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Battlestar Galactica


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Yes, best show on TV right now bar none. The most recent episode in the UK was brilliant, and you could see the end coming, but personally, I didn't expect it, if that makes any sense. It was sad.

Anyway, I watched the original mini-series and although I thought it was great, completely forgot about it and didn't watch season 1. Then I saw adverts for season two, and it sorta popped back into my head and I bought the DVD of the first season, and well, I just thought it was absolutley amazing. Plus, Grace Park and Katee Sackhoff are just damn hot.

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As was said, Season 3 begins here in America in October. What episode aired that you saw the end coming?

Oh, and answer me with haste or I will so ruin the season finale just cuz I can.


Can't remember the name of it, but it's the one where Billy dies. It was sad. I nearly cried. But like I said, you could tell he was gonna "be the hero" or try to be, which means, he gets killed, but there was a feeling like, they aren't gonna do it. But one thing I love about the show is the feeling anyone can die at any time sorta thing.

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Just watched the season finale, and it was damn good.

As much of a bastard Baltar is, you can just see the guilt utterly pilling up on him, after he caused the death of not only the 12 colonies, not only had a hand in the death of 10,000 above New Caprica by giving Number 6 the nuclear war-head, but now because of doing that, he's brought the Cylon's to their new home, and has basically just screwed everything, EVERYTHING up.

I loved the attempted rigging of the polls by Roslin and the subsequent fallout, leaving Baltar the new President. Baltar just wanted power, and as the old saying goes, "absolute power corrupts absolutely", and he's just proved that, by showing he doesn't give a damn about the people, just wanted, essentially to be called "sir" and have control.

Loved the whole "one year later" thing and to see what's happened to everyone since colonising New Caprica. The Chief and Cally together and heads of a workers union, Starbuck and Anders married, Roslin a school teacher, Gaeta being Baltar's...man-servant-dude, and everyone else.

The series ended really, really well in my opinion and the show can go so many different routes with the third season, and I seriously can't wait...although I have to. It's gonna kill me.

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Does nobody in the 21st century have a DVDR or even a VCR!?! I swear... <_<

No, but I do have the internet.

:o EVIL! The crimes you commit...ah who cares. Anyone know when the new series starts airing in US and the UK? I know they've started filming.

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I believe the new series starts towards the end of October in the US, so it could be anywhere from November to early January over here.

I wish Sky were still putting in the majority of the money like they did with the first season, so we'd actually get it first.

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I bought the DVDs off eBay a couple of months ago, and I'll do the same this time around. It's such an awesome series, it's improved with every week.

Can't wait for the third series, although I imagine I'll watch the first two again before it starts.

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