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World Wrestling Federation 1994

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Guest blueblood


In 1993 WWF was in a so so state. 1993 Survivor Series was alright only because people wanted to see the Americans beat the Foreign Fanatics which did happen. Yokozuna came out of 1993 as WWF Champion and he was getting great heat from the crowd. Yokozuna was probably drawing in the most heel heat since Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. In my view Yokozuna was the only reason the fans still watched Monday Night Raw. Yokozuna with Mr. Fuji and James E. Cornette were all playing up the crowd. And as for the rest of the Superstars they were doing fine as well. Razor Ramon, Lex Luger, and Bret Hart were the biggest babyfaces at the end of 1993 with Luger getting the most cheers for leading the Americans to a win over the Foreign Fanatics at the 1993 Survivor Series. Bret Hart just got off a hot feud with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon was tearing up Irwin R. Shyster, better known as IRS. And for the Tag Team Division. The Quebecers led being the Tag Team Champions at the end of 1993. They had much competition however with The Smoking Gunns and The Steiner Brothers. The Quebecers with their manager Johnny Polo did what ever it took to win and when I say what ever that's exactly what I mean. And as for me. Well I'm the new kid on the block. Hired by Vince McMahon recommended by Bret Hart. Lets see if I can make 1994 a half decent if not great year for the WWF.

user posted image

Owner: Linda McMahon

Money: 4000000

Size: Global (Number One Wrestling Promotion In North America)

Public Image: 30%

Risk Level: 50%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%

user posted image

Date: November 24, 1993

Location: Boston, Massachuttes

Arena: Boston Gardens

Attendence: 15,509

Non-Televised Match:Billy Gunn pinned Brooklyn Brawler (7:46)

Survivor Series Match #1: Marty Jannetty, Randy Savage, Razor Ramon, and The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Irwin R. Schyster, Diesel, Rick Martel, and Adam Bomb (26:58) in an "elimination" match. Jannetty and The 1-2-3 Kid were the survivors. Savage pinned Diesel (10:20). Schyster pinned Savage (16:47). Ramon pinned Schyster (20:32). Razor Ramon was counted out (20:42). The 1-2-3 Kid pinned Martel (25:49). Jannetty pinned Bomb (26:58)

Survivor Series Match #2: Bret, Owen, Bruce, and Keith Hart defeated Shawn Michaels, The Red Knight, The Blue Knight, and The Black Knight (30:57) in an "elimination" match. Bret, Bruce, and Keith were the survivors. Owen pinned The Black Knight (10:49). Bret forced The Red Knight to submit (18:06). Owen forced The Blue Knight to submit (23:55). Michaels pinned Owen (27:26). Michaels was counted out (30:57)

Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Title Match: The Heavenly Bodies (Jimmy Del Ray and Tom Pritchard) defeated The Rock-n-Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) (13:41) when Pritchard pinned Morton to win the titles

Tag Team Elimination Match: The Bushwhackers (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) and Men on a Mission (Mabel and Mo) (Team Doink) defeated Headshrinkers Samu and Fatu, Bastion Booger, and Bam Bam Bigelow (10:58) in an "elimination" match. The Bushwhackers and Men on a Mission were the survivors. Miller pinned Samu (3:02). Mabel pinned Booger (6:02). Mo pinned Fatu (8:33). The Bushwhackers and Men on a Mission all pinned Bigelow (10:58)

Survivor Series Match #3: Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Rick and Scott Steiner (The All-Americans) defeated Yokozuna, Crush, Ludwig Borga, and Jacques Rougeau (The Foreign Fanatics) (27:59) in an "elimination" match. Lex Luger was the survivor. Borga pinned Rick (5:05). Crush was counted out (11:36). Luger pinned Rougeau (14:04). Yokozuna pinned Scott (16:57). Yokozuna and The Undertaker were counted out (22:26). Luger pinned Borga (28:02)

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Guest blueblood

user posted image


Faces In Blue and Heels In Red

Main Event

Bret Hart

Lex Luger

Randy Savage

The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

Yokozuna with Mr. Fuji and James E. Cornette

Upper Mid-Card

Owen Hart

Razor Ramon



Jeff Jarrett with The Roadie

Ludvig Borga

Shawn Michaels


Doink The Clown with Dink The Clow

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner


The 1-2-3 Kid

Bam Bam Bigelow

Bastion Booger

Irwin R. Schyster

Jacques with Johnny Polo

Mr. Perfect

Pierre with Johnny Polo

Ted DiBiase

Lower Mid-Card

Bart Gunn

Billy Gunn

Bob Holly



Mabel with Oscar

Marty Jannetty

Moe with Oscar


Adam Bomb

Fatu with Afa

Jimmy Del Ray with James E. Cornette

Rick Martel

Samu with Afa

Tom Pritchard with James E. Cornette


Jim Powers


Barry Horowitz

Steve Dunn with Harvey Wippleman

Timothy Well with Harvey Wippleman


Mike Bell

Phil Apollo

Russ Greenberg

Brooklyn Brawler

Duane Gill

Glenn Ruth

Iron Mike Sharpe

Tony De Vito

Non Wrestlers

Jack Tunney


Dink The Clown


Paul Bearer


Harvey Wippleman

James E. Cornette

Johnny Polo

Luna Vachon

Mr. Fuji

The Roadie

WWF Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon

WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers

WWF Womens Champion: Retired After Alundra Blayze walked out. She left du to "poor" womens division booking by the WWF.

