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Ten Thousand Fists


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Well I've been offline for a couple of weeks dealing with school, work, and football, so on the rare occasions I have time to get online (like when you have Strep Throat and can't go to school for the next 2 days and can't go to work for the next 3) I, of course will come onto EWB. But one thing that's been absent since the last 2 days or so, is the talk about Disturbed's new album.

Now, if you know who I am, you know I'm a big Disturbed fan, in fact, they're one of my favorites, so you would probably assume that I did buy the Special Edition version of "Ten Thousand Fists" and am a member of The Disturbed Ones now. And trust me, the last cd I bought was Ra's "Duality" and that was only because I wasn't able to obtain it in "different" ways. <_<

Regardless, this album is great. This is the type of album that reminds me why I'm a fan of their's to begin with. The album mixes both "sounds" of "Believe" and "The Sickness" quite well and I believe they're going to be doing well in terms of touring in support for the album. It's an album that, right now, is my favorite of the year, right ahead of Arch Anemy's and 10 Years'. Though albums from TOOL, Sevendust and Rammstein could push to the top of the list, as well, I only really see TOOL as the one to be able to knock Disturbed's new album off as the top album this year for me.

My favorite song on the album has to be "Overburdened" as it's just got a more emotional, yet intense feeling that I've wanted to hear Disturbed go with for awhile now.

So what your guys' thoughts? And I know there's going to be people that say Disturbed suck, but oh well. Not everybody's a fan of everything in the world, so who gives a shit?

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I want the CD so fucking bad...if it's as good as I hope it is, Disturbed's my new favorite band.

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Like I said previously... to I would suppose all casual Disturbed fans...

Nothing really too different, some songs are meh, and by meh I mean I'll listen, sing to them, etc... but I won't be blown away and be like, "This is the best song they've done."

It's a solid album, worth 10 bucks @ Best Buy, but they could do better. And is it me, or does this album have a more polictial tone, which... in itself is very much (N)

Although.. with that said... Deify is my favorite song off the album, so maybe that polictical tone works, lol

I hate doing that to myself.

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Although I haven't got the album, you know it's got to be good because NME gave the album 1 out of 10.

When NME gives something a shit mark, it usually means that they haven't had a handjob from the respective band's lead singer like so-called 9 out of 10 rated bands like Bloc Party and Razorlight.

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Picked up the CD yesterday, and I absolutely love it. Every track on the CD appeals to me, and I can't find a single part to any song that I don't like--much less a single song I don't like. Disturbed's done it once again for me, as this is their third CD that hasn't had a single song on it I didn't like. The Sickness was greatness, Believe was something fresh and new, and now Ten Thousand Fists has the power and drive behind it that both of the past CDs had combined.

This CD is DEFINATELY not a dissapointment for me--far from it, it appears that Disturbed have gone above and beyond what I expected. I recommend anyone who's enjoyed their music to purchase it, it's well worth the money.

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They're good, but they have a habit of sounding the same throughout the album, I can barely tell one song apart from another. Besides the title track, that's awesome. I also like the cover of the Genesis song Land of Confusion, and the single they released (name escapes me). But yeah, otherwsie, just like their old album in that they use one sound and bludgeon it to death.

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Has anyone heard the songs released on the "Stricken" CD single? Those two are "Hell" and "Dehumanized."

I also have another one (not sure if it was part of the "Stricken" CD or not) called "Monster."

I really like "Hell" and have no clue why it was not on the regular CD. It sounds really good. "Dehumanized" is alright. Not something I'd listen to over and over, but something I'd give a listen to once in a while. As for "Monster," I think it is also pretty good. "Hell" is my favorite of these three, though.

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