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Quickest time to finish a game


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Following on from Sora's thread about games that take ages to finish, whats the quickest you've ever finished a game.

Me, personally have finished Fahrenheit and Broken Sword 2 in single afternoons, I was well narked, especially Broken Sword, I was anticipated many an hour of head straching, but I blew through it. :(

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Metal Gear Solid 2...6/7 hours if I remember correctly. The first one took me like a month. :shifty:

And Broken Sword 2 is awesome. Easy, yes. But awesome.

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Sonic 1. Like, an hour.

But you have to remember that I never bothered picking Sonic 1 up for years after I got my Mega Drive (which came with Sonic 2). Finally bought it randomly for £2 somewhere, got it home, completed it was ease, didn't care because it was Sonic damn it.

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Still, there are some impressive times on there, with games that you cant exploit that much from. Kotor and Deus Ex in just over 3 hours each is a respectabe achievement.

Morrowind in 7mins, and Fallout in 9 are also impressive.

They might not be how we would play it, but fun to watch anyway :D

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