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Booo Twisted Sister


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Just got an E-Mail. They cancelled their gig in London. I dunno if they've stopped the whole tour, but they aren;t rescheduling so I guess so :(

This is the first time I've had a gig flat out cancelled.

Sum 41 was pushed back a few weeks because London got blown up, Disturbed was pushed back a year.. but never anything cancelled :(

I was looking forward to that.

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Not that it makes things any better, but this is from blabberbitches.net (blabbermouth.net):

According to Ticketmaster, TWISTED SISTER's previously announced June 27 headlining show at the London Hammersmith Apollo — which was to feature HANOI ROCKS in the support slot — has been cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation, although several fan postings on the official HANOI ROCKS forum seem to indicate that "poor ticket sales" may have played a part. It is also rumored that the London show may not be the only cancellation.
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Actually that's helpful. Cheers. I couldn't get onto the Twisted Sister board to find out why.


There's any other dates even close to being close to me

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Wow..you knoqw I could understand cancelling a tour for rehab or something..but for THIS?!


TWISTED SISTER manager Daniel Stanton of Coallier Entertainment has sent the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

"TWISTED SISTER has signed with American record label Razor & Tie for the purpose of releasing a final CD. The CD will be a Christmas album of standards done in an all-heavy metal format. Due to release date commitments, the band had to cancel several shows this summer, including two in England on June 27th [London Hammersmith Apollo] and 28th [Nottingham Rock City] and turn down four high-profile festivals in Europe. The planned release date will be in mid-October. The title, track listing and support dates will be announced by the end of the summer."

TWISTED SISTER's re-recording of their classic 1984 album "Stay Hungry", dubbed "Still Hungry", was issued in 2004 on Spitfire Records.

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