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Wrestling Society X picked up by MTV.

We can now confirm that the names "Wrestling Society X" and "WSX" have been trademarked by MTV in addition to many of the workers who appeared on the shows signing exclusive deals with the show. The people confirmed from the "pilot" are:

- Human Tornado

- Alter Boy Luke

- Jack Evans

- Matt Sydal

- Teddy Hart

- Vampiro

- Sean Waltman

- Valentina

Amongst those who worked the Pilot episode but didn't sign contracts are:

- Peter Polaco (Justin Credible)

- Jerome Young (New Jack)

- Chris Hamrick

- Delirious

- Puma

It is believed that the final roster will add a few more workers, and all results from the pilot will be ignored when the series begins in August. The show is slated to run Late Saturday's between 10:00 and 11:00 PM starting on August 5th. It's believed the company will hold Monthly untelivised SuperShows until they can reach a deal for Pay Per Views. The current booking staff consists of Kevin Kleinrock, Vampiro, Cody Michaels & lesser known Hollywood writer Justin Howe.

More news on the roster as we get it.

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Seems a good start, not much to comment on, but I will be reading. It has a lot of potential and I'm guessing that you've actually asigned them a TV deal with MTV? Either way, push Kaos and make Waltman put him over cause he hates his guts :P Not that I dislike Waltman, he should be pushed to, I think he's great. But don't you just love being evil in EWR games lol. Good luck (Y)

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Wrestling Society X Episode #1

August 6th, 2006

Taped in Los Angeles, California

The Boss Is Here

Wrestling Society X starts off with a video featuring some of the named stars of WSX doing various moves from the first show, in addition to a few still frames. We than go the ring where Kriss Kloss is standing, microphone in hand as he says he is going to run down the card for tonight's show. He's interrupted however when some almost tribal music hits and smoke begins to fill the stage. The fans are confused as the video screen says "The Most Hated Man In America" before a bunch of woman in tribal gear run out and bow down on the ramp. I have no idea what the hell is going on. It becomes clear however when a man steps out, getting a pretty loud negative reaction. He's in a fine suit and has his blonde hair slicked back as he steps down the ramp, into the ring and grabs the microphone off of Kriss Kloss and says his name is Jonny Fairplay, and he is here to run WSX. He says for those ignorant enough not to know him; he was robbed of a million dollars on Survivor and labelled as “The Most Hated Man In America”. He says he could care less what people think, which is why Big Vision Entertainment gave him full authority over Wrestling Society X! The fans really don’t like this, for whatever reason, as Fairplay runs down the card and promises that Waltman’s opponent will be a HUGE star. He than says to enjoy the rest of the show, as he will be joining Kriss Kloss on commentary.


J.D. Michaels w/ April Hunter vs. “Rock Superstar” Kaos

Before the match Fairplay introduces his ring announcer, Todd Grisham, who gets pretty big booing. Grisham doesn’t seem to notice as he grabs the microphone and introduces Michaels and Hunter. “I Want To F--- You Like An Animal” hits and they have a pretty suggestive entrance, and Hunter’s attire leaves little to the imagination. Kloss informs us that April Hunter and J.D. Michaels are set to be married in a few months as Michaels grinds with his woman, getting a good pop for his perverted actions. “Boom!” by System Of A Down hits the PA system as some crazy strobe lights go off and out runs Kaos, looking pumped up and getting a nice reaction from the crowd. It seems both guys are faces here, which is an odd choice for booking.

These two have a pretty entertaining bout, but the crowd doesn’t know who to cheer for which kind of killed the reaction. Kaos showed some good offence here and he hasn’t lost much since his XPW days. Michaels also looked impressive with some good highflying moves including a flying back elbow drop. Good spot when Kaos reverses a suplex into a DDT. Things looked pretty even when there was some commotion in the crowd and a large black man slid into the ring. He than proceeded to tackle Michaels down and pummels him with brutal lefts and rights as referee Brian Hebner called for the bell.

April Hunter was going insane at ringside, screaming at the man to stop as he just looked at her with a sick smile. Kloss said he recognized the man as Slyk Wagner Brown, the ex-boyfriend of April Hunter. She begged him to leave her man alone as Brown just lifted him up and killed Michaels with a elevated DDT called the Drop of Xtacy by Fairplay. Brown started to walk up to Hunter, yelling at her and saying she could never get away when Kaos grabbed a chair and swung at him, sending the black man out of the ring as Brown pointed at April, who was almost in tears as she checked her fiancée.

Winner: J.D. Michael via DQ

Overall: 55%

Crowd: 36%

Match: 75%


Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal w/ Lizzy Valentine

“Don't Phunk with My Heart” by the Black Eyed Peas hits as out steps Jack Evans, getting a decent reception as he blows off fans, instead opting to show off with some dance moves before he backflips into the ring. Well, needless to say break dancing hasn’t made him a fan favourite. Matt Sydal is out to the beats of “Suicide Messiah” by the Black Label Society. Fairplay says that the Society will be live at the annual SuperShow at the end of this month. Lizzy Valentine worked under the name Valentina. Whatever her name is, she looks really hot as she slaps hands with some fans and gives her man a peck on the cheek before the match begins.

Sydal doesn’t have long to get ready, as Evans immediately leaps over the top rope and hits a twisting bodysplash onto Matt. The fans pop until he follows up with some dances moves before screaming “YOU GOT SERVED” at his opponent. Evans beats Sydal around the ring a little, hitting a nice barrier assisted DDT before rolling him into the ring. Jack keeps the big moves coming, hitting a lionsault before Sydal reverses a bodyslam into a reverse DDT. He follows with a standing moonsault as the crowd is being treated to a highflying spectacle. Sydal whips out some spiffy flying stuff, including a corkscrew bodysplash and a springboard wheel kick. He heads up top and calls for something, but we will never know as Teddy Hart runs to ringside, hitting on Valentina as Sydal yells at him. Evans uses the distraction to run up the ropes and hit an Enziguri before he climbs up and nails his surreal 630 splash for the win.

After the bell rings Hart and Evans stomp Sydal a few times before posing together to booing. These two need to hook up again.

Winner: Jack Evans via pinfall

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 37%

Match: 86%


Kenny King is already in the ring when the arena lights go pitch black. The crowd are confused when “Fuck the World” by the Insane Clown posse hits and the video screen shows flashes of Vampiro. The light’s switch to a red hue as Vampiro steps out with a hooded trench coat before sliding into the ring.

Kenny King vs. Vampiro

Vampiro flips the hood up and points at King, who looks confused and scared simultaneously. Vampiro turns around and let’s the coat slip off as King rushes him, hitting some forearms.

Vampiro quickly turns around, hitting a lariat before lifting King up and nailing the Nail In The Coffin and pinning him to win the match. Squash city, but the fans ate it up.

Vampiro’s music hits again and he slips his coat on, the announcers don’t have any idea what he wants, but are eager to find out.

Winner: Vampiro via pinfall

Overall: 57%

Crowd: 54%

Match: 61%

The Mystery Man.

After a short promo for “Inception, Jonny Fairplay is in the ring with a microphone. He says that tonight had a lot of debuts, including his own, but somehow he has topped them all. He says the man who is going to step through that curtain is the biggest star in Wrestling Society X, and will help skyrocket this company to new heights. “Tattoo” by Mercy Drive hit and the crowd looked on as out stepped Maven to booing. Possibly out of disappointment. He was wearing black track pants with his M logo on them as eh slid into the ring, hugging Jonny Fairplay before grabbing the microphone. Maven said he was indeed the biggest star in Wrestling Society X, and that tonight he would beat Sean Waltman down like the rat he is. He than made it clear that he was better than the rest of WSX because he was the Tough Enough champion, and soon he would be the WSX champion.



Maven vs. Sean Waltman

Maven is still in the ring, occasionally giving a thumbs up to Fairplay at ringside before "What'chu Lookin' At" by Uncle Kracker hits and the crowd give a pop (Possibly by default) to Sean Waltman. He is wearing a WSX t-shirt, which he tosses to the crowd before slapping the hands of nearby fans. He hops onto the apron and points at Maven, who looks unimpressed.

These two have a surprisingly hot crowd, even though the match wasn’t of great quality. It looks like Maven still needs to learn more about wrestling. Waltman started off hot with some of his karate kicks and chops as the fans loved it, starting a “Maven Sucks” chant. Fairplay whined on commentary, saying he doesn’t understand why the fans don’t appreciate such a huge talent. Maven eventually got an eye rake before slowing things down and using his size advantage to toss around the smaller Waltman. He called for his Chinlock Backbreaker, which Kloss called the “Maven Effect” but Waltman slipped behind him and shoved Maven into the official as we get our very first WSX ref bump! Maven turns around slowly when Waltman kicks his gut and nails the X-Factor to a big pop, but we got no count. Waltman tries to revive the official when a big man with spiked hair and a goatee slides in. Kloss screams that it is Matt Morgan, another Tough Enough contestant, as Morgan quickly lifts Waltman up and nails the F5, which Fairplay calls the Tornado Faceplant, and drags Maven on top. The ref crawls over and counts the three as the fans are pissed.

