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  1. 1. Is NME any good nowadays?

    • No. It's shite.
    • Yes. It's great.
    • Yeah... but it used to be better.
    • It's okay.

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At one point, it seemed to be THE magazine. Never mind the music, it was like... a cultural phenomenom. I reckon it's gone a bit shit now, but it's still the most popular music magazine in England. Personally, I think if they stopped being so obsessive with certain bands (i.e. Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles) it might be a little better. And for those who buy the magazine - is it always gonna cost £1.95 now or did they just increase the cover-price because of the CD?

EDIT: I nearly forgot.. if you think its poo, what music magazine do you buy instead?

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Its been slowly rising in price (and dropping in quality) for months now. It labels itself as the alternative music magazine, yet it spends all its time talking about Babyshambles, the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys. It seems to have found its niche as a popular rock music magazine, but its dull as shite now.

They pretty much have the same cover stars and interviews on a loop now, and its once every blue moon that something interesting actually comes along.

I buy it every now and then, if there's a CD or if there's something I wanna read in it I'll pick it up, but right now I'd rather wait the rest of the month and pick up Q, which although isn't at its best now gives a much better view on the whole popular music scene rather than the same thing week in, week out.

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I hate NME. The only copy I ever brought with my own money was the John Peel one.

I buy Kerrang! occasionally, but I find that they are also fond of the commercial cock.

Q is OK sometimes, but others it really sucks.

So the only magazines I buy/like are Metal Hammer (although the Valo obsession sucks) and Zero.

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The last time I got an NME was Janaury 2004 and I thought it was a pile of rank shite.

Good thing I didn't acutally buy the thing. One of my mates left it in my car before a gig and didn't pick it up again

I used to buy Kerrang but I stopped getting that. Can't remember when. I don't buy any music magazines anymore, just Zoo and Nuts.

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I hate NME for some reason, might have something to do with the fact that it blows its load over Babyshambles and Kaiser Chiefs every week, even though those two bands are horrible. Also some of my friends practically worship it, which makes me dislike it even more.

I buy Kerrang every week, although that's started going into decline very fast recently, again because of it's obsession with particular bands, only in Kerrang it's always Green Day, My Chemical Romance and HIM.

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NME is rubbish. It never was "the magazine" you seem to make it out to be

I agree with the first part of that statement, but certainly not the second.

Other than actual musicians, the NME was the most influential aspect of the industry this side of John Peel. And, as has been said, they were once so much more than just music, they were a cultural phenomenon.

The infamous "Teen Suicide" issue from quite a while back, which dealt with teenage opinions on suicide, and barely even touched on music, was what the NME should be. It should deal with youth culture, through the medium of music, rather than latching on to whatever the current big thing is.

It's still better than the likes of Kerrang! (unless, of course, you really want to wallpaper your house in Green Day posters) and Metal Hammer (if your band's from Wales, they'll love you. Not to mention their initial review of The Darkness, in which they said they'd never make it anywhere, then giving their album 9/10, and now claiming that The Darkness are shite. Hypocrisy, some? That and they said that SunnO))) are shit. Blasphemy!)

The best music magazines out there are Plan B and Under The Radar, by miles.

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I think it'd help if they were a little more objective. In this week's edition, the header for the letters page is "Justin Hawkins - Idiot Nobhead".

There's no such thing as objectivity when it comes to art.

But there is when it comes to unbiased journalism, something that the NME is unfamiliar with these days.

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