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Basically you spend Earth £££s to buy sestersi in the gasme. It seems that you can also EARN sestersi by carrying out missions and such like in the game (and working hard and therefore having less freedom to roam around for fun).

So by paying extra £££s you won't need to do work and jobs in the game and can therefore enjoy all the trappings of luxury.

By paying very little £££ you can still enjoy the game but need to do more work in the game.

Also it seems like different stuff will cost different amounts (rather than a monthly subscription?!) so if you don't play it for a while you still don't have to keep paying. Therefore you can pay depending on the amount you play AND the amount of freedom you want.

I guess you could look at it like a slave or freeman. A freeman could wander around Rome and do whatever they wanted (but needed money to do it!)

A slave got paid a little but had to work hard to earn it and then could spend it and do what they wanted (to a point!)

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In terms of gameplay, it looks kinda awesome. But the graphics are crap (2000ish) and judging by the fact that I haven't heard of it until now, and there is hardly any community for the game, it sounds as if not many people will buy it and therefore may lessen the fun of the game. However, I'll wait for a bit and see a few reviews before deciding whether to buy it or not. Gladiator fights sound quite the awesome.

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