Morgan dragged Maven out of the ring and helped him to the back as the fans started another “Maven Sucks” chant to end the show.

Winner: Maven via pinfall

Overall: 73%

Crowd: 78%

Match: 63%

Overall Rating: 68%

TV Rating: 1.44

Attendance: 338

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Wrestling Society X news and notes.

- The general feeling from MTV was the show was poor. The production quality wasn't strong enough for their standards, and the 1.44 didn't meet their standards. It's exspected that the shows will feature more "names" in the near future in an attempt to increase ratings.

- Jonny Fiarplay was certainly the MVP of episode one, as road agent John Gaburick said the fans were really responding to the new "authority figure" in WSX. You can exspect to see more of Fairplay in the near future.

- The main event was very well recieved by the live crowd, and despite the match being less than spectacular it's believed that it was a sucessful match. Youc an exspect the program between Waltman and Maven to continue.

- Alter Boy Luke, Kenny The Bastard, Onyx and Puma had a 4-way dark match which Kenny won with a roll-up on Luke. It's believed with so few time slots it may be awhile before the four men get on the air.

- The Human Tornado was at the show, but wasn't featured. It's believed he will be in a match next week. Delirious is also exspected to appear next week.

- Kenny King did a good job of selling for Vampiro and really put him over as a bad ass. There are no plans on pushing King, but he was comended for his solid work.

- Mikey Batts and Pete Gruner (Billy Kidman) were backstage at the show, and have reportedly both been offered contracts with WSX. Kidman was already discussing possible matches with Sean Waltman.

- Jack Evans and Matt Sydal is not the end for both men, and a program involving Hart, Evans and Sydal is going to start soon.

- Mike Mizanin has signed on with WSX, but due to his 90 day no-compete clause he will not be on TV for a few months.

- Here is the official preview from the WSX website.

Main Event

Matt Morgan w/ Maven vs. Sean Waltman

Teddy Hart w/ Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal w/ Lizzy Valentine

Slyk Wagner Brown vs. The Human Tornado

Plus a brand new superstar, and MUCH MORE!

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The first diary I've read in a long time; I saw it on the front page and it sparked my interest, as I've wanted a WSX diary for a long time... However, by the standards of the first show; I'm not blown away.


- Johnny Fairplay. He's a great character, and although you're not utilising his talent by just giving us recaps, you seem to be keeping solidly to his 'hated man' gimmick, it's a tremendous gimmick, and I'm sure it will be the MVP of the diary.

- Maven. From the moment you announced a 'big name' I was expecting Chris Jericho. In fact I would have put money on you bringing in Jericho, as it's MTV and wrestling, and he's a music man and a wrestler; so when you announced Maven I was extremely pleased. It's a let-down, you followed through with it being a let-down and you seemed to play him quite well.


- Every match bar the squash featured interference. That's not cool. Especially when the first comes from a guy hated by the people he attacked. I'm positive both JD and Hunter would refuse to do the angle after Slyk's actions against Hunter a few months ago.

- The writing is quite bland. It's good, but there's nothing to really grab the attention. The bare bones recap style is OK, but you seem to have taken it once step furthur by giving us even less than what we'd need. I wanna know about the matches, not just the entrances and finishers.

I'd say it's very average right now, but I'll definitely check back for the next show, because like I said; I've wanted to someone to experiment with a WSX diary since it was picked up.

Good luck,


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Wrestling Society X Episode #2

August 12th, 2006

Taped in Los Angeles, California

The Maven Effect?

The show opens with a new entrance video that includes a few of the stars that debuted last week including J.D. Michaels and Maven. We than fade to the ring where Jonny Fairplay is standing with Kriss Kloss as both men run down the card which will include Teddy Hart against Matt Sydal, Slyk Wagner Brown vs. The Human Tornado and the debut of another big name. Fairplay than says he wants to open the show with it’s biggest star before “Tattoo” by Mercy Driver hits and out steps Maven with Matt Morgan flanking behind him. Maven is wearing an expensive looking shirt and dress pants while Morgan has similar attire. Maven slides into the ring and shakes hands with Fairplay as Morgan intimidates Kriss Kloss out of the ring. Maven says he is in Wrestling Society X because he was sick of being under appreciated. He says the last time he was on MTV; he was a star, the main attraction. He was the top ratings provider for the company, and when he heard they were getting back into his business, he knew where to go. He said it’s a shame they have to perform in front of such low quality workers and fans, but he’ll do his best to make the show worth watching. The crowd boo Maven until "What'chu Lookin' At" by Uncle Kracker hits and out steps Sean Waltman, getting a strong positive reaction. He has a microphone and paces on the small stage as he tells Maven to shut the hell up and fight him tonight. Maven says he has no reason to take on a has been like Waltman, and he already beat him last week. Waltman calls Maven a pussy and the TE champion just laughs. He says that he will have a match with Waltman, but only if he can get through the man who should have won Tough Enough 2, Matt Morgan. Waltman smirked and said he “ace-p-p-p-pts” the match, mocking Morgan’s speech impediment gimmick. Morgan was enraged in the ring as Maven calmed him down before we headed to commercials.



Teddy Hart w/ Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal w/ Lizzy Valentine

“Don't Phunk with My Heart” by the Black Eyed Peas played and out came Hart, dressing his some long wrestling pants and with a fancy dress shirt on. Evans did a few dance moves while Hart preferred to just jaw at the crowd. “Suicide Messiah” than played and out stepped Matt Sydal, looking right at Hart and Evans after their actions last week. He whispers something to Lizzy and they both nod before Sydal runs and slides into the ring, tackling Hart!

Sydal continues his assault, beating away at Hart who slithers away before catching his breath with Evans. Sydal gives him no rest and nails a sick no hands plancha, crushing Hart and Evans beaneath as he gets up to a big "Holy Shit" chant. Sydal bows a little before rolling Hart into the ring and hittign a Standing moonsault for two. He follows up by leaping off the ropes, but misses his Springboard corkscrew senton. Teddy stalks his opponent and nails Sydal with a spike DDT before lifting him up and hitting a fireman's carry into a sit-out facebuster. The crowd are impressed, but Hart gets his heat back by telling them to "Be quite and watch". Hart lifts Sydal up and gets a Deep Fujiwara Armbar Takedown, giving both men a chance to catch their breath. Hart eventually releases the hold and goes for something off the ropes, but Sydal counters with a dropkick! The underdog follows it with a flipping legdrop before he runs towards the ropes where Jack Evans trips him up. Sydal yells at Evans, who raises his hands innocently before Teddy Hart rolls him up for two. Hart starts to control the match again, hitting a few moves including a nice Samoan Drop before Sydal slips out of a backdrop and hooks Hart up before nailing him with a sick Pumphandle half nelson driver called the Here We Go Driver by Kriss Kloss. Sydal than points to the corner, signalling for the end. He hops up as Jack Evans moves onto the ring apron, but Sydal leaps of and nails a dropkick, which Evans sells by flipping off the apron and onto the guardrail. Sydal gets to his feet before Hart scoops him up and turns the move into a cutter! Teddy hops onto the top rope and follows up with a somersault corkscrew senton that Fairplay says is the Open Hart Surgery before covering for three.

The fans boo as Evans slides into the ring, stomping on the prone Sydal a few times before raising his partners hand. Evans dances a little as Hart tries to catch his breath. Both men stomp Evans a few more times as Kloss says they are despicable. Fairplay says he likes their style.

Winner: Teddy hart via pinfall

Overall: 64

Crowd: 41

Match: 88


Don’t Touch His Woman.

After the break we see Slyk Wagner Brown in the ring, getting a fair amount of booing. He has a microphone and says he came to WSX to take what was his. He says that April Hunter and him have a history, and that she needs to come back to him. She needs to come back to her Xtacy… to her man. He runs down J.D. Michaels, saying he isn’t half the man that Brown is. He calls him a “punk ass white boy” and that if he is smart, he will leave WSX now and never come back. Suddenly “P.I.M.P” hits and out steps The Human Tornado, with a microphone of his own. He tells Brown that he shouldn’t overlook him tonight, since the Tornado is about to Pimp slap the shit out of Brown. He than informs Slyk that he has seen many fine… FINE pictures of April Hunter on her website, www.aprilhunter.com and that he doesn’t understand why he would leave her. He pauses briefly before saying that it must be the other way around and that, unlike himself, Slyk wasn’t “Man Enough” to please his woman, unlike the Human Tornado. Brown has heard enough, and tackles the Tornado as he walks along the apron, sending him crashing to the ring floor!


