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Zombie Movies

Dr. Rated-R

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Yeah only the First Return of The Living dead is good, and the original black and white Night of the Light Dead is really awesome, Shaun of the Dead is my favorite Zombie movie outside of the Romero movies and the Dead Next Door was better than I expected, Dead and Breakfast isnt really a zombie but it close enough and is worth watching. Zombi 2 (in the US called Zombie) is good and so is Zombie V: Killing birds those two are the only ones worth watching

PS: Love the Avatar

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Oh yeah, don't forget to watch Dead Alive, which is intentionally funny without being too stupid. Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame directed it. Also, Bubba Ho-Tep might be down your alley as well. This one is intentionally funny as well, but in a more straightforward comedy/horror way (unless you don't believe that a movie can belong to multiple genres, then the debating possibilites are excrutiatingly endless ;) ).

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I really enjoyed the remake of Dawn, watching it without constantly comparing it to the original. Ving Rhames was badass in it, and probably had the best performance of the entire cast.

The 90's NOTLD was the one with Tony Todd in right? If so I've only seen that once, but it wasn't bad from what I remember.

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I thought the NOTLD remake sucked. I'd stay away from it. As for the Dawn of the Dead remake, that was pretty good. Not as good as the original Dawn of the Dead, but still pretty good.

And as zombie movies go, you need to check out the Evil Dead series(the 3rd one is named Army of Darkness). The 3rd isn't really about zombies...but it's still great.

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I'm not sure what you meant by you've seen the Romero trilogy, but there's differences between the remake and the original, and in my opinion, both are equally fun to watch.

Alright then:

  • Night of the Living Dead (the original, digitally colored by Off Color Films)

  • Dawn of the Dead (the original)

  • Day of the Dead

  • Land of the Dead

Which reminds me. How are the remake of Dawn and the, I think, 1990 remake of NotLD?

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The remake is really great as long as you don't expect it to be either a direct remake or even just a retelling. Some really basic concepts and scenes are still there (being in a mall, some scenes with mall music, etc.) but it is really a complete different story. I actually like it just as much as the original, but for completely different reasons. The original is a better movie, but the remake appeals more to the slasher fan in me.

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Guest muddatrucker

They're infected with RAGE, a disease that they forced onto an emotional chimpanze.

They're infected with a disease rather than being zombies, but its pretty much exactly the same.

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