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Jazz, Blues, Reggae


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For modern jazz, try Acoustic Ladyland, for traditional jazz, you can't go wrong with Miles Davis, especially "So What?". Get hold of as much John Zorn as possible, too, everything he touches is gold.

Blues? Try Billie Holliday if you haven't already, she's a goddess.

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Brad Mehldau's new album "Day Is Done" is an awesome blend of more mainstream haarmonies and a technical range comparable to piano greats like Bill Evans and Dave Brubeck. Check out the title track.

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if you want reggae, all i could suggest is some reggaeton... i know its not for everyone, but give it a shot... try to get Daddy Yankee - Barrio Fino, Don Omar - The Last Don Live, Wisin y Yandel - Pa'l Mundo, and Nicky Jam - Vida Escante... those are the best I could suggest.

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Guest Locutus of Borg

Jazz - John Scofield, Charlie Hunter, Medeski Martin and Wood, Spyro Gyra, Fourplay, Chick Corea, Return to Forever, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Soulive, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Addison Groove Project, Mahavishnu Orchestra

Blues - North Mississippi Allstars, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Chris Thomas King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Blues Traveler

Reggae - Toots and the Maytals, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Burning Spear, Damian Marley, Matisyahu

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From a thread a while back (Something to do with trumpets);

Maynard Ferguson : There's the classics like "Birdland", "McArthur Park", "Malaguena" etc. His newer stuff with The Big Bop Nouveau is good shit too. One of the classic 'screamers',has one lung, does fuck all within his band besides play high notes every now and then. Try and find his 11 minute "Hit Medley" it has pretty much has most of the great tunes in there. And an 80's style synthesisor version of "Birdland" to end it. Oh and he's 78 and still tours with his band...that's fucking hardcore. His newer "Big Bop Nouveau" stuff is shit hot. Like Mhisra-Dhenuku (His first 'experimental' track in god knows how long)

TRACKS : Hit Medley, Birdland, McArthur Park, Malaguena, Gospel John, Night In Tunisia, Knee Deep In Rio, Mhisra-Dhenuku (And if you like get more), Chameleon.

Don Ellis : Pretty much the same style as Maynard. But whilst Maynard is 'commercial' Ellis has a lot more fucked up shit out there. He has a record called "Autumn" which has an incredible version of "Indian Lady" with records effects, screaming, fucked up time signatures. It's sick as hell. 15 minutes of greatness. His live records are always the best. I recommend you check out stuff from "Live At The Montreux" which was the last record he was leader for (He died afterwards). It features a string quartet in his band, which is pretty fucked up (Especially for the time...a viola solo kicks arse purely because it's a viola solo)

TRACKS : Indian Lady (Live - "Autumn" version), Hey Jude, Bulgarian Bulge, Pussy Wiggle Stomp, Turkish Bath, New Horizons

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Guest Sport Boy

Bela Fleck is some good fusion of Jazz and Bluegrass. Main songs that I like are Flight of the Cosmic Hippo and The Sinister Minister.

Chuck Mangione from the 70's in jazz. He played the fuglehorn. Awesome shit.

Anything by Miles Davis is amazing too

Benny Goodman is good for some Big Band Jazz as well. One of the biggest songs that he did was "Sing Sing Sing"

The Glen Miller Orchestra with "In The Mood"

Thad Jones and Mel Lewis' "Us" is a great funk jazz song

Anything by Dave Brubeck is great

Chris Botti is a good Jazz trumpeter.

Buddy Rich was/is a jazz drummer. His stuff is amazing too

Anything by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass is good too.

Big BAd Voody Daddy is good for some swing music

Same goes for the Brian Seltzer Orchestra

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