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Rewatched Classic Movies


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What are some classic movies that you can sit and watch over and over, even now? I've got a couple, one that will probably get me laughed at, but A Few Good Men, and Footloose have got to be two very good ones, both starring Kevin Bacon. I can watch these two movies anytime they're on t.v, and I own A Few Good Men on VHS

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I second the It's A Wonderful Life love. That movie gets me every time, I'm usually at least teary-eyed by the end, which is always hilarious for people I watch it with.

I am a massive Hitchcock fan, and I can watch a Hell of a lot of his stuff over and over without ever tiring of it, the same with a lot of the better Kubrick stuff (although not 2001: ASO as it's too long and dense for binge viewing, methinks). Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorcese are similar, although they're very mood dependent for me.

Audrey Hepburn films are my personal classic movie vice. I have a major crush/loser thing for her, as an actress as well as for the nature of the movies, which were usually always fun and light-hearted and good for random viewing.

I'll open myself up to laughs and say When Harry Met Sally, which is probably my favourite film of all time. I can watch that twice in a row and not get bored, it's fucking awesome.

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Twelve Angry Men

Probably the greatest film that doesn't rely heavily on a set or even effects. It's all briliant acting, writing, and directing.


The French Connection


Animal House

The Big Lebowski

And off of the personal list, Twister.

Yes, Twister has a bad plot and bad acting, but the freaking score is so good. That and I've seen it enough to know virtually the entire script verbatim.

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12 Angry Men - for exactly the same reason Mick mentioned.

Arsenic & Old Lace

Godzilla, King Of The Monsters

The Day The Earth Stood Still

The Maltese Falcon

Dark Passage - If you haven't seen this movie, MAKE SURE YOU DO!!!

Rio Bravo

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I just realised how many movies I can watch over and over....

adding to my list:

Star Wars

Mel Brook's Movies

Hitchcock Movies

Cool Hand Luke

Rocky's 1-3

I love that movie. I don't think people should have any shame in saying they enjoy it because it's funny, well-acted, and well-paced. Thank God Rob Reiner gave us a chick flick that's actually good. Makes things a lot easier for me.
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