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Halo 3 Trailer


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IGN has had the trailer up for a while, so I'm posting both links up for the trailer. Not much gaming action, but I'm sure we'll get that soon anyway.

IGN Page with Quicktime Movie(Low Quality)

High Quality Windows Movie File I Uploaded

IGN Page on Halo 3

Loads of other good games coming out for 360 and PS3, good year to be a gamer :D

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I like Halo, but they need to seriously fix some of the shit that that happens in online games, and also tweak the combat modes so its not just simple run and gun with little to no skill required.

Gears of War and Too Human both look to be presenting better gameplay that either of the halo games, and I just hope Halo 3 will change some things to stay competitive.

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My reaction to the trailer: A big meh. Didn't interest me at all really. I'm a Playstation guy, love Halo, but I just didn't care about the trailer. Gears of War looks absolutely amazing though. I'm debating buying a 360 just for that....

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I dunno about anyone else, but I'm obsessed with Halo 2, and think that the new halo will be awesome as well. Hopefully there will be new weapons and vehicles as well.

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It's only an announcement trailer, as in, they're finally saying 'yes, we are making this, happy?'.

Once a real trailer comes out, I might get excited. Apparently it should be like Halo 2, but with lots of improvements. I hope we'll get to do co-op campaign over Xbox Live like they scrapped from Halo 2 at the last second (yet the Doom3 guys got it to work).

This is probably going to be what we expected from Halo 2. Set on Earth, getting to find out what's so important about such and such, blah blah. Basically a long second-half of Halo 2.

Should be good, but I don't think I can wait until 2007(!). (¬_¬)

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