Slyk Wagner Brown vs. The Human Tornado

Brown leaves the ring and starts to beat around the pimp with a barrage of right hands before tossing him into the steel guardrails. He than stomps away at him before rolling the Tornado back into the ring. When Slyk tries to re-enter Tornado hits a low dropkick and follows it up with a few stomps as he rolls Slyk into the corner. He nails a series of hard kicks before running out of the corner and back… into a lariat. Slyk takes over with a series of impressive moves including a moonsault before Tornado blocks a kick and nails the mighty PIMP SLAP!~ He than heads off the ropes as Slyk catches him and lifts him high in the air before nailing a modified sit-out spinebuster. Most know it as the Rydeen Bomb, but the announcers remind us it’s the Drop of Xtacy. Whatever it is, it gets the 3 count.

Slyk rolls out of the ring and collects a chair, sliding back in, as he gets ready to attack Tornado further, but out of the crowd runs J.D. Michaels! He hops onto the ring apron and nails a springboard dropkick, sending the chair crashing into Brown’s face! The fans pop as Michaels crawls towards Brown, but the possessive man rolls out of the ring, heading up the ramp and screaming at J.D. Michaels as Kloss tells us this isn’t over yet.

Winner; Slyk Wagner Brown via pinfall

Overall: 52

Crowd: 36

Match: 68


New Star, Different Attitude

We come back with Jonny Fairplay already in the ring. He says that as usual, he is going to give the fans more than they deserve. He’s going to introduce to him his 2nd big signing. Not as big as Maven, but still a man he knows well. He said that this man is “Mr. Number One”… that he is “The Ace In The Hole”… that he is “COCKY… SONNY… SIAKI!” the fans gave a pretty loud response as Siaki came out in the long pants he wore in TNA earlier in his career. He has a smirk on his face as the crowd booed him. He slid into the ring where Fairplay extended his hand, but Siaki opted to snatch the microphone instead. He told Fairplay that he made some good points. He did introduce a huge wrestling star, and that Siaki was in fact “Mr. Number One”. Fairplay nodded in agreement before Siaki turned to him. He told Fairplay that he was also a bigger star than the WWE reject Maven was, which got him a big pop. Siaki said he wasn’t going to be some stooge for Fairplay like Maven and Morgan. He was his own man, and everyone in WSX had better recognize that. Fairplay ripped the microphone back as he told Siaki he was an ungrateful son of a bitch, and he should be thanking him for giving him a shot after the WWE dropped him like a bad habit. He than called him just another Rock rip off and said he could go to the back, as he was done for the night. Siaki smirked as Fairplay started to leave, but the “Cocky One” grabbed his arm and pulled him into the Siakalypse! The fans cheered as Siaki kipped up, grabbing the microphone and telling Fairplay he can kiss his ass. He than said that since Jonny would be out for the night, he would be joining Kriss Kloss on commentary for the Main Event.


Matt Morgan w/ Maven vs. Sean Waltman

As Siaki sat at ringside and medic carried Fairplay to the back, “Tattoo” by Mercy Driver hit and the crowd booed as Maven and Morgan stepped out. Maven checked on Fairplay, shaking his head at Siaki who was at the announce booth as both men entered the ring. Maven gave his big man some last minute advice as "What'chu Lookin' At" by Uncle Kracker hits and out came Waltman in his wrestling gear with a “Wrestling Society X: Love It Or Fuck Off” t-shirt on. Kloss said the shirts were available online, as Siaki said he just might buy one, it would look good on him like everything else he wears. Waltman tosses the shirt into the crowd before Matt Morgan ambushes him to start the match.

Morgan starts off by pummelling Waltman with heavy forearms and follows it up by tossing him across the ring. He let’s out a loud grunt and than tosses Waltman into a corner before hitting back elbows and chops. He throws him out of the corner as Kloss says this man may be the strongest in all of WSX. Siaki says he’s probably the stupidest too. Morgan lifts Waltman into a body press, but the veteran slips free and nails a spinning wheel kick to slow the big man down. He keeps using his feet, nailing hard shots all over Morgan’s body before hitting a DDT for two. Maven screams out instructions as Siaki laughs at the idea of Maven teaching anyone how to wrestle. Morgan eventually stops the comeback by catching Waltman’s cross body attempt and giving him a Fallaway Slam over the top rope! Waltman lands next to the announce table as Morgan grabs official Billy Silverman, distracting him. Maven tries to get involved when Siaki rises to his feet, telling the “Reality Reject” to back off as Maven eggs him on. Siaki has heard enough and drops his headset to a big pop. Billy Silverman turns around and yells at Siaki before ejecting him to booing from the crowd. Siaki just raises his hands as Maven taunts him. Sonny leaves and the ref watches as Maven takes a few cheap shots before rolling Waltman into the ring. Morgan is in firm control with a few more power moves before calling for his Tornado Faceplant. He lifts Waltman up, by the cruiserweight counters in mid-air and nails the X-Factor! He covers for 1… 2… nope. Maven hits his back with a steel chair, drawing a DQ finish to booing.

Maven isn’t done yet, as he nails Waltman one more time before setting the chair up. He has Morgan lift Waltman into place as Maven climbs to the top rope before flying off the top rope and hitting a tornado DDT onto the chair that Kloss calls the “Maven Effect”. Siaki runs back out, but Waltman and Morgan bail and are all smiles as we fade to the credits.

Winner: Sean Waltman via DQ

Overall: 64

Crowd: 59

Match: 69

Overall Rating: 64%

Attendance: 333

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I don't plan on commenting on all shows, as like you said you've already got a few written, so comments won't really affect anything, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents for the second, much better, show. I like the slight 'worked shoot' style you're going for, with Waltman making reference to the WWE and the whole 'Reality TV Failure' thing you were going with with Siaki.

I like the addition of Siaki, he'd work great on MTV as he's got great looks and charisma; however, I hope you use him as a 'Love him or Hate him' Tweener rather than a company man babyface, as using him as face would mean holding back a bit on his cockiness, as an arrogant bastard like Siaki couldn't work as a face in the MTV 'just be yourself' enviroment.

I'm not too sure on the lower-card feuds; I still don't like the April Hunter love triangle as it completely ignores the boundries of realism, but I'll tolerate it. The Evans/Hart/Sydal feud isn't too bad, although a bit predictable thus far. Plus I would hardly call Sydal an 'underdog' against two guys the same size and weight as him!

Maven is still the saving grace of the diary so far, as even though his feud with Waltman is a bit dull (you seem to have made Waltman a personality-devoid face, which is horrenous for him, as he should be the degenerate cunt that's worked for him before), the idea of him with Morgan and Fairplay with the reliaty star gimmick is great.

It's a shame we didn't get Vampiro on the second show, as Vampiro could easily be your main drawing point for the MTV crowd.

Your roster also seems a little thin in the middle, as you've got your strict undercard acts and uppercard acts, with nobody (thus far) to act as an in-between, so that needs to be addressed pretty urgently.

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I'm liking where this is going. I've been a big fan of Siaki for a while, and am looking forward to a potential Morgan/Maven vs Waltman/Siaki match. (On a side note: I can't believe I just said I was looking forward to a match involving Maven.) With those four men, plus hopefully Vampiro in the ME scene, things are looking good. The undercard is all right, but I think the Sydal/Hart/Evans spot fests will get old pretty quickly. Human Tornado's character is great, although it could use less references to being a pimp.

On the flip side, you seem to forget what you've already wrote. On the first show, the Maven Effect was a chinlock backbreaker, and the Drop of Xtacy was an elevated DDT. On the second show, however, they were a tornado DDT and a Rydeen Bomb, respectively. Whatup wit dat?

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Wrestling Society X news and notes.

- With the WWE finally finished releasing workers, more than a few appeared backstage at the WSX taping. Notable were Nick Mitchell, Johnny Jeter & Al Snow. It's unclear if any of them signed contracts, but none can perform until November due to their no-compete clauses anyways.

- WSX bookers and MTV are pleased with the ratings for the last show, and attribute it to the heavy use of Maven and high flying match between Matt Sydal and Teddy Hart. It's believed there are plans to push Hart and Evans, along with Sydal, but nothing is concrete.

- The new Wrestling Society X championship has been purchased and was backstage at the tapings, but there is no word on when the title may debut or how.

- The Human Tornado vs. Slyk Wagner Brown match recieved poor reviews, as the quality was rather weak and the crowd didn't seem as interested as they could have been. It's believed that this might effect earlier plans of a push for Tornado, but the Brown/Michaels & Hunter angle is expected to continue.

- The two highest rated segments of the last show were Maven and Sean Waltman's show opening confrontation and the debut of Sonny Siaki. Management are looking to have Waltman be a bit more "edgy" in future promo's, possibly acting more like his DX persona of the Attitude era.

