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WCW '98: One More Hart Beat


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There are periods of time within a company’s history where they feel like they have tried everything, and there is nothing left to do. Things become stagnant, and they seek that one idea that could throw them back into stardom. With WCW, it was the arrival of Bret Hart late in 1997, following his fall out with Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation. Hart arrived at Starcade ‘97 and was the viable wildcard, not swearing his allegiance to anyone, and playing a game all of his own. His intentions did not become clear until four months later during an episode of Nitro.

-Footage from Spring Stampede after they went off the air. Hogan and Ed Leslie attack Savage and Nash after Savage defeated Sting for the title.

-We are live from Colorado Springs, Colorado

--It's amazing, and depressing, that Tony still has a voice after last night's PPV

-The broadcast team play up the aftermath of last night's PPV as Larry responds to the crowds chants of "Larry"

--Hogan w/Bischoff and the Disciple

--Hogan is strumming his shirt

--No comment

--Sign: "BEER"

--Ironic since the bearer of the sign has a beer gut

--I'll give Hogan some credit..he does have some big guns, biceps that is.

--Hogan is now referring to the World Title as the "WCW/nWo belt"

--Hogan rambles on about his power.

--Hollywood addresses Savage...

--He's got all the doors covered and he wants a title shot tonight

--Colorado has a very audible crowd tonight as they portray a very nice "Hogan Sucks" chant

--Hogan says that tonight we might see who follows Hogan and who follows Nash

-Cameras cut to the dressing room for a scene of Goldberg preparing for his match with Raven.

--Many are speculating that Goldberg will win via DQ, but that will not happen because Raven's matches have Raven's rules.

--We'll either see a new champ or Goldberg's win streak brought to a halt.

-Savage comes out to address Hogan's challenge

--Savage claims to hate Hogan in life and death

--"I'm the champion and you're not. That's da bomb, brotha"

--Savage claims that Hogan's world is coming to an end

--Could he be referring to the nWo?

--Savage accepts Hogan's challenge

--If Hogan wins the title you know exactly what I wanna say...

--Savage introduces Kevin Nash as the new leader of the nWo

--Nash comes out in a warm-up suit.

--Mic time for Big Kev

--Claims that last night was the first step in ending Hogan's career

--Kev refers to The Disciple as "that freak wanna be biker"


--Nash threatens to jackknife Bischoff just like he did at Great American Bash 1996 in Baltimore

-Hmmm...20 minutes into the program and still no match.

-Cut to backstage to find Raven sitting in the bathroom floor.

--yada yada he's gonna beat Goldberg yada yada Nevermore

--Mean Gene plugs the hotline

--Tenay has got the inside info on the latest rumors

--Uh Huh

-Konnan w/Vincent vs "Gentleman" Chris Adams

--30 minutes into Nitro and finally a match

--If Konnan has to job to Adams.....

--Konnan now has a nosering

--Billy Silverman is the ref

--Konnan does his patented rolling clothesline, habla espanol, and seated dropkick

--Konnan wins with the Tequila Sunrise

-Footage of Goldberg pacing, slapping himself, shadow boxing, and heavy breathing

--I guess the Alicia Silverstone look-alike in the crowd makes up for the 1-800-Yes-Credit girls.

-Nitro Girls in black pants and sequin tops

--Scoops is reporting that Kimberly may be featured in the Playboy lingerie book

--Nitro party winner from Clemson

-Barbarian w/Jimmy Hart vs Wayne Bloom

--I kinda miss The Faces of Fear

--Scott Dickinson is the ref

--A lot of clubberin dished out by Barbarian

--Only Dusty could call this match

--While eating banana cream pie that is..

--Barbarian wins via a boot to the face in a complete squash.

--In Bloom's defense, at least he did get to deck Hart

-Raven is still in the john

--Claims that the streak is over

-Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera

--Jericho is wearing Prince's skirt as he carries an easel and a pic of Dean Malenko

--This should be good

--Sign: "Prince Jericho"

--"I know you're digging the mahi-mahi" as he points to his crotch

--"Dean's got an interview at Harry's Burgers tomorrow"


--It's about time, we haven't seen Juvie in a little over a month

--Juvi opens the match by bitch-slapping Jericho and giving him a frankensteiner from the top

--Larry is referring to Jericho as "Jerkaholic"

--I hope he's not referring to Syxx's comment after Jericho defeated him for the Cruiserweight title.

--"The only thing you beat last night was in your hotel room.."

--Juvi hits Jericho with a somersault over the top rope to the floor.

--Juvi hits a springboard for a 2-count

--Juvi hits a DDT for another close 2-count

--By the way, Charles Robinson is the ref

--Jericho goes for a hurricanrana and Jericho slaps on the People's Tamer.

--Juvi refuses to surrender and shows us fans at home the many crowns he has in his mouth

--The ref calls for the bell after Juvie passes out

--Jericho: "Oh my gosh, I killed Juvi"

-Goldberg vs Raven is next in an attempt to thwart viewers from tuning in to RAW

-Hour #2 begins at 8:54 with Goldberg and Raven

--Damn, they really are building up Goldberg. They've got Michael Buffer introducing this match

--"For the first of 2 times tonight, ladies and gentlemen...."

-Raven vs Goldberg

--Raven is drawing his usual heat

--Why do people boo this guy? He's got a lot of talent?

--Huge pop when Goldberg's music starts and an even larger pop when he makes his way through the entrance

--If I was Raven I wouldn't be slouching in the corner when a man of Goldberg's size got into the ring

--Billy Silverman is the ref

--Raven lays the belt in the middle of the ring and they face offf

--Raven uses his own version of a spear to get Goldberg to the corner

--The brawl goes to the outside as Raven is tossed into the security rail two times

--This match IS Raven's rules

--Goldberg with a nice cradle into an ankle lock

--He's gaining talent

--Tony: "A brand new move by Goldberg, a back kick"

--No comment

--Raven slaps Goldberg with the chair and gives him a drop toe hold onto the chair.

--Raven goes submission style (at least it was not doggy style) until Goldberg lifts him up similar to last night's match with Saturn

--Goldberg hits the spear and is dropkicked by Sick Boy

--Hogan's nephew hits Goldberg with the stop sign, jackhammer on Reese, and Raven tries to leave until some plants take him back to the ring. (By the way, word on the Net has it that the second fan to tackle Raven was Mortis.)

--Raven is greeted by a spear and the jackhammer onto the stop sign in a short title reign.

--Goldberg is the new US CHAMP!!!! 75-0

-This is the quickest push in wrestling history to my knowledge.

--Maybe some day I will receive the same

--I do feel bad for Scott Levy. He deserved the title and he held it for maybe 24 hours.

--As much as I like Goldberg, that's a crock

-Replay of the end of Goldberg/Raven's match

-Nitro Girls wearing "slips" and looking pretty damn good, as usual

-La Parka vs Ultimo Dragon

--Strut, knee-wobble, chair-guitar

--Supposedly, Dragon will soon be changing his gimmick to prevent a law suit from Ricky Steamboat.

--More detail on that when Chan makes his presence next week

--Mark Curtis is the ref

--Looks like La Parka apologized to Dragon in a botched spot

--La Parka hits a suicide dive from the top rope to the floor

--Next time you see Mark Curtis officiate a match, keep your eye on Curtis. His reactions to the moves make the match

--Ultimo Dragon has been favoring his left side during the match.

--La Parka just punted Dragon as if he were a small dog.

--From the article "100 Great Reasons to be a Guy": You find the idea of punting a small dog humorous.

--I know the three of us aren't the only ones out there who fall into that category.

--Eddie just tackled Chavo and his dragging him to the ring to attack Dragon from behind

--La Parka hits Ultimo with a botched move from the top rope to gain the first victory I have ever seen in the "Chairman's" career.

-Stills of Nash powerbombing Sting Sunday night

-Chris Benoit vs Curt Hennig

--I am about to give up on a possible winning career for Benoit

--Rude takes Tenay's place on the broadcast booth

--Billy Silverman is the ref

--Just like Flair, no matter how much Benoit jobs he is still over with the crowd.

--Rude goes to the ring and drops Benoit on the rail

--Hennig sets up for the Hennigplex and Benoit reverses it into the crossface

--Rude runs in for the DQ and Benoit is being manhandled until Booker T makes the save.

--Hennig had a knee brace on during the match and was noticeably hobbling after the match.

--Benoit and Booker T duke it out as we fade to commercial break.

-Stills from the title match Sunday night

-Mean Gene interviews Roddy Piper

--Piper comes out with someone's face hanging off a chain in front of his crotch


--Piper claims to have had a ball at Spring Stampede and Hogan had a bat. "That's why I hurt all over"

--Piper declares that Hogan/Savage will happen tonight.

--No DQ, no run-ins, if Hogan leaves the ring he will be brought back.

--I hope submissions are allowed. :-)

-Promo for this month's WCW Magazine which will have a feature on Arn Anderson's autobiography.

-Another still of Sunday's powerbomb to declare a new World Champ

-Hammer vs Saturn

--Why is Saturn the only member of The Flock with ring music?

--The brawl begins in the aisle halfway to the ring.

--Saturn whips Hammer against the ring and then against the steps

--Saturn is one ugly mug

--Hammer hits a nice powerslam and a loud clothesline.

--Nick Patrick is the ref

--Saturn: "What are you looking at?"

--Not you, you ugly mug

--Note to WCW Producers, avoid close-ups of Saturn

--Stiff sidewalk slam by Hammer

--The 2 brawlers go to the floor and Saturn straddles the security rail

--The match is ruled a no decision after a double count out as the 2 brawl their way to the ramp.

--On RAW, Luna just threatened to strip Sable of her panties and bra at Unforgiven.

--Note to Chan: I think you need to order Unforgiven

--More stills of last night's World Title match

-Fireworks for Hour #3 begins at 9:48


-Public Enemy w/the table vs Big Poppa Pump/Buff

--Buff and Poppa have a little argument over who is the focus of the camera

--Buff has a killer one-legged hop

--Scott Dickinson is the ref

--Johnny Grunge's dancing has nothing on Buff's strut and posing

--Steiner has an impressive gorilla-press slam on Rocco Rock

--Tony just gave a shoot comment saying that Scott is not a very nice guy and it's frustrating to be around him

--Rocco goes for an atomic drop, misses by 3 feet, but Scott sells anyway.

--Scott gives a suplexfest before tagging in Buff

--Buff gets in a shoving match with the ref

--Buff sets up Grunge for a chairshot but it is reversed.

--Rocco Rock gets the not-so-hot tag for a momentary offensive streak

--Buff is laid out on the table, PE goes for the table shot and misses of course.

--Steiner goes for the Steiner-Recliner, but Buff wants to hit the blockbuster.

--Buff wins with the Buff Blockbuster.

--Buff needs to stick with the singles division

--Teaming with Scotty Riggs and Scott Norton didn't last that long so why bother pairing him with Scott Steiner?

-Psychosis vs Booker T

--Nice pop and huge flames for Booker T

--Mark Curtis is the ref

--Heh, Tony just referred to Bobby as "Turnbuckle-Breath"

--Stiff chop by Booker T followed by clotheslining Psychosis over the top rope

--Booker T really likes to over-exaggerate the pain he's going through during a submission hold

--Booker T mounts a comeback with a botched clothesline.

--Booker T misses a knee drop allowing Psychosis to take advantage of Booker's knee

--Breakdance, Harlem Sidekick, and Missile Dropkick for the win

--Jerry Lawler: "If God wanted naked women to cover their bodies, he would have given them 3 hands."

--Al Bundy: "If God wanted women to bowl, he would have put their breasts on their back so we'd have something to watch while waiting our turn."

--They have to be the same person

-Brian Adams w/Vincent vs Lex Luger

--Next week Chan will give his comparison/contrast of Brian Adams the wrestler and Bryan Adams the "musician"

--Hmm, Luger vs a member of the nWo. Something tells me that this match will not have a clean ending.

--Luger hiptosses Adams on the second attempt

--Charles Robinson is the ref Luger no-sells an atomic drop so he can do his typical ending.

--Three clotheslines before he goes to the outside and slams Adams' head into the steps

--Anyone else think that Luger looks like a horse?

--Adams lifts Luger over his head and gives him a gutbuster

--Nice backbreaker by Adams

--Luger hits a reverse neck breaker

--Konnan runs in, Luger disposes of the nWo flunkies and racks Adams for the win

-Tony claims that the upcoming match is the biggest ever on Nitro

--Until next week that is

-Hmm 10:30 and it's time for the main event

-Hollywood Hogan w/The Disciple vs Randy Savage

--Nick Patrick is the ref

--Hogan calls out Savage and threatens to make him a speed bump


--Well, Hogan was introduced at 10:30 and the match started at 10:42

--Hogan tells The Disciple to take care of any member of the nWo, especially Nash, in case of a run-in

--It didn't take long for Hogan's bandana to come off of his greasy head

--Thanks to WCW's camera crew for the wonderful shot of Savage's dentures

--Tony: "He can choke it as long as he wants, it's no DQ"

--No comment

--Typical Hogan match thus far

--A couple of slaps, punches, and kicks. Then outside interference from The Disciple

--Hogan cracks Savage in the knee and the head with a chair

--Savage turns the tide with a few elbows to the guy and a clothesline until Hogan kicks Savage's knee

--Savage mounts another comeback, but Hogan will have none of it. Well, Savage gives Hogan a tiny tap and in return Savage gets whipped with Hogan's belt.

--Hogan mises the LDOD

--Savage takes Hogan's belt and begins a good country whuppin

--Savage hits the elbow from the top, but fails to make the cover as he holds his knee

--Hogan uses the spinning toe hold to work on Savage's knee and eventually goes for the Figure-Four, but Savage makes it to the ropes

--Why Nick Patrick is trying to pull Savage off of Hogan we'll never know in a no-DQ match, so Savage tosses him

--The Disciple gives Patrick the Apocalypse and Hogan/Disciple take turns wrapping Savage's knee around the ring post

--The Disciple puts the belt on his shoulder and gives Savage the Apocalypse

--Nash runs in for the save until Bischoff holds his leg. Hogan hits Nash with the belt, knocking him from the ring.

--Cue entrance of the rest of the nWo (sans/Konnan) who beat down Nash

--Hogan hits the ~Leg Drop Of Doom

--The crowd is going insane. BRET HART!!

--Hart pulls referee Nick Patrick out of the ring before he can make the three count.

--Hart has a chair. Hogan is up. CHAIRSHOT!

--Hogan is down. Savage Covers. Hart makes the three count!

--Savage retains! Savage IS STILL THE CHAMP!

--Hart raises Savage’s hand while looking down at Hogan.

–The rest of the nWo realize what has happened.

–Savage and Hart get out of dodge.

–Final images have Hogan being helped up while Hart, Savage and Nash back up the ramp.

That was from ddtdigest.com, with the italics being changed to fit my scenario....more to come after I get some sleep.

