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International Wrestling Federation

Strike While the Iron is Hot

The state of professional wrestling in North America is at something of an all-time low. WWE buy rates are dropping, show attendance is almost embarrassing, and the only community known loosely as ‘the smart marks’ are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the ‘sport’ they’ve grown up loving. It seems an eternity since the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mick Foley were able to pack out arenas across the nation. Even longer since the height of the Monday Night Wars saw WWF and WCW push one another to heights never before reached in wrestling.

The cause for this decline? The smart marks have debated long and hard on the subject. Is it the lack of competition for WWE that has caused the industry to stagnate? Certainly it has allowed the WWE to have a wealth of talent they would never have dared dream of when WCW and, to a lesser extent, ECW were hovering in the wings waiting to make offers. Others argue it is the likes of Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels enforcing the same ‘glass ceiling’ concept that caused the downfall of the WCW.

Whatever the cause, the world of professional wrestling has reached a low, and the only way is up. But with all of the major wrestling players out of the picture, who can step into the void and shake things up? Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, the men who masterminded ECW and WCW respectively, are now on the WWE payroll. Ted Turner, the multi-billionaire whose money kept WCW at the forefront of wrestling for so longer, no longer has the drive or the passion to pour his money into what could prove to be another money pit.



It must have seemed like fate when Lachlan Murdoch, son of multi-billionaire media mogul and Fox owner Rupert Murdoch, announced on September 14 that he was quitting his father’s lucrative media empire. According to papers around the world Lachlan felt “almost emasculated in business”, painfully aware that he would never be given the recognition or respect that he deserved as long as he lived under his father’s domineering regime. Whilst some argue that the final straw for Murdoch was when his father commissioned upcoming news-based police program ‘Crime Line’, others closer to the source know that it was more than that.

Lachlan Murdoch, like his father did during the infamous Super League war of 1996-1997, had spotted an opportunity. Rupert, however, had failed to meet with success when his multi-million dollar bid to take over rugby league in Australia and New Zealand fell through. When thirty three year old Lachlan expressed interest in investing some of his money in forming a new wrestling promotion, Rupert was immediately opposed. More than that, Rupert threatened to cut his own son off – a move that would leave Murdoch’s two young girls without a leg to stand on should Lachlan’s venture fail.

The two men argued long into the night and, as September 14 dawned, the pair remained at loggerheads. Lachlan sensed a chance to make a lot of money for News Limited, whilst Rupert saw only a passing fantasy that would prove more costly than every failed Fox pilot or series.

"I have to do my own thing," Lachlan told his father. "I have to be my own man."

And so it was that Lachlan Murdoch, heir to one of the largest media fortunes in the world, severed all ties with Rupert Murdoch.


The Counterpunch

Those of us who work for a living cannot hope to fully understand the workings of a billionaire’s mind. As the door closed on Lachlan Murdoch and his place within the News Limited Empire, Rupert Murdoch hatched a plan of his own. He couldn’t complete shut his son out of his life, no matter how cold hearted the media painted him. No, instead he would teach Lachlan a lesson. So what if it would cost a few million dollars? It was water off a duck’s back. If Lachlan was going to go into the wrestling business and throw his money away, Rupert was going to follow him and make sure the venture failed. When it did, Lachlan would come crawling back, and order would be restored once again.


The Promotions

International Wrestling Federation

Owner: Lachlan Murdoch

Level: Global

Public Image: 5%

Money: 15,000,000

Risk: 75%

Production: 85%

Advertising: 80%

Merchandising: 50%


IWF Carnage - 8pm until 10pm Saturdays on E! Television

Fox Wrestling Empire

Owner: Rupert Murdoch

Level: Global

Public Image: 5%

Money: 50,000,000

Risk: 70%

Production: 100%

Advertising: 100%

Merchandising: 75%


Fox Presents... - 8pm until 10pm on Wednesdays on Fox


The Question

Can the world of wrestling support three huge promotions when the industry is during a lull? Can Lachlan Murdoch hope to compete with the billion dollar empire of his father and Vince McMahon? The world of wrestling has just got what the smart marks have been asking for – competition.

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The Chosen One

“Good show tonight, Chris”. A slightly overweight fan passes, slapping me a high five as he makes his way towards the exit of the Panthers Leagues Club here in Newcastle. His unkempt hair sweeps down over his faded ‘AWF’ shirt, a tribute to just how long he’s been coming out to these events.

“Enjoy the main event?” TNT, arguably Australia’s most well known worker, settles into one of the plastic seats in front of me. Only twenty five minutes ago he defeated Dean Draven to claim the AWF Championship.

“I would hope so,” I joke, “I booked it”. Greg, TNT in the ring, gives me a mock two finger salute. In the background I can hear the volunteer ring crew cleaning up, getting ready for the show to head back down to Sydney. It might seem like a cosmopolitan lifestyle when you examine the American indy scene, but we’re a fair way behind that in Australia.

“What was the take tonight?” Greg asks as our go to girl Sophie walks by.

“Took about a thousand in ticket sales, a little less than that in merchandise”. The AWF or Pro Wrestling Australia as we’re known by some, is probably one of the nation’s largest wrestling promotions, and that take is indicative of the lack of mainstream interest down here. People love to watch RAW and Smackdown on cable, but offer them a top quality show for $20, and they turn away in droves. That’s always been the story, and it probably always will be.

“Looks like you’ll have to wait for that raise” Greg says half-jokingly, although truth be told, it’s never been about the money. Sure, it’d be good not to have to pull double shifts at K-Mart, but my weekly shows are the highlight of an otherwise dull life. No close friends out of the industry, no family within cooee, and no women in my life aside from Amy Action and the few females who get dragged along to events.

“Trust me, Greg, you couldn’t afford me”. It’s what we do to keep ourselves grounded, joking about the business as if it’s something far bigger than it really is. For Greg, I guess it is. He’s been in the US and in Japan, working matches against the likes of Sabu and Super Dragon. The closest I’ve got to guys like this is front row at last year’s International Assault Tour. I’d had to work Sundays for a month just to get near those seats.

Greg pats me on the back again, letting me know I’m appreciated, and then heads back to the dressing room. I guess I’d better be getting ready to move too, the club won’t want us hanging around for long, unless we intend on buying some drinks and stopping at the Chinese buffet.