Top 5 Faces

1. Lex Luger

2. Bret Hart

3. Randy Savage

4. The Undertaker

5. Razor Ramon

Top 5 Heels

1. Yokozuna

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Jeff Jarrett

4. Ted DiBiase

5. James E. Cornette


Earthquake and Alundra Blayze

We at the WWF wish these two workers good luck and we thank them for being with the WWF at a point in their careers.

Signed To Development Camp


Yoshihiro Tajiri

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Guest blueblood

Thanks kaplanir. It's good to know that I have a reader at the start. I have some interesting things planned and I hope you all like them.

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Guest blueblood

Just FYI, none of your images show up.

Try refreshing. They show up on my CPU. Thanks though Agent_Sm1th.

Can anyone else not see my images?

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Guest blueblood

user posted image

date 1/1/94

This Saturday will be the first WWF Event of 1994! Superstars will be live from Richmond, Virginia and the action will be nonstop! The 1-2-3 Kid will battle it out with Bastion Booger! Mr. Perfect will be in action! Plus! We're going to hear from the WWF Tag Team Champion, The Quebecers! We'll get to hear what they have to say about Survivor Series!

Signed Matches

The 1-2-3 Kid Vs. Bastion Booger

Mr. Perfect In Action!

Mabel In Action!

The Smoking Gunns In Action!

Irwin R. Schyster In Action!

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Looking forward to this BB. Was a big fan of your WWE and 96 diaries, and since you're my competition, I'll be interested. Very few 94 diaries last very long, I hope you break that trend ;)

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Guest blueblood

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date 1/1/94

taped at Richmond Virginia

announcers: Jim Ross & Randy Savage

Superstars comes on the air how it usually does with the crowd cheering. The cameras then pan over to the announce booth where new Superstars team, Jim Ross and "Macho Man" Randy Savage are standing by.

Jim Ross-Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Superstars this afternoon! We have a new announce team with me, Jim Ross and the two time WWF Champion the "Macho Man" Randy Savage! Thank you for joining us on this Saturday afternoon and we have a great show planned for everyone!

Randy Savage-Oh Yeah! It's great to be announcing Superstars with you Jim Ross. And let me tell you something Jim Ross. In the Main Event of Superstars we're going to see The 1-2-3 Kid battle Bastion Booger. How is The Kid going to be able to knock Booger off his feet?

Jim Ross-I don't know Macho Man. But I am sure that The 1-2-3 Kid is used to being in the ring with people bigger then him and he will some how have knock Booger off his feet. The 1-2-3 Kid has impressed us before and I don't think that it will be any different this afternoon.

Randy Savage-And not only will we see that match. Mr. Perfect will also be in action and so will The Smoking Gunns! The Smoking Gunns surely deserve a Tag Team Title Shot against The Quebecers just like many other teams. Oh Yeah!

Jim Ross-Speaking of The Quebecers. They have an in-ring interview with Vince McMahon this afternoon. I wonder what they have to say.

Randy Savage-Oh I can't wait for that Jim Ross. But it seems the Irwin R. Schyster, IRS is making his way to the ring right now. Lets get to the action. Oh Yeah!

Irwin R. Schyster defeated Mike Bell

IRS and Mike Bell locked up to start the match. IRS got the upper hand putting Bell in a headlock and then used his technical skills to take Bell over. IRS held in the headlock for a little while before releasing it at his will. He waited for Mike Bell to get up and then hit him with a scoop slam. IRS then whipped Bell to the ropes but Bell reversed! When IRS came running back he took Bell's head off with a huge falling clothesline that is called the Write Off! IRS then hooked Bell's leg to get the academic 3.


Mr. Perfect Had It First

As IRS leaves the ring to boos the cameras cut backstage where Todd Pettengill is standing with Mr. Perfect.

Todd Pettengill-Mr. Perfect. When we return from the commercial break you will be taking on Russ Greenberg! Your thoughts on your match please.

Mr. Perfect-Russ Greenberg? Who is this punk? Let me tell you something Pettengill. My thoughts won't be on Russ Greenberg and I will still beat him. Let me tell you this though Pettengill. Razor Ramon better start watching his back because He has my property.

Todd Pettengill-And what property is that?

Mr. Perfect-My Intercontinental Championship you half pint I had that Title before Razor Ramon and once I step into the ring with it I'm going to have it after Razor Ramon.

Mr. Perfect does a cocky smirk as he walks out toward the ring and Superstars takes a commercial break.


(Commercial Break)

Jim Ross-Welcome back folks! If you've just tuned in this you missed IRS winning his match, and he did it fair and square which surprised me Macho Man.

Randy Savage-Oh Yeah. IRS is known to bend the rules a little but he didn't do it this afternoon. Oh Yeah!

Jim Ross-And in other news Mr. Perfect will be in action next, and before the commercial break he had some things to say about Razor Ramon. He better not bad talk "The Bad Guy" because sooner or later he will have to face him Macho Man.

