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MP3 players


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I have 1GB on mine and I have no problem remvoing some music when I want to put some more on it because I don't listen to it all anyways. I only use it to and from school and whenever else I go away somewhere (which is rare). Maybe he's in the same position as me and doesn't need it with him all the time to listen to his entire playlist on his PC and just some select songs?

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Guest Sesame Seed

I used to have an iPod mini and it was too small for me. You don't think about it until you fill it up. But 1,000 songs isn't enough IMO. But the iPod shuffle (the bigger version) is a good buy if you want one for under 100 quid.

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The thing is, when I just had music on my computer I had less desire to get more songs than when I got an iPod to put them on. Couple that with the fact that I like many different genres of music and a 5GB iPod is full in a month or two. Sure there are songs I always skip right by, but music is very mood oriented. It's hard to choose which songs you don't want anymore, and when you do get rid of some, it's inevitable that you'll kick yourself for it later.

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Get a Creative MP3 player, much better than those piece of shit iPods.

Nobody anywhere should ever give Creative any money. Ever.

And why is that? Twice I've broken my MP3 player, I'VE broken it, not it's broken on me, and twice they've replaced it for free, I've never had any trouble, it's easy to use and sort tracks and after getting it back on Friday I'm happier than ever with it.

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