Have I dreamed of bigger and better things? Sure, who hasn’t? Sometimes while I’m packing shelf after shelf of feminine hygiene products I’ll daydream idly about one day booking for WWE. I try to get my workmates interested in discussing the pros and cons of having Triple H as champion. Once I managed to get my boss to offer an opinion on the current situation with untried babyfaces as champions. His opinion?

“Get back to work”.

“That was a great show”. A voice interrupts my musings.

Assuming it’s another fan, I give him a thumbs up over my shoulder and voice my thanks.

“How long have you been booking here?” That’s not the kind of question your average guy off the street asks. Hell, most of them have made the forty minute ride down from Raymond Terrace or Thornton just to see grown men beat the shit out of one another – they’re not exactly the cultural elite.

“Three years”. He has my attention, and I turn around to see a tall, middle-aged man in a business suit. His brown hair and almost child-like face are vaguely familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.

“What are they paying you?” Straight to the point, this one. Obviously he wants to talk turkey.

I don’t like to blow my own horn, but I’ve become something of an industry ‘icon’ in the Australia/New Zealand scene. I’m far from a household name, but the insiders know who I am. The AWF has, I guess, risen to its highest ever level of fame on the back of my booking. With the AWF’s rise in prominence, the image of wrestling in Australia has risen too. I got a lot of the credit for getting twice yearly cable supershow booked onto Main Event, and a year or so ago I was given the very rare honour of booking the Australian Indy Tournament, an event that sees the best of the best from around Australia in competition. As far as Australian wrestling goes, there 'aint no higher accolade.

In the past Major Impact Wrestling out of Brisbane and Extreme Adelaide Wrestling have made plays for my services, but I’d never give up what I had with AWF. It’s not about the money, not at all, I just happen to believe we’ve got the best damn roster in Australian wrestling.

“I don’t know if that’s any of your business, mate”. I try not to sound confrontational, but there’s no avoiding it in some cases. For his part, he doesn’t look at all put off. Obviously the guy is used to getting what he wants.

“Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll increase it tenfold”.

Well fuck, I’m loyal, but hearing that made me do what must have been a comical double take. I was earning $100 a show for AWF, and the prospect of getting $1000 a show was pretty mouth-watering. I could quit my job at K-Mart and tell my boss where to shove it. Of course, once the shock wore off, I realised he was joking. No one in their right mind would pay a booker $1000 a show when that’s likely to be the total turnover.

“Yeah mate, very funny. Who hired you? Greg? Scotty? It was Krackerjack, wasn’t it?” I’d got Krackerjack a good one a few days ago, and he’d been hinting at a reprisal all week.

“No, no – nothing like that. I’m here to offer you a job”

“Go on”. He had my attention, what can I say?

“I will pay you a thousand a show, plus a weekly allowance of ten thousand dollars. You will also be given an apartment, a company car, and complete creative control”.

This guy has to be joking. No promotion in the southern hemisphere could afford that kind of treatment. Hell, if he’s offering me that, imagine what he’s paying the workers.

“Ok, you got me. Now, I’ve got some stuff to do and I…”

The guy silenced me with a condescending smile and the click of a briefcase opening. I didn’t dare guess how much money lay in the briefcase, but the vivid orange of hundred dollar notes had my attention. If I talked, I don’t remember what I said.

“In exchange for the payment,” the guy continued his sell, even as my mouth worked uselessly, “you will begin working for me immediately as head booker, talent scout, and writer”.

“Who…are…you?” I finally found the right command to make my tongue and lips work in sync, and that was the best I could come up with.

“How rude of me. I should have introduced myself. I’m Lachlan Murdoch. I want you to move to the United States and begin working for me immediately. Mr. Walker-Bush, you will be the man behind the International Wrestling Federation revolution”.

After that, I think I blacked out.

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September 19th 2005

Is it Friday? Or Saturday? The last week’s gone by so fast, and the all night flight from Sydney to New York hasn’t helped either. As I step off Lachlan’s private jet (apparently Daddy hasn’t taken away everything just yet), I’m hit by just how surreal this entire experience is. Just five days ago I was anxiously awaiting the results of a checkup on Billy Flyswat, and now here I am thousands of miles away with a virtual blank check and orders to ‘Make IWF the #1 promotion in the world’.

Why did Lachlan hire me? I’d like to say it’s because I’m the world’s finest booker, but that would be lying to everyone, including myself. Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure Lachlan knows exactly what he’s getting himself into. In fact, I get the impression that his Dad is right about this being a passing fad with him. The guy doesn’t even know what a bump is, for Christ’s sake. Still, if this is all just a passing phase for a spoiled rich kid, I’ll enjoy the time I’ve got. Who else from the Aussie wrestling scene can say they’ve booked for a global promotion?

“Fuck me, I am never listening to you again, Chris. I feel like shit”. Dean Draven, the AWF’s former champion, steps from the plane and shoots a look of something like distaste out across the crowded airport.

“Oh? So you don’t want the $10,000 a show we’re paying you?”

“Sure I do, Chris. Just as long as I don’t have to fly again”.

I decide against telling him that, should this little toy of Lachlan’s take off, he’ll be doing a lot of travelling. Unless he feels like driving between every venue, flying is his best bet.

“Guess you got that raise after all, eh Chris?” Greg Bownds, the artist usually known as TNT, steps off the plane after Draven – the AWF Championship no longer gracing his waist. I felt bad for essentially robbing the AWF of its two marquee stars, but there was no way in hell I was going this alone, and I figured it was about time that the USA got to see just how talented some of Australia’s workers really were.

It must have been quite a sight for the small but vocal group of journalists who met us at the gate: Three tired looking Australians who no one outside of NSW had ever heard of before, about to make pro wrestling history.

September 20th 2005

The Toys of the Wealthy

Editorial by Jimmy Klein

Some of us look under the Christmas tree every year and get excited to see a shiny red bike or that new DVD player we’ve been craving. On our birthdays we excitedly tear off wrapping paper to find a new pair of socks or a blank video.

For Lachlan Murdoch, toys are slightly more expensive. On September 14th Lachlan Murdoch, heir to one of the largest media empires in the world, broke all ties with his father in order to pursue – get this – forming and running his own wrestling promotion. You read right, that’s no typo – a man who has probably never watched pro wrestling is pouring his savings into following in the footsteps of Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes, and a million other hopefuls who went in with the world and came out with shattered dreams.

Sounds ludicrous? You’ve not heard the best part.

