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Issue #177 of Wizard, the same issue that had the Sin City 2 news I posted, has another article of interest. Its an article on future film projects based on Marvel Comics characters.

Unlike Marvel's partnership with Sony ("Spider-Man" films) and Fox ("X-Men" films) where the other companies had some say in the films' content, these movies will be under Marvel's full control and will be distributed by Paramount. Marvel has a separate movie development and production studio, with a budget around $525 million, so they can definitely do a bunch of movies, easy.

The following film projects have creative personnel attached (meaning they are being written or soon going to be, but are nowhere near ready for casting or shooting):

Iron Man - Directed by Jon Favreau ("Elf", and played Foggy Nelson in "Daredevil", iirc). Written by Arthur Marcum and Matt Holloway (the article says Favreau is also helping develop the script, which I assume means he's either co-writing, or just giving them ideas)

Ant-Man - Writer\Director Edgar Wright ("Shaun of the Dead"), co-written by Joe Cornish. (No idea if its going to be Hank Pym or Scott Lang, though)

Captain America - Screenwriter David Self ("Road to Perdition", "13 Days")

Nick Fury - Screenwriter Andrew Marlowe ("Air Force One", "End of Days", "Hollow Man")

Thor - Screenwriter Mark Protosevich ("Poseidon", "The Cell")

No one has been attached yet, but Marvel is also considering films based on:


The Avengers

Black Panther


Cloak and Dagger

Doctor Strange

Power Pack

Zak Penn ("Fantastic Four", "X-Men: The Last Stand") has been signed to write a new "Hulk" film, which the article says will be substantially different than the Ang Lee movie. (I don't know if this means that it will be a brand new movie that isn't connected to the first, or what) The villain will be The Abomination! (Yay!)

Marvel chairman Avi Arad made comments about some of the movies that don't have anyone attached to:

Black Panther: "Three words: Black Indiana Jones"

(My own casting suggestion: Michael Jai White. Give him a chance to be in a decent superhero flick to make up for "Spawn"; interesting fact, but at some point Wesley Snipes was considering playing Black Panther after he had already done the first "Blade" movie)

Hawkeye: "It'll be high adventure - a crazy guy, high-spirited, unique abilities, and a hellraiser"

(My comment: that's Clint Barton's personality EXACTLY!)

The Avengers: "Well, its The Earth's Mightiest Heroes getting together. Obviously, its a huge opportunity having many of these characters under one roof now."

Cloak and Dagger: "Cloak and Dagger is on the darker side of the slate. Two worlds collide, two kids from different backgrounds, different scocioeconomics find themselves depending on each other initially then loving each other"

(My comment: Does ANYONE give a shit about Cloak and Dagger? If they want to do a dark Marvel film, they should can it and do Deathlok!)

Doctor Strange: "This is Marvel's world of magic. A lot of it will be extremely true to the book. Its an origin story. Obviously, its a great backstory for Stephen Strange. Its magic in New York City, in the Village, and its shows `How does all this work in our world?'"

(My comment: It'll definitely be better than that lame-ass tv movie made back in the 70's or early 80's)

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(My comment: Does ANYONE give a shit about Cloak and Dagger? If they want to do a dark Marvel film, they should can it and do Deathlok!)

So nobody gives a shit about Cloak and Dagger... so they should make a movie about DEATHLOK instead. Hunh.

And for the record, I like Cloak and Dagger. They were cool in Runaways.

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I couldn't care less about any of the above titles, to be perfectly honest. All of my favourite Marvel franchises have been immortalised in film (or are in the process of being done).

What I want is a less shithouse Phantom movie. :lol:

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The only three movies of that bunch I'm interested in are Cap, Iron Man & The Avengers.

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I'm fascinated by this Jon Favreau Iron Man movie. It'll be interesting to see if he can really direct action, since he has about one film in the can that has action elements (Zathura), and you know the script should be tight with him being somewhat involved in that process.

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I'll be seeing all of them, as long as I get in for free. They have been putting some good superhero movies out, so all of them will get at least one view.

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Well the first Nck Fury movie sucked, and I was never a fan of him, so I won't see that one.

I think it would be cool to do a cross movie/cross Marvel series. Some X-men, some Spiderman, Avengers, DD, Surfer, F4, vs like Apoccaplyse and the Four Horsemen.

Or hell Marvel vs DC.

I'd also like to see a X-Factor movie, but people would say it would be X-Men Lite.

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