Randy Savage-That's right Jim Ross and you don't want to get Razor Ramon mad. But it seems to me that Mr. Perfect just wants the Intercontinental Title back. If he wants it bad enough he'll face Razor Ramon.

Jim Ross-Indeed he will. And if those two ever meet I can assure you that it would be a slobber knocker.

Randy Savage-And right now Mr. Perfect is in action. Lets see what he can pull-off right now. Oh Yeah!

Mr. Perfect defeated Russ Greenberg

Both men are set in the ring now and the bell rings. Perfect walks over to the ropes and pulls up the middle rope signaling for Russ Greenberg to leave. Greenberg doesn't budge and Mr. Perfect shrugs before knocking Greenberg down with a running clothesline. Greenberg slowly gets up as Perfect slaps him on his head a couple of times. Perfect then kicks Greenberg in his stomach before nailing him with a suplex. Perfect then yells, "It's Time For The Perfectplex!" to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Perfect then picks Greenberg up and nails him with the Perfectplex to get the 3 count. After the match Perfect walked over to the camera and told everyone that Razor Ramon is next.


Jim Ross-What a great match Savage. Razor Ramon made short work of Russ Greenberg/

Randy Savage-Well it was a pretty one sided match Jim Ross.

Jim Ross-Well afterwards he told everyone including Razor Ramon that Razor will be next.

Randy Savage-That's a bold statement Jim Ross but if anyone could go toe to toe with Razor Ramon it has to be Mr. Perfect.

Jim Ross-Well we will see what Razor have to say about Mr. Perfect at Monday Night Raw, and you know Razor isn't going to take this verbal abusing lying down.

Randy Savage-No he won't Jim Ross. Razor is a type of guy he will fight you just for the sake of fighting. I can't wait until Monday Night Raw to see what Razor has to say. Oh Yeah!

The Smoking Gunns defeated Glenn Ruth and Duane Gill

Bart Gunn and Glenn Ruth start of this match. The two men start with a quick brawl and then Bart kicks Ruth in his stomach before whipping him to the corner. Bart kicked away on Ruth in the corner before playing to the crowd to get a small pop. Bart then went back to work on Ruth lifting him up and hitting a dropkick. Bart then tagged in Billy and they hit a double russian legsweep on Ruth. Billy then picked Ruth up and whipped him to the corner. Gill made the blind tag and came in only to get DDTed. Billy then tagged in Bart who came in and as Gill got up Bart came off the second rope with a Bulldog. Bart covered Gill to get the win for The Smoking Gunns. The Smoking Gunns played to the crowd as Superstars took another commercial break.


(Commercial Break)

The All-Americans Cheated

When Superstars returned Vince McMahon was standing inside the ring with a microphone. The crowd waited as he started to speak.

Vince McMahon-Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming out to watch the WWF this lovely afternoon! (crowd pops) And right now, the WWF Tag Team Champions are about to join me in the ring. (crowd boos) Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Jacques and Pierre with their manager Johnny Polo! (crowd boos) The Quebecers!

As The Quebecers came out to the ring with their horrible self-sung theme song the crowd booed them. Once they entered the ring Jacques kissed Polo on his cheek before he and Pierre held their Tag Team Titles up in the center of the ring to loud boos. Their music died down as McMahon started to speak again.

Vince McMahon-Jacques, Pierre, Polo. Thank you for joining us. Now what I want to talk to you about is Survivor Series. Pierre you couldn't be in the match due to Lex Luger knocking you out at Superstars the night before. (crowd cheers) But Jacques, you were in the match and the All-Americans beat the Foreign Fanatics! (crowd cheers) What do you have to say about that?

Jacques-Well there is only one thing to say McMahon, and that is that the All-Americans cheated! (crowd boos) They're all a big bunch of cheaters!

Vince McMahon-How did they cheat?

Jacques-First of all we didn't know that The Undertaker would be in the match until a week before Survivor Series. That's not nearly enough time to get ready for The Undertaker. And then during the match Macho Man Randy Savage came out and got Crush eliminated! (crowd cheers) Randy Savage had no business being out at the ringside area.

Vince McMahon-Well the All-Americans had the same amount of time to prepare for Crush that you had for The Undertaker.

Jacques-There's a difference. Crush doesn't cheat like The Undertaker do. And you want to know something else McMahon? Out of all dose American losers The Undertaker and Lex Luger are the two biggest cheaters. (crowd boos)

Vince McMahon-Well tell them that at Monday Night Raw.

Johnny Polo-We will McMoron. We're not scared of The Underfaker or Lex Luger. Viva La Quebecas! And you know something McMoron. We don't need to sit here and listen to you doubt us. We're leaving right now! (crowd cheers)

As The Quebecers leave the ring McMahon starts to talk again.

Vince McMahon-Well Ladies and gentlemen. That was The Quebecers and Johnny Hobo. Stay tuned because there is more action when we return!


(Commercial Break)

Jim Ross-Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm Jim Ross and alongside me is Randy Savage. Welcome back to Superstars. Savage what do you have to say about The Quebecers and Johnny Polo?

Randy Savage-Well if I had to sum them up in one word it would be babies.