Heading up this new promotion (calling itself the International Wrestling Federation) is little known Australian 22 year old booker, Chris Walker-Bush. A man whose claim to fame thus far has been, and I daresay I’m on the money with this, graduating from University and walking straight into a job at K-Mart. This journalist has it on good authority that whilst Walker-Bush is one of the highest rated bookers in Australia, he’s also one of those accursed ‘smart marks’ who crowd forums and chat rooms across the world mourning the so called ‘death’ of professional wrestling. Walker-Bush doesn’t come alone either; with him are his other two stooges, Dean Draven and TNT. These names might ring a bell to the most die hard of Indy enthusiasts, with both me having worked shows in the US, Canada, the UK, and Japan – but they’re hardly the flagship talents Lachlan Murdoch will need to make a dent on a market owned by Vincent McMahon.

That’s right, wrestling enthusiasts, if you thought WCW’s worst was something to laugh at – prepare for a full blown belly laugh at the rise and rapid fall of a promotion known as the International Wrestling Federation.

Next time you’re suffering from a mid-life crisis, Locky, maybe you should just buy an expensive car like the rest of us.

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This diary looks really good, I can't wait to see how you handle Raven.

As for the direction, I say be unique, mix it up. Push towards entertainemnt, but back it up with talent. Most companies eiter base around talent or just entertainment, do both.

[EDIT] To futher what I was saying: Push someone with talent, but back him up with a mouthpiece.

Edited by Juan Deere
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Source: www.prowrestlinginc.com

International Wrestling Federation Continue 'Pure' Recruitment

The newest player on the pro wrestling scene, IWF, have continued their trend towards signing genuinely talented workers - today's signings indicating that the promotion intends to attempt to distance itself from WWE by focussing on some of the finest Indy talent in the business. The company owner, Lachlan Murdoch, today announced the signings of AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Eric Gracie, Frankie Kazarian, Homicide, Jack Evans, James Yun, Jody Fleisch, Jonny Smith, Kenzo Suzuki, Nigel McGuiness, Pat Miletich, Roderick Strong, Sexxxy Eddy, Shannon Moore, and BJ Whitmer.

IWF Commit First Swoop of the 'New Monday Night Wars'

Sure, it's not in direct Monday night competition, but smarks are already dubbing this period 'The New Monday Night Wars', as they eagerly rub their hands together at the prospect of seeing three world class federations battle it out for talent. The IWF continued a week of firsts with the signings of soon to be off contract WWE workers Joey Mercury (one half of the hugely successful MNM tag team) as well as former WWE champion, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar, who has been given a no compete clause for the remainder of his contract with the WWE, has been quoted as saying he was 'incredibly excited' about joining a promotion and being the marquee talent.

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September 20th 2005

We’re all working harder than I ever thought possible in preparation for this weekend’s debut of IWF on E! Television. Our program, IWF Carnage, is a long way being off ready yet. With our roster still not decided, I’ve not even had a chance to formulate some potential storylines. But Lachlan wants me to give him something that he can use for publicity, so I’m doing what I can. Life would be so much easier if we had a recognisable main event heel. Hell, while I’m making wishes I’d like a charismatic guy like The Rock, and the WWE’s budget.

The bad news just keeps on rolling in from Fox Wrestling Empire with names like D’Lo Brown, Ron Killings, Shane Douglas, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Bam Bam Bigelow, Andrew Martin, Road Warrior Animal, Spanky, Tank Abbot, Mikey Whipwreck, and Buff Bagwell signing on. I’m almost certain that Rupert and his team don’t want Daniels for his immense talent – but mostly because him being on a deal with them means he can’t be wrestling for us. And there’s definitely something screwy about Spanky and Animal going so smoothly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rupert’s bank balance dipped a little this morning, and Vince’s jumped. I’d approached them about Spanky only two days ago, and they’d said he was too valuable to their cruiserweight division.

I should have suspected they were lying. They’ve not had a legitimate cruiserweight division in years.

I’d be lying if I said I expected things to feel this dirty this early on. I guess I had this idealised notion of what the wrestling industry is, or at least, what it would be this time around.

Later that Day

I woke with a start. The phone was ringing. For a moment I was confused, thinking I was still in my shitty flat in Ryde. Then I realised exactly where I was, swamped in contracts and sitting at my desk in downtown New York. The last of our signings had been completed, and I was supposed to fax Lachlan a card for this Saturday’s show.

“Hello?” I picked up, trying not to sound too much like I’d just woken up.

“Got that card for me, Chris?” Lachlan, his voice painfully cheerful, unaware of just how much work it is to start up a federation that’s supposed to compete with not only the WWE, but also the Rupert Murdoch backed Fox Wrestling Empire.

“Uh…. Sorry, Lachlan, honestly. I’m snowed under with contracts at the moment, and I can’t make head or tails of our roster just yet. When’s the deadline?”

“Tomorrow morning, 6am. You’ve got until then”.

“That’s fine”

“Hey, did you catch the FWE rating?”

Catch it? It’d been mainstream press for the better part of today. Fox Wrestling Empire’s first show had scored a damn good 5.82 rating, not the highest for its slot, but more than enough to have me a little worried.

“Yeah, I did”

“Don’t sweat it, kid. We’ll get them. Now, before I go, are the rumours about…..”

“Don’t say it” I cut Lachlan off before he could finish. Call me paranoid, but if Rupert was prepared to buy talent out from under me and grease a few palms, he was more than capable of getting our lines tapped.

“Yes, we’ve signed someone big, but I’d rather not discuss it over the phone. The last thing I want is for this to get out”

“Sure thing, Chris. Just checking”.

6am tomorrow. D-Day for the International Wrestling Federation.

Full IWF Roster

Main Event


Upper Midcard

Ken Shamrock

Scott Steiner



AJ Styles

Diamond Dallas Page

Frank Shamrock

Billy Gunn

Molly Holly


Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas

D-Von Dudley

Lex Luger

Lower Midcard

Al Snow

BG James

Bob Sapp

Bryan Danielson

Elix Skipper


Jody Fleisch


Mark Jindrak

Matt Stryker

Pat Miletich

Rico Constantino

Samoa Joe

Sean O’Haire

Shannon Moore

Spike Dudley

Ultimo Dragon

Megumi Kudo

Aja Kong

Austin Aries

Billy Kidman

Brian Lawler

Sean Daivari

EZ Money

Frankie Kazarian


James Gibson

Johnny Nitro

Johnny Swinger

Johnny Smith

Kenzo Suzuki

Lioness Asuka

Petey Williams



Gail Kim

J.R. Ryder

Chris Hero

Colt Cabana

James Yun

Jonny Storm


Ashley Massaro

Jackie Gayda

Joel Gertner


Non Wrestlers

Bret Hart

Mick Foley

Don Callis

Mystery Person

Still to Come….