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And it's fucks like that that need to be banned from the dome for posting and adding nothing to the thread^^^

(EDIT: There was a horrible post ahead of me but those great admins deleted it)

I like where you're taking over Enforcer, WCW had a plethora of talent at this time, alot of the undercard I'm very stoked to see how you will use. Hart's initial handling in WCW was a disaster, hopefully you have something more suitable planned (Y)

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I'm definitely stoked to see this diary from ya Enforcer, as I know you have talent, and can shine. WCW 98 still has a great mix of talent and star power, so hopefully you can solidfy WCW as #1. And also, for your sake, go with what we talked about yesterday (I think), change Nitro to 2 hours :P

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Well...I finally found this...

We've telked a lot about this on MSN, so there's not much I can add that I haven't already said. Still, I'm sure you'll have no problem rectifying the complete balls up WCW made of Bret's run in the company.

...plus I'm sure I don't have to tell you to use Raven right either



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I just finished watching the Bret Hart DVD and have a plethora of ideas running through my head, so I'll definately be checking back in on this. The idea of Hart/Nash/Savage as a unit is a nice one though.

Push La Parka, because he fucking rules.

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WCW Roster & Champions

WCW World Heavyweight Champion


"The Macho Man" Randy Savage

WCW United States Champion

Bill Goldberg

WCW Television Champion


Booker T

WCW Cruiserweight Champion


"Lionheart" Chris Jericho

WCW Tag Team Champions


The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)

Alex Wright

Barry Darsow

Barry Horowitz

Billy Kidman

Bobby Duncum Jr.

Bobby Eaton

Booker T

Brad Armstrong

Bret Hart

Brian Adams

Buff Bagwell

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chris Adams

Chris Benoit

Chris Kanyon

Curt Hennig


Davey Boy Smith

Dean Malenko

"Diamond" Dallas Page

Disco Inferno

Eddie Guerrero

El Dandy

Ernest Miller

Evan Karagais

Fit Finlay


Hector Garza

Hiroyoshi Tenzan

Hollywood Hogan

Horace Hogan

Hugh Morrus

Jerry Flynn

Jim Duggan

Jim Neidhart

Jim Powers

Johnny Grunge

Johnny Swinger

Juventud Guerrera

Kaz Hayashi

Kendall Windham

Kenny Kaos


La Parka

Lash LeRoux

Lenny Lane

Lex Luger

Lizmark Jr.


Magnum Tokyo

Marty Jannetty

Masahiro Chono


Mike Enos

Norman Smiley

Perry Saturn

Prince Iaukea




Rey Misterio Jr.

Ric Flair

Rick Martel

Rick Steiner

Robbie Rage

Rocco Rock

Scott Norton

Scott Putski

Scott Steiner

Scotty Riggs

Sick Boy

Silver King

Steve McMichael

Stevie Ray


Super Calo

The Barbarian

The Disciple

The "Fake" Sting (Jeff Farmer)

The Giant

The Great Muta

Ultimo Dragon

Van Hammer

Villano IV

Villiano V


Wayne Bloom


Yuji Nagata


Thunder will be coming in about an hour or so, however, I decided I didn't want to write full results for this show, and start the full show results for Nitro. So Thunder will be recapped type results, but the matches will be created my me.

Edited by DoC-MILes
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IPB Image

-Taped At The Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois

Before the opening credits even roll, there is a video played which recaps the ending of Nitro. It’s filled with still shots, as the live video shots are being saved for Nitro. Schiavone’s voice over from the Nitro narrates the clip. (A*)

Number One Contenders Match For The Cruiserweight Title: Prince Iaukea def. Juventud Guerrera

Juventud’s first match back after a month in Mexico happened to be a defeat to Chris Jericho for the Cruiserweight title, however this match was his chance to get back into the running. Prince Iaukea has had his problems with Jericho, but has come up empty handed on each occasion. Both men looked to win this match, hitting high octane offense, which brought the crowd to their feet at different times throughout the match. Jericho made his way towards the ring, throwing insults at both men. His distraction didn’t go the way that he seemed to want as Juventud seemed to be the most distracted, allowing Iaukea to pick up the win with a Northern Lights Suplex. (A)

After the match, Jericho quickly grabbed the mic and told “Prince Monkey Foot” to go out back and pick him a coconut. Jericho declares that he’s tired of beating Iaukea, and that Nitro’s title shot is his last one before adding that it’s going to end the same way it always has, with the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla with his hand raised. (A)

Quick commercial break leads to Tony Schiavone hyping up the main event for tonight’s show, which features Bill Goldberg defending his United States Title against Raven in a rematch from Nitro. Schiavone declares that this match could be the biggest match in Thunder history. Sure it could, Tony. (A)

Chris Benoit def. Sickboy

Benoit’s viciousness continues to be shown as he takes the fight to Sickboy from the opening bell. The resident sign guy of The Flock, Lodi, is at ringside, but his attempts to interfere are thwarted by Benoit who simply throws Sickboy all around the ring, finishing off this massacre with a Crippler Crossface. (B+)

Following the win, Lodi quickly hits the ring and manages to get Benoit from behind before he realizes what’s going on. A quick low blow gives Lodi and Sickboy the chance to beat down Benoit. However, Booker T once more hits the ring, sending Lodi and Sickboy fleeing. Benoit is not happy with this and shoves Booker away and leaves the ring, heading towards the back. (B+)

Booker T is not happy with the proceedings, which leads to him grabbing the microphone and stopping Benoit Booker says that one way or another, the problems between the two of them need to be settled, and that Monday Night on Nitro, things were going to be settled. Benoit seems fine with this, and is even more enthusiastic when Booker declares that it’s going to be a Two out of Three falls match. (B+)

Konnan (w/Vincent) def. Glacier

This match was nothing more than a throw away match, which the announce team used to speculate on Konnan’s feelings over what happened last week on Nitro. Schiavone brought up the fact that Kevin Nash and Konnan were pretty good friends, and with Nash’s split with the nWo, where does that leave Konnan. Zbyszko says that it doesn’t matter, because the rule of the nWo says that once you’re nWo, you’re nWo for life. Through all this banter, Konnan finishes off Glacier, trapping him in the Tequila Sunrise for the submission victory. (A)

Jim Neidhart & Davey Boy Smith def. High Voltage

One of the better matches Neidhart and Bulldog have had since entering WCW months ago, but that’s not saying much. Even through the crappy matches, the fans have remained loyal to the Hart’s, which keeps them cheering. That doesn’t help this match though as the two teams seem a bit awkard in their performance. After nearly nine minutes of action, Davey Boy finishes the match off with a Running Powerslam, pinning Robbie Rage. (B+)

Almost as soon as the bell rings, NJPW stalwarts, and nWo members Masahiro Chono and The Great Muta hit the ring, taking the fight to Bulldog and Neidhart. Hammering blows to the back of the head, and shoulders drive the former WWF heavyweights to the ground, where they stay as the Japanese duo stomp away at them. Muta spins around with a weird look on his face, and the two fingers under his chin, blowing his green mist at the camera as the show goes to commercial. (B+)

Eddie Guerrero’s music is playing as the show comes back, and he leads Chavo Guerrero Jr to the ring. Eddie has the towel over his head before they even get to the ring. Eddie takes the mic and informs Chavo that he’s giving him his release. Of course, the only thing he has to do is defeat Kidman here tonight. Chavo looks enthused, feeling this can be his chance to break free of his uncle. (B)

Kidman def. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Both men hit hard with this match, taking each other to the limit. Chavo nearly had the match won after a tornado ddt but Kidman somehow got his shoulder up. Chavo could see his future going down the drain as he set up for a brainbuster, but Kidman shifted his weight and hit a face buster in the center of the ring. A little later on Kidman went for a hurricanrana, only to have Chavo drive him into the mat with a sitdown powerbomb. He may have gotten the three count on that pin but Eddie grabbed Kidman’s foot and tossed it on the bottom rope. While the ref hadn’t seen this, Chavo did and he argued with Eddie over it, which lead to Kidman connecting with an inverted ddt, and then going up top for his Seven Year Itch. Kidman left the ring scratching as usual while Eddie layed a verbal beat-down on Chavo. (B+)

Rick Steiner def. Brian Adams

As expected, this match was a trainwreck, with heavy hitting shots that definitely looked like they could break a normal man in half. Steiner hit some nice suplexes including an overhead belly to belly that nearly threw Adams from the ring. Adams showed his impressive size by actually pressing Steiner over his head, albeit awkwardly. Adams went for his spinning backbreaker but Rick managed to avoid it, connecting with his Steinerline instead. Rick was about to make the pin but Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner hit the ring, causing the disqualification. (B+)

With the three on one beat down in full effect, Schiavone is screaming for someone to help Rick Steiner, and that help comes in the form of “The Total Package” who hits the ring and immediately dispatches Buff Bagwell over the ropes. Adams and Scott attack him, but he conveniently no-sells their shots and fires back some heavy right hands. A double clothesline sends both men over the ropes, and leaves Luger to check on Rick Steiner, as Schiavone tells the fans at home that this match has been signed for Slamboree. A three on two handicap match between these five individuals. (A)

Before the show goes to it’s final commercial break, there is a video shown recapping everything that has been going on in the U.S title scene from Raven winning the title, to Goldberg beating him last week on Nitro. They also show clips of the fan running in to attack Raven on several different occassions, and then Saturns attempts to end the winning streak of Goldberg. It ends with the announcement that the rematch between Raven and Goldberg is.....NEXT.... (A)

United States Title Match: Goldberg© def. Raven

Goldberg’s push continues here, and his amazing entrance lights the crowd on fire. Apparenly everyone loves a man who runs through the competition like a hot knife through butter, and allows those types of cliches to be used. Raven starts off quickly, attacking Goldberg before the bell and keeping the pressure on. He does a better job than most people at keeping his attack going, but after a couple minutes of this, Goldberg has had enough which leads to him throwing Raven halfway across the ring, straight into the corner. Goldberg charges in but Raven manages to side step and rolls Goldberg up for a quick two count. Goldberg quickly kicks out, mounts his feet and drives Raven down with a Spear. Que the outside interference as Reese hits the ring, and apparently this is being fought under “Raven’s Rules” because the ref does nothing to stop him. Reese wraps his big hands around Goldberg’s throat, but a kick below the belt solves that problem. Unfortunately for Goldberg, there are always more members of “The Flock” and he’s unable to avoid the trash can shot from Saturn. Reese and Saturn continue to beat down on Goldberg, with the trashcan and some heavy forearms. Raven is directing traffic, but he’s cut off when the same fan who attacked him in previous weeks strikes again, taking Raven down to the mat. Security rushes the ring, pulling “The Fan” off Raven and escorting him, kicking and screaming, out of the arena. Goldberg, in the meantime, pulls a movie stunt where he throws up his arms and Saturn and Reese go flying through the ropes before he spikes Raven with yet another Spear. One Jackhammer later and the pinfall is academic. (A+)

The show goes off the air with Goldberg snarling and snorting into the camera with the United States Title displayed proudly to the camera.

Final Rating: A

Okay, hopefully this will be the last ugly OOC quote box you see in this diary, but it probably won't be. Anyway, this is not how the shows will normally be written, but like I said above, I didn't want to start out writing big shows with Thunder. So here are short results for Thunder, all booked by me, and Nitro will be my first fully written out show. Thanks for reading, and feedback would be great. Mainly cause I'm an attention whore.

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Damn...I was sure I replied to this when I read it a few days ago.

Anyway, not a bad show to start off with. It gets extra points for the Chono/Muta appearance, and an extra one for them kicking the shit out of Neidhart. It's nice to see you're sticking through the good (Booker/Benoit, Eddie, Raven, Jericho) and the bad (Handicap Match of Suck) to keep it true to life. I'm still looking forward to how you handle Bret in this, obviously I know you're going to use him right regardless.

...and on a personal note I hope Goldberg doesn't squash everyone else quite so much this time round.

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I forgot to reply to this, Good show, But I was disappointed in not getting Hart's explanation. Hey, He worked Thunders, It would have been nice to hear why he alligned himself with Nash and Savage. Cool to see you continuing Benoit/Booker, But the 2/3 falls match should be saved for a PPV. Also sucks to see The Juice losing to Prince. I like that you're continuing the Guerrero angle, And hopefully, Chavo walks away with a push. Overall, Good show, Looking forward to seeing how you'll handle Nitro. And the whole nwo saga, And what you'll do with returning guys like Hall, Malenko, Kanyon, Etc.

Edited by Baby Hewey
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  • 3 weeks later...

How oh how did I miss that you posted the first show almost half a month ago? I am not sure to be honest, but it seems that I indeed did. Oh well. I like it. I wish there was more to say, but thus far there simply isn't. Not enough time has passed yet to go from what really happened to what you are going to change to make it better, so I will simply sit back, wait, and hopefully read the new show when it's posted and not like 15 or so days late. Maybe a nice little PM would be in order to make sure I see the next show when it is posted? Yes, I think that would be in order.

Oh wait, I do want to mention that should you decide to actually push Chono and Muta to the highest of high heavens, I would be more than okay with that. Okay? Okay.

Grade after one show and a BS is a B

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IPB Image

~RICOH Coliseum~

Toronto, Ontario

1- Nitro Opens!!

Monday Nitro starts off with it’s usual opening video, followed by highlights from the previous weeks Nitro, which focuses on the main event situation in which Bret Hart helped ”The Macho Man” Randy Savage retain his World Heavyweight Title in a match against Hollywood Hogan with a chair shot to the skull. With the final shot of the video showing Hart raising the hand of the champion, the show heads into the arena, where 10, 000 screaming fans pack the seats of RICOH Coliseum in Ontario, Canada. The announce team is Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Nitro Opening Video-A+

2-Hart Will Explain Actions

Amidst running down the card for the evening, the three men at the announce table also inform the home viewing audience that following the events of the week previous, Bret Hart will be in the arena to explain his actions. They speculate on Hart’s reasonings for getting involved in the Hogan vs Savage match from the week before, and even more about what could have inspired him to take up for Randy Savage, a man who hasn’t exactly been the most upstanding human being.

Commentators Hype Hart’s Explanation-B+

3- Iaukea’s Last Chance

Jericho comes to the ring, cocky as ever, with his Cruiserweight title displayed proudly around his waist. Iaukea on the other hand arrives in his usual Hawaiian garb, which has Jericho laughing and poking fun at the man. Jericho and Prince step to the center of the ring, jawing with each other, until Jericho slaps Prince across the face, hard. Jericho smirks until The Prince unleashes with forearms straight to the jaw of the champion. Iaukea sends Jericho into the corner, charges in and gets lifted up and dropped on the top turnbuckle. Quick roll up gets a two count. Jericho stomps away on the challenger, before picking him up and delivering a suplex in the center of the ring. He places a foot on Iaukea’s chest, sticking his tongue out and posing to the fans with the arrogant cover, but only gets a one count.

Jericho continues to show his arrogance, waiting for Iaukea to get to his hands and knees before nonchalantly kicking him in the side of the head, rolling him over. He drops again for another cover, but doesn’t hook the leg, which again only gets him a two count. Jericho feigns being upset, arguing with the referee that it was a three count, which leads to The Prince rolling Jericho up for a surprising two count. This time Jericho really is upset and he goes back to arguing with the referee after taking The Prince’s head off with a lariat.