Jim Ross-Well that is one way that you could put it. I know another but we're on TV so I won't say anything

Randy Savage-I understand McMahon and I agree with you. If The Quebecers think that I cost The Foreign Fanatics the Survivor Series then they're wrong. I was out there taking care of business Crush attacked me that night and I just wasn't going to let that go by. If they want to blame someone they need to blame Crush.

Jim Ross-Well I'm sure what you and Crush started at Survivor Series is not over and I'm sure that you want him in the ring.

Randy Savage-You bet I do JIm Ross. Crush thinks that he's the stuff. Crush isn't anything and when I get in the ring with him I'm going to show him how real WWF Superstars wrestle. Oh Yeah!

Mabel with Oscar defeated Iron Mike Sharpe

Mabel came out to a cheap 90's rap led by Oscar. The match started out with Mabel and Mike Sharpe getting in one anothers face. Mabel then knocked him down with all his weight. Mabel played up the crowd to a small pop as Sharpe got up. Mabel then whipped Sharpe to the corner and then charged him with a corner splash. Sharpe walks out baffled as Mabel hits him with a Sidewalk Slam. Mabel covered to get the win.


Jim Ross-What a great match! Mabel was able to beat Iron Mike Sharpe with no problems at all.

Randy Savage-And it was a nice rap Oscar did when he came out. I enjoyed it very much.

Jim Ross-I saw your head bobbing Macho Man.

Randy Savage-Well ladies and gentlemen Todd Pettengill is standing backstage with The 1-2-3 Kid.

A Big Challenge

The cameras cut backstage where Todd Pettengill is standing with The 1-2-3 Kid.

Todd Pettengill-Ladies and gentlemen standing next to me is The 1-2-3 Kid. Now in a moment you will take on Bastion Booger. This could be a big win for you 1-2-3 Kid!

The 1-2-3 Kid-That's right Pettengill and I'm going to take this win. Bastion Booger may have the size advantage but I have the speed and I'm a lot smarter then Booger. Look for me to come out on top in this match Pettengill.

With that said 1-2-3 Kid leaves toward the ring as the cameras fade out with a close up of a smiling Todd Pettengill.


(Commercial Break)

Jim Ross-Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, It's time for the Main Event. To say the least it has been a great afternoon.

Randy Savage-Yes it has Jim Ross, and like I said earlier. You and me are a great team for Superstars. I can't wait for next week.

Jim Ross-Well next week on Superstars Shawn Michaels will be in action, and that means Diesel will be close by.

Randy Savage-Diesel is a big man. I wouldn't mind him being my bodyguard.

Jim Ross-I'm sure no one would. Also, Adam Bomb will take on Marty Jannetty! That should be explosive.

Randy Savage-It sure will be Jim Ross. Right now however lets get to our Main Event for this week. Oh Yeah!

The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Bastion Booger

Booger was finishing a piece of chicken as 1-2-3 Kid entered the ring. The match starts with Booger knocking Kid down with a running stomach bump. Kid quickly gets back up and Booger tries a running clothesline this time but Kid ducks it and drop kicks Booger in the back of his head to a small pop. Booger stays up and turns around only to get knocked down by a jumping spinning heel kick. Kid then got the crowd into it as he went up top! When Booger got up Kid hit him with a top rope Spinning Heel Kick that he calls the 1-2-3 Kick! Kid then quickly crawled over and covered Booger for the 3 count! Kid celebrated his victory on the turnbuckle with the crowd cheering as Superstars went off the air.


OR - 55

We got a 4.95 rating for 'Superstars'!

The attendance level was 5004 people.

We made $200160 from ticket sales.

WCW got a 2.10 television rating for 'Saturday Night'!

The event was attended by 5047 people.

They made $201880 from ticket sales.

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Guest blueblood

WWF Superstar notes. With Superstars being the first show of 1994 I tried to make it good. The crowd digged The Quebecers and it's great to see that they are getting major heel heat. That's it for now.

Top 5 Face Pops

1. The 1-2-3 Kid

2. Mabel

3. The Smoking Gunns

4. Russ Greenberg

5. Mike Bell

Top 5 Heel Boos

1. The Quebecers with Johnny Polo

2. Mr. Perfect

3. Irwin R. Schyster

4. Iron Mike Sharpe

5. Bstion Booger

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Clip Of The Night

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Guest blueblood

user posted image

date 1/3/94

Monday Night Raw is coming to you live from Greensboro North Carolina! In the first Monday Night Raw of 1994 you will see Tatanka battle it out with Shawn Michaels! Razor Ramon will also be in action and I bet he has some words to say about Mr. Perfect! Lex Luger and The Undertaker will both be in action! And it's rumored that Bret "Hitman" Hart has an important announcement! What could Bret Hart have to say? And speaking of The Hart's, The Hart Brothers will take on Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster! All this and much more this week on Monday Night Raw!

Signed Matches

Shawn Michaels Vs. Tatanka

The Hart Brothers Vs. Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster

Razor Ramon In Action!

Lex Luger In Action!

The Undertaker In Action!

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Guest blueblood

user posted image

date 1/3/94

live from Greensboro, North Carolina

announcers: Vince McMahon Ross & Randy Savage

Monday Night Raw comes on the air with the usual video package and then the sirens start to go off as the crowd cheers and the cameras take us to the announce booth where Vince McMahon and "Macho Man" Randy Savage are standing.

