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Steven's little girl is gonna have a baby


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From EOnline.com:

Liv Tyler's in the family way.

The 26-year-old Lord of the Rings star and her British rocker hubby, former Spacehog frontman-bassist Royston Langdon, are expecting their first child.

The little 'Hog is expected sometime next winter, her publicist confirmed Tuesday.

"Roy and I are both overjoyed and look forward to the arrival of our child," Tyler told People magazine.

The rock 'n' roll couple wed in a private Caribbean ceremony March 25, 2003 after a two-year engagement.

Tyler, offspring of Aerosmith's Steven, got her big break starring in Dad's 1994 video "Crazy."

She's since moved out from under her father's shadow, going on to star in close to 20 movies over the last decade, including That Thing You Do! and Armageddon, but is probably best known at this point as the lovesick Arwen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

She just wrapped shooting on the movie Lonesome Jim, helmed by Steve Buscemi and costarring Casey Affleck.

Leeds-born Langdon went solo last year on the strength of his Spacehog fame. He and his brother, Anthony, formed the band in 1994, and the sibs scored a mid-'90s radio hit with the single "In the Meantime."

The band released its third album, The Hogyssey, in 2001 and went on tour with Oasis and the Black Crowes, joined by attention-grabbing groupies Tyler and Kate Hudson, wife of former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.

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THe big question is What is she going to name the baby? Lets hope its not Pilot Ispektor 2 or anything, but you know the stars these days, they'd do anything for publicity.

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Erm... Spacehog anyone? I've literally never heard of them, and bear in mind my 90's UK indie collection includes a Menswear album.

"In the Meantime" was their one hit, but it was pretty big here in the states for awhile.

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