Jericho picks Iaukea up, snapmaring him over and then kicking him right in the spine. Another cover, and another two count. The champ charges the ropes, using them as a springboard for his lionsault. The Prince moves out of the way but Jericho manages to land on his feet, charges in, and gets rolled up with a small package. 1...2....Jeircho kicks out. Both men are back to their feet, Jericho charges and gets taken down with a double leg. Prince attempts a boston crab but Jericho quickly grabs the ropes, forcing the break. With both men getting to their feet, Jericho charges once more, but this time Iaukea hits him with a Manhatten drop, followed by a northern lights suplex. Jericho kicks out. Both men get back to their feet, and lock up in the center of the ring. Referee Randy Anderson feels that they’re in the wrong and attempts to pull them apart, but this gives Jericho the chance to hit a low blow out of sight of the ref, and he quickly plants The Prince with a brainbuster in the center of the ring.

He was definitely out following the brainbuster, which lead to the Liontamer. Iaukea couldn’t respond to the referee’s questions, which lead to the ref making the decision to stop the match, rewarding the match to Jericho.

Chris Jericho def. Prince Iaukea to RETAIN the WCW Cruiserweight Title-A+

4- Once And For All!

Backstage Gene Okerlund is standing next to Booker T, who has the Television Title tossed over his shoulder, and he’s attempting to look very intimidating.

Gene Okerlund: Thank you Mike, and fans, I am standing back here with Booker T, who is moments away from defending his Televison Title against Chris Benoit. Now Booker, you’ve fought Chris Benoit many times, but tonight, it’s a two out of three falls match. Can I get your thoughts?

Booker T: Ma thoughts Gene? You want ma thoughts? Well, ma thoughts go somethin’ like dis. Chris Benoit and maself have fought up and down the block, we been friends, we been enemies, but one thing we have for each other, is a lotta respect. At least that’s what I thought we had. I’ve offered ma help to Benoit in the last couple’a weeks and he’s spit on it. So apparently we ain’t settled all our differences just yet. So tonight, we gonna settle it. One way or another, when we leave that ring tonight, we gonna have diss issue settled. Can you dig that?

Booker adjusts the belt, stares deep into the camera, and then walks off screen, apparently headed for the ring. Gene shakes his head in disbelief.

Gene Okerlund: This is going to be intense. Tony, Mike, Bobby, back to you guys at ringside.

Booker T Interview (Chris Benoit)-B

5- Can Anything Be Solved?

Both Booker T and Chris Benoit came to the ring with evident focus. Neither posed with their entrances, or smiled for that matter as they both hit the ring. Booker handed his Television Title to referee Nick Patrick, who displayed it to Benoit, and then to the fans. As soon as Patrick hands the belt to the man at ringside, the bells rings to get this match underway. Both men lock up in the center of the ring, with them angrily fighting for position. Benoit surprises Booker by using his momentum to propel the champion backwards into the ropes. He looks surprised at this, but comes back out with another lock up, and returns the favor by hurling Benoit into the ropes. Both men pace around, looking less than happy with the other.

Booker goes in for another lock up, but Benoit doesn’t go for this one, ducking behind instead and trapping the champion in a waistlock. Benoit goes for a german, which is blocked by Booker who charges for the ropes. Benoit attempts to use that momentum to roll the champion backwards but Booker holds onto the ropes and only Benoit is thrown backwards. He does a complete rolling backflip, getting back to his feet, but he manages to duck the clothesline being thrown by the champion. Benoit connects with a neckbreaker for a quick two count, before pulling the champion back to his feet and tossing him into the corner. Benoit stomps Booker in the corner before whipping him out of the ropes, and hard into the opposite buckles. Booker hits hard before staggering out of the corner, right into a shoulderblock from Benoit. Booker goes for the ropes, trying to get a reprieve but Benoit doesn’t let up, choking Booker on the ropes with his knee on the back of the champion’s head. Benoit yells things at Booker, before running across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and driving his leg across the back of Booker’s head.

Booker bounces off the ropes, leaving Benoit to make the cover, which again only gets him a two count. Benoit pulls Booker to his feet, hooking him for a snap suplex, but the champion blocks it and turns it around, suplexing Benoit instead. This surprises the crowd, but they react with cheers. Booker spins in his “break dancing” way. As the fans are cheering, Booker taunts Benoit into getting up. He leaps high into the air, looking for the Harlem Sidekick but Benoit ducks, hooks and nails a massive Release German Suplex, dropping Booker on the back of his neck.

Back to his feet, Benoit heads to the top rope, and waits for Booker to lay out before leaping off the ropes, looking for his Diving Headbutt. Booker quickly moves out of the way, leaving Benoit to hit nothing but the mat. Booker waits for him to get back to his feet, before lowing the boom with his scissors kick. Booker heads for the top, awaiting Benoit to get to his feet before leaping off and hitting the Missile Dropkick from the top rope. He hooks the leg. 1....2.....3!

Winner Of The First Fall: Booker T

Booker does just that, while Benoit struggles to get back to his feet after the loss in the first fall. He gets up and staggers back, almost falling through the ropes, but he manages to keep his balance with the help of the buckles. Patrick checks to make sure he can still continue as the thirty second rest period ticks down and a horn sounds to indicate the second fall has began. Booker comes in, looking to contine where he left off, but Booker avoids the axehandle with a kick to the stomach, and then some devastating chops to the chest. Booker backs away from these chops but Benoit is right there to toss him into the ropes and quickly backdrop him. He’s got his second burst of energy, picking Booker back up off the mat and this time managing to connect with that quick snap suplex. Benoit holds on, getting to his feet and pulling the champion up with him. This time, instead of going for the full suplex, he picks Booker up and then plants him face first into the mat.

Benoit knows that this is his last chance, which makes him even more inclined to take chances. He heads to the top rope, but when Booker gets to his feet, Benoit changes his attack and goes for a double sledge instead. Booker sees it coming and counters with a dropkick to the chest. The Rabid Wolverine rolls around clutching at his chest. Booker slowly goes back on the offensive, picking Benoit up and kneeing him in the gut. An irish whip sends Benoit in, but he ducks the second Harlem Side Kick of the evening, and instead traps Booker, taking him down and attempting to lock on the Crippler Crossface. Booker struggles to stay free of it, reaching for the ropes. His first attempt is a failure, but after a bit more stuggle, he does finally make it to the ropes. Evident by the way Booker held his arms, the damage had been done to the shoulder.

The challenger went right back to the shoulder, hammering it with heavy shots, and then a whip which sends Booker into the buckles shoulder first. His target was in plain sight, but there seemed to be nothing Booker could do to stop the point of attack. Every single shot from Benoit seemed aimed to weaken the shoulder, but Booker did manage to take a break outside the ring, walking around and shaking it off. Benoit followed him outside, which gave Booker the chance to grab him and throw him headfirst right into the steel ring post. The sickening crack of steel on flesh rung out in the arena, leaving Schiavone to mention that it sounded like Benoit’s skull may have cracked in half. The challenger looked out on his feet as Booker rolled him into the ring and headed for the top.

Benoit layed on the canvas, seemingly unable to move, but Booker remained patient perched on the tope rope. Finally the challenger rolled to his stomach, and pushed himself to his knees. Shaking his head, he got back to his feet just as Booker lept from the top, looking for the big missile dropkick, but Benoit quickly moved out of the way, avoiding the shot. As Booker crashes into the mat, Benoit pounces on him and hooks in The Crippler Crossface. Booker had felt this once during the match, and he wasn’t ready to face it again, but there was nothing he could do. He reached for the ropes, trying for everything he could, but finally knowing that there was one more fall, Booker tapped out.

Winner Of The Second Fall: Chris Benoit

With the match tied at one fall a piece, it seemed both men were back where they started, albeit a bit more tired than when this match began. At this point, both men seemed like they needed that thirty second rest period, and didn’t even seem ready when the seconds finally ticked away and the horn sounded. However, both men staggered out of the corner and began exchanging punches. They didn’t seem to have as much steam behind them this far into the match, but they took their toll nonetheless. Benoit quickly switched from punches to his blistering chops that turned the black skin of Booker T, a darker shade, if that were possible. Booker fired off his own punches but there were taking nothing in the way of effect, until he finally laid in a knee. Benoit keeled over, but Booker quickly straightened him up, only to drop him with a back suplex. Another cover but Benoit refuses to stay down, kicking out at the count of two.

For the third time, Booker prepares for the Missle Dropkick, but this time Benoit catches him out of the air, flipping him over with a Northern Lights Suplex, releasing it before Patrick can even get into position. Benoit gets back to his feet, running his thumb across his throat in a clear and concise manner, dictating that the match is nearly over. He climbs to the top, extends his arms outwards, and then falls from the top, driving his head straight into the chest of the champion. The diving headbutt causes pain to himself as well, leaving Benoit rolling around on the mat. After a few seconds, he’s able to make the cover. To the surprise of everyone, including the referee, Booker T kicks out before the three count.

Benoit has finally had enough, pulling Booker to his feet and setting him up for his Crippler Crossface but Booker held on to the ropes, and dropped, hanging Benoit on the top rope. Benoit staggers backwards, holding his throat. Booker bounces to his feet and for the first time in the match, he actually connects with his Harlem Sidekick. Benoit goes down, but he rolls from the ring. Booker is furious, but he waits as the referee counts. As the ref gets to a count of eight, Booker has had enough and heads out after Benoit. The challenger sees him coming, kicking away at his midsection before whipping Booker into the steel steps. He hits hard and flies over them, but Benoit continues his attack stomping away at the champion. Neither man seems to notice as the referee counts, and Benoit is angered when he hears the sound of the bell. He looks in at Nick Patrick who is furiously calling for the bell.

Schiavone claims that he can’t believe Patrick actually counted the men out, while Tenay reminds him that rules are rules. Benoit can’t believe it either as he rolls into the ring and argues with Nick Patrick. Patrick shakes his head, which infuriates Benoit even more. The Rabid Wolverine rolls back out of the ring and heads around the ring, grabbing a chair. Booker is using the steps to climb up, but that all comes to a halt when Benoit cracks the chair over the champion’s back. Benoit screams at Booker, informing him that nothing was solved, and that it wasn’t over, before cracking him with the chair for a second time. He tosses the chair across Booker’s broken body, and looks around. The fans are unsure what to think, but Benoit just heads to the back, leaving Nick Patrick to check on Booker T.

Chris Benoit Fights To A No Contest With Booker T-A+

6- Remember Me Raven?

Before the commercial break takes over, the scene goes backstage to a dark room. Inside the room stands a man, with his back to the camera. He speaks slowly, keeping his voice quite monotone.

Mystery Man: All I asked for, was a chance. You spit on that Raven. Do you remember that? Do you remember me? Of course you don’t. Once someone has been used up, you discard them and move onto the next troubled soul. Well I’m not your puppet anymore, Raven. YOU DON’T CONTROL ME!!

He turns around, but his long stringy black hair covers his face, keeping his identity hidden. Through the mass of hair, his eyes can be seen, and their look of intense hatred.

Mystery Man: You want control? You never wanted my attention, but Raven, I want you to look at me. Look into my eyes. Raven, you know that I can make your life a living hell. You know that I will make your life a living hell. I’ll see you at Slamboree. I’ll see you, but you.....Will Never See It Coming

He turns back around, holding his arms out in a mock Raven pose, leaving the camera to fade to black on that pose.

Mystery Man Video-B

6- Filler Match! Filler Match! Oh My God, The Enforcer Uses Filler Match!

The Barbarian comes to the ring with Jimmy “The Mouth Of The South” Hart leading the way, for a match against “Flock Member” Van Hammer. The fans didn’t seem to care about the match, but it did end up being a fun brawl. Both men opened up with stiff punches which seemed to connect each time, rocking each man’s head back. Van Hammer makes the mistake of going for a headbutt, which doesn’t phase the Islander at all, leading only to a knife edge chop to the throat of “The Rock Superstar.” Hammer rolled around the ring clutching at his throat, while Hart yelled through the megaphone, telling The Barbarian to keep the attack going.

Barbarian listens to his manager, choking and hammering away at Van Hammer, but the Flock member fights back, nailing The Barbarian with a sloppy spinebuster, followed by some punches. Hart isn’t happy about this, and he continues to yell at the combatants, but Van Hammer simply ignores those taunts, picking Barbarian up and slamming him hard in the center of the ring. Hammer heads to the top rope, but Barbarian is up quicker and shakes the ropes, crotching Van Hammer on the buckles. Superplex secures Barbarian a two count, but he can’t hold the man down for the three. Barbarian pulls Van Hammer back to his feet and scoops him up onto his shoulder. He charges the ropes, looking to drop Van Hammer across the buckles, but Hammer slides off his back and pushes him into the buckles. Hammer catches him coming out and delivers a reverse suplex. Hook of the leg and cover, but only gets another two count. Hammer gets to his feet, and looks out into the crowd, where “The Flock” sit, sans Raven. Saturn is looking quite pissed off, but the rest of the Flock seem to be in their own little world.

Hammer throws his arms up and turns around, right into a huge Kick Of Fear from The Barbarian. Hammer crumpled to the mat, opened up for the pinfall, and the victory by The Barbarian. After the match, Hammer rolled out of the ring, still in pain, but ready to join his fellow comrades in The Flock, but at the behest of Saturn, every single Flock member turned their back on Hammer. With a look of anger on his face, Hammer left them and walked down the ramp, and out of the arena.

The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) def. Van Hammer-B-

7- He’s Coming Back!

Just as the show was preparing for another commercial break, music began playing inside the arena, and the video screen lit up in what looked like silver and red static. The music was unmistakenable as “Also Sprach Zarathustra” rung out on the arena, drawing the crowd into a frenzy as they hoped to see The Nature Boy himself, but “The Man” did not appear. Instead, the video went through several career highlights, ending with the War Games match from the year before, and Curt Hennig slamming the cage door on Ric Flair’s head. The video ended with the words Ric Flair Returns In 3 Weeks which again gets a loud pop from the crowd. Those words fade, and are replaced by one more thing as the show goes to commercial. That one thing is the roman numeral IV.

Video Hyping Ric Flair’s Return-A+

8- A National Crisis

Back from commercial, and the fans are once again treated to a video package, this time hyping the shortly lived feud between Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart who have had their problems with the Japanese duo of Masahiro Chono & The Great Muta. Due to the only real interaction between these four men being on Thunder, quite a bit of that was shown, while Schiavone, Tenay and Heenan hyped it from commentary.

9- Hype Video For Smith & Neidhart vs Chono & Muta-B

9- Attempted Satsujin

Despite the fact that Ernest Miller and Glacier had not teamed together in quite awhile, they joined forces here in hopes of dispatching The Japanese Threat of Chono and Muta. Proving once again that American’s are generally ignorant to other cultures, they begin a USA! Chant right off the bat. Neither Chono or Muta seem to care, instead choosing to punish the insolent crowd by destroying their American opponents. Clubbing blows from Muta and Chono start the match off as they take the fight to Miller and Glacier. Muta goes with what he knows best with the martial arts kicks to the stomach and chest of Glacier. Muta snaps Glacier over with a suplex, getting a quick one count. Chono tosses Miller to the outside, and then joins him, continuing to hammer away at the man.