- Speaking of Siaki, his commentary went over well with the WSX and it's believed he could be a candidate to be the first WSX champion.

- The dark match before the show featured Kenny The bastard going one on one with Onyx. It was a fast paced bout, but ended in a no contest when Vampiro came out and beat up both men.

- It's believed that Vampiro himself decided to keep him off TV this week, instead opting to push the three main feuds of Maven vs. Waltman, Evan & Hart vs. Sydal & Brown vs. Micahels and Hunter. It's unclear if a feud between Siaki and Fairplay will continue beyond this incident.

- Peter Gruner and Mikey Batts were backstage again, and Sean Waltman said after his match that he still believes a match betweenhimself and Gruner could be a good sellin gpoint for WSX. Waltman has kept in great shape so far and has been getting genuine face receptions, which is a pleasent surprise.

- Wrestling Society X have been talking with Pay Per View providers about picking up there first major show "Inception" and have been desperatly selling it as not just a wrestling show, but also the live concert by Black Label Society. Talks have been positive, especially with the improved ratings for last weeks show.

- Here is the card on the wsx website for their next TV taping:

Main Event:

Maven & Matt Morgan vs. Sean Waltman & Sonny Siaki

Vampiro vs. Onyx

J.D. Michaels & The Human Tornado w/ April Hunter vs. Slyk Wagner Brown & "Rock Superstar" Kaos

Plus Matt Sydal, Teddy Hart, Jack Evans & more!

Credit: www.wrestlingsocietyx.com

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Wrestling Society X Episode #3

August 19th, 2006

Taped in Los Angeles, California

Slyk Wagner Brown & “Rock Superstar” Kaos vs. J.D. Michaels & The Human Tornado w/ April Hunter

After the usual fireworks and video, “Fuck You Like An Animal” by Nine Inch Nails hits and out steps J.D. Michaels with the seductive April Hunter. They are still very close, but not as playful as before. Human Tornado is with them, dancing down the ramp and slapping some hands while checking out April Hunter. “Hate Me Now” by Nas hits and the crowd immediately boo as Slyk Wagner Brown steps out, pointing at J.D. Michaels and screaming at him. Kloss says that Brown is a little unstable, and that he was even reported as a woman beater. Fairplay says that’s impossible, and that April should just do the right thing and go back to Slyk. Kaos comes out; getting a rather positive response while “Boom!” by System Of A Down fills the small arena. He looks at his partner, somewhat disgusted, as J.D. Michaels doesn’t waste anytime, leaping over the top rope and landing on top of Brown!

Tornado takes notice as he hits a suicide dive onto Kaos, sending both men to the ground. Michaels is like an animal, pounding away at Brown as he yells at him to leave April alone. Slyk manages to slide into the ring as Michaels follows, but suffer a big elbow drop. Brown dominates for a while, using his size to beat around his smaller opponent and than grinding him down with submissions. He makes a few tags with Kaos, who the fans still cheer, probably due to his history in the SoCal area. J.D. eventually manages to hit a big Enziguri on Slyk before getting a hot tag to Tornado. Tornado hits both men with dropkicks before nailing a spinning wheel kick and bouncing off the ropes to hit a big shoulder block on Slyk. He than raises his hand, getting the crowd up before he points at Kaos. The “Rock Superstar” stumbles and turns into a big Pimp Slap as Tornado signals for his Tornado DDT. He grabs Kaos, but Brown levels him with a lariat to give Kaos the advantage again.


We come back with Tornado playing pimp-in-peril as Brown hits him with a big elevated DDT. The cover gets two as Brown goes for his Drop Of Xtacy, but Tornado slips out and dives to tag in Michaels! J.D. cleans out both men, hitting dropkicks, bodyslams, and DDT’s before Tornado tackles Kaos through the ropes. Brown gets to his feet and Michaels hit three consecutive forearms to daze Brown, which Kloss called the “Seeing Stars” before he set Brown up for his P. Bomb Backbreaker. Unfortunately Slyk rolled him up and grabbed the tights, securing the three count before he rolled out of the ring!

As “Hate Me Now” plays Brown backs up the ramp, looking at April and screaming that she will be his again before he disappears behind the curtain.

Winners: Slyk Wagner Brown & Kaos via pinfall (Brown pins Michaels)

Overall: 60

Crowd: 40

Match: 80

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

We cut backstage now as Lizzy Valentine is pulling a short skirt up over his panties, which gets a big pop from the crowd. She turns around and look s a little shocked as we pan back to reveal Teddy Hart & Jack Evans, looking at her. Teddy says that Matt Sydal is a loser, and Lizzy could do so much better. Hart points at his own body before saying that she should dump her nobody boyfriend and get into bed with a legend, saying that Hart’s aren’t just incredible in the ring. Evans grabs Lizzy’s arms, a sick smile on his face as Lizzy slaps him! She tells them both that they are nothing but bullies, and the only way they can beat Matt is two on one. Evans grabs her by the head now, yanking it as Hart says that maybe she would like a little “Two On One” action right now. Suddenly from off screen Matt Sydal tackles Hart, raining down right hands! Evans looks shocked as he shoves Lizzy down before grabbing a nearby lamp and smashing it onto Sydal’s head! Hart pushes the dazed Sydal over and than grabs a steel chair before smashing him in the head. They finish the assault off, screaming at Lizzy as Evans and Hart send Sydal crashing through a nearby food table with a double spinebuster. Hart as he slaps Evan’s chest and both men walk off, leaving Sydal in a bloody heap.

Rating: 60


Fo’ Sho’

Some hip-hop beats play and out steps Onyx, who is wearing some baggy clothing and has a microphone. He starts to “rap” about how Vampiro is just some depressed little boy, while Onyx is a man. He than says that MTV is the place to be, as he can use the station as a launching pad for his career as a true artist, now some crap rock band like Black Label Society. Hmm, interesting plug. He finishes off by saying he’s going to beat Vamprio’s ass and people better get used to seeing “Type O Negative” Onyx. Well, the fans certainly don’t like him now, as the lights enter strobe mode.

Rating: 51%

“Type O Negative” Onyx vs. Vampiro

“Fuck the World” by the Insane Clown Posse hits as Onyx takes off his sweater, revealing a tank top and some elbow pads/wrist bands. Vampiro has his hooded jacket on as he slowly walks down, stopping near the bottom of the ramp before flipping his head back and removing the hood. At the same time pyro goes off, which is a cool visual affect. Vampiro just stares at Onyx, who is still talking smack the whole time. Kloss says he doesn’t understand why Onyx would try to start a rap career here, as wrestling fans hate rappers. Now that, my friends, is a good cheap shot at the competition. Vampiro removes his clothes and slides into the ring as Onyx rushes him.

Vampiro quickly side steps, sending Onxy throat first across the middle rope as the rapper bounces up before Vampiro nails a big lariat on him. Onyx bumps around like a pinball before getting a rake of the eyes. He than hits a few moves as Kris Kloss reminds us that in his debut, Vampiro dominated Kenny King with ease. Fairplay says that Kenny King is no Onyx, and that this man could win tonight. A bit more back and forth action as Vampiro shows he can still wrestle, while Onxy looks impressive with some great highflying moves for a man with his frame. “Type O” misses a lariat and Vampiro quickly hooks him up before dumping him with the Nail In The Coffin out of nowhere, getting the 3.

The fans cheer as Vampiro slowly gets up, walking over to his robe and flipping it over his shoulder as he leaves through the crowd. Fairplay and Kloss wonder just what Vampiro has planned as we go to our final commercial break.

Winner: Vampiro via pinfall

Overall: 67

Crowd: 58

Match: 77


Yang Time?

We see the image of Jimmy Yang standing in a street as everything around him is a blur, but he moves at normal speed. He looks up at the camera and smirks a little before we cut to the message “Jimmy Yang debuts, next week!” as the fans… don’t really care. Not a good video, not at all.

Rating: 47

Maven & Matt Morgan vs. Sean Waltman & Sonny Siaki

“Tattoo” by Mercy Driver hits and out steps Maven and matt Morgan. Maven is wearing a “Reality Sucks… For You” t-shirt while Morgan is… well angry. Both men make sure to stop by ringside, shaking Jonny Fiarplay’s hand and than entering the ring as the crowd boos. "What'chu Lookin' At" by Uncle Kracker than blasts out as Sean Waltman comes out, WSX t-shirt on as he takes it off and tosses it into the crowd while he awaits at the bottom of his ramp for his partner. “Special Delivery” by G-Dep hits and out steps Sonny Siaki, getting a nice ovation. He is wearing a “It’s Not Being Cocky, If You Are Sonny Siaki” t-shirt, which has apparently been selling well. He tosses it to the fans and than turns to Waltman as both men nod before running and diving into the ring.

