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Burnout Revenge: Worth the upgrade?


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I picked up Burnout 3 for $25 a few months ago and have been playing it like mad, but still haven't gotten everything.

Should I bother with finishing it, or just say "fuck it" and get Burnout Revenge? (PS2 version).

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Guest Grapehead

except that you get extra points for winning gold, and you lose points for getting bronze, so placing still matters. My personal favourite addition, is traffic checking, I hated how you could ram the shit out of other racers before but if you even nudged a civilian you would explode... well no more, you can slam same way traffic all you like.

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Yeah, I s'pose...basically.

There's different modes, there's straight racing (although you still do the crashing and whatnot to boost your, erm, boost bar), road rage where you try and take out as many cars as possible (still racing round a circuit, but placing doesn't matter) etc. There's also the crash modes, where you basically have to drive your car into busy motorway intersections and whatnot and cuase as much damage as possible.

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Whats the soundtrack like on this one? The last one was so expansive I narrowed it down to just what I really wanted to hear and it was still seven of eight songs. Noticed Sink That Ship by t Kaisers on the advert, is that an indication of this ones aceness?

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The music's shit, IMO.

It verges from Duel Guitar Nu-Metal to shitty emo. Not my cup of tea at all. There's not very much variation aside from that, I've been playing the game all weekend and it feels like I've only heard about five songs at the most.

Still, It'd take a lot more than that to put me off the game.

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