Muta’s strikes are very focused, connecting with the stomach and the throat with every shot. He whips Glacier into the ring and takes him down with a spinning back elbow right to the jaw. Another cover, and another one count. Muta picks the man up, scoops him and drives him down with a powerslam before hitting the ropes and connecting with a Crazy Elbow Drop. Outside the ring, Chono tosses Miller hard into the steel barricade before getting back on the apron, taking the tag from Muta.

Chono’s style was much different than Muta’s. While Muta preferred to wear his opponents body down, Chono was more apt to pound his opponent into the ground, which he did early on, hammering Glacier with heavy shots to the back of the head and neck, followed by a massive irish whip that sent Glacier crashing into the buckles. The impact not only shook the ring, but it drove Glacier face first into the mat as well. Chono stalks his opponent, pulling him up off the mat. Glacier attempts to fight back with some weak looking kicks to the midsection, but Chono simply swatted him like a bug with a big mongolian chop to the shoulders. Glacier already looks out, but Ernest Miller comes in, hoping to help the cause by attacking Chono, but referee Randy Anderson is there to break this up, instructing Miller back to his corner. While this is going on, it allows Muta to come in unhindered, and together he and Chono hit a German Suplex/Yakuza Kick combination with a bridge. Anderson turns around, not realizing which man is the legal man, and counts the pinfall anyway, giving the win to The Japanese Threat.

The Japanese Threat (The Great Muta & Masahiro Chono) def. Ernest Miller & Glacier-B

10- One Good Turn Deserves Another

As Randy Anderson is raising the arms of the winners in the ring, the men who had been attacked on Thunder by those men hit the ring. Smith and Neidhart attack Chono and Muta from behind, which has Bobby asking exactly how that’s fair. Apparently only the faces are allowed to attack from behind, because Schiavone has a million and one reasons why. Neidhart whips Muta into the ropes before nearly running over him like a train. Muta rolls to the outside, as Davey Boy hoists Chono up onto his shoulder, looking for a powerslam. Before he can hit it, Muta reaches in and grabs him by the foot, pulling him to safety on the outside of the ring. Davey Boy and Neidhart call for them to get back in the ring, but Chono yells at them in Japanese while Muta makes threatening gestures, and then places his index and ring fingers under his throat.

Jim Neidhart & Davey Boy Smith Attk. The Japanese Threat-B

11- Blood May Be Thicker Than Water

Right after the commercial, the next match featured another WCW/NJPW stalwart in the form of Scott “Flash” Norton. His opponent for the evening was Eddie Guerrero who was accompanied to the ring by his nephew, Chavo Guerrero. The announcers hyped this as power against speed, which was very evident in the beginning. Both men locked up in the center of the ring, but Norton simply showed his strength by picking Guerrero up and tossing him into the corner. Norton charges but Eddy is able to move out of the way. Norton stops himself before hitting the corner, but unfortunately for him he turns around into a dropkick from Eddy. Norton staggers into the ropes, but wanders out into a hiptoss from Eddy. Well, it would have been a hiptoss but Norton held his ground and refused to go over. Instead, he turned and nailed a short arm lariat that nearly took the young Latino’s head off.

Norton’s large frame overshadowed the fallen Eddy, and his look of disdain was unmistakable. He grabbed Guerrero by the head, picked him up off the mat, and then fully up by his throat. Norton held him up, off his feet, choking the life out of him for a few seconds before tossing him nearly across the ring. Once more he waited for Eddy to get to his feet, attempting an avalanche in the corner, but Eddy leaped into the air, slid down his back and hooked him with a sunset flip. This gets him a one count, but he quickly slides out of the ring, ducking behind his nephew. Eddy probably should have picked a better shield, because Norton couldn’t give a damn. He simply punches Chavo and throws him into the barricade. Eddy drops to his knees, hands in the air to plead his case, but Norton is having none of it. He approaches, but without a moments notice, Eddy’s clenched hands find their way into Norton’s groin, sending the big man crumpled to the floor.

Eddy smirks, getting back to his feet and pointing at his head, claiming that he’s more intelligent than his opponent, and the fans in attendance, which gains him some jeers for his trouble. He sees Chavo struggling against the barricade, which means by Guerrero rules, he’s forced to stop and berate his nephew. Norton starts to get up but Eddy turns around and begins stomping away on him. Norton weathers each shot, getting to his feet, but Guerrero keeps on him, lighting him up with some blistering chops. Norton absorbs the blow, firing back with a knee to the midsection, and then tosses Guerrero back into the ring. Norton follows, still reeling from the attack outside.

Norton went after him, but Eddy fought back with well placed kicks to the hamstring area, trying to chop the big “redwood” down. He continues to kick from his downed position, slowly regaining his vertical base until he has the ability to leap into the air and takes Norton down with a hurricanrana. Norton is back up quickly and Eddy charges in, looking for another hurricanrana but Norton launches him behind, and turning to watch Eddy crash face first into the buckles. The “Latino Sensation” staggers backwards, right into a back suplex from Flash. Back to his feet and Norton grabs Eddy, hoisting him up for a Shoulderbreaker but once more Eddy floats down Norton’s back, looking for a second Sunset Flip. Norton holds his ground, reaches down and grabs Eddy by the throat, pulling him to a standing position. Guerrero goes right back to the legs, kicking away at them.

He bounces off the ropes, but Norton reaches out to grab him. Eddy slides between the big man’s legs, getting up and going right back to the legs, and kicking him in the backs of the knee. Finally he manages to get Norton down to one knee, but when he charges the ropes and comes back off, Norton straightens up and spikes him into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl slam. He hooks the leg, and this time manages to get a two count. Unhappy by the two count, Norton pulls Eddy up and attempts to whip him into the ropes, but Eddy reverses it and sends Norton in. As Norton hits the ropes, Chavo reaches in and grabs his foot, with his head turned. He didn’t see who’s leg he was grabbing, and Schiavone was quick to point out that he had to believe it was his uncle’s foot that he was grabbing. Whether or not he knew, the damage had been done as Norton staggers forward, right into a small package from Eddy, who secures the three count, the victory, and makes a hasty retreat following this. Outside the ring, he and Chavo continue to argue their way to the back.

Eddy Guerrero def. Scott “Flash” Norton-B

12- Midcard Meltdown

Following the match, the camera goes backstage where Booker T had once been found, but this time, against the WCW Wall Of Doom stands Lex Luger and Rick Steiner along with “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Steiner “Woofs” at the fans, while Luger stands in the background, flexing his pectoral muscles.

Gene Okerlund: Ladies and Gentleman, I am standing by with Rick Steiner, and Lex Luger, two men who are scheduled to face three members of the “nWo” at Slamboree, but tonight, Rick, you take on one member of that three man team in the form of Buff Bagwell.

Rick roughly grabs the mic, bringing it to his mouth.

Rick Steiner: WOOF WOOF WOOF Gene, you better believe I’m ready for this. Buff Bagwell has been a thorn in my side since this whole thing began. Hogan wants to take the credit for bringing my brother into the nWo, but Buff Bagwell is the one at his side. Bagwell, tonight, you’re going to step into the dog pound, and there ain’t no getting past this “Dogs” bite.

Gene Okerlund: Lex Luger, you’ll be accompanying this man to the ring tonight, as well being his tag team partner at Slamboree. What have you got to say?

Lex Luger: In this company, it’s hard to know who you’re friends are. You’ve got friends turning on friends, and family stabbing other members of their family in the back for fame. Well I’m here to say that these aren’t the kinds of mistakes I’m going to make. I’m going to stand behind my friend, and partner, and hopefully, Scotty will find the error of his ways too. Either way, someone’s getting Steinerlined and Racked at the pay-per-view.

Rick Steiner & Lex Luger Interview (Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Brian Adams)-B+

13- It Could Have Been Worse...

Back from another commercial break, and Rick Steiner and Lex Luger are already in the ring, awaiting his opponent. The “nWo” music hits, bringing out ”Buff” Bagwell along with his entourage of Brian Adams, Scott Steiner and Vincent. Apparently Vincent is the only man with a managerial license, because the other four are expelled by Nick Patrick. Buff doesn’t seem to care as much as most thought he would, leaving him to mock Steiner by running around barking into the air. They lock up and Rick shoves him down, then shows him exactly how to do the “bark.” Bagwell gets back to his feet, not so chipper now, but still mocks Steiner by going in for a second lock up and then pulling back. Bagwell, although smaller, attempts to exchange punches with the much larger Steiner. He gets a few unanswered shots in there before Steiner starts firing back, revealing that while Buff may be competent in the ring, he’s no match in a power game with Steiner. Rick rocks Buff back against the ropes with punches before sending him in with a whip. Buff ducks under the attempted clothesline, hits the ropes and comes back with a clothesline of his own. It barely does any damage to Rick, staggering him backwards a bit. Steiner quickly grabbed Buff by the back of the head and unceremoniously slammed him to the mat. Buff rolls around holding his face while Steiner “Woofs” at the crowd once more.

Vincent jumps up on the apron, drawing Steiner’s attention as The Dog Faced Gremlin takes a swing, and quickly gets rolled up by a recovering Bagwell. Buff gets a one count before Rick kicks out, gets back to his feet and nearly takes Buff’s head off with a lariat. STEINERLINE!! Steiner keeps the pressure on, picking Bagwell up and locking him in a bearhug. Bagwell breaks it with a rake of the eyes, bounces off the ropes, and gets thrown nearly out of the ring with an overhead belly to belly throw. While referee Charles Robinson checks on Buff, Vincent leaps on the apron once more, and this time a swing by Stiener misses giving Vincent the chance to grab him by the head and drop him over the ropes with a hangman. Steiner snaps back, hitting the mat real hard as Bagwell gets to his feet, holding the back of his neck.

While claiming that he’s “still the stuff” Bagwell stomps away on Steiner. He flexes, and then grabs his neck in pain, still selling the injury before picking Steiner up and backing him into the ropes. Bagwell goes for a whip into the ropes, only to have it reversed, but he ducks under a clothesline and comes back with a cross body for a two count. Both men scramble back to their feet where Bagwell hits Steiner with a dropkick, sending him back into the corner. Up on the ropes, Bagwell delivers the ten punch corner attack, only getting to eight before Steiner carries him out of the corner and goes for a Manhatten drop. Bagwell blocks the move and counters with a neckbreaker for another two count. Bagwell gets back to his feet and climbs to the second top rope, waiting for Rick Steiner to get to his feet. Just as Steiner hits his feet, Bagwell leaps off the ropes looking for his Blockbuster but Steiner ducks out of the way. He quickly scales to the second rope and nails a staggering Bagwell with his Second Rope Bulldog. Quick hook of the leg and Robinson counts the three count.

Rick Steiner def. Buff Bagwell (w/Vincent)-A+

14- Same Old Explantion; New Direction

Before the break, the commentary team puts over the fact that following the next commercial, Bret Hart will be out to make his statement about his reasoning behind helping Savage from last week. However, when the show comes back from commercial, it’s some new school rap music that plays, which features the words “Wolfpac” quite a bit, bringing to the ring Kevin Nash and Randy Savage, but without Bret Hart. The two men head to the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans, who are unsure whether or not to buy this new nWo faction, and a few who are confused by there being no Bret Hart. Savage poses on the turnbuckles while Nash retrieves a mic from Chimel.

Kevin Nash: In case you ain’t noticed, there’s a new group runnin’ things ‘round here.

Now there happens to be more cheers than boos. Has got to be something with the charisma of Nash, because with very few words, he can change the entire reaction of the fans.

Kevin Nash: Now last week, that orange skinned goblin seemed to have a plan to rid the world of “The Wolfpac” but that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen because of one man. Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the newest member of The Wolfpac, Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Hart’s music hits, bringing the fans to their feet it what may be the largest pop of the night, so far. Hart came through the curtain wearing his trademark “Hitman” leather jacket over his street clothes, holding his arms out to get the fans to cheer more. He spins around, making sure to look at every inch of the crowd, before turning to look towards the ring. He seems unconvinced by the presence in the ring, but he heads in anyway, walking up the steps and ducking between the middle and top rope. Nash stands there, interviewer like, and after a few seconds he runs his fingers across his throat as an indication to cut the music.

Kevin Nash: Now Bret, the wrestling world wants to know, the same damn thing they want to know everytime something like this happens. [mock whiny voice] Why Bret Why! [Clears throat] I mean, why did you come out and help Macho? It’s because you hate Hogan isn’t it? Isn’t it? Speak damn it!

Nash’s comedic outburst nearly has Savage and Hart breaking kayfabe, but both men stay strong, holding their gazes. Bret steps up to the microphone as a huge “Hitman” chant breaks out.

Bret Hart: Who I like, and who I don’t is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, since I’ve come here to WCW I’ve made one thing very clear. I will not, under any circumstances, allow the atrocities of someone being screwed over stand. Last week, I saw Hogan perpetrating an attack on Savage simply to obtain what he covets most of all. I’ve seen Hogan do the same to so many others over the years, and when I said I wouldn’t allow anyone to be screwed over, I meant that. Anyone includes The Macho Man, as well.

Well, that was extremely vague...

Kevin Nash: Ohhh, sounds like you’ve had to deal with Hogan’s indiscretions before. Controversy. Smell the controversy. I likes it.

Can Nash get any goofier? Good thing he’s funny or this might just ruin his image.

Bret Hart: Hogan is the kind of man who allowed his own hype to straight to his head. He’s been walking all over the little people his entire career, and it just happens to be the end of the line. Five years ago, Hogan decided that he was going to draw attention to himself by doing something that I apparently couldn’t. After wrestling nearly ten minutes, Hogan decided to come in and take what should have been mine. Over the years, I’ve been prone to be screwed over constantly by people like Hogan. People who believe they have the others in the palms of their hands. Well I refuse to be a puppet to anyone anymore. I cannot allow these things to stand.

Kevin Nash: Well, that was...erm...interesting...

Bret Hart: Which brings me to my next point. As much as I respect what you’re trying to do right now, the fact still remains that you were a lot like Hogan in the past. Using others to exploit your own gains. Now I’m not going to shroud my desires through lies. I’m going to come right out and say it.

He turns to Savage, who has the World Heavyweight Title thrown over his shoulder. Hart looks at the title, and continues to speak.

Bret Hart: You’re holding something that I look at with a great deal of respect. Something that I would do anything to hold. So, I’m going to come right out and say it. Savage, you have something I want, and I’m determined to take it. I’m not going to cheapshot you behind your back. I’m going to look you right in the eye, and tell you, that I’m taking that title.

Savage quickly grabs the mic from Hart, adjusting the title and looking the “Hitman” right in the eye.

Randy Savage: Bret Hart, yeah, you want to look me in the eye and tell me you’re coming after this belt, brother? Well, The Macho Man says why should we wait for another time, when you could take this belt tonight, dig it.

He runs his fingers out in front of Hart, in true Macho Man style, moving his head from side to side as if he has a nervous tick. Bret nods, and is about to leave the ring when the nWo music hits once more, and it brings out Konnan, who is still wearing the white and black shirt of what Schiavone and company are referring to as nWo Hollywood now that Nash and Savage are wearing the red and black of the new “Wolfpac” faction. The commentary team is sure to comment on the friendship between Nash and Konnan, which is evident by Nash waving him towards the ring, but Konnan remains on the stage, not looking happy at all. He has a mic in his hand.

