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Princess Peach Game


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Toad need a game. Toad's Tools, and it can be a sort of RPG where he's a carpenter, and how he gets to be in service of Peach. That'd be (wittily named and) awesome. (H)

And Mario wasn't really a spin-off of Donkey Kong. The Mario guy in Donkey Kong was Jumpman, who would then be later repackaged as Mario (with Luigi) in Mario Bros. It technically wasn't Mario trying to save the silly bitch Pauline from Donkey Kong. (¬_¬) I can't believe I know this worthless shit.

There's a funny story about how Donkey Kong wasn't sued as a clear King Kong rip-off here: http://archive.gamespy.com/articles/june03...ts/index5.shtml.

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I'd heard the "King Kong" idea was public domain since it caused some stir on "The Movies" site when a King Kong series topped the charts (some even claimed PeteR Jackson had authorised it for publicity...) Which creates the further question, if it's public domain why are there not several companies adding their own little King Kong spins?

Everything else in the PD seems to turn up everywhere :ohwell:

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Guest Grapehead

Toad's Tools would only be badass if he was badass. Think of the possibilities - electric drill in hand, kill your opponent by drilling a hole in their head or kneecapping them. Big fat sledgehammer, beat people into submission. Chainsaw...I thik you get the picture.

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