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Righto, so i've started to get really heavily into punk, but my usual contributors aren't around, so I need you guys to recommend bands. These are the bands i'm really digging at the moment:


My Chemical Romance

None More Black

US Bombs

The Clash


Cheap Sex

The Misfits


Anti-Nowhere League

So, barring the obvious suggestions and what I have there, suggest shit. I'll prolly dig all of it.

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The Clash

The Buzzcocks

Sex Pistols

Punk begins and ends in England >_>

All of those bands suck.

Refused is all you need, and the bands I gave you last night.

I don't like punk, and I don't overly like any of those bands.

But those are 3 of the bigger bands mentioned when people like Punk......them and the Ramones.

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What are MCR then? Alternative nerdcore spazzmetal?

Nowhere near Punk, pretty much.

Allmusic has them at Post-Hardcore (which I can kinda see), either that or they are just Alternative Metal, probably.

I know you can't help it, but being a cock for the sake of it is moronic.

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Pssh. Everyone cool who likes punk likes MCR and AFI. Post-Hardcore type shit has always been tossed in with Punk.

And you make me chuckle. He's being a cock for the sake of it, yet you're playing with sub-genres in a topic about music you already claimed not to like much. It doesn't really matter how punk, or not punk, those bands are. I listed them because I am looking for new bands, and I like those bands.

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Nah, of course not, Opeth are BLACK METAL! OH YEAH!

Or not.

Glad you can read, congrats.

I said that considering they aren't either, they almost have as many black metal tendencies as death metal tendencies.


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