Konnan: Yo! Yo! Yo! Le’me speak on dis! Orale! Arriba La Raza! Yo, yo, Kevin Nash, homey, seems you made a little misjudgment. Know what I’m saying homey? Seems you forgot exactly what fo’ life meant. Cause you see this shirt?

He grabs the neck of his shirt and holds it out, indicating the white ‘nWo” letters.

Konnan: These are the colors we bled. These were the colors that you brought. Now you wanna change the game? Nah Uh! That ain’t happenin’. Hollywood says you jus’ need a reality check, and I’m gonna be the man to do it.

Nash feigns shock, with his hand over his wide open mouth. He looks at Savage, then at Bret and back to Konnan.

Kevin Nash: Are you challenging me? (Turns to Savage) Is the Mexican Mr. Clean challenging me? (Turns to Hart) Is he....ah never mind. You wanna fight? You gotta fight. I’m still for life, but now it’s my life. Like those boys up north like to say, I got two words for ya Konnan.

The fans scream SUCK IT! but Nash shakes his head, smiles and then raises his “Wolf” symbol into the air.

Kevin Nash: Jacknife Powerbomb

Konnan nods his head, while Nash stands in the ring with his hand raised, and a confident grin on his face as the show goes to commercial.

Bret Hart Explains Himself, Then Challenges Savage-A

Konnan Challenges Kevin Nash-B+

15- Running Through The Flock

When the show comes back from commercial, Reese of Raven’s Flock is already in the ring, while the announce team mention that this match has come from the attack on Thursday when Reese got involved in the United States Title match between Goldberg and Raven. Reese has Lodi with him at ringside, but the only thing he’s good for is holding the signs. His sign for this match is “Pyriteberg” and Heenan is the only one who laughs at it before wondering who proofread his sign for him. All the queries were done when that music hit, and the fans completely blew the top off the arena, giving the largest pop of the night for the United States Champion, Goldberg. With the sparklers blazing, Goldberg steps through like a warrior, ready to bulldoze a small country.

Goldberg quickly strips off his title, tossing it to the floor and then making a huge beeline straight for the ring. He slides in, which gives Reese the chance to start off the match, stomping the champion into the mat. Goldberg shakes it off and explodes to his feet, shoving Reese back. The champ charges in and takes a big boot to the side of the head. He staggers back but when Reese moves in, Goldberg lashes out with several stiff forearms to the face. The big man staggers back and Goldberg spins around, delivering a kick right to the chin that sends him through the ropes. Reese crashes to the floor, right in front of Lodi. The champ follows him out. As soon as Lodi sees him, he gives off a loud girlish scream before hightailing it to the other side of the ring. Goldberg continues to hammer Reese right in front of the other Flock members, sans Raven and Saturn.

Goldberg grabs a chair but Reese fights back with a kick to the stomach, and then chokes the champion with both hands wrapped around his throats. Horace stands up, holding the stop sign out, which gives Reese a target to use, driving Goldbergs head into it, before turning him around and driving him into the steel steps. Reese appears to be completely in control when he rolls Goldberg in and climbs in himself, only to find Goldberg already on his feet and running like a freight train. Reese is quicker than he looks, moving aside and watching Goldberg drive himself right into the corner post. He staggers out and Reese grabs him around the throat, picking him high into the air and driving him down with a Double Choke Bomb. Goldberg’s streak is deemed over here as Reese covers, but at the count of two, Goldberg powers out of the cover and quickly regains his feet. Reese gets up and SPEAR!. Goldberg is up! Reese is down!

Lodi, finally getting over his fear, jumps onto the apron and waves his sign around until Goldberg grabs it and rips it up right in front of him. He turns and grabs Reese, picking the big man up and hoisting him high. He holds him up for nearly a minute before driving him down and picking up the academic three count. Goldberg gets to his feet as the title is handed back to him. He raises it high above his head as the crowd continues to cheer him on.

United States Title Match: Goldberg© def. Reese to RETAIN the title-B+

16- Grudges Aren’t Easily Ended

As Goldberg continues to celebrate, his bitter foes from the Flock hit the ring. Saturn and Raven are carrying trash cans which they quickly bounce off the head of Goldberg. He goes down and they begin stomping away on the US champ. He tries fighting them off but Saturn catches him in a capture suplex, sending him over. Goldberg hits hard, but he’s quickly back to his feet, only to take a stop sign shot to the back of the head from Raven. Saturn quickly slides out of the ring and grabs a chair, sliding it back into the ring before getting in himself to set it up mid-ring. Raven picks up Goldberg just as another man hits the ring, spinning Saturn around and connecting with a Diamondcutter. Diamond Dallas Page Page is here. Raven whips Goldberg in and goes for the drop toe hold onto the chair, but Goldberg barrel ahead, connecting with a Spear. Page and Goldberg back away from their opponents, coming into contact. They spin around with fists in the air but stop before swinging. There is a tense staredown for a few seconds until Page signals for a microphone.

Saturn & Raven Attk. Goldberg, DDP Saves-A

17- Common Enemies Lead To Common Bonds

Page has the mic in his hands, and while Goldberg stands staring at Page, Dallas stretches his arms out and makes sure to point at all the fans on all different sides. They pop, cheering him along as he turns towards the two Flock members backing up the ramp.

”Diamond” Dallas Page: Raven! There’s something you’ve got to learn. This isn’t Philadelphia anymore, and you’re not in that rat infested sewer. You’re playing with the big boys, and there aren’t many boys bigger than what you’re seeing right here. So you guys want to play your games? You wouldn’t fight me alone, but maybe with your little B**** right there, you’ll actually have the balls to step in the ring.

This gets quite a large pop from the crowd, and Goldberg cocks his head to the side, looking at Page, but then he grins and nods his head. Page turns his head, looking back out at Raven and Saturn.

”Diamond” Dallas Page: So what do you say? Are you ready to Feel the BANG!!

Raven doesn’t agree or disagree, he simply turns and walks back through the curtain, leaving the question uinanswered and giving the commentating team something to question as they head into commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page Challenges Raven & Saturn For Tag Match-B+

18- Friends Or Enemies

As the show comes back from commercial, the old school nWo music is being played, which means that Konnan is already on his way to the ring. Vincent plays to the crowd at his side, bringing him to the ring. Konnan poses on the ropes as the rap version of the nWo music hits, which brings his opponent Kevin Nash to the ring. Nash comes alone, but he poses to the crowd the entire way, mocking Konnan by grabbing his balls and screaming “Olaley” into the air. Nash steps over the top rope, and comes face to face with Konnan in the center of the ring. The two bicker back and forth until Konnan gets brazen and actually slaps Nash across the face. Nash smirks, rubbing where Konnan had hit him, but then he hauls off and hammers Konnan with a big right hand. Konnan ducks the second shot and fires off a series of shots of his own. He goes for a whip but Nash stops it, turning it around and whipping him into the ropes. He goes for a big boot to the face but Konnan ducks under, hits the ropes and then nails a rolling clothesline. Nash staggers back into the ropes, but it opens him up for more punches from Konnan.

Konnan attempts another whip, but once again Nash is too strong and he reverses the whip, lifting Konnan up high on the return and pancaking him into the mat. Nash confidently turns Konnan over with his foot, and places it on the man’s chest. Charles Robinson drops for the count as Nash flicks his hair out of the way, giving that Kodak moment for the cameras. Nash’s smirk is wiped away when Konnan kicks out. Nash picks him up, and this time positions him for the Jacknife Powerbomb. Nash lifts his arm for the signal, and then pulls Konnan up, but Konnan manages to reverse it and land on his feet in front of Nash. Kick to the gut and a ddt puts the big man on the canvas. Konnan gets back to his feet before calling to his “Dawgs”, of which he has none because most of the fans boo him.

Konnan stomps away at “Big Kev” but can’t keep him grounded. As Nash gets to his knees, Konnan plants two feet right in his face with a basement dropkick. Konnan does a good job of keeping Nash off his feet, hitting him from all sides every time he starts to get up. He makes a mistake though as he goes for his Tequila Sunrise but Nash’s legs are too long, and he’s forced to try and modify the maneuver but Nash powers out. As both men get to their feet, Konnan grabs him and tries to whip him into the ropes, only to have Nash stand stock still before pulling Konnan in for a short arm clothesline. Nash picks Konnan up and tosses him into the ropes before nearly taking his head off with a big boot. Vincent hits the ring and takes a Big Boot of his own. Vincent gets up, holding his jaw and walks right into a kick to the gut from Nash. Vincent goes up, and then Vincent comes down. Jacknife Powerbomb. Konnan ges up and Nash does the same to him. Up and down. Jacknife Powerbomb. Hook of the leg, cover and pinfall.

Kevin Nash def. Konnan-A+

19-Concussion Or A Case Of The Limber Tail?

Following the match, Schiavone, Tenay and Heenan hype the main event, which to refresh the minds of those not paying attention, is World Heavyweight Title Match:: Randy Savage© vs Bret Hart. They also state that earlier tonight, it was announced that Hollywood Hogan would not be at the arena due to the concussion he received last week from the Bret Hart chair shot. Schiavone says that Hogan may have developed a case of the “limber tail” because he’d seen people take more brutal shots than that and wrestle the next day.

Commentary Hypes Main Event-A

20- Excellence Has Been Executed

As the entrances for this match begin, it’s clearly evident that the crowd enjoy the work of both men, giving them a nice reaction as they make their way to the ring. Bret Hart seems to be a bit more popular, getting a slightly larger reaction for his entrance. As Nick Patrick takes the belt from Savage and shows it to Hart, Bret makes a show of taking it, folding it carefully and kissing the gold plate. Patrick takes the belt back and hands it to the time keeper before having the bell rung, and the match begins. Hart steps to the center of the ring and extends his hand, but Savage merely looks at it, choosing not to shake it. Hart realizes it’s not going to happen and pulls it back, circling the ring and pulling at the ropes, testing the give. They both lock up in the center, and Hart goes right to work with his technical skills, working the arm with an armbar before dropping down and tripping Savage with his feet. Hart floats over into side headlock. Both men are back to their feet where Savage shoves Hart into the ring and then stands still as Bret runs into him and then goes down from the shoulderblock. Savage hits the ropes, and Hart is back to his feet where he takes the champ down with a hiptoss. Once again Savage regain his feet but this time he takes a dropkick that sends him through the ropes. He manages to stay on the apron, and get back to his feet.

Bret chooses to go in, and he blocks a right hand by Savage, responding with a knee to the gut and then suplexing him back into the ring. Hart floats over, hooking for the cover and getting a one count. Both men regain their feet, and Bret goes for another side headlock, but this time Savage goes to the eyes, raking them and then hammering Bret in the back of the head, taking him to one knee, and then hammering him further. The champ whips Hart into the ropes where he delivers a clothesline. Savage is still selling the work done to his back and arm, but he still goes to the top rope, looking for the double axehandle off the top, which he doesn’t get when Bret drives his fist into the man’s stomach. Hart goes back on the attack, pulling Savage up and delivering another textbook suplex. Bret goes to the middle rope before driving the point of his elbow deep into the throat of the champion. Another cover, and another one count.

Hart goes to work on the knee of Savage, knowing that he’s had problems with it before. Savage pulls Bret into a small package when the challenger attempts a spinning toehold. The package only gets a one count as well, but it knocks Bret off his guard long enough for Savage to regain the advantage, raking the eyes, and then the back with his old school heel tactics, despite being a clear face. Savage scoops Hart up and slams him in the center of the ring. Savage continues his attack with stomps and punches, taking the fight to the outside where he drives the challengers head into the steel barricade, and then scoop slams him on the outside. Savage’s gameplan doesn’t change, whether the fans cheer him or boo him, he continues to use the tactics that brought him to the dance, which is anything and everything. Savages goes to the apron and waits for Hart to get up before driving a double sledge to the forehead of the challenger.

A small “Hitman” chant breaks out but Savage ignores it and continues his attack, rolling Hart under the bottom rope, leaving just enough of his head exposed to drive an elbow into the throat of the challenger. Hart rolls around inside the ring, holding his throat as Savage joins him. Savage pulls Bret up and tosses him into the corner. Heenan takes this time to chime in that Bret’s strategy should be simple. All he has to do is punch Savage until his false teeth fall out, and then stomp on them. Classic strategy. Schiavone tells him to stop, but Heenan insists that he once asked Savage how he got such white teeth, and Savage told him he bought them. Hart seems to be within the same mentality as Heenan as he unleashes several right hands to the jaw, backing Savage out of the corner before connecting with a clothesline. Hart pulls Savage back to his feet where he plants him again with a pendulum backbreaker. Hart covers, and gets a two count.

Hart stretches the legs out and plants a well placed kick to the lower extremities of the champion. While it used to get heat from the fans, this time they actually cheer as Hart drags Savage to the corner, with one leg on either side of the post. He slides out of the ring, grabs Savage by the feet and pulls him into the post, crotching him hard. He’s not finished there though because he crosses Savage’s leg and locks in the Figure Four Around The Post. Savage is in agony. Nick Patrick is attempting to force Hart to break the move, and then a foreign foot drives itself right into Hart’s face. Hollywood Hogan! Hogan is there, and he’s stomping away at Hart, forcing him to break the hold. Hogan quickly rolls into the ring (quick for Hogan), and takes off his weight lifting belt, lashing Savage across the chest and back with the belt. Hart comes in, trying to break it up but Hogan wraps the belt around his fist and nails Hart with it.

Kevin Nash charges from the back, but before he can even get close to the ring, Konnan and Vincent cut him off. Sting and The Giant follow suit, but instead of fighting Nash, they help Nash to drive off Vincent and Konnan, but the rest of the nWo contingent in The Japanese Threat, Scott Norton, The Disciple all hit the aisle-way. Sting and Giant fight them off as best they can but the numbers game gets the better of them. Inside the ring Hogan is still using the weight belt to stay on the offensive, choking out Savage and Hart, while Bischoff stomps on the other one. Schiavone declares that they are Out Of Time, with the final shot being of Hogan choking Savage with the belt close to the camera. Hogan is yelling into the camera. ”It’s my belt, brother! All mine!” and the show fades....

World Heavyweight Title Match:: Randy Savage© went to a No Contest with Bret Hart-A+

Final Show Rating: A+

Attendance: 10, 000

Television Rating: 2, 214, 187

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Bret's explanation was perfect. I also liked him putting over the importance of the belt. That rang true. At first I thought you went forward with Bret vs. Savage too soon, but WCW in 1998 was hotshotting potential money matches left and right, so it worked. Typical ending to the show, too.

Nash was his usual self, trying to get himself over at everyone else's expense. I laughed, though, at the thought of Nash/Konnan and Steiner/Buff producing "A+" matches.

I do hope this was the Prince's last chance.

The no contest ending to Benoit vs. Booker was the right thing to do. That feud needs to be stretched out as long as possible. As was the case during the real-life Best of Seven, there's no clear-cut babyface in the situation and I think that works well for these two.

I prefer a somewhat campy Kanyon to the Man on Mission type character WCW tried at this time, but I'm open to seeing whether you can make it work.

