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Trying to remember name of show...


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Slow day at work + randomly remembering images from a show = Crazy Dyko

I am trying to figure out the name of a show that used to be on Much Music up here, and probably on MTV as well.

It was on years ago, and was about a band travelling around, trying to make it big. I remember details, but can't for the life of me come up with a show name.

Random Details

  • One of the first episodes had the band's drummer playing football, and ending up in the bottom of a pile-up, face down in a puddle where he died; they hold auditions for a new drummer

  • A girl joins the band and plays keyboard. Her and the lead singer have a thing

  • The band's manager is a criminal or something, and can't cross the border, lives in a safe-house, and sends them out to crappy gigs constantly

  • The guitarist has red-dyed hair, always wears a toque, and is really sarcastic. At one point, she gets a side-job teaching kids karate (with hilarious results, naturally)

  • They travel around in a piece of shit van that in one episode breaks down and they end up going to a potato festival

It used to be on at like 10:30 or something during the week on Much.

I realize this is stupidly obscure, but I've been looking like mad all afternoon, and I'm sure my boss would very much appreciate anyone helping me out!

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That's it.

That was driving me insane.

As far as I've found after looking it up, this show is actually a US version of "A Young Person's Guide...".

It was an awesome show. I loved all the quick cuts and fast jokes and all that.

Quality show.

The wedding one was awesome, but I really liked the one that I mentioned where they ended up in some small town at a fair. I remember something with the guitar chick being really horny, and everything she looked at would switch to slow motion and become really sexual.

It was definitely a great show for what it was. Sucks about the single season, though.

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