Vince McMahon-Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw! It's nine over on the east coast and eight in the midwest, but wherever you are you are in for a jam packed night!

Randy Savage-Oh Yeah! You tell no lies about that brotha. The Hart Brothers will be in action tonight and so will The Phenom, The Undertaker!

Vince McMahon-The WWF Intercontinental Champion, Razor Ramon will be in action! And Mr. Perfect is here tonight Macho Man, you have to wonder will he come out in Razor's match.

Randy Savage-Mr. Perfect is a sneaky character and he does what he has to do McMahon so you will never know, he might just make an appearance.

Vince McMahon-An you can get news on the WWF Royal Rumble which will be live on January 23rd! It's a great idea to order now so you don't miss out.

Randy Savage-The 23rd, that's a Saturday. Right now Tatanka is making his way out to the ring so lets jump to our first match of the night. Oh Yeah!

Shawn Michaels with Diesel defeated Tatanka

Diesel stood at ringside as the match started. HBK and Tatanka went into a collar-elbow-tie-up and Tatanka was going to win until HBK took the cheap way out and kicked Tatanka in his stomach. HBK then turned his back on Tatanka and taunted the crowd to boos. When HBK turned around he was met by a standing clothesline from Tatanka to a small pop. HBK rolled out the ring to Diesel to regroup. Once ready HBK slowly entered the ring up the steps. Tatanka started to hammer away on HBK with his tomahawk chops before HBK kicked Tatanka in his midsection again and then nailed him with a drop kick to get a quick 2 count. HBK then whipped Tatanka to the corner and did 10 punches before letting Tatanka wobble out of the corner to be met by a clothesline for another 2. Shawn then waited for Tatanka to get up and when he did Shawn took Tatanka's head off with a Superkick and fell into the cover for the 3! HBK played the crowd to boos as he left the ring with Diesel.


Vince McMahon-What a great match to start off Monday Night Raw with. Tatanka put up a fight but was not able to defeat Shawn Michaels. You have to wonder will Shawn be in the 1994 Royal Rumble.

Randy Savage-He probably will be McMahon and he could have a chance to win it. However I'm in the Royal Rumble as well and I plan to win it and at WrestleMaina X become a three peat World Champion.

Vince McMahon-Well you could do that Savage and I'm sure you are a favorite to win it. But there will also be twenty nine other wrestles trying to win and get a shot at Yokozuna and the World Title at WrestleMaina X!

Randy Savage-Well whoever wins will have a tough opponent at WrestleMaina X. Not only is Yokozuna big but he cheats as well.

Vince McMahon-Indeed he does Savage. Whoever faces him may need to stoop to his level. I know that you will have no problem doing that.

Randy Savage-Well if my opponents cheat then so do I McMahon. Two can play at that game and you know that I can be very ruthless. Oh Yeah!

A Bad Way To Prepare For A Match

Razor Ramon is backstage warming up for his match that is next when out of nowhere Diesel comes from behind Razor and hits him with Shawn Michael's fake Intercontinental Championship! HBK then runs and stomps the back of Razor before Diesel hands Shawn his Title. Shawn then stands over Razor and starts to speak.

Shawn Michaels-Razor Ramon, you need to stop walking around with that fake Intercontinental Title pretending you are the Champion. I am the true Champion because I should have never be stripped from my Title in the first place. But in do time I'm going to show the whole world that you're no Champion. Razor you better have eyes in the back of your head at all times or else you'll end up like this once again.

HBK blows a big bubble of the gum that's in his mouth as he and Diesel walk off and Monday Night Raw takes a commercial break.


(Commercial Break)

Vince McMahon-Welcome back everyone watching at home. What happened during the commercial break was not at all necessary.

Randy Savage-Shawn feels that he should still be the Intercontinental Champion and he let everyone know it, but he really let Razor know it.

Vince McMahon-What a shot it was when Diesel hit Razor Ramon with that false WWF Intercontinental Championship. And neither Shawn or Diesel have any guts. They came up from behind Razor Ramon. I guess they don't want anything to do with The Bad Guy when it's face to face.

Randy Savage-Well Razor Ramon's match is up next, you have to wonder is he prepared for it Vince.

Vince McMahon-That's right Savage. Now not only only does he have to watch out for Mr. Perfect but Shawn Michaels and Diesel may still be lurking around.

Randy Savage-Well Razor's music is playing so I guess he's ready to to take on Mike Shaw.

Razor Ramon defeated Mike Shaw

Razor came out holding his head. He is still showing effects from getting hit. Razor and Mike Shaw started out with a tie-up. Razor backed Shawn into the corner and then kicked him in his stomach before turning Shaw around and placing him backwards on the top turnbuckle. Razor then hit a super backdrop and held his head after nailing it to a good pop. Razor got up and lifted Shaw up with him and locked him into the abdominal stretch in the center of the ring. Razor then hooked Shaw's leg as well.

Randy Savage-Razor's hooking Shaw's leg to add pressure.