Brock Lesnar

Joey Mercury

Fox Wrestling Empire Roster

Main Event

Bill Goldberg

Hulk Hogan

Randy Savage

Upper Midcard

Jeff Jarrett

Kevin Nash

Mike Tyson



Abdullah the Butcher


Andrew Martin

BJ Penn

Buff Bagwell

Chris Harris

Chris Sabin

Christopher Daniels

Dan Severn

Dave Menne

D’Lo Brown

Don Frye

Dory Funk Jr.

El Hiji Del Santo

James Storm

Jerry Lynn


L.A. Par-K

Marco Ruas

Mark Weir

Matt Lindland

Maurice Smith

Mikey Whipwreck

Phil Baroni

Randy Coutre

Renato Babalu Sobral


Rickson Gracie

Road Warrior Animal

Ron Killings

Royler Gracie

Sean Waltman

Simon Diamond


Tank Abbott

Terry Funk

The Sandman

Vitor Belfort


Bam Bam Bigelow

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Matt Wiese (Luther Reigns)

Shane Douglas

The Rock

A few observations to make on that roster, and most of them encourage me of our chances. First and foremost, he’s hired two workers widely regarded as some of the driving forces behind the fall of WCW. On top of that, with the exception of Goldberg and Jeff Jarrett – he’s relying on old, established names to prop up his main event scene. His midcard is impressive in terms of talent, but half of them can’t talk, and half of them aren’t recognised by your average wrestling fan. There’s a lot of MMA fighters there, and when you mix that in with ‘old school’ workers – you’re bound to have chemistry problems. I doubt Hogan will want to work a match against any of them, in case they don’t lie down.

The presence of The Rock is a huge boost to them, but with his Hollywood commitments, he won’t see a lot of air time. Overall, I think our roster is far more balanced, but definitely lacks his drawing power.



IWF Goes Public!

Just two days out from their first ever television show, the International Wrestling Federation have opened their website with an intriguing offer for fans. Clearly catering to his smart mark demographic, head booker Chris Walker-Bush has asked for fans of the fledgling product to tell him what they want to see on IWF Carnage's debut episode.

"IWF Carnage is obviously something we're making for the fans, and what better way to introduce it then let fans have a say in what they want to see? The WWE and FWE force feed you the same stars week in and week out, telling you who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. We're trying a different approach for our first show, and hopefully it will catch on. Just log on to IWF.com and vote on who you want to see in action against who"

Fans are being asked to choose the first three matches of a World Title tournament that will culminate at the IWF's first ever pay-per-view, IWF Inception, as well as providing candidates for a four way match to decide the IWF's second tier title - the International Title.

Will this experiment in interactive pro wrestling pay off? Only time will tell

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Interesting backstory. I would have made some different decisions but your way works.


First Three World Title Tournament Matches

Raven vs Sabu (at least make it no disqualification)

Bryan Daniels v James Gibson Submission match

Ultimo Dragon v AJ Styles in a ladder match

Four Candidates for International Title Match

Candidate-Frankie Kazarian

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Looking decent, man. Seems to be cool to watch this go through, at least.

On your questions:

OOC: This is where I need your help. If there were a new promotion starting up, what would you ‘smart marks’ have to say about it? Who would you want it to hire and in which directions would you want it to be taken?
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Since I still haven't tackled the epic that is BSW, I think I'll jump on board early here.

I would have done a few things differently at the outset, but this is your own grave you're digging, so I'll just roll with the backstory and enjoy how his intrafamily squabble plays out. In some respects it is the way the McMahon promotions squabbles SHOULD have been played out... but that's a whole other 'What If' diary (that's likely been done.)

Smart Markery: Ok, I'm going to branch out here and ask that you NOT just make this ROH: Supersize Me. Yes, get the skilled grapplers, but hell, I'd get a kick out of it if Murdoch wanted some *name* recognition, names he knew. The Jake Roberts, Honky Tonk Mans, Koko B. Wares. I know for certain that almost a 'legends' title of nostaligia could be a great deal of fun to read (and some of those guys are charismatic enough to make up for the poor match quality ratings.)

Or, go the route of the workrate fiends, but make it into a stablewar style with warlords amassing power, making alliances and breaking them, as they all via for the next free agent or the most prestige or money or titles. Just thinking out loud here.

Title One:

Aja Kong versus Rico Constantino - yes, you read that right. I think it would be a fun match because you know Rico's 'gayitude' won't work on Aja, she'd just backfist his ass straight into heterosexuality

Lex Luger versus Billy Gunn - because don't we all secretly want to see two of the biggest balls of suck squaring off? Which means at least one makes it to the next round to drag down the quality. :D Yes, I can be an asshole, why do you ask?

Elix Skipper versus Charlie Haas - coming soon to NWA:TNA and to make up for the previous request.

Title 2

Sean Daivari

Ok, one last thing, I'd love for the WWE (at the behest of Rupert Murdoch) force you to change any 'trademarked' names. Billy Gunn, Molly Holly, the Dudleys... just to make it a bit more serious/believable.

Do ya hate me yet?

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Nice backstory so far. If you go the route that Beeker suggested then I have to throw a suggestion from his fed in here and say "Hire Mikey."

First Title

EZ Money vs Charlie Haas-Basically a mat wrestler against a sizable high flyer.

Vampiro vs Samoa Joe-Submissions galore. Vampiro is a pretty good mat technician and Joe is deemed the Samoan Submission Machine so it should be good.

James Gibson vs A.J Styles-Just a dream match that I've yet to see.

Title Two:

Petey Williams

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Thanks for the advice Beeker, I've definitely considered more than a few of the things you've suggested. First and foremost, I will be changing names where possible. Sean Daivari is only a mild one, and obviously I kept Gunn (but not James) because of its name value. As for the Dudleys, Molly etc, chances are that'll come into play down the line. There's no ends to the deception and evil that Rupert Murdoch would try - trust me, I lived through his Super League War :P

I'm liking your idea of a legends title, too. Watch this space ;)

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OOC Note: First show coming. My data file got corrupted, so I've had to restart. Where possible I've kept the exact same roster (and haven't poached any FWE talent). If you notice any discrepencies, that'll be the cause of it.

