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The Colbert Report

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I wanted to watch..but I signed up for a bowling league tonight and it went until aroundmidnight...so I missed it

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Taken from Wikipedia's Colbert Report page:

"In a play on the feud between Bill O'Reilly and Al Franken, a liberal radio host named "Leiber" will appear on the show to torment Colbert. Colbert will be "at war" with "Leiber", who is constantly attacking Colbert's "lies", and Colbert will dedicate a portion of his show to debunking the hurtful slander perpetrated by this jealous rival. Some fans speculated that "Leiber" might be named for Jon Stewart, since Stewart's real name was Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, until he legally changed it to Jon Stewart in 2000. It was later revealed that the character would be played by David Cross. Cross first appeared, in the form of voice and still images, as fictitious radio talk show host "Russ Leiber" in the fourth episode. He denounced Colbert as an "idiot", and went on to decry that Canada outproduces the U.S. in maple syrup."

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Yeah, he broke his wrist last year and hammed it for like.. two months? A month? What with being addicted to "painkillers" (that taste suspiciously like Smartees) and trying to get celebrities to pass Wriststrong bracelets on to more famous celebrities.

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