Maven and Morgan attempt clotheslines, but both opponents duck before Waltman nails a wheel kick and Siaki a flying forearm. Maven and Morgan both leave the ring, but Waltman and Siaki continue after them with dual flying cross bodies. The crowd is hot as Siaki and Waltman nails rights and lefts before Billy Silverman gets enough control to start the match. Fairplay says Siaki & Waltman are out of control, as Waltman beats around Maven to the delight of the crowd. Maven eventually slips out of a body slam and nails the Chin lock Backbreaker, giving him enough time to tag out to Matt Morgan. Morgan grabs Waltman and immediately lifts him from the mat and onto his shoulder before hitting a spinebuster. Fancy. He than drops hard forearm smashes as he pounds Waltman from pillar to post. Maven decides he is adequately prepared to fight, and tags in as he nails some right hands and uses his “Stellar Offense” as Fairplay calls it, to control Waltman. The fans boo, possibly at the boring moves, or possibly because Maven is drawing legitimate heat. Either way Waltman feeds off of it and hits the 3 elbows, but the hot tag is delayed thanks to a hair pull. Fairplay says that’s what Waltman gets for not shaving that greasy mess off of his head. Maven goes to work and makes frequent tags with Morgan as they work Waltman over until the lightweight slips out of a body press and nails an Edge-O-Matic behind Matt Morgan! He crawls towards his corner and BAM! Hot tag for Siaki who runs over the heels with clotheslines before hitting a Samoan drop on Maven. Morgan stumbles into a Rock Bottom as Siaki pops up to his feet and calls for the end. Fairplay says he has seen enough and leaves the announce position to the protest of his partner. Fairplay has a chair, and the intense hatred of the crowd as Waltman spots him, staring a hole into the WSX boss. Fairplay slides the chair into the ring and raises his hands defensively as official Billy Silverman yells at both men. Maven rushes at Siaki, but gets a boot to his gut and the Siakalypse to a big pop. He gets to his feet, but Morgan nails him in the gut with the chair! He than lifts Siaki onto his shoulders and dumps him with the Tornado Faceplant onto the weapon before sliding it away! Fairplay points inside the ring and Silverman counts as Jonny grabs Waltman’s leg and the three goes through!

The fans boo as Fairplay let’s go of Waltman, who stares a hole into Fairplay. He raises his hands, begging for mercy before Matt Morgan grabs the steel chair and throws it into the head of Waltman from inside the ring! Waltman stumbles as Fairplay grabs the weapon and slams it against Waltman’s skull! The fans boo as Fairplay slides into the ring, helping Maven up as all three men stand tall to end the show.

Winners: Maven & Matt Morgan via pinfall (Morgan pins Siaki)

Overall: 65

Crowd: 61

Match: 70

Overall Rating: 59%

Attendance: 334

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IPB Image

Wrestling Society X news and notes.

- Black Label Society were backstage at the last tapings, and said they enjoyed the show and didn't mind the insult by Onyx. The band is scheduled to performe three songs, and might perform Matt Sydal's entrance music live.

- TNA got a 0.80 PPV buy rate for 'Hard Justice' which featured Jeff Jarrett sucessfully defending his title again Sting after Christian Cage ran ina nd turned heel. TNA are said to be moderatly pleased, but not happy enough with the shows buyrate.

- SummerSlam meanwhile recieved 1.67 buyrate with Randy Orton going over Hulk Hogan after his daughter Brooke turned on him. The other Main Events included Booker T retaining the world title against Batista and DX defeating Vince & Shane McMahon in a street fight.

- J.D. Michaels was very pleased with his tag team match, and felt that hima nd Tornado could possibly become a regular tag team after his program with Slyk Wagner Brown ends. It's unclear when that will happen, but the booking staff can certainly see both men's chemistry in the ring.

- Matt Sydal is exspected to finally get a partner for his feud with Teddy Hart & Jack Evans, and you can exspect the person to debut at Ineption.

- Human Tornado vs. Onyx was added to the card due to both men getting some good reactions in their exsposure to the crowd. Exspect a somewhat comedic match between the two.

- It's unclear who Vampiro will be facing at Inception, although a few names have been tossed around. The opponent for Jimmy Yang is being kept under wraps for now.

- WSX got a 1.46 rating last show, slightly below what MTV have exspected. It's still believed they are pleased with the show and that the lack of a high workrate match (See Sydal/Hart/Evans) may have been the cause for ssuch low ratings.

- Despite this, WSX have struck a PPV deal and will be airing their show live on all Pay Per View providers. This is a big step for the company, and the numbers could shape a great delal of where the company goes.

- The dark match this week was Kenny King, Kenny The Bastard & Puma taking on Alter Boy Luke, Johnny Jeter & Mikey Batts. It's unclear when any of these men will debut on TV, although they could all appear in some form over the next month.

- Here is the card on the wsx website for Inception:

Main Event:

Maven w/ Jonny Fairplay vs. Sean Waltman

Teddy Hart & Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal w/ Lizzy Valentine

J.D. Michaels vs. Slyk Wagner Brown

Matt Morgan vs. Sonny Siaki

The Human Tornado vs. Onyx

Plus Vampiro, The DEBUT of Jimmy Yang and MORE!

Credit: www.wrestlingsocietyx.com

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Dark Match

Kenny The Bastard vs. Altar Boy Luke

KTB and Luke had a good back and forth showing, and they could debut on TV as soon as the next show. Kenny won with the Bastard Bomb.

Winners: Kenny The Bastard via pinfall

Overall: 54

Crowd: 27

Match: 81

IPB Image

Wrestling Society X Presents:


Black Label Society open up the show, rocking out as 3000+ fans mosh and scream. Big crowd tonight, much more than I expected. After finishing three songs, we go to ringside as Fairplay and Kloss run down the card.

“Type O Negative” Onyx vs. The Human Tornado

Some generic rap beats hit and Onyx steps out, running down his opponent and the crowd as the fans boo. He slides into the ring and makes sure to introduce himself before “P.I.M.P.” by 50 Cent blasts out, getting cheers. Human Tornado swaggers out, cane in hand as he slaps a few hands before slipping his robe off and entering the ring.

These two had a fairly entertaining contest, with Onyx cheating a lot and having a lot of control, tossing around his slightly smaller opponent. Onyx used a lot of suplex’s and than nailed a nice springboard dropkick for two. Tornado made the comeback, slipping out of an attempted Blackout and hitting a backdrop driver to a nice pop. Tornado followed up with some elbow drops as the two men started to even out until the finish. Onyx had regained control and attempted to lift Tornado into a spinebuster, but the young man from “Niggakeeprunnin” Mississippi managed to reverse the move and dumped Onyx with a Tornado DDT for the victory!

The fans cheered as Tornado left the ring, celebrating with a few fans as we are quickly brought backstage.

Winner: The Human Tornado via pinfall

Overall: 56

Crowd: 38

Match: 75

Vampiro’s PPV doesn’t last long…

On the ground in a puddle of blood is Vampiro. He has a large gash on his forehead in addition to blood seeping out of his mouth. He’s unconscious as Larry Heck checks on him, saying he was assaulted. They point to a bloody, broken beer bottle saying he had the weapon smashed over his skull and was than stabbed with it. Good make-up job, as the medics check on him.

Rating: 74

Jimmy Yang vs. Mystery Opponent

Jimmy Yang steps out to a big pop, bowing to a few fans before running down and hoping onto the apron, than front flipping into the ring before kicking at the air. Kloss says that Yang is one of the greatest high flyers in the world today, and you can only catch him in WSX. Yang awaits his mystery opponent when “Run If You Want To, You Can't Hide” hit, and out stepped Peter Gruner, aka Billy Kidman. He got a big pop as commentary referred to him as Peter Batts. Batts slapped a few hands and slid into the ring, shaking hands with Yang before the bell rang.

The two men exchanged a few holds before getting into the generic Indy sequence, which got a nice pop. On the 2nd attempt, Batts used his power advantage to hit a quick snap suplex before grounding out Yang. Yang managed to come back, running up the ropes and hitting a reverse DDT. The spots didn’t come pouring out as I expected, and maybe Kidman just can’t go like he used to. Bats finally pulled out an aerial move, leaping from the top rope and hitting a missile dropkick. He lifted Yang up and went for the PB Bomb (BK Bomb) but Yang managed to hit a surreal flipping kick before landing on his feet! Peter went off the ropes and stumbled into an STO as Yang pointed to the corner. He started to climb up when Mikey Batts ran down, hoping onto the apron. Yang yelled at him as the official finally got him down. Yang turned back and jumped towards Peter, but he got caught in midair and nailed with the PB Bomb as Kidman grabbed a handful of tights for the three!

Peter quickly rolled out of the ring, hugging his cousin Mikey as they raised each other’s arm in victory.

