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Big Brother 2006 (UK)


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Big Brother 2006 Uk Launch.


A reminder for the fan's of The Show, That it stars this Thrusday With the Launch Show.

Its Usally starts on a Friday but theyve Changed the days, Im already looking forward to 13 Weeks Of Madness.

Big Brother's Golden Ticket

Despatched Under Maximum Security

For the first time in Big Brother history, a member of the public will be chosen at random for the unique chance to become a housemate in this year's Big Brother house, that is if they are lucky enough to find a special golden ticket hidden inside a chocolate bar.

Running up to the launch of Big Brother 7, via a huge logistical operation, special KitKat bars will be distributed amongst up to 40,000 retail outlets nationwide ranging from the major Supermarkets to local convenience stores, newsagents and confectionery kiosks in train stations.

Stringent security measures have been put in place to protect the operation of competition. This morning*under the watch of an independent security team, Big Brother will hand over the prized tickets for delivery to a secret location where they will be inserted into the bars.

100 golden tickets will be placed into KitKat four-finger single bars and Kit Kat Chunky single bars for distribution across the country. The lucky winners of these tickets, having passed the programme's prerequisite and thorough background checks, will be invited to pack their bags, say goodbye to their loved ones and head down to the Big Brother studios for a special live TV broadcast where one of the lucky ticketholders will then be chosen at random to enter the house.

Earlier this year, open auditions held across the UK attracted a record 25,000 contestants to apply but producers of the Channel 4 show hope that the golden ticket initiative will attract the interest of a wider range of people.

The golden ticket competition opens at 10.30pm on Thursday 18th May and is available in 24hr stores and from opening time for other retailers on Friday 19th May. The competition closes on Friday 2nd June at 10.20pm.

On discovering a golden ticket, each of which are printed with a unique security coding, purchasers will have to ring a special 24-hour telephone hotline number for their chance to land a place in the Big Brother House.

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Someone told me all the outside furniture was inside, and all the inside furniture was outside.

Dunno if it's a confirmed thing though.....

Now if that's not a selling point, I don't know what is :blink:

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Same as every year. I'll watch the first one, post in this thread about how I hate them all. Realise one of them is fit and hope they win, then realise I don't care and stop watching, only to watch the last one and complain about the winner.

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I'm watching, right now, the Boris Johnson disc from Have I Got News For You Best Of The Guest Presenters Volume 2. It's awesome.

If Bo Jo was on the next celeb Big Brother I would record E4's 24 hour coverage the entire time.

He is awesome.

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Is it basically the unedited version of his episode? I got Volume 1 the other day and they've got one on that as well, it's fantastic. I love it where they're recording some bits again for editing and Paul Merton goes "if we start off with the entrances you know it's going to be a long night."

Boris: "And on Ian Hislop's team..."

If Boris was leader of the Conservatives they'd get elected.

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Guest muddatrucker

First they had a gay, then they had a really camp gay, then they had a sleazy gay, then they had a cross-dressing gay, then they had a transsexual gay, I wonder what type of faggot they catch this time.

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