Shaw yells a little as Razor holds onto the hold. Razor then released his leg but kept the hold on. When it looked like Shaw was going to tap Razor released he hold completely. He then picked up Shaw and nailed him with his Fallaway Slam and then called for the Razor's Edge as the fans jumped to their feet. Razor picked Shaw up and put him into the Razor's Edge. Razor then dropped Shaw down on the canvas next first completing the move. Razor then pinned Shaw for the easy 3. After the match Mr. Perfect came out and stood at the top of the ramp way. Razor called for him to come in the ring but Perfect just stood there with a cocky smile on his face clapping his hands.


Made In The US of A

The cameras immediately go backstage where Todd Pettengill is standing with the captain of the All-Americans and winner of the Survivor Series, Lex Luger.

Todd Pettengill-It seems like Mr. Perfect is scared to come down to the ring. Anyway standing next to me is Lex Luger. Luger, how do you feel about winning the Survivor Series?

Lex Luger-Well Todd. I knew going into this match that the Foreign Fanatics were going to stoop to any level to try in win. And they did. But they did not win Pettengill. I was ready for whatever they had. Everyone on the All-American team was ready and the red white and blue came out on top like it always does.

Todd Pettengill-Now yesterday on Superstars The Quebecers had some things to say about the All-American team and you and The Undertaker in particular. Any comments?

Lex Luger-Todd, I can say that deep down inside I hate The Quebecers and I'm glad I knocked Pierre out so he couldn't be in the match. But let me say this. For The Quebecers want any of me then they need to come right in my face and say so. And Todd, I don't want to speak for The Undertaker but I know that he probably feels the same way.

Lex Luger walks off toward the ring as Todd finishes up.

Todd Pettengill-I'm sure The Undertaker feels the same way Lex Luger and good luck on your next match. Folks, we'll be right back so don't go anywhere!


(Commercial Break)

Vince McMahon-What a great night we've been having here and we still have a lot more action, don't we Macho Man.

Randy Savage-That's right Vinnie Mac and Lex Luger will be in action next.

Vince McMahon-That's right and when Lex Luger comes out the fans are going to jump to their feet. They all love The Man Made in The USA.

Randy Savage-They sure do McMahon. They would even love him more if he could win the Royal Rumble and then at WrestleMaina X take the WWF Championship away from Yokozuna!

Vince McMahon-Well if the fans could pick anyone to do that then it would be Lex Luger! And if anyone can do so it is Lex Luger!

Randy Savage-Well here he comes now and listen o the fans. They're all on their feet.

Lex Luger defeated Tony DeVito

Lex Luger got a huge ovation coming out to the ring as he slapped hands with people in the crowd. The match started with Lex Luger and DeVito brawling it out when Luger clotheslined DeVito over the top rope to a good pop and then played the crowd. Luger then went outside with DeVito and rolled him back inside the ring. DeVito got to his feet and got knocked down with a clothesline. This happened 2 more times. Devito then crawled to his feet from the third clothesline and when he turned around he was met by Luger's Running Forearm! Luger quickly covered DeVito for the 3 count. The crowd went crazy as Luger celebrated his win on the turnbuckle.


Vince McMahon-What a match! DeVito didn't know what hit him when Luger came at him with THREE clotheslines.

Randy Savage-And did you se Tony's face when Luger ran at him with the Forearm Smash? DeVito know it was lights out then. Oh Yeah!

Vince McMahon-That's the same Forearm that Luger knocked Yokozuna out with at the 1993 Summer Slam!

Randy Savage-Knocked him out for twenty minutes McMahon. Hopefully DeVito comes to his senses before then.

Vince McMahon-Well I don't think he hit DeVito as hard as he hit Yokozuna.

Randy Savage-Speaking of Yokozuna. He's backstage right now and unfortunately we have to go see what's happening.

Team Yokozuna

Todd Pettengill is backstage with Yokozuna, Mr. Fuji, and James E. Cornette. The interview set is very crowded.

Todd Pettengill-What a win by Lex Luger and that could be the man that faces this man at WrestleMaina X....

James E. Cornette-Excuse me Pettengill. Did I just hear you say that Yokozuna could face Lex Luger at WrestleMaina X?

Todd Pettengill-Yeah, if Lex Luger wins the Royal Rumble, duh.

James E. Cornette-I don't know who you think you're getting smart with but let me say this. Lex Luger will not win the Royal Rumble and I have people to make sure of that.

Todd Pettengill-Well who do you expect to win the Royal Rumble.

James E. Cornette-Anyone but Lex Luger. It could be Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Crush, or even The Undertaker if any of them are even in the Royal Rumble. But see, we don't want to face Lex Luger. Luger doesn't wrestle fair and we don't wrestle cheaters.

Todd Pettengill-Anything else?

James E. Cornette-Yeah.....


Monday Night Raw goes to a commercial break with the cameras close up on an ugly Yokozuna face.


(Commercial Break)

Vince McMahon-Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentlemen!

Randy Savage-Well James E. Cornette made it very clear that he doesn't want Yokozuna to win the Royal Rumble and he said that he has people to make sure that he DOESN'T win the Royal Rumble.

Vince McMahon-Well you have to wonder what Cornette has up his sleeve. He's a very brilliant and evil man and that combination is just deadly when put together.

Randy Savage-And to add to the mix he has The Devious Mr. Fuji with him and the World Champion Yokozuna.