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IWF Lose Lesnar, Matthews but gain Hardy, Kash, and White

It was a day of highs and lows for developing federation the IWF today, with the shocking news that the WWE have managed to convince both Brock Lesnar and Joey Mercury to stay on despite the two coming to terms verbally with the IWF. Sources close to the WWE say that the contract signings were last moment, and completely out of the blue.

In more positive news for the IWF, they have today announced that they have come to terms with WWE developmental talent Kid Kash and underused flier, Kerwin White (aka Chavo Guerrero). In perhaps the promotion's biggest signing news from a mainstream perspective, WWE flavour of the month Matt Hardy has agreed to join the fledgling company following the closure of his current feud with Edge.

Edited by chriswalkerbush
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IPB Image

Friday October 7th 2005

Venue: The Georgia Dome, Atlanta

Joey Styles: Hello everyone and welcome to history in the making. I’m Joey Styles, and you’re about to be taken through two hours of mind-boggling, bone breaking, adrenaline pumping action right here on E! Television – the home of IWF Carnage! Beside is me is Simon Inoki, all the way from the land of the rising sun. Welcome, Simon.

Simon: It is an honour and a privilege to be here, Simon. IWF is the way of the future, and we can all say we were hear today at its genesis.

Joey: Indeed we can. We’ve got a hell of a show for you tonight, with several matches from our one of a kind World Title Tournament.

Simon: Nowhere else in the world will you see so many wrestlers working so many different styles of match all with one goal in mind: the honour of becoming the first ever IWF champion.

Joey: And you’ll know that whoever wins is deserving, having fought in all manner of brutal environments. Just tonight we have a ladder match between AJ Styles and Jamie Gibson, and a Submission Only clash between Samoa Joe and Vampiro!

Simon: I can’t wait, Joey.

Joey: And neither can I. Let’s get this show rolling!

A Bret Hart Address

The crowd go up as The Hitman’s music hits and the wrestling icon comes out, not in his customary pink ring attire, but in a suit and tie. He soaks up the crowd’s Hitman chants as he makes his way down to the ring.

Bret Hart: (Pausing to soak in the atmosphere as the packed Georgia Dome goes off) WOW! (Crowd pops) I can’t believe I’m doing it. I’m back in the ring, and I’m doing it against Vincent Kennedy McMahon! (More pops) I can’t think of a better way to say ‘Screw you Vince’ than to turn the IWF into the best there is and the best there ever will be! (Huge pop) It starts tonight, with the first five people progressing through to the next round of competition to crown our first ever world champion. Not only will you see AJ Styles vs. Jamie Gibson, Vampiro vs. Samoa Joe, Mongo Vyle vs. Bob Sapp, and Homicide up against the legendary Diamond Dallas Page – but I’m adding a match to the card right now. It’ll be D-Von up against….. STING! (Crowd roars)


The team of Petey Williams and Bobby Roode come out first, waving the Canadian flag and flipping off the very vocal (and very American) crowd on hand. Before their opponents can make their way out, Roode gets on the mike.

Roode: Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s anything more depressing than seeing a former great out here bitching about a man behind his back like a schoolgirl. (Mocking Hart) “Ooooh! Mr. McMahon is always picking on me. He screwed me. Now I’ve come crawling to Lachlan Murdoch for my chance at revenge”. It’s pathetic! Bret Hart, you are a disgrace to Canada! These American morons deserve you and your cowardly ways. While their president is waging war against defenceless countries for oil, you can pick on old people who may have pissed you off when you were a kid. For every nation Bush invades illegally, you can push over one senior citizen who gave you a dirty look when you were a little kid skipping around Canada.

Petey takes the mike

Petey: I used to respect you, Bret Hart! I used to look up to you and see a perfect example of what made Canada great. Now I look at you and see an old man with too much fake tan and no brawn left to back up his big mouth. I’m going to personally petition Paul Martin to have your citizenship stripped. (To the crowd) You like Bret Hart so much? You can have him, his pink tights, and his far from effective sharpshooter!

Team Canada’s belittlement of a wrestling icon is ended by the arrival of the teaming of Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak, who sprint down to the ring without hesitation. Williams tosses the mike aside and we’ve got a match!

Jindrak and O’Haire vs. Team Canada for the IWF World Tag Team Championship

This is a remarkably competitive match which gets the crowd pumped from the word go. O’Haire and Jindrak, drawing on their experience from their days as a successful WCW tag team, play the power card throughout, but Team Canada’s more recent experience and their superior wrestling abilities allow them to maintain control through the tried and tested ploy of isolating one man and making constant tags. The belts are on the line here, and neither side is taking the other like.

The end comes with O’Haire and Williams in the ring. Roode is outside the ring, and Jindrak is stalking him around it like a predator. As he rounds the corner, however, Roode blindsides him with a chair shot that echoes through the arena. O’Haire, who has just floored Williams with a hard shoulder tackle, comes across and grabs Roode – dragging him up onto the apron. Roode hits him hard across the face, and drops him with a guillotine. On the rebound, O’Haire stumbles backwards into a schoolboy rollup from Williams. 1-2-3! Jindrak arrives too late to make the save, and the crowd boo as Team Canada flee the ring as the first ever IWF World Tag Team Champions!

O: 72% C: 65% M: 80%

Mark Jindrak’s gimmick is losing overness

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Homicide in a World Title Tournament Match

There’s no fanfare for the arrival of Homicide, who struts out to the indifference of the crowd. He plays up to them, but the true welcome is saved for Diamond Dallas Page, who receives a huge ovation as he comes out and places his hands together above his hand to form a diamond. The match is an extended squash, with DDP in firm control throughout, and Homicide’s only offence coming when the referee’s back is turned. The end comes after 6:17, Diamond Dallas Page hitting his first ever IWF Diamond Cutter for the 1-2-3 and a place in the round of sixteen. DDP begins to celebrate, but Homicide is to his feet, and attacks DDP from behind! Caught unawares, Page is soon beat down, and to add insult to injury – Homicide hits a Cop Killa that has Page writhing in agony! Diamond Dallas Page may have progressed, but Homicide has made a lasting impact.

