that of - also the chip has a "stealth mode" so you still can play online (this basicly turns the chip off for the time you want to have it of) sinc the sony modem dos the same than the HDD just that (by now) you cannot change it there)


The problem with mod Chips is that the qualety Ones Coast Monney, but belive me if you realy get into importing (for europeans even more important becaus even fewer games make it from japan over the us to us, asides from the palslowdown and the ugly stroke they sometimes get if they come here) it´s worth having a good one becaus chap stuff that only boots half the timess and/ore requires a bootdisc just gets annoing (i own over 20 original PS2 games by now, more thanhalf of it are US ore Japan Imports, also it alowes you to play DVD-r backups so your orginals can stay unharmed in their Box :shifty:

In other news, for the WWE/US lovers, it looks like D-Lo Brown, Jamal and Bull Buchanen have been adeet to the game, i couldend care less but some people on german boards marked hrd for this so i thought you should knowit as well.

Also they started posting about the original musics from the wrestlers, KoC one had Original Musiks for most of th wrestlers.

Next week is set for another big update, i expect that we finaly get to see gameplay videos, somehow i cannot imagin that the changed a lot on that part but who knowes they almost took 2 years for this sequell thats enough time to reanimate a lot of moves and ad some more flow to the gameplay ect.

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looks like we finaly get the first gameplay video with this one (a bit of akiama vs Kobashi) - havent finished the download yet.

some new screens are up to


all of them here


i am checking for brevie translations on




should have pritty exackt info of what thes pages contain very soon

There is a new point system in Survival Road that allows you to purchase hidden items.

There's a feature on the edit mode. Looks like it's been improved a bit. You can make 4 seperate parameters and such for 1 character. This is also the same for CPU logic, costume, name, etc.

THERE ARE NOW RING SECONDS, like in ASPWand VPW. They can interfere in matches, if you don't watch out.

New pictures in the gallery.

New move pics for GYAKU SHINING WIZARD(oh snap...) and Muscle Buster.

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