Vince McMahon-That's correct Macho Man. But getting on with the action. Crush is up next Savage. Any words?

Randy Savage-Oh Yeah! Crush used to be a good friend of mind but we don't see eye to eye anymore. I can say this though, when I step into the ring with Crush I'm going to solve our problem once and for all. Oh Yeah!

Crush with Mr. Fuji defeated Ron Fyre

Crush waved the Japanese flag before the bell rang. Crush then kicked Ron Fyre in his midsection making him bend over. Crush dropped to his knees and gave Fyre a uppercut knocking him to his back. Crush then picked Fyre up and hit him with a kneeling sharp elbow to his stomach making him bend over again and then lifting him up into a gorilla press position before dropping him stomach first. Crush stalked Fyre as he got up and then Crush locked Fyre into his Cranium Crush. Fyre took no tap to tap out giving Crush the submission victory. After the match Crush leaned over the ropes and pointed to Savage before making a breaking sign with his hands. He then left the ring with Mr. Fuji to boos.


Vince McMahon-Well Macho Man it seems Crush feels the same way about you.

Randy Savage-Well there is defiantly no love lose between us. Crush may be acting big and bad now but once we're face to face he won't be saying anything. I can promise that.

Vince McMahon-Well if and when you two do meet it will be an all out brawl I'm sure.

Randy Savage-Well Vince later tonight we're going to see The Hart Brothers taking on Ted DiBiase and IRS.

Vince McMahon-I'm glad to see Bret and Owen patching things up and I bet their family is glad as well, especially Stu and Ellen Hart.

Randy Savage-Well Todd Pettengill is backstage with The Hart Brothers right now. Todd...

The Excellence of Execution And The Rocket

The cameras cut backstage where Todd Pettengill is standing with Bret and Owen Hart.

Todd Pettengill-Thank you Macho Man and Vince McMahon. You two are doing a great job out there by the way. Now onto the two men standing next to me. Ladies and gentlemen Bret "Hitman" Hart and his younger brother "The Rocket" Owen Hart. When we return from this commercial break you two will take on Ted DiBiase and IRS, a team that knows each other very well. Your thoughts.

Bret Hart-That doesn't matter to us Pettengill. Sure they have been Tag Team Champions with each other, but they have never lived together. Owen and myself know each other in and out and we're going to prove to DiBiase and IRS that we're an unstoppable team.

Owen Hart-My brother Bret is right. We're going to go right through DiBiase and IRS as if they're nothing. They may both have a lot of money but that won't help them in the ring because we have the talent and we're going to make them submit.

Todd Pettengill-Now Bret, you said that you have a big announcement for everyone! What's the announcement?

Bret Hart-Well Pettengill. I'm going to say this for both, me and my brother. We are both entered in the WWF Royal Rumble and at least one of us will win it. Now we know it's every man for himself but we will have each others back because we're brothers and we stick together. But if it comes down to me and Owen we'll fight and the best man will win.

Bret and Owen slap hands as they walk off the interview set confidant.

Todd Pettengill-Well good luck tonight and at the Royal Rumble. Folks, we'll be right back!


(Commercial Break)

The Hart Brothers defeated Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster

When Monday Night Raw returned the bell was just ringing to start the match. Owen and DiBiase started off by jumping into a tie-up. They went into a nice wrestling sequence that Owen won with a good looking arm drag. Both men were back on their feet as DiBiase kicked Owen in the midsection before nailing him with a piledriver. DiBiase then went to Owen's head and did his patent fist drop for a 2 count. DiBiase whipped Owen to his corner and tagged in IRS. IRS came in and brought Owen out the corner and went for a standing clothesline but Owen ducked it and hit IRS with a backdrop. Owen then lifted IRS up and whipped him to the ropes. He nailed IRS with a standing dropkick before tagging out to Bret. Bret came in the ring to a good pop and as IRS got up Bret hit a manhattan drop followed by the Hart Attack. Bret then went to the 2nd turnbuckle and came off with an elbow to the heart if IRS followed by a headbutt to his midsection! Bret then locked in the Sharpshooter as the crowd got on their feet. Owen and DiBiase both ran in the ring and Owen knocked DiBiase down with a clothesline! After much yelling IRS finally tapped out as Bret released the hold. The crowd went crazy as Owen and Bret celebrated their win on opposite turnbuckles.


Vince McMahon-What a match! Ted DiBiase and IRS couldn't stand the combination of Bret Hart and Owen Hart!

Randy Savage-Well you know that DiBiase and IRS aren't used to fighting fair.

Vince McMahon-Indeed they aren't. Bret and Owen didn't even give them a chance to cheat.

Randy Savage-Well let me say this. If they continue to dominate like this they could get themselves a shot at The Quebecers and the Tag Team Titles.

Vince McMahon-They would love that and it would be Owen's first Championship here in the WWF.

Randy Savage-Well in other news McMahon, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are backstage.

Whatever Happens Happens

The cameras pan backstage where The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are standing. Bearer has the urn gripped tightly.

Paul Bearer-Ooh Yes! It's time for my Undertaker to come out to that ring and burry someone's soul alive. Ooh Yes!