O: 70% C: 65% M: 76%

A Surprise Appearance

With Diamond Dallas Page wounded, Homicide takes up the mike. He lifts it to his mouth to speak, but before he can utter a word, glass shatters.


The crowd erupt at the sight of the Texas rattlesnake at the top of the ramp, a mike in hand, and his customary wrestling attire on. What on earth is Steve Austin doing on an IWF show?

Austin: Boy, don’t let me interrupt you, you just go on and say what you wanted to say….

Homicide lifts the mike again.

Austin: Wait a minute, wait a minute – I’ve changed my mind. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you want to see. In fact, I’ve decided I want to whoop your ass. If you want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin kick Homicide’s ass, give me a hell yeah.


Austin: The mob has spoken, you street thug sum’ bitch.

Stone Cold heads down to the ring, and Homicide smartly makes his way out of the ring. The fans boo him as he flees through the crowd, robbing them of a stunner. Stone Cold doesn’t disappoint them on all fronts, however, and produces a few cans of beer to chug down. When Diamond Dallas Page recovers, Austin tosses him a beer and the pair drink as we cut to commercial.



I’m buzzing backstage. The crowd didn’t expect that, and as a tribute to my ability to shut my mouth, neither did anyone else. Sting, Scott Steiner, and Bobby Heenan crowd around me, slapping my back and giving me praise. If I thought arriving here on a private jet was surreal, being told by guys I watched wrestle when I wasn’t even old enough to know what a swerve was is just plain insane. As I watch the crowd’s reaction to Austin’s arrival, Lachlan arrives.

“You son of a bitch, how on earth did you pull that off?”

I shrug meekly, not entirely sure of it myself. Truth be told, it had been surprisingly easy. A few preliminary calls, an offer, and a day or two later I had the man who is widely credited for winning the Monday Night War for WWF on my roster. It’s just a pity I couldn’t have gotten him when he could still work regular matches – I’d have backed us to win this thing at a canter.

“Well, I’m liking what I see so far. Any more surprises for me tonight?”

“Nah, mate, I’m afraid not,” I respond with a cheeky grin, “You’re only paying me enough for one surprise a night”.

“Tell you what, kid. If you get us into decent ratings, I might just have to double your pay”.


We return from a break to see Bob Sapp making his way down to the ring. The gigantic worker gets a solid response from the fans, but the real story here is the repackaging of Bubba Ray Dudley. The tag team legend comes out, not in his usual camouflage attire, but in the overalls and straw hat of a stereotypical Southern redneck. He looks at the crowd and his opponent in disgust before entering the ring.

Mongo Vyle vs. Bob Sapp in a World Title Tournament Match

Bob Sapp starts things off by offering to shake Vyle’s hand, but Mongo spits in his face! Sapp turns away, smiles cruelly, and retaliates with a stiff right to the side of Mongo’s head. The straw hat tumbles off, and Sapp starts off the clash in firm control with an array of punches, kicks, clotheslines, and a painful looking full nelson slam. The gigantic worker dominates Mongo for the majority of the match, his awesome strength displayed with a gorilla press slam at one point, and later with a fallaway slam that has the crowd in awe. This fallaway slam sends Mongo out of the ring, where he smartly picks up a foreign object. Joey Styles speculates that it could be a tire iron. As Bob Sapp reaches out of the ring to bring Vyle back in he’s smacked across the skull with the illegal object. The referee, whose line of sight was blocked by Sapp’s own body, doesn’t see a thing! Mongo gets back in the ring and picks up Sapp for a Mongo Bomb. Cover. 1-2-3! Mongo Vyle has stolen a victory over Bob Sapp, and he’ll progress to the next round of the tournament. As Sapp struggles to his feet, Vyle kicks him hard in the package, and again strikes him with the tire iron! Mongo is booed out as he celebrates all the way up the ramp.

O: 72% C: 74% M: 68%

Samoa Joe vs. Vampiro in a Submission Only World Title Tournament Match

There’s a feeling of excitement in the air from the technical wrestling aficionados in the crowd, whilst the mainstream fans give Vampiro some minor heat as he comes out to A Perfect Circle’s ‘Passive’. Samoa Joe’s own entrance is far more low key, his no gimmick style reminiscent of Chris Benoit as he comes out and wastes no time. The match is an absolute classic and a full credit to the fans who requested it. Whilst Samoa Joe’s superior strength sees him in control for much of the twenty two minute match, Vampiro is not without offence of his own – wearing Samoa Joe down by focusing his holds and submission attempts on his opponent’s left leg. Samoa Joe is far less specific, giving Vampiro an overall workout with an array of brutal suplexes and stalling holds. Both methods have their advantages, but soon Vampiro’s focus on Samoa Joe’s left leg begins to show – the larger man visibly limping, and even losing his footing as he attempted to hit a potentially match winning powerbomb. Joe stumbles back into the ropes, but rebounds with a stiff clothesline. Vampiro’s down, struggling to stand, and Joe treats him to a crowd pleasing combination of a chop to the back, a stiff kick to the front, and then an elbow drop off the ropes!

Vampiro remains on the defensive, but with Samoa Joe’s ankle barely able to support him, it becomes clearer and clearer to the chanting crowd that he’s not in a state to finish this clash off. Vampiro comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline, and with Samoa Joe on the mat, locks him up in an ankle lock. Samoa Joe is dead centre in the ring, and has to crawl to the ropes with Vampiro at his injured ankle like a rabid dog. The crowd cheers as he nears the ropes, only to have Vampiro drag him back into the centre of the ring. He has to quit! He has to quit! No! He rolls through the holds, sending Vampiro shoulder first into the ring post! Samoa Joe drags Vampiro out of the corner, and locks in the Kathahajame! The crowd go nuts as Vampiro begins to fade, and fade fast. Vampiro uses his remaining strength to battle out of the hold with hard elbows to Samoa Joe’s head and, having escaped, rebounds off the ropes in an attempted clothesline. Joe ducks, and as Vampiro comes back, hits the Island Driver! The crowd go crazy as Samoa Joe locks in his grounded Armbar! Vampiro struggles in vain, and is forced to tap out! Samoa Joe has scored a courageous victory!

O: 72% C: 56% M: 88%

Sting on the Stick

The crowd go crazy as Sting, in his pre WCW ‘spooky’ stage attire. That’s right, IWF have resurrected the old school Sting, and the crowd lap it up as he comes out excited and ready to wrestle.