The inclusion of Van Hammer vs. Barbarian was eerily true-to-life. ;)

The hype for Flair's return is great. He hasn't been gone quite long enough for this to pop the rating the September return actually did, but the intrigue is still there, particularly given the use of the "IV."

Nice to see Muta/Chono AND Bulldog/Neidhart actually pushed. I marked for both teams at the time and didn't understand why they were so marginalized.

Keep the Eddy/Chavo stuff coming. I loved that. They could really have had something with Pepe, IMO.

Refreshing that you're keeping Konnan with nWo Hollywood. His recent work in TNA has convinced me that he IS better suited to work as a heel.

I swear I saw that Goldberg-Reese match on an actual Nitro, LOL. Tagging Goldberg with DDP is a good move and should take him to that next level. I'd hate to see Raven & Saturn serve as Goldberg & DDP's designated jobbers, though. Both Raven and Saturn were really on their way to getting over at the time, so I'm looking forward to where they go over the summer.

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Two shows to go through, which is a great way to kill time right now, and plus a great read because I likes your work. Yay.

Thursday Thunder

Prince over Juvi kinda sucks because Juvi vs Jericho would be destined for a great match, while Jericho has to pull one out of Prince. The "Monkey Foot" was great, though.

Razzing on Tony is fun.

The two out of three falls match will rule. There, it's said.

Please, no Konnan in the Wolfpac.

High Voltage getting killed is always a nice thing to see. And then Neidhart/DBS getting beaten down by Chono and Muta rules. I can totally see Muta and Chono winning the Tag titles, and that would definately be good.

I must be honest and say that I don't remember much about the Eddy/Chavo storyline. I just recall that they had a lot of matches where if Eddy lost or Chavo won, he'd gain his freedom, then Chavo going insane and submitting to a handshake at Road Wild. A good win for Kidman here.

If I recall right, Lex wasn't really doing much at the time, so him helping Rick works out well for all involved parties.

Goldberg vs Raven did exactly what it needed to, and that's show Goldberg destroying more "high name" people.

As was said, the lack of Bret, major nWo presence, and other various things hurt the show a bit to the reader, but it was an A rated show, so that's always good for the in-game crowd. For Thunder, it was alright enough.

Monday Nitro

Commentary BS sessions are always a good way to start a show.

Jericho is even better though, and him pulling an A* match out of Prince is always good in my book.

Damn, a no contest? At least it should be a good feud to build based on matches. Just a note, was Benoit called "The Rabid Wolverine" yet? I can't remember if he had that before he got to the WWF or if they gave it to him and he was just "The Crippler" in WCW.

Something tells me that Raven's mystery man is either Stevie or Kanyon.

Bah Gawd the filler match! It accomplished what it was meant to: taking up space.

Good to see that Flair's complete disappearance from WCW television is not ignored, as he's returning in a few weeks rather than jumping right into the mix.

See, the hype for Neidhart/DBS vs Muta/Chono demonstrates the problem I had with the 98 scenario. It's almost TOO easy to get really good ratings, because really I don't think a video for that match would be rated that highly. But hey, when you're playing the game, that's good for a change of pace.

The Japanese Threat? Why not just go ahead and call their finisher Pearl Harbor? Guess it's realistic, because they probably would have gotten that name or something like it in due time, but it's still weird. But then again I usually always just went with "Muta and Chono" or "nWo Japan" when playing a game and pushing them. Good win, even if it's a win that was pretty much written in stone as soon as the opponents were mentioned.

And a happy little beatdown for Neidhart and Davey Boy. Good hype.

A nice match between Eddy and Norton for furthering the Chavo feud.

Steiner and Luger should be a good team. Both power wrestlers, both over, both crazy.

Here's to all hopes of the Steiner vs Steiner feud to not take until World War 3 to finish like real life gave us.

This has little to do with the show, but I want to point out how I always thought it was funny in around mid-April before the Wolfpac got their rap theme and were still using the original nWo song, it would play and the crowd would immediately boo until they saw who was coming to the ring.

Bret's explanation was pretty vague. So he's not a member of the Wolfpac? Can't say that I disagree with that, but unsure alleigances is what helped ruin Bret's WCW time. He's still stuck with that here, as he isn't pledging himself to any cause, WCW or nWo or even just Bret Hart. Also good to see that the Wolfpac will not be taking in Konnan just yet, though the "nWo Hollywood" name could have easily been replaced here. But on the other hand, it was also referred to quite often as the black and white, so it can still go either way. Just never really cared for it, is all.

Goldberg killing the Flock? Well, I guess it definately puts him over as someone who can run through a stable, making him perfect to go against the nWo in time. And Page making the save works out, since they were always against one another.

Good, Konnan is still not in the Wolfpac. I was almost expecting to see a swerve there and he'd join up. Really, there should only be about three or four people who should join the 'Pac, and Konnan is just not one of them.

More commentary BS. Cool.

Very basic WCW booking, which is nice to see. Savage vs Hart should be a good main event for Slamboree, possibly even a triple threat with Hogan involved.

Overall a good Nitro, it does exactly what it needs to do as Slamboree gets hyped, no major matches are really "given away" but enough is done that it makes it worthwhile to watch.

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Reading as I rant/review as per the norm with me:

-Good to see Jericho win, and nice how you didn't totally job out Prince I. You actually gave us a well balanced match more than I expected to see.

-Benoit heeling it up? I think so. A very well written match that was fun and well done. Nothing solved of course means we head to a PPV Match soon, and of course who doesn't want to see these two men during their prime on PPV?

-In reality the mystery man was none other than Kanyon about to get a mini push. Will it be him here? I hope not. I love me some Kanyon, and yet I also would like to see this go another direction. However I doubt that happens.

-Van Hammer rocks. Anyone who knows TGC knows he loves some Van Hammer. "Rock and mother fucking roll". Sadly few of you will get this reference.

-IV. Need I say more? Just do me a personal favor and fuck McMichael. Kay?

-The Japanese Threat rocks hard. And pitting them against Glacier and Miller is so something that WCW would do, not even realizing that they are continuing to kill the gimmick of them both being Martial Arts badasses. I love it.

-I remember when Nitro started and WCW was very big on Scott Norton. FF a year later when his tag team with Ice exploded, and it looked like they were high on him yet again. Sadly it never went anywhere at all, as he never got over and WCW never pushed him enough for him to get over. Not sure why i mention this, other than that I kinda wish WCW had built him into a monster of sorts. Norton with the Goldberg push would have been great, especially since Norton sucks on the mic.

-Heel Luger > Face Luger every damn day of the week. That said, since I doubt he turns on Steiner and joins the nWo, I care nothing about this feud nor this match. Rick and Buff? Please. However you set the Luger turn up perfectly if you care to do it with:

Lex Luger: In this company, it’s hard to know who you’re friends are. You’ve got friends turning on friends, and family stabbing other members of their family in the back for fame. Well I’m here to say that these aren’t the kinds of mistakes I’m going to make. I’m going to stand behind my friend, and partner, and hopefully, Scotty will find the error of his ways too. Either way, someone’s getting Steinerlined and Racked at the pay-per-view.

-The whole WofPac, Hart, Konnan thing left a lot to be desired, and yet it totally fulfilled its purpose just fine. Actually, it felt like a real WCW thing. All hype for a week and then fails to deliver. That said, do NOT put Luger and Sting in The WolfPac. Please. Ever.

-DDP vs. Goldberg was Goldberg's best WCW match ever. DO EEEET!

-An A+ Match for Nash and Konnan? Gotta love the fucked up stats that allow THAT to happen. Nice for what it was.

-Very nice ME that was perfect for the time. WCW was all about giving away big money PPV matches for free at this time, but with a screwjob clusterfuck ending. Of course, the same happened on PPV usually, which made anyone who bought the PPV's real morons. Sadly I include myself in that equation. I saw Sting and The Giant, and I cried. Is Sting already in the WolfPac and I forget? I hope not. I truly hated red faced WolfPac Sting. Here's hoping that Hart vs. Savage vs. Hogan Main Events the next PPV.

Overall Grade for Nitro is a B

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Well sweet jesus, it took me two days but I finally got through all of that.

Ok, things I liked about Nitro. The two out of three falls match ending without a clear winner. TGC nailed it, who wouldn't want to see them go at it on ppv? The Four Horsemen are my all time favourite stable. What little you mentioned to be about it has really got me looking forward to where this is going. Bret Hart's explanation was very good, I liked how you tied in that stupid Wrestlemania match where Hogan won the belt with zero reasoning. Humorous Kevin Nash...he may be a little above average in the ring, but dammit I love him regardless. Muta and Chono mauling people...enough said really.

...and because you wanted some criticism, a few things I didn't like. First off, the entire Luger/Steiners stuff. Nothing you could do would make me see this as any more than a waste of time on the shows. Luger does however need to be pushed...into oncoming traffic. I don't like the name "The Japanese Threat" for some reason, just sounds pretty "blah". Lastly, Raven's mystery man...but that's just because it isn't who I wanted it to be.

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IPB Image

-Taped At The Alltell Arena, North Little Rock, Arkansas

1- Opening The Show Right!

Like most Nitro’s and Thunders, this one opens with the usual recap of the main event happenings on Nitro. There is a quick recap of the challenge by Bret Hart to Randy Savage for the World Heavyweight Title. This leaves it to segue into the main event match where the two men went back and forth until Hollywood Hogan, who was not supposed to be in the building on that night. The video ends with the final seconds of Nitro, and Hogan standing tall over both Savage and Hart.

Nitro Recap Video-A+

2- Setting Up The Main Event

Following the recap video, and the usual Thunder opening, Schiavone and Zbysko are at the announce table to hype up the show, running down the matches, but focusing mostly on the main event, which is Kevin Nash vs Sting in a preview of their Slamboree match coming up in a little over two weeks from this night. Schiavone talks about how this match came about, which actually happened when James J. Dillon brought back the thirty day title defense rule, and informed Kevin Nash that since The Outsiders are the tag champs, then they would have to defend them at Slamboree. Their opponents would be The Giant and Sting. Zbysko then informed the television audience that Scott Hall had not been seen in a long time, and he wasn’t sure that Hall would even be at Slamboree, despite Nash’s claims to the contrary. Schiavone ended this segment with a “We shall see”

Commentators Hype Main Event-A+

3- This Is Why It’s Called The Television Title

The opening match was Booker T defending his Television Title against the brother of a former WCW/NWA World Champon in Kendall Windham. Coming from Harlem, Booker T was the tough street smart champion, but Windham himself came from that rough Texas background. Booker seemed a bit off his game in the beginning, going for a lock up but Windham wasn’t having any of that and answered back with a kick to the gut and some heavy forearms to the back of the head and neck, driving Booker down to the canvas. Booker couldn’t seem to get anything going as Kendall continues to hammer away, whipping the champion into the ropes and connecting with a big boot to the face. Booker rolls out of the ring quickly to get his bearings. Kendall goes for the ropes a couple times but Mark Johnson does his job, keeping the challenger in the ring, and then administering the count to the champion.

Booker finally rolls back in at the count of six, but Windham is right back on the attack with stomps, and the basic brawling moves like punches and kicks. Windham scoops Booker up and slams him in the center of the ring, but a subsequent kneedrop is avoided when Booker rolled out of the way. Booker got back to his feet and began firing away at Windham with his own punches before tossing him into the ropes and connecting with a clothesline. Kendall quickly scrambled back to his feet and took a second clothes. Second time he got up and it was a scoop, and Booker shows him exactly how a kneedrop is done with Booker hitting one right between the eyes of the challenger. Windham gets back to his feet, holding his head, which gives Booker the chance to back him into the ropes. An irish whip is reversed, and Booker goes hurtling into the corner, but he manages to avoid Windham’s charge by propping himself up, and then floating down the challengers back into a pinning combination, but it only gets a two count.

Both men get back to their feet and Booker takes a massive lariat, which Schiavone makes sure to compare to Stan Hansen, another big texan. Calm down, Tony. He’s no Stan Hansen. Windham pulls Booker up and sets him on the top rope, facing the crowd, before climbing up and taking him down with a back suplex from the middle rope. Another cover from Windham gets a two, but he pulls the champion up and connects with a ddt, another cover, and another kick out. Not being able to put the champion away frustrates Windham, and he seems to lose focus as he picks Booker up and tosses him into the ropes. He goes for another lariat, but Booker ducks and nearly takes Windhams head off with a Harlem Sidekick. Booker chooses not to go for the cover, going up to the top rope instead. He waits for Windham to get up and stagger around before leaping off with the Missile Dropkick. This time he quickly makes the cover, and secures the pinfall to retain his title.

WCW Television Title Match: Booker T© def. Kendall Windham-B+

4- One More Last Chance

Even before Booker T regains his feet after the pinfall, Chris Benoit is already through the curtain with a microphone in his hand. As Booker regains his footing, Benoit smirks and claps his hands. Schiavone and Zbysko wonder whether that is true appreciation, or if Benoit is simply mocking Booker. After about thirty seconds of clapping, Benoit finally decides that it’s time to make his point very clear.

Chris Benoit: Congratulations Booker. Not only did you beat Kendall here, but you also managed to beat me on Nitro. That’s quite commendable. One match couldn’t decide a winner. Hell, even three matches in one couldn’t decide a winner. I know that I said the last match would finally decide who was better, but it’s obvious that it didn’t happen. So Booker, I’m challenging you to one more match at Slamboree. One more match to prove that I’m better than you. Not just any match. It won’t be one match. It won’t be two matches. Hell, it won’t even be three matches!What I’m proposing is an Iron Challenge Match. As many pinfalls in sixty minutes. There must be a winner. What do you say?

Booker contemplates the thought before taking the microphone from David Penzer, he looks at Benoit, and responds.

Booker T: Ya know, I ain’t never turned down a challenge, so Benoit, if you wanna match, you gots dat match. But let me tell ya one thing Benoit, ain’t no way you’re betta than me!

Booker tosses the mic to Penzer, who nearly drops it on the floor. Benoit simply smiles that toothless grin as the show goes to commercial. Schiavone and Zbysko discuss Benoit’s tactics during the Two out of Three falls match.

Chris Benoit Challenges Booker T For Slamboree-B+

5- Setting Up Another Slamboree Match

As the show came back from commercial, the face team of Super Calo, Prince Iaukea, Magnum Tokyo, Hector Garza, and Juventud Guerrera are already in the ring. Schiavone puts this over as a prelude to the 10-Man Battle Royal that will take place at Slamboree to determine a challenger for Chris Jericho’s Cruiserweight Title on the same show. Uncharacteristically, the heels also come out together, with Eddie Guerrero leading the way for Chavo Guerrero Jr, Damien, Billy Kidman and El Dandy. Eddie seems to think that Chavo should be the first one in, and that’s the way it ends up as he seems to be running the show. On the face side of things, Super Calo was voted in, and the match finally began.