Winners: Peter Batts via pinfall

Overall: 66

Crowd: 52

Match: 81

Falls Count Anywhere

J.D. Michaels w/ April Hunter vs. Slyk Wagner Brown

After a short commercial hyping the next episode of WSX, a serious looking J.D. Michael came out, April Hunter following behind him as he slid into the ring, crouching down and waiting for his opponent as April Hunter messaged his shoulders. “Hate Me Now” by Nas hits, as the fans boo Slyk Wagner Brown. He has a cocky smirk on his face, already holding a pinfall victory over Michaels, as JD doesn’t waste anytime, leaping over the ropes with a body splash!

Michaels and Brown brawl around the ring, sending each other into ring barricades as Slyk uses his superior size to bully his smaller opponent. Brown sends Michael’s back first into a ring post before rolling him into the ring and following him inside with a slingshot senton splash. Brown grounded out JD with some good technical wrestling, easily overpowering his adversary and stopping on occasion to yell at April Hunter at ringside. JD managed to slip free of a delayed vertical suplex at one point, rolling up Slyk for a 2 count. Brown quickly regained control with a lariat that sent Michaels to the canvas. Brown hit a big time DDT, when he suddenly left the ring, pursuing April Hunter! He chased her around the ring, eventually grabbing her by her hair and pulling her in close before JD Michaels nailed a baseball slide to the back of Brown. Michael followed up with a dropkick off the apron before rolling Brown into the ring. He nailed a big superkick before heading up top and signaling for his flying elbow drop. He went for it, but Slyk avoided the blow as JD crashed and burned. Brown took advantage with a quick schoolboy, grabbing the tights as he steals the victory!

The fans boo as Brown gets to his feet, and April slides into the ring with a chair! Slyk quickly rolls out of the ring as April screams at him, Brown simply blowing her a kiss.

Winner: Slyk Wagner Brown via pinfall

Overall: 55

Crowd: 41

Match: 69

Sonny Siaki vs. Matt Morgan

“Special Delivery” by G-Dep blasts, as the fans rise to their feet and cheer for Sonny Siaki. He slaps a few hands before rolling into the ring and tossing his t-shirt to the crowd. Fairplay buries him on commentary saying he’s nothing but a punk and that Siaki is lucky he “saved” him from the hicks back east. “Tattoo” by Mercy Driver now hits, and the fans boo as out steps the monster sized Matt Morgan to some decent heat. He screams at the fans before entering the ring as his music fades and the bell rings.

Both men start with a lock-up, Morgan easily shoving Siaki into the corner. He yells some more, getting some good heat as both men lock-up again with a similar result. Fairplay says that nobody in WSX can match power with Matt Morgan. Morgan yells at Siaki to try again and as both men go tot lock-up, Siaki gets a thumb to the eye to a nice pop, than starts to hit some punches before nailing a nice wheel kick. Morgan starts to get up, but he’s nailed with a dropkick as Siaki gets some control. His streak of offence ends however, when Morgan catches him in a cross body attempt and nails a big bodyslam. Matt then tosses around his smaller foe, beating him into the post with a snake eyes and hitting a big boot for a close 2 count. Siaki manages to counter a powerbomb with a hurricarana before Morgan counters a suplex into a delayed vertical of his own. He beats around Siaki some more before grabbing his neck for a chokeslam. He lifts him, but Siaki manages to counter into a DDT before he kips up! Morgan stumbles around right into the Siakalypse before Sonny covers him, scoring the three!

Siaki stares at the announce position, as Fairplay says he got lucky tonight, but his luck can’t last forever.

Winner: Sonny Siaki via pinfall

Overall: 64

Crowd: 58

Match: 71

Handicap Match

The Foundation (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans) vs. Matt Sydal

“Don’t Phunk With My Heart” hits and the fans boo as Hart and Evans step out, both sporting some nice silky shirts as they sneer at fans, Evans gracing us with a few dances moves. We than get a special LIVE performance of “Suicide Messiah” as Kriss Kloss says that perhaps Matt Sydal is suicidal, since he’s going into overwhelming odds here. Sydal steps onto the stage with Lizzy, giving her a peck on the cheek before she heads backstage. Kloss says it’s nice to see Sydal watching out for her safety, while Fairplay says it’s more likely that he doesn’t want her to see him get dismantled again. Sydal prolongs his entrance, rocking with the band a little until the song finishes. He is in the ring as the bell sounds.

Evans and Hart both talk a bit, laughing and pointing at Sydal as they start to surround him. Sydal watches from both sides, rushing and attacking Jack Evans before Hart hits him from behind. The Foundation beat up Sydal with a series of two on one attacks for the next several minutes, but an attempted double suplex is countered into a double neckbreaker as Sydal follows up with a double rolling thunder. He than grabs Teddy hart in a DDT, but leaps up and instead gets a combination headlock takedown and leg flipping move. The crowd starts to get behind him as Sydal nails a standing moonsault, but his pin is broken up at two by Jack Evans. Sydal chops away at him, and signals for something, but Teddy Hart grabs him from behind and nails a release german suplex to booing. Hart and Evans smirk to each other, nodding as Teddy grabs Jack and holds him up for something, As Evans showboats, a masked worker runs down the entrance ramp, grabbing Evans as he heads off the ropes, tripping him up! Teddy looks confused as Sydal manages to roll over his shoulder, rolling him into a pinfall for the three!

Sydal quickly leaves the ring, the fans cheering as a shocked Teddy hart looks at the masked man who Kriss Kloss identifies as Delirious. The fans pop, some recognizing him from his Indy work and dark match tapings, as both men head backstage, raising each other’s arms.

Winner: Matt Sydal via pinfall (Pins Teddy Hart)

Overall: 63

Crowd: 43

Match: 84

It’s Main Event Time

“Tattoo” by Mercy Driver hits once again as Maven emerges to big heat from the crowd. Matt Morgan is behind him as he heads to the ring, a cocky smirk on his face as he rolls under the bottom rope and snatches the microphone from ring announcer Todd Grisham. He tells the fans to shut up and listen, because he has something important to say. He runs down Waltman, saying that he could never make it big before, and WSX would be the same damn thing. He said Waltman was a loser, unlike him as he WON his spot in wrestling and didn’t get there because he carried around bags for the big shots. The fans boo as Maven finishes his promo by saying that Sean Waltman is a joke, and that he will beat him easily tonight. The crowd ate it up as Uncle Kracker played to a big pop…

Rating: 79

Main Event

Hardcore Match

Maven w/ Matt Morgan vs. Sean Waltman

Waltman stares at Maven, smirking a little before tossing his “WSX” t-shirt into the crowd and sliding into the ring.

These two put on a much better match, and it seems both are really starting to get familiar with the other in the ring. Waltman controlled the match early with his karate kicks, but Maven managed an eye rake before getting a trashcan from Morgan and nailing Waltman with it. He than hit him a few more times before pinning for two. Maven followed up with a few stomps before leaving the ring and searching for some weapons underneath the ring. Watlman started to recover as Maven tossed trashcan lids, steel chairs, stop signs and a cookie sheet into the ring. He slid in and grabbed a tray, but when he turned around Waltman quickly hoped up and nailed a spinning kick, sending the weapon crashing into Maven’s face to a big pop. Waltman than hit a lid assisted legdrop before leaving the ring and grabbing a kendo stick. He slid back in and caned the shit out of Maven a few times as the crowd ate it up. Eventually Maven managed to block a stick shot with a trashcan and kicked Waltman’s gut before nailing him with the can. He than grabbed the cane, hitting a hard shot that broke the weapon over Waltman’s back. He tossed it away and called out to Morgan, who retrieved a table from under the ring. Maven stomped Waltman a bit more as Morgan slid the weapon into the ring. Maven started to set it up as Waltman recovered, grabbing a stop sign. Maven finally had it in place as he turned around into a big sign shot! He fell onto the table, resting there, as Watlman looked the crowd with a smile before climbing the corner with the sign. The fans cheered until Matt Morgan shoved Waltman off, sending him flying all the way onto the guardrail to booing. Fairplay reminded us of the hardcore rules, as Morgan rolled Waltman into the ring, following him inside. He pointed at the table, setting Waltman into a powerbomb position, but Sonny Siaki ran out now! The fans cheered as Morgan attempted a lariat, but Siaki ducked and than sent both men over the top rope with a clothesline. Waltman began to stand up, lifting himself with the table before Maven came off the top rope and nailed his Maven effect DDT through the table! The fans pop big for the spot as Maven covered Waltman, scoring the three to booing.

Maven rolled out of the ring as Morgan left Siaki, heading over to Maven as Siaki slid into the ring, checking on Waltman as the PPV ended.