Sting: Hello Atlanta! (Pop) I was sitting at home the other day, when I get a call asking if I’d like to be involved in a new promotion starting up. It’s going to be fresh, they tell me. It’s going to be full of real wrestlers, they say. It’s going to start off with a one of a kind tournament that will begin a new brand of sports entertainment, they promised. From what I’ve seen tonight, it’s that and then some. We just witnessed two men beat the hell out of one another, and there was a clean finish! No run ins, no weapons, and no stupid gimmicks – just two hard as nails combatants doing their all for gold. That’s what I want to be a part of, and tonight you’re going to see old school Sting doing it for the fans. I’m going to win tonight, not because I’m ‘better’ than D-Von, but because I’m a purist. You’re not going to catch me doing schoolboy rollups or using weapons – it’s going to be a clean win for the Stinger. Now, if you’re having a good time tonight, can you give me a ‘Hell yes’?

The crowd respond in kind and we cut to commercial.


We return from the break to find the ring set up for the highly anticipated ladder match between AJ Styles and Jamie Gibson. The fans are pumped for this one, and there’s electricity in the air. Styles is first out, earning boos from the crowd when he proclaims himself to be ‘greatest wrestler that ever lived’. Jamie Gibson is out next, the artist formerly known as Jamie Noble sporting longer hair and plain wrestling attire as he hits the ring.

AJ Styles vs. Jamie Gibson in a Ladder World Title Tournament Match

The pair lock up, and right away you can tell this is going to be a classic. Hard whip on Gibson into the corner, Styles follows through, but Jamie ducks out of the way, allowing Styles to crash into the ring post. Gibson then grips Styles by the waist and hits a German suplex. Styles is right back to his feet, and walks into an arm drag, followed by a big dropkick. Styles rolls to the outside, drawing boos from the crowd for his cowardice. He stalls too long, however, and Gibson comes off the top rope with a springboard senton. Both men are down after that suicidal move on Gibson’s part, and amazingly it is Styles who is first to his feet. He hits Jamie with the ladder and then, while he’s down, places his arm in between the ladder’s legs before coming off the announce table with a leg drop to the ladder! That could have broken Gibson’s arm!

Styles hits the ring again, and begins to set up the ladder. Gibson is to his feet, and comes off the top rope with a floatover neckbreaker that has the crowd even more pumped. Gibson finishes setting up the ladder, but with his arm injured, makes slow progress as he ascends. Styles has time enough to recover and get to his feet, and he climbs the opposite side of the ladder. The two men get to the top and begin brawling, before AJ Styles hits Gibson with a tornado DDT from the top of the ladder! The crowd start an ECW style ‘Holy Shit’ chant as both men writhe in agony on the ground. Styles is again the first to his feet, but rather than climbing the ladder, he ascends the top turnbuckle and flies off for a mad Spiral Tap (360 corkscrew somersault senton). The crowd lap it up, particularly when Jamie Gibson manages to roll clear, allowing Styles unrestricted access to the mat. Gibson is quick to capitalise, dragging Styles to his feet and hitting a snap suplex. He then locks in a reverse figure four, which has Styles screaming in agony. He can’t tap out to end the match, but does so anyway under the excruciating pain of the submission. Gibson eventually relinquishes the hold, but scurries up to the top turnbuckle to hit a flying leg drop. Styles is in a world of hurt, and Gibson begins to climb the ladder. He’s almost to the top when Styles climbs up beneath him… ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Jamie Gibson just took an electric chair drop from halfway up the ladder! AJ Styles has swung the momentum right back in his direction with a high impact move, and looks to capitalise with a vertical suplex which ends in a hangman’s neckbreaker. He again goes to the top, and this time manages to hit a Shooting Styles Press (what it sounds like). Showmanship done, AJ Styles begins to climb the ladder, but once again Gibson manages to struggle to his feet and make the climb with him. The two exchange blows at the top of the ladder for the second time this evening. They’re teetering here… AJ Styles has Gibson set up for something….. SUPLEX! Styles suplexes Gibson from the top of the ladder, and he’s not done. He comes off the top of the ladder with an insane corkscrew plancha suicida! He’s making damn sure that Gibson won’t be getting up to stop him. AJ Styles climbs back up the ladder, and grabs the contract for the win in an epic bout.

O: 87% C: 75% M: 100%

Jamie Gibson debuted his new gimmick and it got a positive response

Returning from commercial we see Jamie Gibson being taken away on a stretcher.

Sting vs. D-Von in a World Title Tournament Match

This is a relatively short match, making up for the length of the previous two encounters, but enjoyable nonetheless. Sting controls things for much of the match, with D-Von (sporting a new look of street clothes) occasionally fighting back, but never really offering much. The crowd get to see all of their favourite Sting moves, with the clash ending following a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Deathlock for the submission victory.

O: 78% C: 82% M: 72%

D-Von debuted his new gimmick and it got a positive response

Scott Steiner Addresses his Freaks

Scott Steiner is backstage with a pair of gorgeous women cooing over his freakishly large muscles. He is approached by another IWF WWE poaching, Ashley Massaro.

Ashley: Scott Steiner, you’re about to compete in IWF’s Carnage first ever main event, a four way match against Lex Luger, Raven, and Ken Shamrock for the International Title. How do you feel?

Steiner: Wouldn’t you like to know, sweet thing? Scott Steiner has this to say to all of his freaks, and that’s that freakzilla here is the whole damn show. Forget about Raven and D-Von and Styles, just think about Steiner and the Steiner Recliner – because that’s all you need to know about my feelings for tonight’s match. Lex Luger is a washed up old son of a bitch, and Raven’s a friggin’ nobody with long hair and a history of failure that stretches back to the dawn of time. Don’t even get me started on Ken Shamrock. (Boos) Scott Steiner is the whole damn show, and after I win the International Championship tonight, I’ll make damn sure I win the IWF World Championship later this month at IWF Inception. Now, Ashley, if you’re done bugging freakzilla – how about you come over here and oil me up?

