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LOST UK Season 2

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So the second series of Lost starts in the UK tonight at 10 pm, the episodes on channel 4. Im quite pumped despite it being a while since i watch it.

Im interested to see the whole Micheal/Walt/Jin/Sawyer thing unfold the most actually, i dont know why but i have a soft spot for Sawyer and his asshole attitude.

So what are people looking forward to the most, and for discussion sakes, talk about your favourite bits from season 1.

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I probably won't enter this thread again, because people will post spoilers. It happened last year, it'll happen here. But I figured Id make an initial post to say I'm really excited about it as well, although it had better be.. like.. mega awesome for me to put up with the six advert breaks.

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Ha yeah, i guess this would become infested with spoilers. I mean if someone would like to know, im sure someone could write something with spoiler tags on.

I have a few friends who downloaded the series and ive been desperately trying to avoid any conversation regarding LOST and what happens because the general TV feel is so much more compelling.

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I've spent the past week watching the whole of season one so it was awesome tonight for it to begin again. I was a bit let down by the ending to Series 1, especially with regards to Walt, but it does make sense.

Another thing that bugged me about tonight's episodes was that they developed the storyline with

(NOTE - Only a spoiler if you did not see tonight's episodes in the UK)

Jack and Desmond in the first episode, but then didn't go past it in the second. And I need to know what happens damn it!

The third episode looks cool though, especially with the appearance of a young Kamala.

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Bugger, I know someone who downloads them all, so I wanted to get them on DVD off of her. I might just get up to episode 19 off of her. I hate waiting for a week. Thanks.

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