To open the match, both men started with the usual cruiserweight moves, arm drags, counters, dropkicks, legsweeps. Both Chavo and Calo both went for several pins, getting one counts here and there. That exchange finally ended when Chavo sent Calo to the outside with a well placed dropkick to the chest. Eddie yelled at Chavo to take advantage, but Chavo did the honorable thing by allowing Calo to get back in the ring. Pissed off, Eddie calls for the tag and Chavo is more than happy to bring him in. Eddy goes about showing Chavo how things are really done, faking a lock up and then poking Calo in the eyes. He tosses Calo into the corner and follows up with a monkey flip, throwing the luchadore about 10 feet into the air. Eddie continued to hammer Calo in the corner, ignoring his other teammates who wanted a piece of the action. Eddie whips Calo into the corner and then charges in, but Calo rolls forward, under the clothesline and makes the tag to Magnum Tokyo.

Tokyo hits the ring and takes Eddie off his feet with a right hand, then a left, and a dropkick that sends him between the ropes. He remains on the apron, and gets up, attempting to hits Tokyo. Magnum ducks the right hand attempt and drives his shoulder into Guerrero’s stomach, leaps over the top rope and attempts a sunset powerbomb to the floor. Eddie holds onto the ropes, stopping the move, but Magnum doesn’t give up, turning around and instead bringing Eddie away from the ropes in an electric chair position. He walks back, and then drops Eddie face first onto the side of the apron. Unfortunately for Magnum, he had been oblivious to the blind tag between Eddie and Kidman because as soon as TOKYO turns around he is privy to a hurricanrana from Kidman. The youngster from the Flock quickly gets back to his feet and grabs Tokyo, pulling him up and slamming him face first into the barricade.

Everything seems to break down here as all five men begin fighting with each other. Calo and Garza are double teaming Eddie, but surprisingly Chavo goes to his rescue, spinning Garza around and suplexing him on the concrete. Eddie pats Chavo on the back, but Chavo doesn’t like this and turns to swing at Eddie. Before his punch can connect, Calo knocks Eddie down with a dropkick which is a good thing for Chavo, seeing as he’s not allowed to hit Eddie. Iaukea who had been out of the conflicts for the most part showed that he wanted one more shot at the Cruiserweight Title, grabbing Billy Kidman and tossing him underneath the bottom rope. Iaukea goes in, looking to put Kidman away while the rest of the participants are busy but the minute he hooked Kidman up for the Northern Lights Suplex, Kidman countered with a small package scoring the quick win, and what was seemingly the upset victory. Outside the ring Eddie argued with Chavo, blaming him for the loss. The others simply left dejected, except for Iaukea who banged the mat in frustration. Kidman, despite winning the match, still looked depressed as he scratched his way to the back.

Billy Kidman, Damien,Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, El Dandy def. Super Calo, Prince Iaukea, Juventud Guerrera, Magnum TOKYO, Hector Garza (Kidman p. Iaukea)-B+

6- The nWo Will Not Back Down!!

Tony and Larry send the show backstage once more, and this time Gene Okerlund is standing next to the trio of Brian Adams, Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell Steiner is flexing his left arm, which covers Gene’s entire head. Bagwell continues to do his fruity dance, waving his arms to each side, and then double flexing, also trying to outdo Steiner. Adams simply stands there, rubbing his hands together and looking menacing with a snarl on his face.

Gene Okerlund: Tony? Larry? I’m standing back here with the trio contingent of the nWo in Adams, Steiner and Bagwell. Scott Steiner, you turned your back on WCW, and your brother to align with these three men right here. Your brother wants to know why. I think he deserves that much, don’t you?

Steiner goes to speak but Buff quickly grabs the mic, bringing it in his direction.

Buff Bagwell: Do you think we really care what you think After all, what you’re looking at right here is the biggest spectacle that you have ever seen. We are genetic specimens.

Looks at Steiner and Adams, and then points back and forth between himself and Steiner before continuing.

Buff Bagwell: okay, WE are genetic specimen!

Adams looks pissed off, and he grabs the mic, smacking Buff on the chest.

Brian Adams: What’s that supposed to mean?

Adams is about to grab Buff by the collar but he backs away, hands raised in submission.

Buff Bagwell: Easy there, big boy! Just playin’. Seriously though, do you think anybody in the entire WCW has a shot at taking down the three of us? I mean, come on.

Gene Okerlund: Maybe not two, but I know of three who are going to–

Steiner grabs the microphone, shocking Gene Okerlund, but before Okerlund can say anything, Steiner shoots him a glare which shuts him down completely.

Scott Steiner: YOU DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING! You think you know everything Gene, walking around backstage with your little microphone, giving your hotline reports, but you don’t know *BEEP*. Lex Luger is a piece of crap who should have taken the offers when they were handed to him, but he couldn’t see past his so called friends. Where has that gotten you Lex? Where are you now? About to get your ass handed to you by me, the genetic freak!

Steiner stops for a second, trying to gather his train of thought which gives Gene the chance to speak after being cut off earlier.

Gene Okerlund: You used to be one of those friends that you speak of. You turned your back on your brother, on Lex Luger, and on the company that made you. You had it all. What do you have to say for yourself?

Scott Steiner: I didn’t have anything! I HAD it all! But ever since the nWo entered this company, they’ve been controlling everything. They hand out the title shots. Dubya-See-Dubya has failed to realize that, and continue to believe that they control something. It was business, plain and simple. I don’t need anyone for success, but I went with the better option, and this....(he points to the three of them)....is the better option.

Gene Okerlund: Well, you people have proved something to us, but being the better option is not it. Tonight, you’ve asked for a handicap match against one of WCW’s tag teams, and you’ve been granted that match. However, even you guys have to agree that High Voltage is not Lex Luger or Rick Steiner.

This time it’s Adams who takes the microphone.

Brian Adams: It doesn’t matter who they are. High Voltage! Lex Luger! Rick Steiner! Anybody from WCW! You can send them all, and we’ll break them all. That’s the one thing we’re here for, and when it’s all said and done, WCW will be crushed beneath our boots. That, is what we here at the nWo call, reality!

They shuffle off with Gene shaking his head, still flabbergasted and unable to send it back to Tony and Larry. The camera simply fades to a commercial.

Brian Adams, Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell Interview (Luger/R. Steiner)-B

7- Certainly Not Luger Or Steiner

As the show came back from commercial, High Voltage were already in the ring, and the nWo’s music was already playing, signaling the entrance of the nWo Trio. The three men make their way to the ring with Buff Bagwell trying to hog the camera time all the way there. High Voltage make the mistake of not attacking off the back, but they seem to like playing the noble team, allowing all three to get into the ring. Unfortunately for them, the nWo contingent doesn’t feel the same way, running across the ring and pounding on both members of High Voltage until the team is forced to vacate the ring. This gives Steiner and Bagwell a chance to pose, showing off their incredible physiques. Adams stands there, grimacing as usual, not caring to showboat with the other two. Adams taps them on the shoulder and shows them the way to the apron, where they go and leave Adams in the ring. Kaos takes the bullet for his team.

Both men lock up in the center of the ring. A struggle ensues as both men attempt to get the power advantage. Surpisingly, it’s Kaos who gets the advantage by shoving Adams into his own corner. Bagwell points at him, chuckling, but Adams doesn’t seem to get the joke and just glares at him. Bagwell stops chuckling quickly and points behind Adams. The big man turns around into several stiff forearm shots to the side of the head from Kaos. Kaos grabs Adams are, applying an armwringer and dragging him to his corner, where he brings in Robbie Rage with the tag. Rage comes in and immediately locks up with Adams, but unlike his partner, he doesn’t fair as well, getting shoved back into the corner where Adams drives several shoulders into the mans gut. Adams powers Rage around, picking him up and pressing him over his head, but he takes too much time trying to show off in front of Buff that he doesn’t see Kaos run in the ring. Adams turns around and Kaos dropkicks him, sending him down and having Rage land on him. Rage scores the quick two count but Steiner breaks it up and Bagwell knocks Kaos out of the ring, showing evidence that the numbers game is clearly in their favor.

Steiner and Adams toss Kaos into the corner and hammer away at him while Billy Silverman attempts to regain control of the match. He manages to get Steiner away and Kaos dumps Adams over the ropes. Kaos comes rushing out of the corner, intent on hammering away at Steiner but Scott pushes the ref out of the way, grabs Kaos and belly to belly suplexes him over. Steiner stands up and clotheslines Rage nearly out of his boots. Finally Silverman restores order, getting Steiner out of the ring, but Adams comes in and tags him in anyway. Steiner comes in, throwing forearms left and right to both Kaos and Rage. Steiner tosses Rage into the ropes and takes him down with a big lariat. Rage rolls from the ring while Steiner grabs Kaos, looking for a belly to belly, but Kaos stops it, dropping to the mat and taking Steiner down with a leg scissors. Kaos surprises Steiner with this move, and he’s unable to block the suplex from Kaos. Kaos quickly jumps to his feet and hits both Adams and Bagwell, knocking them from the apron before going back to Steiner.

Kaos quickly headed to the apron, waiting for Steiner to get up before slingshotting into the ring and connecting with a shoulder tackle. He makes the cover but before the ref can get into position, Buff runs in and grabs Kaos by the foot, pulling him off the cover. Bagwell and Kaos slug it out in the ring with Bagwell connecting with a neckbreaker. Rage hits the ring, clearing Buff from the ring, but Adams is right there to clothesline him over as well. Adams heads out of the ring after Rage, slamming him around outside the ring as Steiner recovers in the ring and grabs Kaos, locking him in the Steiner Recliner as Schiavone calls it, which in reality is a messed up looking camel clutch. Adams and Bagwell hold Rage, forcing him to watch as Steiner twists and turns Kaos’s neck until he’s forced to tap out, giving the victory to the trio while Zbysko reminds the fans that as good as High Voltage are, they aren’t Rick Steiner and Lex Luger.

Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell & Brian Adams def. High Voltage-B

8- Battle Of The Bowery

Once more the camera goes backstage, another desolate area of the arena. A dark corner housing two men, members of the Flock. Raven sits in a dark corner, with Perry Saturn standing at his side. Saturn stares at the camera, but Raven just smirks as he raises his eyes from the floor to look straight into the lense.

Raven: Napoleon once said “After making a mistake or suffering a misfortune, the man of genius always gets back on his feet.”

Very dramatically, Raven makes his way to his feet, limping a bit as he steps forward.

Raven: Great men also admit that they have made a mistake, but Dallas, my mistake was not in fighting with you, no, it was in not fighting you. The minute I walked into WCW, I should have walked up to you, and slapped the taste right out of your mouth, for now you have grown an ego. But that ego, is not one that cannot be fixed, cannot be changed, cannot be taken away. Walk a simple path, and you will die a simple death, so it is written, so it shall come to pass. The two of you want us? Then you will come to the Bowery.

Raven holds his arms out in the cross-like fashion while Saturn says what he needs to say.

Saturn: GOLDBERG! Time after time you’ve gotten lucky, but after Slamboree, your streak is going to come to an end! I promise you that!


Raven sits back down, sullen once more as Saturn retreats back into the darkness. Obviously they’re ignoring the threat of the unknown man once again.

Raven & Saturn Accept Challenge (Bowery Death Match)-A+

9- Finally Someone Other Than The Flock

Back from a commercial break and the rough and tumble Irish man, Fit Finlay is already in the ring, loosening up on the ropes, and getting his blood flowing, which Schiavone says is a good idea because when the music of his opponent hits, that blood might just run cold. However, Finlay does not look impressed when the music of Bill Goldberg hits, and the big man comes out with the United States Championship wrapped around his waist. He stomps his feet, snorting like a bull as he smacks himself in the head a couple of times as a way to get himself motivated before storming the ring. He strips the U.S title off before sliding into the ring. Finlay quickly gets the advantage, stomping the champion with some heavy boots. Finlay pulls Goldberg to his feet and hammers him with big european uppercuts before grabbing him for a butterfly suplex. Goldberg blocks the first attempt, and the second, which forces Finlay to change his game plan, and connects with shots to the back of the head. Goldberg drops to one knee, and Finlay steps back before driving a knee into the side of the champion’s head.

Finlay continues his attack, pulling Goldberg to his feet and maneuvering him into the corner. Finlay fires off stiff rights and lefts, followed by a couple more european uppercuts. Goldberg shakes them off and shoves Finlay out of the corner, but Finlay has the presence of mind to move out of the way of the spear attempt, having Goldberg hit nothing but the turnbuckles. The champ stumbles out of the corner and Finlay takes him down with a back suplex. Finlay gets to his feet and runs his thumb across his throat. This gets boos from the crowd as a few feel that Finlay is not on Goldbergs level, but Finlay pulls the champ to his feet and surprisingly muscles him into position for the Tombstone piledriver. He walks around for a few seconds before spiking Goldberg in the center of the ring to even more boos from the crowd. Hook of the leg. One...Two.....KICKOUT! Finlay can’t believe it. The fans can’t believe it, but they’re roaring anyway.

Finlay gets back to his feet and Goldberg grabs him, manhandling him into the corner and hammering away on the Irishman. Several knees to the stomach, and a couple of shoulders straight to the guts Goldberg pulls him out of the corner, wrenches Finlay’s arm and pulls him over in a Judo type slam. The champ stands back, waiting for Finlay to get to his feet. The fans nearly blow the roof off the arena as Goldberg stampedes forward, drilling Finlay into the mat with a massive Spear! Goldberg roars into the air before grabbing Finlay by the head and pulling him up once more. He hooks the leg, the arm, and hoists Finlay straight up into the air before driving him down with the Jackhammer. The champ hooks the leg and secures another win, and this time it wasn’t against a member of The Flock.

United States Championship Match: Bill Goldberg© def. Fit Finlay-A

10- Doesn’t Matter Who...For He Will Defeat Them All

Once more the cameras go backstage to the WCW wall of doom, where Gene Okerlund is standing with the Cruiserweight Champion, Chris Jericho. He’s got that ever cocky smirk on his face as he adjusts the Cruiserweight Title on his shoulder.

Gene Okerlund: Chris Jericho, we have received word that at Slamboree there will be a ten man battle royal, and the winner will get a shot at your Cruiserweight Title right after that match.

Jericho smirks, chuckles and once more adjusts the belt before looking at Okerlund.

Chris Jericho: Eugene, if you would be so kind as to hold that microphone up there so that the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla can address the millions of fans who came to see him tonight. Cause ya see, it doesn’t matter how many people you give the shot to, cause I’m the king, Bay-be!

Gene Okerlund: That may be true, but one things for sure, you’ve been getting on the bad side of a lot of wrestlers here in WCW, and it’s only a matter of time before one of those men catch up with you!

Chris Jericho: Who Gene-O? Who’s going to come after me? Men I’ve already beat? Who? Come on, tell me who!!

Gene Okerlund: Well, there’s Dean Malenko for one!

Jericho bursts out into a fake fit of laughter, dropping to the floor and rolling around holding his stomach. He finally gets back up, holding his sides as if they’re about to burst.

Chris Jericho: Sorry, something struck me as funny for a second. Did you just say that the bastard child of Bore-us Malenko was going to catch up with me?

Gene Okerlund: That’s exactly what I said.

Jericho looks like he’s going to drop into another fit of laughter, but he decides against it, snatching the microphone back up to level again.

Chris Jericho: Aww, forget it! You don’t seem to get it Gene. Where is Malenko now? He’s home, sitting in his chair, resting his tired old body, and wishing that he was half the talent that Chris Jericho is. That’s why he left Gene. He’s not hurt. He’s scared. He can’t beat Chris Jericho, but he can’t let you people know that because you might think less of him. It’s okay Dean-O Machino! Nobdoy is going to think less of you. We can’t think less of you now than we already have. Stay home, it’s where old people belong. I’ve got matches to win, belts to defend, and you......you’ve got nothing!

