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What podcasts do you listen to or watch?


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I'm a bit slow as I only actually started listening to podcasts within the last week. (I've been too busy with other things, like World of Warcraft and various message boards until recently)

So what podcasts do people here listen to, or recommend, and what do you use to listen to or watch them?

I'm using Podnova and Instant Media, and use Podnova's site and http://www.podcastalley.com/index.php to find podcasts to try out. Unfortunately, a lot of the links in the directory at Podnova's site don't work. They really need to update their directory.

Right now, I'm watching\listening to:

Anime World Order

Anime Pulse

Attack of the Show daily podcast (The Daily Nut, the Feed and various AOTS segements as seperate podcasts)

Channel Frederator (mostly Flash cartoons)

Golden Age of Comics

The Onion Radio News

Track-Shun (an Anime review videocast)

Vintage Tooncast (old school cartoons - a lot of the Max Fleisher Superman cartoons and the WB Private Snafu cartoons, among other things)

And 3 different World of Warcraft podcasts: Tavencast, the Instance, and World of Warcast

I've also downloaded all 16 episodes of Tiki Bar TV and the outtakes from episode #10. Tiki Bar TV is funny, because half the time the cast is drunk.

Oh, and on the offhand chance that anyone who reads this listens to Anime World Order, does anyone know what the song is that Gerald (I think) plays prior to the Hentai segment in episode #19?

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Chikara's Podcast-A-Go-Go

Pardon The Interruption


Figure Four Wrestling Online

The Ricky Gervais Podcast

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I watch the Spainful Films video podcast. I started watching it because I know one of the guys behind it, but I'd watch if I'd discovered it any other way, because it's just a plethora of bizarre, twisted comedy, and Lynchian film techniques. Fantastic stuff.

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