The Undertaker-Jerry Flynn. Right now you're in a tough position. You either come out to the ring and let the creatures of the night feel your soul and defeat you or you stay backstage and I come look for you. The choice is yours.

Paul Bearer-And now to the Royal Rumble. We don't know if my Undertaker will be in the Royal Rumble Match, but those twenty nine other Superstars better hope that he's not in the match. Oh Yes!

The Undertaker-If it's me against Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble. If it's me in the Royal Rumble, I will come out with something to show. At the Royal Rumble, I will make someone Rest....In....Peacee!

With that said Monday Night Raw goes to the last commercial break of the night.


(Commercial Break)

Vince McMahon-Welcome back. What a great night we've had and it's alright time for the Main Event. The Undertaker, that's right The Undertaker will be in action just in a few moments.

Randy Savage-And everyone out there be sure to tune in next week because it's going to be another explosive Monday Night Raw. I'm going to be in action. Oh Yeah!

Vince McMahon-Indeed you will be in action Savage and you're not the only Superstar. Jeff Jarrett will be in action along with the Steiner Brothers!

Randy Savage-Oh I can't wait to see The Steiner Brothers! And after Monday Night Raw goes off keep watching USA Network because Walker Texas Ranger will be coming on.

Vince McMahon-You don't want to mess with him at all.

Randy Savage-No you don't Vinnie Mac. And with that lets get to our Main Event.

The Undertaker with Paul Bearer defeated Jerry Flynn

Undertaker made quick work of Jerry Flynn. He started him off with some uppercuts to his throat before whipping him to the corner and doing his Rope Walk to a good pop. Undertaker then nailed Flynn with a Choke Slam as Paul Bearer raised the urn at ringside. Undertaker gave the sign for the Tombstone as he lifted Flynn up by his hair with one hand. Undertaker got Flynn up in the position and drove him down with the Tombstone Piledriver! He crossed him arms and made got the easy 3. Undertaker left the ring slowly with Paul Bearer as he got cheered and Monday Night Raw went off the air.


OR - 69

We got a 5.62 rating for 'Monday Night Raw'!

The attendance level was 5013 people.

We made $200520 from ticket sales.

Here is my weekly report on our battle with WCW. They have more star power than us, and that is affecting our image. The fans see us as being the more professional promotion, thanks to our higher production values.
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Guest blueblood

Monday Night Raw notes. Monday Night Raw so an okay crowd this week but it wasn't sold out. The crowd loved the angle with Shawn Michaels, Diesel, and Razor Ramon. HBK is getting great heel heat but nothing compared to Yokozuna and his team. Luger, and The Harts got major pops which is always good. That's it for this weeks notes.

Top 5 Face Pops

1. Team Yokozuna

2. Shawn Michaels

3. Diesel

4. Ted DiBiase

5. Crush

Top 5 Heel Boos

1. Lex Luger

2. Bret Hart

3. Owen Hart

4. The Undertaker

5. Razor Ramon

user posted image

Clip of The Night

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Guest blueblood

Why do you make Randy Savage sound like Duffman?

Stupid question. Who is Duffman?

My Macho Man is that bad? I try my best with him. Do you have any tips sycodmn?


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Guest blueblood

user posted image

date 1/8/94

Superstars is going to be taped from Greenville South Carolina! We're going to be joined by the announce team of Jim Ross and Randy Savage one again! Also, Adam Bomb will take on Marty Jannetty! The Quebecers will take on Men On a Mission! This will be a Non-Title Match so The Quebecers must be happy! The Roadie is going to be wrestling at Superstars so that means Double J will be close by! And get this, both Doink The Clown and Bam Bam Bigelow will be in action! These two do not get along at all so you have to wonder will they make appearances in one another's match! Don't forget to tune in for SUperstars!

Signed Matches

Adam Bomb Vs. Marty Jannetty

The Quebecers Vs. Men On a Mission

The Roadie In Action!

Doink The Clown In Action!

Bam Bam Bigelow In Action!

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Good Raw man, Good to see HBK beating the worthless Tatanka, A Razor Ramon win as always good to see too :D, Luger interview was pretty good imo, For the Rumble my pick will be Undertaker :D

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Guest Demon2K4

Stupid question. Who is Duffman?

My Macho Man is that bad? I try my best with him. Do you have any tips sycodmn?


To fill in for sycodmn, one thing to fix is Savage's catchphrase. He doesn't say 'Oh Yeah'. He says 'Ooooh Yeeeaaahh!'. Just try to remember the way Savage talks.

Instead of this:

Randy Savage-Well there is defiantly no love lose between us. Crush may be acting big and bad now but once we're face to face he won't be saying anything. I can promise that.

He would probably say something like this:

Savage:"Ooooh Yeeaaahh! Crush, when the Macho Man Randy Savage gets ya, Oooh Yeeah, you're gonna learn to keep your mouth shut! One of these days, big man. One of these days the Macho Man is gonna gets his hands on ya, and when that happens, I'm gonna take you DOWN!

Or something like that. That's not a very good impression of him, but i'd guess he's more likely to say that than 'There's certainly no love loss between us'.

Also, I may be wrong, but did The Undertaker usually speak in 1994?

Anyway, just some tips there. Good luck with this, and I believe Duffman is a character off The Simpsons.

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