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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


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There'll be more games, it's just this is the last game on this generation of consoles. MK is Midway's flagship franchise (heck, Scorpion is like the company mascot!), I don't think they'd stop making MK games. The game could really swing many ways - it could just tie up some loose ends storyline wise and give everyone a new purpose leading into the next gen, or it could be a total overhaul of the MK universe as we know it and usher in a brand new era, with an almost complete cast of new characters. Perhaps Outworld win the 10 in a row? Either way, I'm really looking forward to it, it looks to be the total MK package.

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It's been known for almost two months now, initially announced in Game Informer magazine.

They don't host them anymore (for legal reasons) but the scans can be found here, albeit in munchkin size:


And all gathered info so far can be found here:


Only thing new I learned from that is the inclusion of Motoro, which is good to hear.

I don't see what so wrong with it to warrant a "SAY IT AIN'T SO BOON". Every character in the Mortal Kombat series history will be in it. A new conquest mode in the style of Shaolin Monks (sadly more than likely single player only), a create a fighter feature, a new slew of unlockables, more interactive backgrounds and arenas, tweaks and fixes to the in game engine, a custom fatality system and online play. They're going all out for it.

It isn't an end of Mortal Kombat. The game is supposed to be an all out war between the characters to tie up all lose plot threads and conclude the story told thus far. So they can start fresh on the next generation consoles coming out (with Sub-Zero and Scorpion confirmed to be sticking around).

What's so wrong with it? It's should be every Mortal Kombat fans dream.

EDIT: damn my spelling and grammar was atrocious... I think I need some sleep.

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Agreed with Vilge. This is exactly what the MK Franchise needs, although it will likely piss off the extreme fans come the next-gen. This is the ultimate game in fan-service though, every single character ever on top of the great gameplay of the last two games. Put an end to the era that started almost 15 years ago and move forward. Sub-Zero and Scorpion have to stick around since they're Ryu and Ken, but other than that, everyone is replaceable (except Kano).

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Guest clintcasey

Killing Lui Kang in the opening of Deadly Alliance in my oppinion was a stroke of pure genious. We'll probably see alot of fare wells in the ending, I suppose including characters who've been dead for a long time now. I'm interesting in seeing what they do with the story archs they started in the last two games and how they end up. I expect Movado to play a big role. Even though he was in DA the version of him that was in there was explained as being an image of Sonya Jade's greatest foe (she was expecting Kano). Mavado himself has yet to show up and do any thing yet. I'm more interested in seeing what the do with storylines for Kenshi and Kabal's story archs and of course what happens to scorpion and subzero.

EDIT: By the way, I thought Zombie Lui Kang in the last game was hallarious.

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I love Mortal Kombat games, but I haven't bought one since 4. I NEED to get this game, it sounds like a bigger and better version of Trilogy, although I didn't recognise anyone in the pictures on the link :(

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