Winner: Maven via pinfall

Overall: 78

Crowd: 80

Match: 74

Overall: 68

Buy Rate: 0.22

Attendance: 3445

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Solid shows. Believable stuff. I'm intrigued by the Vampiro stuff right now, and agree that the Michaels/Brown/Hunter triangle is out of the realm of realism. I'd personally end that soon, just to get that negative out of the way.

The shows are good. Not great, but good... which is awesome, because a new promotion shouldn't be opening up with amazing shows out of the gate.

I'm looking forward to what you might be planning with the Title, and I can almost see Siaki turning on Waltman to win the belt, without actually turning heel...maybe to solidify that while he's not a heel, he's still out for himself...much like Waltman did to AJ Styles a year ago.

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IPB Image

Wrestling Society X news and notes.

- Numbers from the PPV show a 0.22 buy rate, which is well below expected numbers. Big Vision Entertainment executives were upset, but were reminded that the company needs to establish itself, and Pay Per View is a big step towards doing that.

- The PPV card itself has received mixed reviews. Management is pleased with the Main Event and upper card, but felt the lower card was disappointing, especially J.D. Michaels & Slyk Wagner Brown which has been a focal point of WSX TV for several weeks.

- The entire feud between both Michaels and Brown is getting a lot of heat backstage, as it seems that the crowd just don't care about Michael's, and his limited skills in the ring are hurting his matches. It's unclear where his future with the company is right now, and he's even getting booed on occasion.

- Speaking of Slyk, he has been requesting a match with Kaos for some time, and you can expect both men to lock up in the future as they have been working together a lot.

- Management believe Matt Sydal and now Delirious have been working a solid feud with the Foundation, as both teams are seen as good, young talents who can make names for themselves in WSX. The addition of Delirious is expected to add a lot to the feud.

- Sonny Siaki and Johnny Fairplay are expected to continue their program for awhile longer, but it's been made very clear that Fairplay will be kept out of the ring and their won't be any blow off matches between the two.

- Human Tornado and Onyx were given a lot of props for their opening match, and both men got fairly strong reactions for their limited screen time thus far in WSX. It's believed that the Human Tornado could be in line for a push.

- Jimmy Yang and Peter Batts was seen as somewhat of a disappointment to management. Both men are work rate machines, but it seems the two just couldn't put on the high quality match management expected. It could be due to Batts getting a little older, but management still have hopes for both men, and Mikey Batts as well.

- Vampiro's "injury" angle was booked by himself, and it's believed he will take some time off TV to deal with a few nagging injuries before confronting his "mystery attacker.

- Kenny The Bastard and Alter Boy Luke could appear on WSX TV as enhancement talent soon, along with Kenny King.

- Some of the people backstage at the WSX event included Mike Mizanin, Kaos, Kenny King, Puma & Rene Duprée. It's believed that Duprée could be a big part of WSX when he debuts.

- Their is a big announcement scheduled for the next episode of Wrestling Society X, and the general feeling is it will be about a championship being introduced into the company.

- Here is the card on the wsx website for the next episode:

Main Event:

Sonny Siaki w/ Sean Waltman vs. Maven w/ Matt Morgan

Jimmy Yang vs. Kenny The Bastard

Jack Evans vs. Delirious

Plus a HUGE announcement from WSX boss Jonny Fairplay & MUCH MORE!

Credit: www.wrestlingsocietyx.com

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IPB Image

Wrestling Society X Episode #4

August 26th, 2006

Taped In Los Angeles, California

Jack Evans w/ Teddy Hart vs. Delirious w/ Matt Sydal & Lizzy Valentine

Jack Evans and Teddy Hart are already in the ring as the fans boo both men. Evans is dancing to the theme music, but it quickly changes to Black Label Society’s “Suicide Messiah” fills the PA system. The crowd pop as Delirious walks out, followed closely behind by Matt Sydal and the lovely Lizzy Valentine. Delirious is wearing his mask along with his usual get-up, as he awkwardly walks to the ring before running down and sliding under the bottom rope. Jack Evans bails as Delirious pops up to his feet, looking around at the cheering crowd as the bell rings.

Jack Evans talks with Teddy Hart, but Delirious simply runs to the ropes, flipping over them and landing on both men to a nice pop. He punches away at Evans and than rolls him into the ring before leaping onto the apron. He follows up with a slingshot leg drop, which gets a quick 2 count. Delirious than breaks down Evans with some wrestling, taking advantage of his mat expertise as Evans screams at him, calling for a time out. Eventually Jack turns the tides with an eye rakes, and than does what he does best, leaping into the air and nailing a spinning wheel kick to booing. He follows it up with a breaking dancing body splash before dancing around some more. He goes near Lizzy, grinding the ring ropes as he gets ready to head to the apron, but Delirious is quick as a hiccup, running over and kicking them into the Evan’s family jewels! Evans looks ready to die as Delirious pulls him free of the ropes, getting him into a pump handle, but Evans flips out of it when lifted and goes for a schoolboy using the ropes! Official CJ Sensation reaches two, but Lizzy points at his feet, as he stops his count and admonishes Jack. The two argue, Evans screaming generic fake rap words before he reaches down for Delirious, but he is quickly yanked into a pinning predicament! Teddy Hart is ready to slide in, but Sydal stares at him, as the official makes the uninterrupted three.

The fans cheer as Delirious pops out of the pin, slithering out of the ring as he nods at his partner. Teddy Hart enters the ring, consoling his friend as Fairplay hypes his big announcement after the break.

Winner: Delirious via pinfall

Overall: 66

Crowd: 48

Match: 85


Big Announcement

We come back with Jonny Fairplay already in the ring, microphone in one hand and a briefcase in the other. He tells the audience that he has been really busy with WSX, helping mold it into his own vision as he takes the basic lumps of clay that he calls a roster and tries to make it marketable enough to turn a profit. He than says that a lot of people have been talking about it, and the rumors are true. He is going to introduce the Wrestling Society X championship and the title will be handed over at the next major WSX event, On Step Away. He than says that a bracket will be available on WSX.com after the show, but he has other news to discuss. In addition to the fact that he will introduce new talent over the coming weeks into WSX, he’s also sad to inform the fans that Vampiro could miss action for an undetermined amount of time, thanks to his injuries at the hands of the mystery attacker. The fans boo as Fairplay says it’s ok though, because he can confirm right now that his “top” star Maven WILL be in the WSX title tournament. The fans just don’t like that as Fairplay thanks them and heads back to the announce table.

Rating: 73

Kenny The Bastard vs. Jimmy Yang

Some bizarre music plays, and out slips Kenny The Bastard. He has a few fans, probably regulars who have seen his dark matches. The ring announcer says he is “From Parts Unknown” as he stops heading down to the ring, occasionally grabbing a fan and humping them. For some reason, they like it. Jimmy Yang’s entrance is a bit more subdued, as he steps out in the martial arts pants we saw at the PPV. He also has a hooded sweater he removes before flipping into the ring and spin kicking the air. Kenny looks at him confused as the bell sounds.

Both men lock up, but Kenny quickly slips behind, tripping his opponent and floating over before spinning around on top of Yang to a few laughs. He pops up to his feet, doing some bizarre mannerisms as Yang simply kicks his gut before unleashing a series of stiff shots to the young Canadian. He gets him in the corner, where he combines some solid forearms and punches with knee strikes and kicks as the announcers hype how everything on this man’s body is a weapon. You don’t have to remind KTB as he starts to curl up a little before Yang backs up and nails his flipping dropkick. Kenny flops around, selling the offense well as Yang calls for the Yang Time. He starts to drag Kenny The Bastards body, but Mikey Batts is now on the ring apron as Yang quickly shuffles over, hitting a superkick to a big pop! He turns around and gets another pop however… a steel chair to the skull courtesy of Peter Batts.

Brian Hebner immediately calls for the bell as Kenny The Bastard gets up, but immediately eats steel chair as the fans boo. Mikey is back in the ring as he lifts up Jimmy Yang. He holds him in place as Peter yells at him, slapping his face before nailing another chair shot. He puts the weapon on top of Yang’s body, but officials come out and stop the attack from going any further as Larry Heck checks on both men.

Result: Double DQ

Overall: 49

Crowd: 23

Match: 75


Nobodies Property

We come back from commercials backstage, as Todd Grisham is standing with JD Michaels and April Hunter. April says that she is sick of Slyk Wagner Brown, and that he needs to get over the fact that they are done. She doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, and she’s moved no. Michaels is a bit less kind, screaming that he is sick of the phone calls at night, the backstage assaults, and that he’s tired of ignoring the problem. He says that what Slyk did to April was wrong, and he is going to make it his personal goal to make sure that Slyk Wagner Brown never steps foot in a WSX ring again, no matter what it takes. The couple walks off as the fans actually enjoy their segment. That’s a first.

