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The Colbert Report


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Anyone here watch it, not sure why I'm asking because if you watch the Daily Show you pretty much have to watch it since its Colbert. I think its better than Daily Show just because of Colbert. Daily show makes me laugh every once in a while but The Word can't be beaten!

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I loved the Threat Down. The 9/11 Committee. Apparently we aren't ready for another terrorist attack...............thanks for telling them. Do we tell burglars when we leave for work? NO! So here's a hint committee...SHUT THE FUCK UP.

BEARS! Soon the santa's in the mall will be replaced with bears, and you really need to watch out for our children.

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Nope, it didn't replace the Daily Show. It comes on right after the Daily Show. And, here is Canada on The Comedy Network at least, it is followed by South Park. Meaning that the Comedy Network owns at least one and a half hours of my life, a day.

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last nights was great, a show dedicated to sports. Here's where I cracked up in "Formidable Opponent"

"I think steroids are wrong"

"I agree"

"Why aren't you debating with me"

"Because apparently you don't think we should play on our A game"

"How, my motto is Always Give 110%"

"Where do you think that extra 10% comes from...I'll tell you where. A needle you stick up your ass!"

Another one was where he was talking about the 8 Home Runs. I think tonights was incredible, one of the best I've seen.

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