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The White Stripes


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I figured I'd take a band every week or so and get all of their fans on the board to rank their albums. I chose the White Stripes because their new CD, Get Behind Me Satan, has been out for several months and has probably 'set-in' for many people.

5. ELEPHANT [2003]

By far the worst White Stripes CD mainly because all they really did was take the idea's of White Blood Cells and expand them. Definitely lacks a lot of stellar tracks, although Seven Nation Army, Hardest Button to Button and Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine are good tracks. Although Meg finally does show her vocal talents on In The Cold, Cold Night, it just doesn't seem to deliver and as ambitious as Ball and Biscuit is it doesn't deliver either. This isn't to say the album is bad, just my least favorite Stripes CD.

4. DE STIJL [2000]

Once again, not a bad CD by any stretch of the imagination, just not my favorite White Stripes album, for a few reasons. Like Elephant, all it really does is take the work from the CD and expands on it. Although Stijl incorporates a lot of slower songs and techniques, it just seems to lack that extra zing. The CD lacks in the middle, but definitely starts out well and finishes off extraordinary [the combination of Lets Build A Home, Jumble Jumble and Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me is bizarre, but works].


Some write their self-titled debut as their worst CD, but I rank it in the middle and at points was my favorite CD by them. The tracks seem to blend in well with each other [example, Cannon-Astro-Broken Bricks-When I Hear My Name] and the howl of Jack White just makes the CD. The raw element of the album definitely adds a lot to it as well. Jack Whites guitar never sounded better, in my humble opinion.


Barely edges out their self-titled debut, this is definitely the most interesting and different release by the band. Gone is the blues [minus in Instinct Blues] and replaced is the most bizarre Stripes CD. Look at the first three songs. Blue Orchid is a borderline dance song. The Nurse is a dark and meek track about a nurse conspiring to kill Jack. My Doorbell is a catchy little rock number. Than you skip ahead and hear the breath-taking Take Take Take about the chance meeting of a dead Rita Hayworth. With the exception of a few down tracks, a superb CD.


The CD that shoved them into the lime-light. So many great songs. Fell In Love With A Girl with it's frantic rock and roll sound, We're Going To Be Friends in all of it's hushing beauty and Hotel Yorba with it's sing-a-long chorus and foot-thumping beat. The surprising aspect is that every White Stripes CD has the ability to be this good, but with a few misses they just barely miss the mark.

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4. Get Behind Me Satan

3. White Blood Cells

2. De Stijl

1. Elephant

I haven't heard enough of Red Blood Cells or the self-titled release to rank them. And I'm too lazy for explanations and a class starts in two minutes for me, so...

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