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Kind of a 'weird' topic, but I was just wondering:

Do you ever get tingles/shivers when listening to a song/part of a song?

I just noticed it during the "You are all the same" part of Sikth's 'Part Of The Friction', and during the effect-laden solo in Tool's version of 'No Quarter' from Salival, although I'm sure there's others I'll become aware of.

So, do you? To what?

EDIT: Found that the second chorus of 'Hyperballad' by Bjork, where the beat kicks in? Same thing.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

It happens to me all the time, but it's usually only during songs that are supposed to do that. Songs that have a build-up to some big event, for instance. The types of songs that are in movies when the guy scores the game winning touchdown or something like that.

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"Sad But True" by Metallica

- The opening guitar/drum testing thingamajig does it's trick on me everytime. Doesn't hurt that it's also my 2nd favorite Metallica song (behind Blackened).

"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

- Basically because Pink Floyd rocks and anyone who says differntly doesn't have taste in music. Oh and the song is just a touching masterpiece that really irks my emotions.

"Surfacing" by Slipknot (Live Version)

- Because this is one of the best live songs ever. The emotion that the band plays it with is amazing and gets the crowd to go crazy in the process. Everytime I hear it, especially the live version, my spine tingles and I remember the concert.

"Trigger" by In Flames

- First song I ever heard by one of (if not THE) my favorite bands and I will always remember when I saw it. And I like the song too, so that helps.

"The End of Heartache" by Killswitch Engage

- Because it reminds of Ozzfest last year and that was kickass. Also, it's a good song IMO.

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Every single time I listen to Jeff Buckley's cover of "Hallelujah" and the same with the "Hurt" cover by Johnny Cash, and once more, another cover "Lake of Fire" by Nirvana.

I find it odd that they're all dead and all covers, I never noticed that before.

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I've got loads of those moment, I'll try and remember the bits that do it:

Jeff Buckley "Mojo Pin"

"Don't wanna wait for you, don't wanna know, I'm blind and tortured, the white horses flow"

I think it's the second or third time, when he has gone from doing it softly to the more harsher tones.

Jeff Buckley "Opened Once"

Just the whole song, but especially the start "I once was opened, and one with a travelling heart"...it's just the way he sings it.

Keane "Bedshaped"

The line "Don't laugh at me, don't look away" with the rising sound of....some instrument, I can't really remember what it is..but yeah, thats a good one.

Deftones/Jawbox "Savory"

Either version, and nothing specific.

Depeche Mode "Blasphemous Rumours"

Again, pretty much the whole song can get me at any point, especially the live version

Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

"Is it something so good, just can't function no more?"...ignore the bad grammar, one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite songs

To be honest, there are loads more...it just depends what mood I am in and whatnot

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I definitely agree with that line from Mojo Pin, actually. Also, the version of "Lilac Wine" from Jeff's Live At L'Olympia album has much the same effect throughout.

A lot of the slower songs on Sketches For...My Sweetheart The Drunk have a tendency to send shivers down my spine too, I think it's lyrically a far superior album to Grace, and his vocals tend to be a lot more ethereal.

EDIT: Add "Corpus Christi Carol" to the list of tingly Jeff Buckley songs. Also, I don't know if "tingles" is the right word for it, but in the Lucksmiths version of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", as it fades out, you can just hear "there's a light in your eyes that never goes out", which I find amazing for some reason. On a similar note, at the end of "She Can Stop Traffic" by The Television Personalities, it ends really abruptly and you can just hear Dan Treacy say "She can stop traffic. And she's mine.", but if you listen really closely, at the very end, he adds "...or, she was. Don't like this any more.", which puts the whole song in a different perspective. Again, I don't think "tingles" is the right word, but it makes me feel something indescribable, anyhow.

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Guest Ringo Hates Divers

That only happens to me when I listen to something, I really, really like the first few times and then goes away. Then if I don't listen to that something for a while and re-listen to it, it happens again.

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Old songs tend to do this a lot, mainly due to the recording makes the voice break and this can lead to those moments where you shiver. For some reason this seems to work with those songs which have violins or an orchestra in the background.

Some examples of this are "Out of Time" by someone I forget the name of now, "The Ecstasy of gold” and other songs on the S&M Metallica album. I guess Pink Floyd and Johnny Cash are others that seem to have an effect, I guess its because they are the gods of melody etc.

Meh I guess it appeals to different peoples tastes in music though; I don’t necessarily like thrash metal yet some people love it to pieces and might get some tingle out of it.

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Quite a lot. Some that I can't even remember.

"Milano" by Sigur Ros : More specifically where the drums kick in around 3:50 something.

"Sadie" by Alkaline Trio ("Crimson" album version) : 3:40 where the riff kicks back in. The build-up to that as well, with the strings is nice as well.

"Made For Each Other" by Jack's Mannequin : When the second part kicks in, with the piano riff. It's beautiful.

Actually Jack's Mannequin has loads of little things like that. In "Into The Airwaves" when it goes 'So hang on, it's gonna be a hard day' - that bit, I get tingles then. And "Rescued" may just be the most beautiful song I've ever heard. And when listening to "Kill The Messenger" on headphones, the moving piano part during the chorus, really gets me. You can just about hear it without headphones, but with headphones it becomes really clear.

The "Doo-doo-doo-doo"'s in The Get Up Kids' "In Your Sea".

The ultimate band for this though is Stream of Passion. I want to marry Marcela Bovio, purely for her voice. "Spellbound" - 2:43, Out In The Real World (The start), Open Your Eyes (The chorus, and the ending where the "Open Your Eyes" goes in the background and she sings over the top...OH MY GOD!!)...yeah Marcela Bovio's voice is sex. Even Bluey agrees. :shifty:

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