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Futurama Given Green Light...


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Seems Billy West has confirmed it....


Here's the official word on Futurama!!

David X. phoned me about an hour ago and said that this Futurama project

is a done deal! Here's the word from DX---

There are 4 DVD movies that we'll start recording at the end of July or

August.Full feature length FUTURAMA movies.

Everybody is excited to get back together--as I am!

Into the Future,


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I was always shocked that Futurama didn't survive. It had a unique setting, characters on a par (if not ahead of) those of The Simpsons, and infinite possibilities for storylines. I always found it as a more intelligent, edgier alternative to The Simpsons.

Great news, if it's true. Would definitely pay to see them.

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Guest BlackHoleSlam

Good to see. Futurama was always one of the better shows to me, and I still catch it a couple times during the week even though I've seen them dozens of times. American Dad doesn't get canceled at all, but Futurama does... Fox wonders why it's always canceling shows after a few episodes, they just never notice quality TV.

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It is great that Futurama is getting more movies, but personally, I always can never get why people say Futurama didn't survive or was too much of a failure: Even though it lasted for much less time than The Simpsons did (which is in no means a fair comparison, especially considering there seems to be a very good chance The Simpsons is going to last long enough to eventually become the longest-running entertainment TV show of all time), Futurama did last four full seasons (which, as far as TV shows go, isn't too shabby for itself...)

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There's a few reasons why it didn't last. Part of it is FOX's fault.

Supposedly it cost double the amount of money per episode to create than the Simpsons. I'm getting this from an unofficial source (the little Bumps on Adult Swim) so they could be wrong. But if they are true, then it would make sense why FOX dumped them. They weren't getting the ratings to justify the expense. If the ratings never came close to The Simpsons then they wouldn't have as much advertising revenue.

However, FOX came under their own self fulfilling prophecy. No one was watching Futurama because FOX put them in a BAD time slot. FOX put them in a bad time slot because they believed no one was watching the show. But they were in the worst slot because football games would often run past 6PM CST so that would cut into half or even the entire show. No one wants to watch an incomplete show so there goes the viewers. Even to begin with, it seemed as if FOX cared more about Family Guy at first than Futurama. Family Guy had a position that aired RIGHT after the Simpsons. Futurama didn't. Now we all know about Family Guy but because the ratings didn't justify the expense, FOX let Futurama go.

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