Jericho stalks off as the show fades to commercial. Tony and Larry remind the fans that right after the break, Jericho will defend his title against a man who will not be part of that battle royal at Slamboree.

Chris Jericho Interview (Battle Royal/Dean Malenko)-A

11- The More They Egg Him On; The More Ruthless He Gets

After the commercial, the “Chairman” of WCW, La Parka is already in the ring, waiting for his opponent. His opponent was none other than “The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla” and the Cruiserweight Champion, Chris Jericho. Jericho strolls to the ring, not even glancing at La Parka as the champ mocks the fans at the barricade, holding his hand out to a little kid then moving it before the kid can high five him. Cheap heat all the way for Jericho but he quickly changes his tune when he gets through the ropes and La Parka attempts to hit him with the chair. Jericho quickly ducks through the ropes and ushers for Mark Johnson to get the chair away. Finally order is restored, and while La Parka is arguing with the ref in Spanish, Jericho rushes over and tosses his jacket over the luchadore’s head and hammers away at him. Johnson admonished him but it did no good as Jericho continued to hammer away at La Parka before dropkicking him out of the ring.

La Parka finally gets the jacket off his head, but it’s just in time to look up and see Jericho hurtling over the top rope. Both men crash on the outside but Jericho quickly gets up and yells “Yeah Baby” into the crowd, who boo him relentlessly. Jericho continues to mock La Parka, playfully kicking him in the side of the head, and watching as he rolls away to find protection. Jericho picks him up and slams him face first into the apron on the outside before rolling him back into the ring. Jericho goes up top, looking to connect with a splash but instead receives a boot to the face from La Parka. Jericho is surprised by this and stumbles around holding his chin. He walks right into a right hand by La Parka, before the Chairman stomps away at the champion. Jericho attempts to retreat into the corner but La Parka is there to answer with chops. He whips Jericho into the buckles and then charges in, attempting a splash but Jericho gets his foot up. La Parka hits and turns around from the impact, leaving Jericho to run out and bulldog him into the mat.

Still hurting from the kick to the face, Jericho takes his time in picking La Parka up and tossing him into the corner before stomping away at him. Once more Jericho has got his cocky edge back, yelling into the camera that “That’s how it’s done” before stomping on him some more. Quick snap suplex has La Parka down, leaving Jericho to hit the ropes and connect with a Lionsault. He hooks the leg but La Parka is able to kick out at two. Despite not getting the three, Jericho remains arrogant, attempting to lock in his Liontamer but La Parka struggles, keeping himself from being turned over. He shoots his legs out and forces Jericho to flip over. La Parka gets back to his feet and once more rocks Jericho with some punches before taking him down in a small package. Jericho kicks out and gets back to his feet but La Parka is there to drive him into the corner. La Parka reaches for his chair, taking aim at Jericho but before he can swing the chair, the ref grabs it and pulls it away. La Parka turns right back around into a kick to the gut and a butterfly powerbomb. Jericho keeps him in that position, grabs his legs and turns him into the Lion Tamer for the submission victory. He seems a bit flustered by how long it took him to beat La Parka, but his cocky smirk returns shortly after, and he grabs his title belt, leaving the ring.

Cruiserweight Title Match: Chris Jericho© def. La Parka-A+

12- There Is No Threat!

As Jericho mocks people all the way back through the curtain, the camera shifts backstage to find Scott Hudson standing by with Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith.

Scott Hudson: Tony, Larry, I’m back here with Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart, who recently have had their problems with the former Japanese variant of the nWo, The Japanese Threat. Now Davey, last week on Thunder it all began, can we get your thoughts?

Davey Boy Smith: Ya know sumthin’ Scott, we didn’t even have a problem with those two, but they attacked us. They wanted this war and they- -

Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart Interview-C+

13- A Much Strong Alliance

Before Bulldog even gets the entire sentence out, The Great Muta and Masahiro Chono hit the scene, clubbing the two men down from behind. Hudson quickly escapes from the carnage but Muta and Chono continue to hammer away at Bulldog and Neidhart. Muta picks Neidhart up and tosses him head first into the back wall, and then picks Smith up, holding him for Chono to connect with a big Yakuza Kick. Both men are out, and Chono spits on them before the two leave.

The Japanese Threat Attk, Davey Boy Smith & Jim Neidhart-B+

14- Prelude To A Giant Problem

Time for the main event, which had been billed as a “Pay-per-view Main Event” type match, which in actuality, it was. However on this occasion, it was simply a prelude to the Tag Team Title match which would take place at Slamboree. Kevin Nash comes out to the new hip hop version of the nWo theme, while Schiavone mentions that when Nash is here, Savage isn’t far behind. Sting on the other hand arrives to the dark sounds of the organ, making his way to the ring to massive cheers from the crowd. Despite his change in attitude since Starrcade, Sting still remained stoic, never taking his eyes off Nash on his way to the ring. Sting raises the belt and points it at Nash, but Nash simply mocks him by shaking his fingers in front of his face.

Sting hands his coat and bat to Nick Patrick, and then looks across the ring at Nash who is still mocking him. As the bell rings, the two men move to the center of the ring and they lock up. Neither man gets an advantage and they break away, with Nash smirking at Sting. Nash goes back in for a lock up but this time Sting cups his hands over his mouth and “WOOOO”’s right in the man’s face. Nash chuckles, taking it in stride, but he raises his hand above his head, calling for a test of strength. Sting goes for it, but Nash raises his hand out of reach. He then makes fun of Sting a bit more, but this time when he raises his hand in the air, Sting fakes going for it and then kicks him in the stomach. He alternates between kicks to the stomach and chops which light the big man up and force him into the corner. Sting whips Nash across, but the big man reverses it and sends Sting into the corner. He charges in for a big boot but Sting moves out of the way and Nash’s leg goes over the top rope, splitting him in half. Sting then dropkicks him which sends him the rest of the way out of the ring.

Nash crashes to the outside but Sting follows, pulling him up and driving his head into everything that he can find. Sting hammers away at Nash outside the ring, but Nash fights back with a knee to the midsection and then chokes the face painted warrior with a cable cord. Nash is getting booed for this but he doesn’t seem to care as he keeps the pressure on. He makes the mistake of picking Sting up and attempting a Snake Eyes on the ring apron. Sting slides down his back and then drops down, taking Nash’s knee out from under him. Sting continues to hammer away on the knee, placing it out on the concrete and then driving his own knee into that of his opponent. Nash gets to his feet and hobbles around but Sting continues to work the knee, kicking the side and back of the knee. Nash piefaces him out of the way, and manages to get his foot up as Sting attempts to charge back in. Big Boot to the face takes Sting down to the mat. Nash hobbles around outside, attempting to get the feeling back in his leg.

Nash pulls Sting up to his feet and slams his head into the canvas before rolling him into the ring. Nash rolls under the bottom rope and pulls Sting up, positioning him for the Jacknife Powerbomb. Nash reaches down and grabs Sting to lift him up, but Sting drops to his knees and prevents this from happening. Nash is pissed. He pulls Sting back to his feet and whips him into the ropes but this time Sting ducks the big boot, hits the ropes and comes off with a massive flying clothesline. Fans are on there feet, and there’s commotion in the fans. Scott Hall. Hall is in the building and he’s making his way through the crowd. Sting gets back to his feet and lets go with a loud “WOOOOOO” before grabbing Nash and picking him up. Sting sets up for the Scorpion Death Drop but he sees Scott Hall trying to get over the barricade.

Security is quickly on the scene, trying to hold Hall back who has a drink in his hand. He’s trying to get over the barricade but the security keeps shoving him back. He’s not fighting very hard because he’s too busy trying to take a drink from the cup. Sting comes out to confront Hall, but as soon as Sting gets within distance, Hall spits a mouthful of beer into the face of “WCW’s Franchise.” This starts a huge altercation outside the ring, but inside the ring Konnan comes to the ring and goes after Nash, but Nash is ready for him and nearly takes his head off with a boot right to the skull. Nash has had enough playing around, which means Konnan feels his wrath as Nash drills him into the mat with a Powerbomb. Nash stands over Konnan, pulling his straps down and raising the “Wolfpac” sign into the air. Once again the crowd rises, and this time it’s The Giant heading towards the ring. Schiavone and Zbysko declare that they’re out of time just as The Giant slides into the ring and goes punch for punch with Nash. The camera goes back and forth between Nash and Giant brawling, and Sting trying to get at Hall who’s still trying to get over the barricade. Tune in to Nitro!!

Kevin Nash and Sting battle to a No Contest-A+

Final Show Rating: A

-Recent news from WCW has WCW Saturday Night being canceled recently. Earlier this week executives met and decided that two shows was enough for WCW, and that if need be, there could be talk down the line on another show. The ratings were down, and WCW was fine with the show being cancelled.

-With Saturday Night being cancelled, WCW are once again in talks with TBS to keep Thunder on the network. TBS has been looking into different shows, and while wrestling is being scaled back, they’re still up for talks of keeping Thunder on the network.

-After a fall out with Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson has left the World Wrestling Federation and became a backstage member of WCW, working as a Road Agent. Most believe Patterson to be one of the better road agents of the wrestling world at this time. WCW higher ups are said to be happy with his work so far.

-Recently the WWF has gone through with it’s annual spring cleaning. Recently released stars were Dick Togo, Brakus, Jay Reso, Gangrel, Andrew Martin, Men’s Teioh, Jaqueline, Sable and Luna Vachon. The surprises in this situation were Jay Reson who management seemed very high on, and basically the entire female roster.

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Thunder thoughts:

-Nash vs. Sting in '98 would have been meh at best. I expect no better here.

-Oh what a GREAT TV Title Match >_> It was Kendall Whindham, not Dean Malenko, methinks you overwrote that match a weeeee bit. Total BLAH!

-As good as I suspect it will be, there is no way in hell WCW would EVER give Benoit and Booker 60 PPV Minutes for a single match. Not ever. Never. Reality just went bye bye. That said, I do look forward to it.

-I am totally confused as to how Eddie sees the win for his team as a loss. Other than that, twas a fine fine match. Push Kidman!

-Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell & Brian Adams def. High Voltage

I know it's Thunder but, Sweet Hesus! Need I say more?

-Raven love. Not a bad promo. Not a bad match. I look forward to it. Yay something totally GOOD on Thunder finally...

-...followed up by A Goldberg squash. Push Fit!

-Speaking of Malenko....here's hoping he's a mystery entrant in the 10 Man Battle Royal. Great Jericho promo, just top notch stuff.

-LaParka is the man. I'd ask for a push, but I have more chance at getting the Kidman and Fit pushes, and well no use in pushing it huh? First good match of the night. Man oh man Thunder always did suck, huh?

-Japanese Threat yes yes yes. I think we all dislike the name, but it is VERY MUCH WCW. I shall give you my great WCW Japanese Tag Team Name that I never used for your consideration: The Rising Sons. Use it or not.

-It was billed as a PPV Main Event on free TV because to get Nash and Sting to work Thursday, not to mention getting The Giant and especially Hall to even show up, you have to pay them PPV Main Event salaries. Now you know. Good match for what it was and who was in it. Obviously this reality of Nash is a working machine. Still, the Tag Team Match at the PPV should be good. Especially with Nash's new A+ Gimmick in effect.

It was a Thunder. Overall Grade C-

Oh and Dick Togo and Christian Cage are must haves. Christian Cage in the Cruiser Division? Oh hells yes.

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Should be a decent enough main event with Nash against Sting. Is Giant in the black and white here though? I don't quite remember, but for some reason I'm thinking he joined right before Slamboree but isn't there yet. Judging on how he was helping Nash and Sting on Nitro I'm guessing not, but this is 1998 WCW, so who the fuck knows. And please just keep Hall with Nash? Their feud IRL was something that should have been incredible, but it ended up just being really bad.

I like how we introduce Windham as "The brother of the former World champion", just to let everyone know "Hey, this guy is related to someone important!" Didn't work for him though. Good, Benoit's going to be taking Booker's title soon anyways. Iron Challenge match? Nice way around the "Iron Man" name, in a toast to something I like about a good writer doing a WCW diary; noting that a name the WWF has used isn't going to fly in the real world. Kudos.

Nice seeing that the 10-man battle royal and title defense is still happening. I don't usually say this, but this is one time where real life should definately be repeated, and I mean word-for-word, at Slamboree. (A brief note is to please not switch between "Eddy" and "Eddie". I believe it was spelled as "Eddy" at this time. I just remember it being a big deal made in an old WCW magazine I read, where Eddy had "been quoted" as saying that his name was to be spelled in the proper Mexican fashion rather than the American version. But hey, it's your thing, just a note.) I like Kidman picking up the win and then simply scratching himself rather than any sort of celebration. And Eddy yelling at Chavo, I assume for not getting the fall, is good enough for government work to putting the story over.

Only thing I didn't quite like about the interview was how Gene made it like the three of them were facing High Voltage expecting it to be the same as facing Lex and Rick. I'd personally have made it more of Bischoff giving them a cushy match and calling it a warm-up. But that's all in the definition and the way I took it. I mean, if we're going to call them the nWo's designated jobbers of the night, then might as well run with it. And then they do what was expected of them, albeit in a more competitive match than expected. That was a bit more offense than I thought they would get, but the nWo still cleaned house pretty well.

So it's going to be a tag match at Slamboree, or two singles matches? Either way, it should be good, fun, WCW-level hardcore brawling.

Finlay got a lot more against Goldberg than expected, too. Is this some sort of Enhancement Movement on Thunder? Berg kicking out of the Tombstone is a nice shot at the WWF though.

Ah, some lovely Jericho. It looks like we're getting a repeat of the real life's Slamboree, but as I said, that is very welcome. And he beats La Parka? Okay, title defenses are good and all, I guess.

So, Muta and Chono aren't in the nWo, or is Hudson just stupid? Classic hit-and-run tactics that all heels need employ, especially if they're not "speaking wrestlers" like Muta and Chono are. We just need a manager, stat. Where's Gary Hart when we need him?

I like the note of Sting having the fashion as he did when facing Hogan. Going a bit further back into Crow mode when against a major nWo member. I like it. You have a really good grasp on writing Sting matches, and I absolutely love that. Drunken Hall? I thought that didn't start until after Slamboree? Oh well, it works. Now Giant is against Nash who is against Konnan while Sting is fighting Hall outside. I repeat: this is 1998 WCW, so who the fuck knows what is going on.

Despite the complete lack of focus on what is happening in the World title scene and the complete lack of focus in the Tag title picture, this show at least did get across what's happening with the TV and Cruiser titles at Slamboree. And it got Hall around, so that's a positive. No Flair hype drags it down, but the Enhancement Movement brings it up. So fair enough show.

I think most of those released WWF talents should be taken in, myself. Kaientai DX, Cage, and Test, in particular. Yes, I say sign Martin. He didn't really hit any sort of peaks until 99, but he plays the bodyguard role well and could fit in anywhere you want to put him, WCW or nWo.

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