Ashley: Uh… I’d rather not (Mild pop)


Scott Steiner vs. Raven vs. Lex Luger vs. Ken Shamrock in a Four Corners match for the IWF International Title

Things start off with Ken Shamrock, the sole babyface in this encounter, up against Scott Steiner. The fans are heavily anti-Steiner after his promo, and cheer every suplex and clothesline Shamrock administers to ‘freakzilla’. Steiner, deciding discretion is the better part of valour, is quick to tag in Lex Luger. Luger poses for the crowd for a while, before Ken Shamrock grows tired of it and hits him with a hard release German Suplex. Cover, but Luger is able to kick out on two. He attempts a tag to Raven, who pulls his hand away at the last moment, earning him some babyface cheers. He reverses the crowd’s opinion seconds later when, as Shamrock comes off the ropes, he trips him up – allowing Luger to hit a running knee drop to the back. Luger then whips Shamrock to the corner, following it up with a back elbow and a cover for two. Luger whips Shamrock again, and the pair catch each other with simultaneous clotheslines. Both men begin to crawl for the corner of Scott Steiner, but it is Shamrock who is able to tag first! Luger pleads with Steiner to leave him be, but Scott replies with some sharp slaps to Luger’s chest. Luger stumbles back towards Raven’s corner, where a blind tag is made, allowing Raven to catch Steiner unawares with a top rope body block. Cover, but Steiner tosses Raven off him like a rag doll. Raven rushes back at Steiner, but gets caught in a drop toe hold. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner! The crowd go crazy as Shamrock comes in and nearly takes Steiner’s head off with a stiff kick. Steiner retaliates by clotheslining Shamrock over the ropes, and both men brawl on the outside. Luger, for his part, is quick to scurry into the ring and help Raven up. Dazed, Raven tags to Luger, who proceeds to peel off the turnbuckle cover and wait in the corner for Steiner or Shamrock to re-enter the ring.

Outside, Steiner whips Shamrock hard into the stairs, and then follows it up with a strong lariat that has the world’s most dangerous man out cold. Steiner slides back into the ring, where Luger pounces on him like a cat, kicking and punching him while he’s down. Steiner manages to get to his feet and lay Luger out with a hard clothesline, before tagging in to Raven. Raven again comes off the top rope, this time hitting a leg drop for a two. Shamrock, now to his feet, returns to his corner – blood pouring from a gash in his forehead. Raven whips Luger, who reverses, and Shamrock makes a blind tag as Raven nears him. Luger, still coming off the ropes, walks right into a high overhead belly to back suplex from Shamrock! The crowd goes crazy as Shamrock locks in the dreaded ankle lock. Luger is screaming in pain, and Luger and Raven both come in, laying kicks in to Shamrock. Like a pitbull, Shamrock refuses to relinquish his hold on Luger’s ankle, and the veteran is going to have to tap or have his ankle broken. A dropkick to the back from Raven gets Shamrock’s attention, and he relinquishes the hold to give Raven a big underhook DDT for his troubles. Steiner rushes across to attempt a clothesline, but gets tossed over the top rope with his own momentum! Luger has backed into the corner and seeing Shamrock dispose of his two opponents, is now begging for mercy. Shamrock has intensity in his eyes, however, and advances on the cornered Lex Luger. He reaches down to grab him… Luger pulls him face first into the exposed turnbuckle! He falls back, unconscious, and Luger scrambles across to make the cover. 1-2-3! Luger is crowned IWF International Champion on the back of some blatant cheating! He makes good his exit, leaving two fuming superstars and an unconscious Ken Shamrock behind. The first ever episode of IWF Carnage goes off air with Lex Luger smiling smugly at the top of the ramp, IWF International Championship over his shoulder.

O: 79% C: 82% M: 75%

Card Rundown (Overall Quality 79%)

Hitman Segment – 79%

Team Canada def Jindrak & O’Haire – 72%

DDP def Homicide – 70%

Stone Cold debuts – 91%

Mongo Vyle def Bob Sapp – 72%

Samoa Joe def Vampiro – 72%

Sting interview – 88%

AJ Styles def Jamie Gibson – 87%

Sting def D-Von – 78%

Scott Steiner interview – 83%

Lex Luger def Raven, Scott Steiner, and Ken Shamrock – 79%

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IPB Image

Fox Reaps Strong Ratings Reward

With the presence of wrestling icons such as The Rock and Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Fox Wrestling Empire have made a huge impact in their first week of competition with the WWE and IWF. Fox Presents drew a strong 5.46 rating in its opening, behind Smackdown and RAW, but solid nonetheless. On the other end of the spectrum, IWF Carnage finished with a rating of 1.49, a new record for E! Television but hardly competitive with the big two. Insiders have already said that the IWF will struggle to compete as long as it lacks star power and is on a far less viewable network than something like Fox or the USA Network.

IWF to Debut Two Titles

This week's edition of IWF Carnage is expected to see the unveiling of two new IWF titles, the IWF Women's Title and the Hardcore Rules title. Sources at the company have told fans not to expect the same style matches they got from the WWE namesakes, with several top line female wrestlers contracted for the Women's division, and genuine hardcore matches scheduled for the Hardcore Title. Fans can also expect to see Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, and IWF International champion, Lex Luger.

Fans Asked to be Patient

IWF fans and backers have been asked by owner Lachlan Murdoch to be patient with the fledgling enterprise. "There's a lot of factors going against us," Lachlan alluded at today's press conference, "But in the long run we'll be stronger for it. Our team has assembled one of the world's most skillful rosters, and it's just a matter of getting them out there so fans can get to know them". Asked whether he paid any credence to rumours that the IWF was better suited to competition with NWA's 'Total Nonstop Action' programming - Murdoch said "This industry isn't about overnight fixes. The WCW took years to overtake the WWF, and then the WWF/E took years to catch back up. We're not aiming to take the world by storm overnight".

Terry Funk Signs with IWF

In a major boost for the IWF Hardcore Rules division, hardcore legend Terry Funk has agreed to pilot the division. Other competitors expected to feature in the division include Vampiro, Sabu, Spike, and up and comers such as Necro Butcher and Harlew Lewis

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YES! I knew Joe/Vampiro would deliver. Even though I like Joe I was hoping for a Vampiro win. He gets so much heat from a lot of people, but I'm a fan of his work.

Styles/Gibson, another golden match which was expected considering who the two are.

Gotta say that I like the repackaged Bubba.

Didn't like Homicide looking like a bitch but I guess it's okay, DDP might have a fit if some "Nobody" looked good against him.

Luger winning the International title was a strange concept since his talent and name recognition is pretty much less than nothing now.

Here's to hoping Sting or DDP don't win the big title. They're good to use for the name value but I don't think they should be at the top of this company.

Nice job on the first show, can't wait for the next one.

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