Rating: 63

Kaos Ensues

We head backstage again, as we see “Rock Superstar” Kaos sitting down and smoking a “cigarette” as he smirks. He looks into the camera and says that he has been off of WSX TV for a while, and he doesn’t understand why. He is one of the very best in WSX, but he enjoyed his time off. We pan back to reveal a scantily clad young woman as Kaos says that being a “Rock Superstar” has it’s benefits, like groupies. He grabs a nearby bottle of alcohol and sips it as he says he is ready to come back to WSX and show the world what being a Rock star is all about. Suddenly, he is blindsided however as a man in a hooded sweatshirt and some workout pants starts to pummel him! The woman leaves screaming as Kaos starts to fight back, but the attacker gets a thumb to his eye before grabbing the liquor bottle and smashing it against Kaos’s head. He than turns around, flipping his hood back to reveal CM Punk as he gets a fairly strong pop from the crowd. He says that the fans of WSX should already know what he’s about, but for those who are ignorant, he is CM Punk. He is straight edge, and he is BETTER than YOU! He shoves the cameraman down as we go to our final commercial break.

Rating: 70


Maven w/ Matt Morgan vs. Sonny Siaki w/ Sean Waltman

Jonny Fairplay says he likes Punk, and that while he enjoys the occasional drink; he has enough respect to not go around on TV doing it. Kloss argues that Fairplay isn’t one to talk about moral issues, and both men argue until “Special Delivery” by G-Dep hits and out steps Sonny Siaki. Fairplay immediately points out that Siaki showed a total lack of respect for him a few weeks, ago and he hopes that Maven beats some into him tonight. Sean Waltman is with Siaki, as he slaps a few hands, doing his trademark tongue thing before he points at Fairplay and yells at him, calling him an “Asshole”. The fans join in, starting a “You’re An Asshole” chant, as Fairplay is livid, saying that both men are lucky he doesn’t beat them himself. As the chant goes on, “Tattoo” by Mercy Driver hits and the chant turns into booing as out steps Maven, a cocky smirk on his face after his victory in the main event of the PPV. He is wearing his t-shirt from last week, and as always is flanked by the massive Matt Morgan. Fairplay praises Maven while he reluctantly gets into the ring, but eventually steps in to start the match.

Both men are cautious at first, carefully touching fingers before engaging in the dreaded roman knuckle lock. They struggle for power, with Siaki using his superior size to push maven back, until the tough enough champion kicks his gut than pulls him into a short arm clothesline. He follows up with an elbow drop to the chest of Siaki and slaps on a reverse chin lock. Fairplay says he is wearing his opponent down, but Waltman gets the crowd to begin a “Rest Hold’s Suck” chant as Maven shakes screams at him. Siaki uses the distraction to power out of the move, rolling forward to his feet and hitting a dropkick when Maven rushes him. He follows with some stomps and kicks as Maven rolls out of the ring and into the arms of Matt Morgan. Both men talk a little as Waltman now begins a “You’re Both Gay” chant, which infuriates Maven even more. He yells at Waltman, but gets hit with a baseball slide from Siaki who follows it up by beating him around the ring. Siaki smacks Maven into the ring barricade a few times before rolling him into the ring. Morgan approaches him, but referee Billy Silverman admonishes him as Siaki goes to work with a nice suplex to Maven. He continues to work the neck as Kloss speculates that he could be getting his opponent ready for the Siakilypse. We hear Fairplay sarcastically applaud Kloss, saying it must have taken him YEARS to understand wrestling so well. Siaki nails a body slam than follows with a somersault leg drop called the “Flip Mode” for a long two. Maven finally gets some headway when he ducks a lariat attempt and hits a lung blower that Kloss calls the “M-Plosion”, bending Siaki in half as the Samoan rolls around in agony. Maven than nails some hard kicks to his opponent’s back before rolling him onto his gut and applying a bow & arrow lock. The fans boo, starting another “Rest Hold’s Suck” chant as Waltman chuckles at ringside. Maven ignores them, rearing the hold in as Siaki struggles until he finally manages to smack Maven’s face and break himself free from the hold. He slowly gets to his feet, but Maven quickly delivers a forearm to his back before hitting a backbreaker and attempting a pinfall for two. Maven lifts Siaki up and gets behind him before hitting one of his beautiful dropkicks to the spine of Siaki. He poses to some booing and a “Learn To Wrestle” chant started by, you guessed it, Sean Waltman. Maven gives the fans the international sign for up your’s before grabbing Siaki and irish whipping him before nailing a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He arrogantly covers, but only gets two as he gets in the officials face, yelling at him. Morgan sees his chance and slides into the ring, but Waltman quickly hops onto the apron than nails a springboard missile dropkick, sending Morgan stumbling into Maven as both men’s head’s collide! Morgan spills outside the ring as Maven stumbles around confused. Siaki sees his chance, grabbing Maven’s head and nailing a perfect Siakalypse as he covers for the three!

Waltman slides into the ring as Fairplay curses both men. The two faces celebrate over the body of Maven as WSX TV comes to a close.

Winner: Sonny Siaki via pinfall

Overall: 67

Crowd: 68

Match: 68

Overall: 65

TV Rating: 1.45

Attendance: 340

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It sucks that Vampiro will be gone for awhile, but you pulled in the big guns by grabbing CM Punk, who should be able to hold the potential audience that would have left due to Vampiro's temporary departure. With that in mind though, I'm not a big fan of bringing in Punk with a "Straight Edge Vs Drugs and Alcohol" feud right off the bat. We'll see how it goes though.

The main event scene is doing its' job...so, not much to say there. It's uneventful, but it works.

Please keep JD Michaels and April around, and send Slyk packing...that is, if you decide that one or the other has to go. SWB is lazy in the ring, and what he did to April in real life will probably have him blackballed from most promotions.

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  • 2 weeks later...

IPB Image

Wrestling Society X news and notes.

- MTV is unhappy with the numbers from the last WSX show, and are looking for things to improve soon. It's beleived the show might even be moved to a later time slot unless there is a drastic change in ratings. Even worse is reports that the company lost around 1.3 million dollars last month, in no small part due to their poor PPV buyrate. WSX next major event "One Step Away" isn't going to be on PPV.

- Backstage attitude is still good, although Jimmy Yang's two appearences thus far have been less than impressive. Many are hoping he can put on a better match in the coming weeks, as he was hired mostly for his workrate which looked poor in both matches he had.

- JD Michales and April Hunter are getting some positive feedback and crowd reaction after their last promo, which could go a long way in keeping them employed. There hasn't been any incidences between Brown and Hunter thus far, which is a good thing for WSX.

- Sean Waltman's attitude at the last show was all planned, as it's been rumoured they felt Waltman needed to be more "On Edge" with his charecter and it's beleived his antics at ringside helped show that. His feud with Maven is the hottest angle in WSX right now.

- Speaking of angles, it's being kept under wraps just who will be the "attacker" of Vampiro, although names tossed aroun dinclude CM Punk, Kaos & Sonny Siaki. It's unclear if the angle may involve a yet to debut member of the WSX roster.

- Human Tornado & Kenny King defeated Alter Boy Luke & Puma in the dark match, although it's unclear when Luke and Puma will debut.

- The Teddy Hart & Jack Evans feud with Matt Sydal and Delirious is still being praised backstage, and it's exspected to be a good stepping stone for all four men's WSX careers. Lizzy Valentine also celebrated her 21st birthday last month.

- WWE got a 6.98 television rating for RAW with a main event of Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga. ECW on Sci-Fi got a 3.60 with a main event of Big Show & Hardcore Holly vs. RVD & Sabu. Smackdown got a solid 6.15 rating with World Champion King Booker defeating US Champion Bobby Lashley thanks to help from the tag team champions, Finlay & Regal.

- TNA Impact has finally moved into Prime Time, with their last show getting a 4.42 rating and a main event of Jeff Jarrett losing his TNA World title to Jeff Hardy.

- Bob Sapp, Ken Shamrock & Lance Storm were amongst names who signed up for PRIDE fighting in Japan. Storm was a surprise, but he has said on his website he is ready to try a new career in "legitimate" fighting. Rikishi & Heidenreich are other professional wrestlers who are trying to enter the MMA world.

- Stan Lane announced he will be retireing at the end of the month after one last match in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling against Vader.

- In a big shocker, Hulk Hogan has said he is finally going to call it quits at the age of 53. Hogan's last TV appearence was a loss to Randy Orton at SummerSlam, after which he was released by the WWE. It's unclear if he will take one last match with any other company.

- Here is the card on the wsx website for the next episode:

Main Event:

Maven, Matt Morgan & Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Sean Waltman, Sonny Siaki & JD Michaels w/ April Hunter

Teddy Hart w/ Jack Evans vs. Delirious w/ Matt Sydal & Lizzy Valentine

Plus CM Punk's in ring debut, World Title Tournament participants announced and MORE!

Credit: www.wrestlingsocietyx.com

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